Chapter One: Instructions For Last Words

Xiao Wei's grandfather's surname was Zeng, and his given name was Gongbei, which was different from Xiao Wei's. As for the reason, the old man never mentioned it to Xiao Wei, and Xiao Wei never dared to ask.

Zeng Lao was ninety-seven years old when he died. Because he has practiced martial arts since he was a child, the old man's body has always been very strong. If he hadn't suffered from sudden cerebral congestion, no one would doubt that he could live to be over a hundred years old. When the old man woke up for the last time before his death, he said one sentence to Xiao Wei, which was also the last sentence in his life. Those who accompanied him at that time were Xiao Wei, Gao Yang, and Mrs. Ma. In addition, Xiao Wei's ex-wife Zhao Ying was also present. Therefore, Xiao Wei should have heard his grandfather's last words correctly. However, no one knows what this sentence means. The last thing the old man left behind was the word "kezi".

At that time, Mr. Zeng had been in a coma in bed for three days. When Xiao Wei rushed to the hospital, he had just woken up. The old man looked around at the people around him, and finally stopped at Xiao Wei's face. Xiao Wei held his grandfather's hand tightly and saw the old man taking a deep breath and trying to speak. Everyone on the side looked sad and held their breath. Everyone knew very well that what the old man was going to say might be his last words.

The old man gasped violently, and for a long time, he uttered two indistinct sounds: "Ke…zi…" Xiao Wei was stunned, then lowered his head and asked: "Grandpa, what do you mean…what Kezi?" Mr. Zeng Tried to repeat without success. Xiao Wei raised his eyes and looked at the people around him. Everyone looked confused and obviously did not understand what the old man wanted to say.

There was an ordinary silence in the ward. Only the old man's violent breathing could be heard, and everyone was waiting anxiously. The old man opened his mouth again and tried hard for a long time, but he could no longer make any sound. After this period of hard work, Mr. Zeng was very tired. He slowly leaned back on the pillow and closed his eyes. For a moment, Xiao Wei noticed that the old man's left hand separated from him, as if it was being stroked unconsciously.

Gao Yang suddenly called out in a low voice: "Old Zeng is writing!" Xiao Wei thought about it and lowered his head to look at his grandfather's hand. Sure enough, the old man was writing something with his left hand. Xiao Wei suddenly remembered that his grandfather suffered from sudden cerebral congestion, causing paralysis of the right half of his body. At this time, only his left hand could move the whole body.

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Because it was his left hand, the strokes drawn were extremely blurry, and the old man could only be seen writing over and over again. After looking at it for a while, I gradually became able to identify two characters. The first character has a vertical structure, with a stroke and a stroke at the top, and the lower part cannot be seen clearly; the second character is a character with very few strokes.

Just as Xiao Wei was trying his best to identify it, a violent cough interrupted the old man. Everyone hurriedly called the doctor. After emergency treatment, the old man was very tired and fell asleep. The whole night, everyone anxiously stood by the hospital bed, hoping that Mr. Zeng would wake up again and finish what he wanted to say. But no one expected that Mr. Zeng would never wake up again after falling asleep.

While dealing with the murder, Xiao Wei has been troubled by the strange last words left by his grandfather. During this period, he also questioned Gao Yang and Mrs. Ma respectively. Like Xiao Wei, the two heard the word "kezi". As for the ink written by the old man with his fingers, they could not even see it clearly before Xiao Wei. Xiao Wei was puzzled by this, but he knew one thing very well. With his grandfather's temperament, it should be a big deal to be able to tell him before he came!

Xiao Wei's grandfather is a rather legendary and mysterious old man. Xiao Wei only knew that the old man was born in 1906 and joined the Fengtian Police Department at the age of eighteen. Later, he studied criminal investigation at the Tokyo Police Academy in Japan and Scotland Yard in the United Kingdom. He was proficient in two foreign languages ​​and was a famous man in Northeast China at that time. "Detective". After the September 18th Incident, the old man was unwilling to be a slave to the country's subjugation. After moving to Beijing, he jointly opened a lock factory with Gao Yang's great-grandfather. After liberation, the old man has been working in the Ministry of Public Security and is the most senior "criminal investigation expert" and "lock-picking expert" in the Ministry of Public Security. The old man's skills in criminal investigation and lock picking are second to none in the country. However, even this information that Xiao Wei knew was basically heard intermittently from his grandfather's close friends and colleagues during his lifetime, and it was probably not much more than the records in the old man's files. The details about his grandfather's life are almost blank in Xiao Wei's mind. Grandfather's life has always been like a great puzzle to Xiao Wei.

After the murder, Zhao Ying called Xiao Wei. This was the first time she contacted Xiao Wei automatically in a month since her divorce. Zhao Ying's voice sounded calm and cold on the phone. She informed Xiao Wei that Mr. Zeng left a will in the Ministry of Public Security during his lifetime and donated all his personal belongings after his death. Zhao Ying asked Xiao Wei to pack his belongings. Three days later, the Ministry of Public Security will send someone to sort out Zeng Lao's belongings.

Xiao Wei was stunned, why did his grandfather still retain such a skill? Once a person leaves, will everything in the house belong to the state? After thinking about it, this is indeed consistent with the old man's character. He asked Zhao Ying if he could have a few days of grace. Three days would definitely not be enough. Zhao Ying told him that this was a fatal order from his superiors and there was no discussion. Xiao Wei secretly cursed his mother in his heart, and was about to hang up the phone when he suddenly remembered something: wasn't Zhao Ying present before his grandfather died? You can ask her about his last words.

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The character profile of Yu Ziqi_Who is Yu Zi_The last death of Yu Ziqi’/>

After expressing her thoughts, Zhao Ying was silent for a moment and said: "What Mr. Zeng said was not 'Kezi'!" Xiao Weiqi asked: "Not 'Kezi'? What is that?" Zhao Ying replied definitely: " It's a 'box'!" Xiao Wei was stunned for a moment, not bad! Why haven't I ever thought about this?

The last thing Mr. Zeng left behind was indeed the word "box"! After the old man became ill, he lost part of his speech ability due to blood clots blocking the nerves, and his pronunciation was inevitably unclear. Xiao Wei also knows this very well, because the two words "kezi" are incomprehensible. For words with similar pronunciations to "kezi" in Chinese, if you look for any input method with word creation function, you will know that there are only five words: "zygote", "joint venture", "nuclear son", "hertz" and "box". The first four It can be said that these words have no boundaries, only the last word "box" is the most likely.

In addition, the biggest evidence is that the old man wrote those two words with his fingers before he died. Although Xiao Wei did not fully understand these two characters, he could at least see that the first character had an upper and lower structure, with the word "人" at the top; while the second character was a character with very few strokes. From this point of view, my grandfather's last words before his death were undoubtedly the word "box"!

Xiao Wei was very happy when the mystery was revealed, but for just a moment, his curiosity was aroused again, and he immediately thought: since it is a "box", what exactly did his grandfather put in the "box" that he mentioned before his death? ? Then I thought: The old man has been in a legendary profession all his life. It can be said that he has seen a lot. What is it that he will never forget until his death? Thinking of this, Xiao Wei became more curious. But one thing is certain, this "box" should be left to me by my grandfather. Since the old man had donated everything and left this "box" for himself, there must be something important in it that he wanted to give to him, maybe something valuable.

Thinking of this, Xiao Wei was so happy that she scratched her head and immediately asked Zhao Ying to help her recall. She had been a graduate student and assistant for her grandfather for so many years. Had she ever seen or heard of her grandfather having such a "box"? Zhao Ying thought for a moment and replied firmly: No, she had never heard Mr. Zeng mention it. Xiao Wei was a little disappointed. When it came to the relationship with his grandfather, Zhao Ying, a disciple, must be better than his own grandson. He asked Zhao Ying to think about it again. She must help with this matter. After all, we are all on our own. Finding the "box" will inevitably benefit from her.

Zhao Ying was silent for a moment on the phone, saying that we had nothing to do with each other anymore, and besides, there was no need for any "benefits". Xiao Wei was startled, laughed dryly, "Haha" and hung up the phone.

The last death of Yu Ziqi_Who is Yu Zi_Yu Ziqi ’s character profile

Putting down the phone, Xiao Wei lowered his head and thought for a moment. Three days is quite tight. The whole old house has three floors, and my grandfather's belongings are piled up like a mountain. In these three days, not only do we need to tidy up, but we also need to quickly rescue valuable things from home. Otherwise, once the people from the Ministry of Public Security arrive, everything will no longer belong to you. In addition, there is the "box" that my grandfather mentioned before his death. What if I don’t find it in the past three days and someone from the Ministry of Public Security discovers it, will it be confiscated again?

After thinking about it, I need to find someone I trust to help me with this matter! Thinking of this, Xiao Wei hung up the phone to Gao Yang. Gao Yang and Xiao Wei grew up together, and the two families have been family friends since Mrs. Ma's grandfather. This time Gao Yang took a full week's personal leave because of his grandfather's murder, and there should be a few more days left.

Half an hour later, Gao Yang arrived at the Zeng family's old house. For the next three days, in addition to eating and sleeping, the two of them had been sorting out the belongings in the old house. The most important thing was to find the "box" that Xiao Wei's grandfather mentioned before his death. In three days, the two of them turned the old house inside and out several times, and they were very busy. The cleanup work was very tedious. Zeng's family was well off and he had a legendary career all his life. There were indeed many rare items among the relics. The two divided the valuable and worthless things into two piles. In addition, there were thirty-five boxes of various sizes found in the old house.

Xiao Wei took out the items in the box and inspected them separately. They were basically ordinary objects such as needles, threads, and brains. Then I opened all the boxes one by one, and found that these thirty-five boxes were equally ordinary. There were no mechanisms, no mezzanines, and none of them seemed to be something that the old man would never forget before he died! After throwing away the pile of junk, Gao Yang accompanied Xiao Wei and searched up and down the old house for several times, but found nothing eye-catching. In the whole old house, it seems that there is no "box" that Zeng Lao mentioned before his death.

Returning to the living room on the first floor, Xiao Wei began to feel that this matter was a bit evil. Could it be that my grandfather was confused before he died and what he said was nonsense? Didn't there be such a "box" in the old house at all? The two analyzed it for a while, but it seemed impossible. Mr. Zeng has a rigorous life. According to Xiao Wei, his old man is a person who "has never done anything unreliable in his life, and he will be blinded when it comes to it." Otherwise, the old man will never be able to do his job. .

Thinking of this, Xiao Wei became more and more certain: the "box" mentioned by his grandfather before his death must be there, but it must be placed in some secret place. After pondering for a moment, he found two hammers from the storage room. Xiao Wei thought about it. This old house seemed to be a hundred years old, and there might be some mechanism like a wall. The two of them each used a hammer and hammered for more than an hour before climbing to the second floor, where the old man lived. The study room is not unusual, and all the walls and floors in the bedroom are solid.

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At one o'clock in the morning, the two of them opened the closet in the dormitory. They had already dug out the things inside, and there was nothing inside the closet. Knocking layer by layer, when the hammer landed on the back wall of the bottom floor of the closet, Xiao Wei was suddenly shocked: this was no longer the sound of iron hitting the cement wall, but the sound of a wooden product. "Too" sound!

Quickly throwing away the hammer in his hand, he lay down and observed carefully: inside was a well-decorated wooden box, hidden deep in the bottom of the closet. The size of the wooden box was similar to that of the bottom of the closet. There is a layer of wallpaper on the front of the box, making the wooden box look the same as the surrounding walls. Xiao Wei looked excited. No wonder he hadn't been meticulous at all in the past two days! It seems that there is something to this matter. For my grandfather to be able to hide it in such a secret place, the contents inside must be extraordinary. Yu Ziqi danced happily for a while and finally died , dragging the wooden box out with Gao Yang.

This is a very ordinary-looking wooden box, black in color, used in most homes of the older generation. The only difference is that the size is larger than the common ones, about one meter in length and width, and about 70 centimeters in height. The top cover of the wooden box is connected to the box body with beautiful pure copper hinges. Due to the age, the color has become very dull. There is a hidden copper lock on the lid of the box.

Xiao Wei stretched out his hand and lifted it. The wooden box was very heavy. He didn't know what was inside. He opened the lid again and found that it was locked. He knew his grandfather's customs very well. Mr. Zeng was a senior lockpicking expert of the Ministry of Public Security during his lifetime. In order to maintain the status quo over the years , except for the main door of the Zeng family's old house, none of the locks had a key. I'm afraid this wooden box also had a key. No exception.

Xiao Wei frowned. It seemed that it would take some effort to open this box! After thinking for a moment, he stood up. Since his grandfather passed away, Xiao Weitian took all his belongings as his own without any humility. He came to the study in a grand manner and took back the lockpicking tool box that his grandfather would never let him touch. I picked up two handy tools from the box, made some gestures, and inserted the tools into the keyhole of the wooden box.

Xiao Wei's lock-picking skills were not taught by Mr. Zeng. During his lifetime, Mr. Zeng was a lockpicking expert of the Ministry of Public Security, and his skills were naturally extraordinary. It's just that the old man always thought that Xiao Wei was impetuous and a little unprofessional, so this skill was not taught to him.

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