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In the first year of the Republic of China, Wudi came to a genius doctor who was able to save the world by hanging pots. This person has become a household name in Wudi for about 30 years. Sai Hua Tuo”. In this troubled world, this person does good medicine without seeking money in return. All of a sudden, people from all walks of life came here for medical treatment.

One day, as the sun was sinking, an old road passed by Sai Huatuo Medical Center. Just walking back and forth at the entrance of the restaurant, Sai Huatuo had just sent out the patient who he thought was going to see a doctor, and saw this Taoist humane bone fairy, not as wretched as a charlatan. Then he stepped forward and said, “I don’t know what the fairy master is doing at the door of my medical clinic? If you don’t mind, please come to the clinic to explain.” The Taoist nodded and followed Sai Huatuo in, and Sai Huatuo took the opportunity to ask all the way The place where the Taoist practiced, and the purpose of coming to Wu, seeing this person’s response fluently, his eyes were bright and restrained, and he believed in the identity of this Taoist at least sixty-seven percent in his heart. Sai Huatuo led the Taoist into the study, and said, “Master Daoist, Xiaosheng is here for medical treatment, and there are few meeting rooms. If you don’t mind, please rest in my study and have a cup of tea.” The Taoist ordered He nodded and said, “You are welcome, sir! This time I came to the poor Taoist not to ask for a cup of tea, but to remind you.” Sai Huatuo poured two cups of tea, put them on the table in front of the Taoist and said, “No Do you know why the chief reminded Xiaosheng?”

“The world is impermanent, and the way of heaven is virtuous. When disasters turn into good luck, it is all because of good thoughts.” The Taoist just said a few words and then kept silent. He just continued to drink tea, and the two chatted about some current affairs. The Taoist saw that it was already evening , then bid farewell.

Although Sai Huatuo tried his best to persuade him to stay, the Taoist still insisted on going on the road, unable to resist for a while, Sai Huatuo had to send the Taoist away. After a hasty dinner, Sai Huatuo began to study medical books in the study. In the dead of night, a knock on the door pulled Sai Huatuo out of the medical books. Sai Huatuo hurried to open the door, thinking that another patient might be suffering from an emergency. With a “creak”, two mahogany doors were opened, and an old woman was standing at the door. Seeing the old woman’s shabby clothes, Sai Huatuo said, “Grandma, it’s cold outside, come in quickly.” Then the old woman moved in. In the medical center, although the old woman is unstable, she walks very fast. Sai Huatuo helped the old man to the infirmary, and said to the old woman, “Grandma, put your hands here. I’ll take your pulse.” The old woman lowered her head and stretched out her hand. Sai Huatuo gently Hanging it on the old man’s wrist, the medical room seemed very quiet at this moment, only a western wall clock was ticking. After a while, Sai Huatuo asked again: “Mother-in-law, have you lost your appetite recently? Can’t sleep at night?” The old lady nodded again, and Sai Huatuo said: “I see your pulse is a little faster, but your body temperature is normal. If you don’t mind, please open your mouth and let Xiaosheng see your tongue.” The old lady raised her head, and under the light of the desk lamp , the old man’s sallow face was covered with wrinkles, he looked like a hard-working farmer, his eyes were dim, and he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for a long time.

The old woman stuck out her tongue, and Sai Huatuo took out a small piece of wood from a nearby container, put it into the old man’s mouth, and carefully checked the coating on the tongue and the lesions on the gums. But I saw a strange scene. The old woman’s canine teeth seemed to grow a lot more than ordinary people. For a while, Sai Huatuo was just puzzled. Thinking about what his teacher said, everyone’s physique is different, and there is always a little difference from ordinary people. The place. Without thinking about it, she prescribed a few doses of medicine and said: “Grandma, mix this medicine with three bowls of water, take one bowl every day, and take one bowl each morning and evening. If you still have the same problem after five days, come back to my place. “The old woman finally spoke, and she took out a dilapidated purse from her waist in response. Sai Huatuo hurriedly stopped and said: “Grandma, I think you are also a hard-working farmer. I won’t accept the money for this medicine, and we will talk about it after you take these medicines!” No words. Sai Huatuo hurriedly helped the old man up, sent her out of the clinic, and closed the door to continue studying medical books.

Five days later, on a rainy night, another knock on the door brought Sai Huatuo out of the medical book. As soon as he opened the door, he saw an old woman who was wet all over, but this time the old woman was the first to speak: “My aunt, come in?” He hurriedly asked the old man to come in. Sai Huatuo asked the old man to sit in the infirmary for a while, and he went to get a brazier for the old man to go to the cold.

Seeing that the old man’s face was familiar, Sai Huatuo remembered that it was the old woman who came here a few nights ago. Then he found a piece of paper from the pile of papers on the side, looked at it and said, “Grandma, after taking those medicines, do you feel better?” The old woman lowered her head and said, “It seems to be better. I’ve been hungry all the time.” After hearing this, Sai Huatuo said, “Then I’ll check your pulse again.” But this time, Sai Huatuo was startled, the old woman’s pulse was faster than before, but The pulse is not as strong as normal people. Sai Huatuo asked the old man to open his mouth, and a pair of long canine teeth instantly knocked Sai Huatuo down. The old man’s teeth were longer than those a few days ago. But this tongue is bright red, and there are some fleshy thorns growing on the tongue. Sai Huatuo looked at these fleshy thorns a little strangely, how could such a thing grow on the human tongue? Small pustules. At this moment, the old man’s stomach was rumbling, and a bloody smell slowly spread from his mouth with his mouth open. The old man’s teeth kept shaking, and Sai Huatuo comforted him: “It’s all right.” He continued to turn the small wooden chip with one hand to inspect the old man’s mouth. Suddenly the old man’s teeth were closed tightly, and the small piece of wood was bitten off. Sai Huatuo was even more surprised, but there was a bloodshot from the corner of the old man’s mouth accompanied by saliva. The old man spat out the wood chips in his mouth and murmured: “I’m hungry, I’m hungry.” Seeing this, Sai Huatuo picked up the gauze beside him and said, “Grandma, your mouth is bleeding! Wipe it off!” The old lady Gudu Gudu swallowed his saliva and blood, a satisfied smile appeared on his face, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and the wrinkles were deeply crowded together, which was extremely terrifying under the illumination of the desk lamp.

“Sir, I’m hungry. Hurry up and leave!” The old lady suddenly showed pain on her face again, and Sai Huatuo didn’t know what happened for a while. The old woman suddenly smiled strangely again, and said, “Sir, the skin is tender and tender, it should be delicious!” As soon as this remark came out, Sai Huatuo broke out in a cold sweat. He has studied medicine for many years, and he has never seen such a dish. Symptoms, I thought: Could it be that this person has lost his mind and gone crazy?

The old woman walked towards Sai Huatuo step by step, and Sai Huatuo had to back away when seeing this, but he didn’t know what kind of disease the old woman was suffering from at the moment, and he didn’t know what to do for a while, so he could only distance himself from the old man. “Dangdangdang” the western bell rang, and the old woman rushed towards Sai Hua Tuo as if she had gone crazy. Sai Huatuo hurriedly blocked with both hands, but the old man was as strong as a cow, pressing Sai Huatuo against the wall, panting and slowly leaning towards Sai Huatuo’s neck. Suddenly, the old man wailed, and retreated a few steps: “Sir, run away quickly! The farther you can escape, the better!” Sai Huatuo heard this, and hurried to the door to open the door of the infirmary, but the old woman suddenly ran behind him. Come on, before Sai Huatuo could go out in the future, he heard footsteps approaching behind him. It was the old woman who wailed and rushed out of the infirmary, thinking about the door and running. Gradually, the wailing sound disappeared into the rainy night, and the rustling sound of rain remained, as if nothing had happened. Only the messy tables and chairs in Sai Huatuo’s hospital room proved that everything that happened before was true.

This morning, Sai Huatuo opened his eyes early, thinking about the experience last night was really scary, he thought it was so weird after thinking about it. Could it be that he really complied with the Taoist’s words, after thinking about it for a while, Sai Huatuo suddenly felt that the matter was strange, but he knew very little at the moment, and didn’t know what to do for a while. I had to wash up first, because there were many patients waiting for treatment during the day.

However, not long after the medical clinic opened, voices came from the alley to the west, it sounded that there were many people bustling with each other! So Sai Hua Tuo found a neighbor and asked, “Auntie, what happened to this alley to the west?” The auntie stared blankly and said, “Sir, you don’t know the strange things outside in the hospital. Today Uncle Wang, who bought vegetables early, went out to buy vegetables. He didn’t want to see two police officers who were watching the night dead in the alley as soon as he opened the door. Is it still so noisy?” The aunt hurriedly explained: “Sir, the coroner in the yamen is investigating there right now!” After saying goodbye, the aunt said goodbye and walked to the west alley in two steps. Sai Huatuo felt that something was wrong, so he followed him to the west alley.

As soon as I arrived at the West Alley, I saw a sea of ​​people surrounding the alley, all of them holding their heads up and discussing, “These two police officers died miserably! That face is too terrifying!” “Who made such a Bad hands!” “You can’t go out at night!” Sai Huatuo squeezed forward a little bit, and the people in front saw that it was Sai Huatuo, and quickly made room for him: “Mr. Sai Huatuo! You are here too!” As soon as these words came out, all the villagers hurriedly gave way to Sai Huatuo, and everyone greeted him with smiles. The police officer in front greeted Sai Huatuo with a smile when he heard Sai Huatuo’s name. A tall police officer hurried over and said, “Sir, are you here to assist Mr. Liang in the autopsy?” With a pack of cigarettes, Sai Huatuo waved his hand and said, “Mr. Police Officer, I don’t eat cigarettes!” A trace of disappointment swept across the police officer’s face, and he led Sai Huatuo into the alley.

The alley looks plain and simple, with small houses on the second floor on both sides. The ground is paved with bluestone brick roads. Walking up it is a bit winding. Two corpses in black police uniforms are in front of you. One is lying on the bluestone road. One leans against a stone pillar on the side. A man in a white coat was facing away from the two of them and was examining the corpse carefully. The tall police officer said loudly: “Mr. Liang, Mr. Sai Huatuo is here to help you out!” The framed glasses are square and square, and the back of the hair is combed in an orderly manner. The man looks like thirty years old. When he saw the visitor, he smiled and said, “Sai Huatuo! Long time no see, how are you doing?”

“Mr. Liang, don’t come here without any problems! The Xiaosheng Medical Center is nearby. I heard that there was a murder case, so I came here to see if I can help you.” Sai Huatuo smiled cordially, and went forward to shake hands, but Liang The husband’s hands were tightly wrapped in gloves, so he just smiled and said nothing. “It’s really busy! I’m not talented, I have something to ask sir!” Sai Huatuo was puzzled: “Is there anyone who asked Xiaosheng about this autopsy?” Mr. Liang laughed, took off the gloves on his hand and lifted Sai Huatuo Leading to the side, he said, “I don’t know if there is anything in the world that can suck blood from people?” Sai Huatuo was taken aback, and a pair of fangs flashed in his mind. Sai Huatuo asked again: “Sir, what do you say? Could it be that there is something unusual?”

“Exactly! There is only one wound on the two people’s bodies, which is the two pairs of teeth marks on the neck. The teeth in the middle seem to be human teeth, but the two sides penetrate into the flesh of the two people, reaching deep into the arteries. However, the wounds on the two people There is little blood here.” Sai Huatuo thought about the weather last night and said, “Could it be washed away by the rain last night?” Mr. Liang shook his head and said, “Sir, look at this.” After that, Liang The gentleman led Sai Huatuo to the corpse leaning against the stone pillar and said: “Please look, sir, this corpse is lying under the eaves, so there must be no rain, but there is still little blood on his wound.” ” Sai Huatuo’s heart skipped a beat, hesitatingly said: “Sir, is that what you mean?” The police officer behind him also said at this moment: “Just as you guessed. The two of us also suspect that this matter is not done by ordinary people.” Sai Huatuo looked at the corpse in front of him, his face was pale, his skin was shriveled, and his eye sockets were sunken and dim, which was truly terrifying.

“Sir, Xiaosheng only learned about the popular Western theory of ‘Fan Pai’er’ when he read some Western cultural relics. This is really unbelievable now!” Sai Huatuo said what he thought. Mr. Liang also nodded his head and said: “My master said that such ghost stories are not groundless, there must be some basis. But now everyone believes that there are no ghosts in the world. If this case is based on ghosts After the case is made, the higher-ups and the public will not be convinced!”

“It’s true, but I don’t know how Xiaosheng can help Mr. Sai Huatuo thought for a while, with a serious expression on his face. Seeing this, Mr. Liang said: “I really want to ask my husband for help. My Yafujian is not complete with all kinds of equipment. I wonder if I can borrow the Western medical equipment in the doctor’s clinic so that I can analyze it.” Sai Hua Seeing this, Tuo said: “There are indeed some unused medical equipment sent by patients in my clinic. If you don’t mind, you can use it yourself in our clinic. The yamen has just been built, and this place must not be as comfortable as my medical clinic.” Liang Liang The gentleman applauded loudly, and quickly led a group of police officers to deal with the scene, and carried the two corpses into the hospital.

Everyone came to Sai Huatuo’s medical hall. The interior of the hall was simple. When entering the door, there was a hall of the hall. There was only a screen made of pleated white cloth in the hall. There was a lot of business in the Western Medical Center. Everyone carried a bamboo stretcher made locally, covered the corpse with a large white cloth, and entered the main entrance of the medical center from the west alley. A “No Entry” sign was posted on the door of the room where the body was kept.

There was nothing to do all day, and at nightfall, Mr. Liang was still carefully examining the corpse in the room where the corpse was placed. Sai Huatuo cleaned up the patient after finishing the consultation, and then continued to study medical books in the study. Tonight, there was silence outside, people seemed afraid to go out, and even the barking dogs seemed to have rested. As soon as Sai Huatuo picked up the medical book, his whole body seemed to get into it, and it was really hard to pay attention to other things.

I don’t know how long it took, another knock on the door woke Sai Huatuo out of the medical book, and Sai Huatuo rubbed his eyes in response and walked out of the study. Outside the door, a white-haired man in a suit and leather shoes spoke fluent Chinese and said: “Sir, can I come in?” Sai Huatuo nodded and said: “Sir, please come in!” Stepping in, Sai Huatuo asked the man while leading the man to the infirmary, “I don’t know what’s wrong with your body?” After hearing this, Hua Tuo said with a shudder: “Exactly!” But he gradually became more vigilant towards this man in his heart, and asked hurriedly, “Sir, how do you know?” The man smiled slightly and said, “Sir, don’t be afraid, I It’s just an ordinary person, just some past events. I don’t know if sir can do me a favor?” Sai Huatuo took a step back and said, “What’s the matter?”

“I wonder if sir can lend me some blood!” After saying that, he walked slowly towards Sai Huatuo. This Sai Hua Tuo is not a stupid person. Thinking of the two corpses today, he can probably see that this person is inseparable from this case. Pushing the screen beside him towards the man, he ran towards the end of the corridor. The white-haired man behind him took his time and walked slowly. Sai Huatuo ran to the mortuary room, rushed in and locked the door, but surprised Mr. Liang inside and said, “Why are you so panicked, sir?”

Sai Huatuo panted: “The blood-sucking man is coming!” Mr. Liang was startled, put down the utensil in his hand and said, “Where is the person?” “Just outside the door!” At this moment, Sai Huatuo hissed, and the room was quiet. , the sound of footsteps outside the door gradually approached, and Mr. Liang also walked slowly to the door, but there was a gentle knock on the door, and a low voice came from outside the door, “Sir, can I come in?”

When the two heard it, they looked at each other, and Mr. Liang asked loudly, “Who are you?”


“You must be the murderer. I guess you are here to destroy the corpse?” Mr. Liang shouted, and took out a revolver from his pocket and pointed it at the door.

“You two gentlemen let me in! Otherwise, the two behind you may kill you!” As soon as the white-haired man said, Sai Huatuo and Mr. Liang turned their heads and saw two corpses crawling on their own. When they got up, Mr. Liang had used a knife on them, and the skin and flesh were exposed, but there were no bloodshot eyes. The eye sockets of the two were sunken, and under the dim light in the room, there was a faint green light, like the pupils of animals. Although the necks of the two corpses were separated by a large area, they still screamed. The man in white outside the door said: “It seems that he is awake! Sure enough, he came to the right place!”

Upon seeing this, Mr. Liang fired two shots, and two holes were instantly opened in the chest of the corpse, but the corpse did not intend to stop. Still dragging his arms, he walked forward step by step, opened his mouth and smashed it, as if seeing delicious food. Seeing the gun, Mr. Liang couldn’t scare the two monsters back. He didn’t know what to do for a while. The two corpses approached step by step, and there was another knock on the door behind him, and the man’s voice came again, “Gentlemen, open the door and let me go.” Go in! Otherwise, it will be really dangerous.”

The two of them didn’t know what to do for a while, there was a monster in front, and there must be a monster outside the door behind, but time waited for no one. The narrow room was already packed with two hospital beds, and now the four people couldn’t squeeze in. However, when the two corpses walked in front of the two, they pushed them aside and walked out slowly. Outside the door, the white-haired man was still standing two feet away from the door, and said with a smile, “Don’t worry! I can’t enter the room without your permission! Besides, there seems to be someone outside the door who doesn’t intend to let me succeed.” With a mouth full of blood and throat wriggling, the white-haired man led the two corpses and turned around and slowly walked out of their sight.

Since then, no one has mentioned the West Lane case, but it has become a topic of conversation after dinner.

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