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[Collection of short and medium supernatural novels] 23 extremely short horror stories

23 short horror stories

Welcome to the "23 Very Short Horror Stories" feature. Here, we have collected 23 extremely scary and creepy stories for you. Each story is short and concise, making people feel endless fear in a short reading. These short stories have different themes and styles. Some are about vengeful curses , some are about mysterious ghosts, and some are about horrific murders. Each story is presented in a very short length, and the plot has ups and downs that catch people off guard, making people constantly guess the development and ending of the story in the exciting reading. In this feature, we will take you into the world of these very short horror stories, giving you a sense of suffocating fear.We will analyze in detail the themes and plots of each story, as well as the horror elements and psychological undertones behind them.

[Collection of short and medium supernatural novels] Collection of classic ghost stories

Collection of classic ghost stories

Welcome to the "Classic Ghost Stories Collection" feature. Here, we have collected for you the most famous and classic ghost stories in the world, so that you can listen to them all at once. These stories have passed the test of time and become classics in the literary world, able to arouse the interest and resonance of readers no matter when and where. These ghost stories come in a variety of styles and themes, including horror, mystery, supernatural, fantasy, and more. Some stories are about ghosts and vampires, others about demons and wizards. But no matter what, these stories can leave you feeling an unusual sense of fear. In this feature, we will take you into the world of classic ghost stories and let you feel the gripping and creepy storylines.We'll break down the background and history of each story, as well as their context in the text.

[Collection of short and medium supernatural novels] Supernatural events in rural areas in the 1980s

Supernatural events in rural areas in the 1980s

Welcome to the special topic "Supernatural Events in Rural Areas in the 1980s". In this feature, we take you back to the countryside in the 1980s to explore those creepy supernatural events. The countryside of that era was intertwined with mystery and superstition, and there were many stories that are still unexplained. We have collected some supernatural incidents that happened in rural areas in the 1980s to reveal to you the strange stories hidden behind ordinary life. These supernatural events involve many supernatural phenomena, including ghosts, vampires, werewolves, etc. The events are frightening and tense, and each story has its own unique character and style. Some stories are about love, others about sacrifice, but they all have a common goal, which is to make you feel an unspeakable sense of terror.In this topic you will

[Collection of short and medium supernatural novels] Let Ghost stories that people dare not sleep

Ghost stories that make people afraid to sleep

Welcome to the "Ghost Stories That Afraid to Sleep" feature. In this feature, we have selected some creepy ghost stories for you, so that you can feel the fear and tension welling up from the bottom of your heart. These stories are mainly intended to scare you, keeping you awake late at night. These ghost stories involve a variety of supernatural phenomena and mysterious events. Some stories are about evil spirits and apparitions, while others are about weird legends and curses. Each of these stories has its own unique character and style, but they all share the same goal of making you feel an unspeakable sense of dread late at night. If you want to experience an unusual sense of fear, or want to challenge your courage and imagination, this topic will be your best choice.Please feel free to share with us

The divine law of the hospital night shift_Real supernatural events in the hospital night shift_Supernatural events in the hospital night shift

2. Bizarre deaths

Although Lily was very scared, she never told her best friend Sissi about it. One day a few months ago, Lily's department was very busy. Most of the nurses in Youjia were on the day shift, but Lily and Sissi were only assigned to the hospital for a year or two, and they both lived in the hospital. single dormitory. Therefore, the hospital arranged them in the inpatient department instead of the outpatient department, so the two of them naturally worked more night shifts than others. The two had no choice but to understand the hospital's arrangements. Who let them have junior qualifications and never have a family?

This week, Lily was on the night shift, while Sissy was on the day shift, so the two happened to be staggered. The inpatient department was quite quiet at night, except for the occasional patient's cough, and the only sound was the ticking of the clock on the wall. Lily glanced at the sleeping nurse Xiaozhuang, with a helpless smile on her face. Although Xiaozhuang spent more time in the hospital than she did, she was very chubby and very warm and friendly to Lily. Whenever there was something delicious, she would always leave some for her. Therefore, even if the greedy Xiaozhuang slept a little longer, Lily felt that No objection either.

After looking at her watch, Lily was going to conduct ward rounds as usual. After stretching, she left the nurse's duty room and walked towards each ward. The hospital corridor seemed so quiet at night. When she reached Ward 6, she paused slightly. There are two people in Ward No. 6. Another person was discharged from the hospital two days ago. No one has been arranged yet. She clearly remembers that Patient No. 6 is named Wang Fang. She is a beautiful young woman in her twenties and eighties. She heard that she will marry Li Dahai, a well-known foreman in the city, was recruited. With the dim light in the corridor, Lily couldn't help but shudder when she accidentally looked inside. It was past two o'clock in the middle of the night, and Wang Fang not only did not rest, but was quietly combing her hair in the mirror under the moonlight. Perhaps feeling that someone was watching her, Wang Fang turned to look out the door. Under the moonlight, her face was pale and pale. Strangely, her originally black and shiny hair now looked sparse. The floor of the ward seemed to be full of people. Strands of hair. With a small scream, Lily ran towards the duty room like a frightened little rabbit.

The next day, when Lily got up at noon and went to the hospital staff cafeteria to eat, she heard news that shocked him. Wang Fang in Ward No. 6 was found dead when the doctor made rounds in the morning. His condition at the time of death was extremely miserable. His black hair had turned into a bald head. Only the ground and the comb were covered with hair and traces of blood. In the end, people from the Public Security Bureau checked the hospital surveillance video and found nothing, so they determined it to be suicide. Her husband Wang Dahai was going to the hospital to cause trouble, but after the result of suicide came out, he had to accept this reality.

3. Confusing

More than a month after Wang Fang's death, the incident seemed to have gradually calmed down. It's just that no one who knows the inside story of Ward No. 6 is determined to stay in it. Only out-of-towners who come here for medical treatment without knowing what's going on are admitted in a daze. Nothing happens after that, and people gradually forget about it.

But only Lily knew in her heart that at four o'clock in the middle of the night on Thursday, a dark figure always appeared at the door of Ward No. 6. As soon as Lily went out, the figure ran towards the corridor at an extremely fast speed, and the figure seemed to be dimly following Wang's. Fang is a bit like it. This matter has troubled her for a long time, but in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, she could only bury this secret deep in her heart.

One night on the weekend, the lively Sissi went to play with her new boyfriend. Lily is quiet by nature. After dinner, she took out a novel and was about to read it, when a text message from Sissi came: "Lily, bless me! The man proposed to me. Come back and discuss it in detail." Looking at this Text message, Lily couldn't help but smile bitterly. Lily was born in the city. Her father is an engineer and her mother teaches in a middle school. Although not a wealthy family, the family conditions are also excellent. But Sissi was born in a rural area. After finally getting admitted to the nursing major of medical school, she was lucky enough to meet Lily. With Lili's help, Sissi, who was a bit vain, finally lived a decent life in college. After graduation, the two of them were assigned to a hospital together in this prefecture-level city in this province. It can be said that the two of them are real besties.

However, Sissi did not come back in the evening and did not come back until the afternoon of the next day. Lily teased and scolded that people are wild before they get married. Sissi, however, didn't care. She proudly took out a set of cosmetics from a new brand-name bag and said she wanted to give it to Lily. After taking it, Lily thought to herself, this is the sun rising in the west. She asked Sissi her boyfriend's name and workplace, but Sissi pretended to be mysterious and said that she would know it when she got married in two months. Lily was not a gossipy woman, so she smiled and didn't ask any more questions.

At around ten o'clock in the morning the next day, Lily received a mysterious unknown phone call from a woman who asked Lily to meet at a cafe on Bar Street. Lily originally wanted to reject the other party, but the other party's attitude was extremely sincere. Lily thought there was no danger in broad daylight, so she agreed. As soon as she sat down at the cafe, she saw a woman slowly walking towards her. After she sat down, Lily was so shocked that she almost ran away because this woman was Wang Fang. "I'm not Wang Fang, I'm her twin sister named Wang Jing," the woman explained when she saw Lily's panicked look.

"What are you looking for me for?" Lily asked doubtfully. After hearing this, Wang Jing said sadly: "Do you know who the person named Xixi in the dormitory is planning to marry? Wang Dahai!" After the words slowly came out of Wang Jing's mouth, Lily's There was a storm in my heart. "Then why do you always appear in Ward No. 6 at around four o'clock in the middle of the night every Thursday, pretending to be mysterious and scary?" Lily asked a little annoyed. "Ahem! Comrade Lily, don't get me wrong. I work in another city nearby, and the company I work for only has Fridays off. After my sister passed away, I was sad, but I always felt something was wrong. After get off work on Thursday, I hurried Come to catch the train. You will know after checking that the short-line train arrives in this city at around three o'clock in the middle of the night. It was not around four o'clock when I arrived at your hospital." After hearing this, Lily let out a long sigh. , thinking to himself: "Oh my God! Where in the world is this ghost? It used to scare me to death. It was quite normal, but by chance it was too scary!"

Supernatural events in the hospital night shift_The divine law of the hospital night shift_Real supernatural events in the hospital night shift

After the coffee was served, Wang Jing took a sip and continued: "I know you are a kind person, and I didn't want to trouble you at first, but the Public Security Bureau has come to a conclusion. Although I feel something is wrong, there is nothing I can do about it. Later I found out You have a very good relationship with that person named Sissi, so I would like to ask you to do me a favor and find some clues from other aspects, especially now that my sister has not been away for a long time, and she is actually married. She, I have even more reason to doubt her." Looking at the sad and anxious person, she, who had been the secretary of the Youth League Committee, suddenly felt a sense of justice in her heart. At this moment, she suddenly thought of someone, and she felt confident in her heart. After reaching out and holding the other person's hand tightly, he said firmly: "I'll help you!"

4. The mystery emerges

After the two said goodbye and left each other's phone numbers, Lily picked up the phone and called someone while it was a day off. In a hot pot restaurant in this city, a rather lean middle-aged man with short hair raised his wine glass and touched the juice Lily brought with a smile, and said: "Smelly girl, my cousin is usually busy with cases. Since you were assigned to this city, This is the second time we have met since we went to the hospital. Why did someone bully you? My cousin killed him violently for you!" The middle-aged man who was joking with Lily was her cousin Zhang Zheng who worked in the city's public security bureau. "Who dares to bully me! With you and a dignified deputy director protecting me, he wouldn't dare even if ten leopards were given to him." Lily responded with a naughty wink. Finally, Lily told her cousin Wang Jing's suspicions.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Zheng said with some embarrassment: "Lily, I know this. But this case has been finalized. I want to intervene again, which is a bit difficult. Do you know that everything must be based on evidence!" "You don't Help? Cousin, do you know that I have admired you the most since I was a child, because the police symbolize justice and fairness. When I was young, you were injured fighting against bad guys, and I even cried for you. , You…" Looking at Lily's somewhat annoyed expression, Zhang Zheng felt helpless. Because he knows that if this matter is to be overturned and repeated, some people and things must be involved, and some people may even take responsibility for their negligence. However, he readily promised that he would pay attention to this matter and would send someone to investigate secretly. After hearing her cousin's promise, Lily also understood her cousin's difficulties, and secretly made up her mind to see if she could discover anything else through other channels.

Sissi's divorce was getting closer and closer, and her whole body seemed to be getting more and more excited and proud. She often shows off some famous bags or jewelry in front of Lily. Because she is going to become a rich wife soon, and I heard that she won’t be able to go to work after getting married. Lily was secretly worried because she had not found any evidence so far, but there was nothing she could do. She knew that once Sissi got married and stopped working, there would naturally be fewer opportunities to meet each other. Although she had not yet been found to be directly connected to this matter, her sixth sense told her that things were not that simple…

The wedding finally arrived as promised. When the bright red wedding invitations were placed on the tables in various offices, Lily found that the face of Zhuang Tao, the attending doctor in the inpatient department, was becoming increasingly gloomy. Sometimes when she looks at Sissi, her expression is not only helpless, but also mixed with some pain and unwillingness. Lily knew that he, who was divorced, had pursued the outgoing and lively Sissi when they first came to the hospital. The two seemed to get along for a while, but in the end, for some unknown reason, Sissi ended up deliberately turning cold to each other. Lily couldn't ask specifically about the reason. Lily thought to herself, maybe she decisively broke up with Zhuang Tao after meeting Wang Dahai! Lily knew that maybe this matter could reveal something about Zhuang Tao.

Zhuang Tao did not refuse Lily's warm invitation. Because from the bottom of his heart, as the attending doctor, he admires and appreciates Lily's professionalism and enthusiasm and kindness towards patients. Coupled with the company of his cousin nurse Xiaozhuang, he didn't think too much about it, so he readily agreed. He accepted Lily's enthusiastic persuasion at the dinner table, and coupled with his depressed mood, he soon became drunk and hazy. After going to work the next day, he couldn't remember what he said last night, but Lily got an important piece of information and situation. That is, Sissi once said that a relative in her hometown was suffering from depression and needed him to prescribe some psychiatric drugs to treat the disease.

After talking to Wang Jing on the phone, Wang Jing decided to formally report the crime. The so-called "people don't sue and officials don't investigate", coupled with the fact that while Zhang Zheng was watching the case, he was also secretly investigating and collecting evidence. After getting this important clue, at their grand wedding held two days later, a police car roared into the wedding scene and arrested the two people. Amid people's surprised eyes, the two of them lowered their heads helplessly. As the bridesmaid, Lily was also confused and in a bad mood at this time. How she hoped that her clue was just a worthless one. Sissi's relative was really sick, but the reality was indeed so cruel and ruthless. When she looked at the panicked expression of the other party, her eyes were filled with tears.


Only after the case was over did people discover and understand the truth. It turns out that because Sissi was born in a rural area, she could change her destiny through her own efforts after entering college. But after entering the workplace, facing the temptation and helplessness of real life, my inner vanity became even more swollen. Originally, she was reluctant to face Zhuang Tao's pursuit, but when she thought about Zhuang Tao, he had a house, a car, and a high salary. In addition, although the other party was divorced, he was not very old. But one day Wang Dahai brought his wife Wang Fang to see a doctor. When he met Sissi, he was moved by her youth and beauty. In fact, after Wang Dahai succeeded, he had already begun to get tired of and abandoned Wang Fang, who worked hard together in the world, but his beauty had diminished. She just didn't dare to divorce because she was afraid of public condemnation, but she often treated her partner with cold words, so Wang Fang ended up suffering from mild depression. The two of them are in love with each other. Facing the wealthy man Wang Dahai, Sissi regretted her original choice. In order to achieve their goal of getting married, the two came up with a vicious plan. That was when Xixi came forward and through her relationship with Zhuang Tao, she lied that a relative in her hometown was sick and got the treatment medicine from him. You must know that the state and hospitals have extremely strict control over such drugs, and there are regulations on dosage. If the dose is too much, it will worsen the condition.

Wang Fang's condition worsened after taking too much medicine that Wang Dahai secretly mixed into her food and drinking water, and she showed the strange behavior of combing her hair in the middle of the night. On the day of his death, he unfortunately contracted the strange disease of "ghost shaving his head". Due to the shock and excessive dosage of drugs in the past, he died, which is really pitiful and regrettable. No one in the hospital suspected this couple. They wanted to wait until Wang Fang went crazy to find an excuse to divorce before it would be a good thing for the two of them. But God was unfair, and the two of them unexpectedly received the news of Wang Fang's death, and they were even more happy in their hearts. In the end, fate was not as good as fate, and the two of them fell into Lily's hands.

In the end, both of them were severely punished by the law. Although Zhuang Tao did not directly help them, he was deceived without knowing it. However, he was fascinated by the so-called love and seriously violated the hospital's management regulations. The hospital gave him disciplinary sanctions of staying in the hospital for probation. Due to her outstanding performance in assisting in the detection of the case, Lily fully demonstrated a person's sense of justice and morality, and was finally listed as a key training partner. But Lily had a lot of bitterness in her heart. The change and decline of her good friends made her understand. The road of life is very long. Facing all kinds of temptations in society, only by adhering to the purity and determination of your heart can your life have its own splendor and happiness.

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