Midnight Haunter

Ah Yin was born on a very bright moonlit night, and it was precisely because of the bright moonlight that she had a nice name, Ah Yin.

She didn’t know that she had a special ability, but she remembered very clearly that when she was born, she first heard the voice of an old woman: “It’s a miscarriage, press your waist…”, Then there was the sound of commotion, and the tinkling sound of the copper basin, and then, she felt free, leaving that very warm world and coming to a very cool place, “The child opened his eyes Open…” She was lifted up, she felt the wind, whether she opened her eyes herself or was stung by the light of the candle, she opened her eyes, she couldn’t remember anything, but standing by the door But the girl in pink was imprinted in her memory. She, standing by the door, was very small and short, with big black eyes looking at Ah Yin, who was still stained with blood.

Ah Yin is ten years old, Gui Ge is eighteen years old, she pestered him to buy her candy, he smiled and took her hand to buy candy together. His hand was very warm, and he held her little hand tightly in his palm. It was very small, her soft hair was combed into two little buns by Mama Wang, and some loose hair was blown by the wind. A pair of small flower feathers are dangling. She is the master’s fifth daughter and the youngest one, so everyone dotes on her, including the elder sister who is already married, and the two elder brothers who have been doing business abroad for many years. They always say: “Yin’er It’s so beautiful, the silver is so small…” After that, some snacks and fruits filled her hands, and she ran to the garden behind, which was her favorite place, where she could sit under the flower stand and watch Watching the ants and eating snacks and fruits.

She stepped into the moon gate with her little red shoes, and she struggled a bit, but when she raised her head, she found that she was standing there, looking at her. Yin’er has never talked to her, but occasionally meets her. She is a few years older than her, with a very delicate face, but she doesn’t wear any expression. She just likes to look directly at her with those bright eyes. Looking at people, those black and bright eyes have the power to see through people’s hearts, and her tightly closed lips seem to never want to say a word. A Yin tentatively handed her a fruit in her hand, but she didn’t accept it. Just looking at Yin’er like that, Yin’er was not afraid of her, because she had already seen her when she was born. She turned around and left, and quickly disappeared into the shade behind the grape arbor. Yin’er stood there blankly, “Yin, where did you go, this child?” Mother Wang’s voice sounded from behind, Yin’er turned her head, Mother Wang wiped her hands with her apron and walked over quickly, counting in her mouth, “Who is that girl?” Yin’er asked eagerly, “This kid is messing around again, is there anyone here, hurry up and eat, lunch There are chicken cakes…” Mother Wang ignored Yin’er’s question, and took her hand and walked into the hall. Yin’er turned her head as if she had made up her mind. The reddish figure of the girl…

“What is Yin’er thinking?” A few pieces of ‘Big Belly Arhat’ were stuffed into her hands, Brother Gui bent down and looked at Ah Yin with a smile. Brother Gui was born in August, which is when sweet-scented osmanthus is fragrant. In order to keep the auspicious calendar in mind, he was called Gui Sheng according to the old man’s advice. Everyone is used to calling him Brother Gui, but Ah Yin prefers to call him Gui Sheng. His brother Gui. She shook her head, the feathers on her head dangling back and forth, “Whatever Ah Yin wants, Brother Gui will buy it for you.” He smiled and patted her head.

Ah Yin is seventeen years old, her master’s most beautiful daughter, many people come to propose marriage, the master just smiled and said: “My family’s Ah Yin is still young”, he is reluctant to part with Ah Yin, everyone can see this, and sisters-in-law Talking and laughing, she said to Ah Yin, “When Ah Yin should have a husband’s family”, Ah Yin always smiled. If they continued talking, there would be a trace of indifference on her face. That indifference looked cold, cold enough Tell them to shut up and be quiet, so there is a new way of saying, “Miss Ah Yin is as cold as the silver moonlight”.

Occasionally, Ah Yin would embroider under the flower stand, and occasionally would sit with a book by the candlelight under the moonlight and read at night. She saw her again. It was very bright, she sat in the yard, she wanted to just sit there for a while and drink a cup of hot tea before going to sleep, but she came from afar and stood under the corridor, she was wearing light blue Her clothes looked very thin from a distance, and the night wind gently brushed her hair and her clothes, making her look even thinner. She was facing Ah Yin sideways, and Ah Yin could not see her face clearly. , She has seen her dozens of times in the past ten years, but they have never spoken to each other. Ah Yin asked others who she was, and the people who were asked were all surprised, and then said to Ah Yin, “Look, girl.” It’s blinding.” Later, Ah Yin didn’t ask any questions anymore. Whenever she appeared, she always looked at her silently. She found that she was attracted by her, and there was a strange force in her body that attracted her. A few times, she held the cup and seemed to look at her with fascination.

Sometimes Ah Yin even feels that she is like her own shadow, following her all the time, fluttering in her own world, she likes to look at her, when she looks at her, she has a feeling of looking at herself, her eyes are still It was so bright and dark, Yin’er looked at her before, and soon she was attracted by that deep gaze, and slipped away from that gaze a little bit, if she hadn’t drifted away, maybe Ah Yin would have stayed like that Stared at her blankly, all night.

Brother Gui came again, Ah Yin was very happy, she made him a cup of ‘Yuqian’, and then sat quietly, listening to Brother Gui and his brothers talking about the silk business. Walking around, I rarely come here in a year, but every time he comes, the first thing he asks is always “Ayinna…”, she stared blankly at the teacup on the small table, and the sound echoed in her ears. The voice of brother Gui talking to his brothers, she is a little crazy, she likes his voice, there is a special feeling in it, it sounds very soft and steady, for a while she wants to look up at him and listen to him, But suddenly she felt her face was very hot, so she didn’t raise her head, only hearing his voice, she was already very happy. “Ayin, Brother Gui brought you some very good silk…” His voice sounded steady, and she felt very warm, and at the same time, she could feel her heart beating very fast. She didn’t understand why she didn’t feel this way when she was holding his hand and walking down the street when she was young, but she was always nervous every time she saw him in the past two or three years, she wanted to see him but was afraid of seeing him, because she wanted to see him Seeing him, but she was afraid that she would show an embarrassment, so she stood there at a loss…

“Osmanthus fragrans is about to bloom.” Mother Wang is much older, but her mouth is still very sharp. The servants up and down are a little afraid of her, because she was the second wife of the master back then, and although there is nothing special about it, In front of the master, she is very happy, and after so many years, she knows everything about the house, so many servants respect her, sometimes she is like a housekeeper. Under the osmanthus tree, Ms. Wang narrowed her eyes and looked at the treetops and said affectionately. “Mother Wang, what’s so special about this tree? Why do you always look at this tree like this?” Yin’er stood behind Mother Wang and startled Mother Wang. Not a word.” She rubbed her eyes submissively, “Mother Wang’s eyes are red”, Yin’er looked at her, “I’m old and useless.” Mother Wang shook her head and turned away, leaving Yin’er behind her is facing the sweet-scented osmanthus that is about to bloom…

She appeared again, always meeting her in the middle of the night, she was very quiet, just standing in the garden like that, Ah Yin also looked at her quietly, when the wind blew there was a faint fragrance, Yin’er couldn’t figure out whether it was the fragrance wafting from her body or the fragrance of the sweet-scented osmanthus that was about to bloom. She has a feeling that she is very obsessed with her. In the past ten years, she is probably the only person closest to Ah Yin, because she has a feeling that those dark eyes can see through Ah Yin’s heart. It is as transparent as a newborn baby. At this time, she stood under the moonlight again, and the moonlight sprinkled on her body like water. Under the moonlight laurel tree, she was like a fairy in the moonlight, without roots or foundations, floating erratically. Yin’er wanted to go there, but she didn’t want to break the tranquility. She leaned on the bamboo chair and watched her quietly, accompanied her, and bathed in the moonlight pouring down like water from the sky.

Brother Gui was about to go out to buy and sell silk again, and the sweet-scented osmanthus was in full bloom. Yin’er said that he would treat Brother Gui to drink a few glasses of water and wine to enjoy the moon at night, and he happily agreed. After dinner, Ah Yin got ready. She wore the newly made dress, which was made of the silk that Brother Gui came to give her this time. It was moon-white, very elegant. It looked so good with silver, so she made this dress out of it. A pair of jasper rings was given to Yin’er by the master when she was fifteen years old. It is said that the precious jasper rings will feel cool to the bone when worn in summer. Yin’er likes them very much. Today she wears them. The soft luster looked very exquisite and crystal clear under the dancing candlelight, Yin’er smiled.

Everything was ready under the osmanthus tree. Ah Yin sat behind the table, and Chunmei brought up a tray with a jug of wine, two small cups and two plates of fruit on it. Yin’er sat there, surrounded by extremely beautiful and elegant scenery, the moonlit night was in the sky, the wind shook the osmanthus trees, Ah Yin smiled faintly, suddenly she felt tired, and her consciousness became hazy, maybe it was That moonlight, it makes people very tired and confused. Before Brother Gui came, Ah Yin picked up the jug and took off the lid. She smelled it, and the general fragrance of water and wine wafted together with the fragrance of the osmanthus trees beside her. Ah Yin poured a small glass of water and wine in a daze, she smelled it first, the fragrance attracted her, suddenly she saw her again, just five or six steps away from her, at some point she Here comes, just stand there, this time she is very close to her. The melancholy and deep eyes were looking at her, Ah Yin shook her head and closed her eyes, and when she opened them, there was only a piece of moonlight in front of her eyes. “I must be dazzled.” Ayin smiled lightly, she raised the glass and took a sip, a very fragrant wine slipped into her lips, she smiled, and then took the glass The wine poured into his mouth. “A Yin”, it was Brother Gui’s voice, A Yin saw that Brother Gui was walking quickly, “A Yin…” His voice was a bit strange, “What’s the matter, Brother Gui” she was stunned He looked at him blankly and said, “Have you drank that wine?” He stared at her with wide eyes and at the same time grasped her shoulders with both hands, deeply grasping into the flesh, scratching her shoulders painfully, “I drank “A Yin looked at Brother Gui in confusion, “That wine is poisonous…”

A year later, Mother Wang died. When she was dying, she told her goddaughter something, “It was many years ago that the second wife of the master in the house fell in love with Gui Sheng, who often asked the master to do business. Father, it turned out that the second wife was happy, but the child did not belong to the master. The girl was drowned in a basin when she was born, and then Mother Wang buried her in the biggest sweet-scented osmanthus tree in the garden with her own hands, crying. Two years later, the second wife also died, and then people in the house always saw a little girl standing in the yard late at night. It is said that her eyebrows and eyes looked like the second wife, so everyone who saw it pretended not to see anything , because they knew that she was the ghost of the girl whose second wife died unexpectedly, until one day, the fifth girl, Ah Yin, was born. From that day on, the family found that the girl and Ah Yin grew up together, and the longer Ah Yin grew, the more she looked dead. The second wife, the master was very afraid, but he didn’t dare to show it. Everyone felt that there were too many shadows of the second wife in Ah Yin, and what was even more frightening was that Gui Sheng liked Ah Yin very much. Yin, and Guisheng looks very similar to his father who died a few years ago, so various rumors circulated among the servants, the most common saying is that the ghosts of the second wife and the girl will not let go of this old house, because The second wife died unexpectedly back then, she just caught a cold occasionally, but she couldn’t get sick, and she died within two months. The master was very scared. On a moonlit night a year ago, he poisoned a pot of wine. He wanted to poison Ah Yin and Gui Sheng to death, but he did not expect Ah Yin to drink the wine first…’

At the end of the Republic of China, the old house was abandoned. Although the house was very large, no one was willing to buy it. It is said that people often saw a girl in a moon-white satin dress standing in the abandoned garden under the moonlight on a moonlit night. , staring blankly at the moon in a daze, but there was no shadow behind her…

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