When The Rain Hits The Head Of The Coffin, Princes Come Forth In Succession

My hometown is a place of "outstanding people".

There are no high-ranking officials here, only Fengshui masters with the ability of heavenly eyes.

There is an endless stream of people from all over the province who come here to invite their masters to look at Feng Shui, and there are many strange stories handed down.

According to legend, a long time ago, there lived a Fengshui master surnamed Liao in the west gate of the county seat. He had a pair of see-through eyes and could see the dragon veins underground. People call him "Sky Eye Liao".

One day, the rich man Peng from Lin County came to invite "Sky Eye Liao" to see the feng shui of his yin house.

He suspected that his ancestral tomb could not protect his descendants, and the auspiciousness of the dragon's cave was lost, so he wanted to ask him to relocate his ancestral tomb to a better cave.

That day, "Tianyan Liao" asked for the horoscope of the rich man Peng, saying that there is no need to approve it, and the sky can tell good or bad fortune by looking at it. Then "Tianyan Liao" stared at the horoscope, shook his head, and chanted incomprehensible spells…

After a while, he said to the rich man Peng: "In the past three years, your shop has not been prosperous, and the clerks have left one after another… You also have a disease in your head, especially the pain at night, and drowsiness during the day, and the medicine does not improve. Right?"

After hearing this, rich man Peng felt very surprised, and replied: "Yes, you are too accurate! I invited several gentlemen, and they all said that it was affected by the bad feng shui of the yin house. Disaster, so serious that the family business will decline day by day, and the number of people will be wiped out!"

After hearing this, "Sky Eye Liao" laughed loudly: "It's not that serious, right? Just now I looked at your ancestral grave with clairvoyance; the mountain in front of the cave is beautiful, the Mingtang is upright, and the water is strong. It is also a treasure land of geomantic omen! , in the past two years, you should have been rich and powerful, but the real situation in front of me puzzles me, so I can only go to the cemetery to see it."

The next day, the two of them traveled in a carriage for a day and arrived at the Peng family cemetery on Xuanwu Mountain.

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Around the cemetery, the coming dragon is tall and undulating, the old dragon opens the hole of the yin nest, and the footsteps are slightly raised near the table, the bright hall is tight, the mysterious song of the incoming water disappears between the intersection of the two mountains, the left green dragon and the right white tiger are tight Huxue field, the case mountain rises from the mountain platform, surrounded by mountains, Luocheng is higher than one floor…

"Tianyan Liao" stood on the cemetery and said to the rich man Peng: "Good Fengshui! The old man rests his head on the mountain and his feet on the river, and the descendants will do it…" Before he finished speaking, he stared at the father of the rich man Peng. Grave, can't say a word.

After about two packs of cigarettes, he pointed to the tomb and said, "The problem lies in the grave of the old man. I saw the golden bones of the old man resting on the river and stepping on the mountain through the coffin. When you bury it, you put Is the head of the coffin buried upside down?"

This question startled rich man Peng.

He regained his composure, thought for a while and replied, "Impossible! I was there at the time, and the coffin was buried with its head facing the mountain, and the direction was correct!" After finishing speaking, he thought to himself; what does "Tianyan Liao" mean? If it gets out, it won't affect the prestige and reputation of my filial son! Thinking of this, he picked up his shovel and dug out the filling soil on the grave one by one. After a while, the head of the coffin was exposed, facing the direction of the mountain.

At this moment, "Sky Eye Liao" was dumbfounded.

For the first time since his debut, he was so embarrassed.

He held his breath, and opened his perspective eyes to look into the tomb again… "The skull is indeed facing down the hill, and the legs and feet are facing up the hill! Could it be that you put the corpse upside down when you put the coffin into the coffin?" Rich Mr. Peng became impatient: "Fart! That day I lifted the head, and I also installed the coffin. The direction is not reversed at all. Please stop messing around, okay?"

"Okay, okay! But I believe that Tianyan will never be wrong! In the future, if you need my help, please come to me again!" After speaking, "Tianyan Liao" walked down the mountain in embarrassment, and returned home alone.

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Back home, "Tianyan Liao" racked his brains… "The coffin is not buried upside down, and the direction of the corpse is not upside down. Why is the skeleton seen by the Tianyan upside down?"

There is only one possibility, and that is…

It took "Sky Eye Liao" three days to finally understand the reason.

More than ten days later, rich man Peng came to look for "Tianyan Liao" again crying.

He first apologized, and then told about the strange things that happened after "Sky Eye Liao" went down the mountain.

It turned out that as soon as "Tianyan Liao" came down the mountain, rich man Peng led his horse to chase after him. I never thought that when the horse's hoof stepped into the puddle when going downhill, don't break the horse's front leg.

You may not know that no matter whether it is a horse or a cow, as long as the leg is broken, it is a waste. There is no cure at all, and it can only be slaughtered for meat.

The horse was gone, and rich man Peng was very distressed.

At that time, whoever owned a yellow puma was equivalent to owning a Bentley now.

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He heard people say that if a family's livestock die, the rooster does not crow, the dog does not bark, and the nursing child does not pee, it is all related to the bad feng shui of the ancestral grave. Therefore, rich Mr. Peng was very anxious, and found a few more Fengshui masters in the local area, but they heard that "Tianyan Liao" had visited the cemetery, and they all shied away, saying that he was too weak to do the job, and advised him to invite "Tianyan Liao" again. "Kamyu is good.

This time, "Sky-Eyed Liao" is a good example. He didn't say a word about the "upside down", but suggested that rich Mr. Peng should ask the sorceress to check it out before asking him to deal with the Feng Shui problem.

The next day, he followed the suggestion of "Sky Eye Liao" and went back to the local area to invite a sorceress to ask her to invite the old man's ghost to possess him and ask about the reason.

That night, the sorceress used "spirituality" to invite the ghost of the old man.

In fact, the relationship between ghosts and witches is like the relationship between electromagnetic waves and walkie-talkies. A ghost is a magnetic field, a magnetic field with memories.

After being possessed by the ghost, she used her "walkie-talkie" to speak, and the voice that came out of her mouth was exactly the same as when the old man was alive…

"Bastard! I'm not dead, so bury me alive, and you will get retribution!", "I'm lying on my head, just to get revenge on you, an unfilial son!"

The sorcerer's angry reprimand made rich man Peng blindfolded.

He stared blankly, trying to recall the scene when the old man died of illness.

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"Three years ago, my father suffered from asthma, and he didn't eat or drink on the kang for half a month. In the early morning of the fifth day of July, the family felt that his hands and feet were stiff, his whole body was cold, and his breathing stopped. They judged that my father had died. Out of the custom of not burying the eighth, the father was re-buried the next day. The funeral was arranged by himself, and he clearly saw that the person was dead, so it was impossible to be buried alive. The divine eyes of "Sky Eye Liao" see the same thing. The problem must be in Dad's coffin!"

Thinking of this, rich man Peng bid farewell to the witch, and rushed to Lin County to meet "Sky Eye Liao".

Knowing this situation, "Sky Eye Liao" assured Mr. Peng that as long as he opened the coffin and put the old man's bones in order, the feng shui of Peng Jiaying's land would immediately improve!

After hearing this, the rich man Peng was ecstatic, thinking that great wealth and great honor are just around the corner! So, the two sat down and began to discuss the matter of breaking the ground and opening the coffin. At the same time, he raised another question; first, the flesh and blood of the corpse were rotten, and the bones had not been separated from the carrion. How to turn the corpse upside down?followed by

How did such a strange thing as "upside down" happen?

"Tianyan Liao" replied: "The flesh and blood will rot after being buried in the ground for three years, leaving only bones and hair. That's why there is a saying that people can't move their graves after three years of death. The old man has been buried for three years, and you will not appear." For such a strange thing as an upside-down onion, after opening the coffin, you will understand!"

The groundbreaking day was an auspicious day selected by "Sky Eye Liao".

In front of the ancestor's grave, rich man Peng set up an incense table, burned money to worship the ancestor, and prayed for the reason why the ancestor moved the bone for his father.

The auspicious time had come, and everyone pulled off the shade cloth to cover the entire tomb. "Tianyan Liao" recited "The Mantra of Enlightening the Land": "The land here is the most spiritual. It penetrates the sky and the earth, and enters and exits the netherworld. Call for me, and you can't stay. On the day of merit, I will play it to the supernatant."

After reciting the incantation, Mr. Peng dug a shovel on the old man's grave and set it aside, and then the helpers began to dig the grave and open the coffin.

After a while, the lid of the coffin was opened with a gap, and "Sky Eye Liao" incinerated a magic talisman and threw it into the coffin, then released the corpse's breath, and opened the coffin after waiting for a quarter of an hour.

After opening the coffin, everyone was stunned by the old man's bones!

I saw the skull in the coffin facing down the mountain, and the legs and feet facing up the mountain, just like what "Sky Eye Liao" said.

At this moment, rich man Peng not only admires the miraculous ability of "Tianyan Liao", but also admires his unselfish and lofty character.

He stretched out his thumb to "Sky Eye Liao" and praised: "You are really a god!"

In other words, before moving the bones, "Tianyan Liao" did not chant a mantra, but said a lot to the bones: "Mr. Peng, do you know how you died? It wasn't your sons and daughters who buried you alive! You were the one who slept. At that time, a mouthful of phlegm blocked the trachea, resulting in apnea. The children thought you were dying, so they buried you grandly. Who knew that you miraculously resurrected in the coffin and moved your body direction, but this time It doesn't matter if you move the free download of Nether Ghost Burial , it will harm your filial children! Today, I will straighten your golden bones, let you lie in the land of feng shui, and bless your descendants, people and animals, prosperity, wealth and good luck! Mr. Peng, do you understand? Stop blaming your own children!"

Then, under the shade cloth, rich man Peng straightened the old man's golden bones one by one starting from the head.

When the coffin was being sealed, a drizzle suddenly fell from the sky… At this moment, only "Sky Eye Liao" shouted loudly: "When the rain hits the head of the coffin, princes will be born in succession!"

Tell everyone the good news you are looking forward to, don't be jealous after reading it!

In the one year since the golden bones were put in order, the shop run by the rich man Peng not only made a lot of money every day, and the wealth was unstoppable, but also the third wife gave birth to a big fat boy for him!

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