Ghosts In The Dormitory: The Truth Behind Two Photos Read Online

The third roommate is called Chen Feng

The handwriting looked like Chen Feng's. He used to live in this dormitory, but then he left completely because of an incident.

A month ago, Liang Binbin found a fate game on the Internet, which asked little ghosts to test their marriage. After discussing it, the three of them decided to try it together at night. Chen Feng was the most excited among the three. He wanted to know if Liang Xueyao liked him.

The rules of the game are very simple. Log in to the website of Yin Yuan Game at midnight, and then complete the questions as required, and you can successfully video and communicate with the kid through voice. The question is to give you two pictures and let you find the difference. I heard that the questions were difficult before, but this time the three of them easily found the differences and successfully passed the test and got a QQ number.

Chen Feng successfully added this QQ account, and the other party's online name was "44 kid". After the video was connected, the three of them looked at the computer nervously. The video was dark and only a shadow could be seen. Chen Feng typed a few words excitedly, turned up the sound to the maximum volume and said, " If you don't scream , will Meng Xueyao like me?"

There was a burst of noise from the stereo, and then the other party quickly typed: She is waiting for you in the woods. Chen Feng's eyebrows were filled with joy. This must mean that Meng Xueyao was waiting for his confession. This was really great news. He hurriedly logged off QQ and put on his clothes, without paying attention to the 44 kid's video. He turned to Liang Binbin and said, "You want Don’t you want to go with me? It’s scary in the woods at this late hour.”

"Okay!" Liang Binbin smiled, "Then I'll go with you."

After the two people left, Jin Yan quickly turned on the computer, took a look and ran out.

It was pitch dark outside, with only two dormitories still on. The wind was blowing in the woods behind the school, and a black shadow appeared in front of the trees in the moonlight. Chen Feng felt that the shadow must be Meng Xueyao. Just as he was about to walk over, he saw Meng Xueyao turning towards the stone bridge on the right.

"What was she doing there?" Chen Feng pulled Liang Binbin and chased her. The two came to the stone bridge and hid secretly.

At this time, Meng Xueyao was talking to herself on the bridge, her voice cold and chilly: "Jin Yan, I like you, but you want to give me to Chen Feng, then I will die in front of you." After saying this, she jumped. Into the river.

Chen Feng knew that he couldn't swim, but he still jumped in. If he couldn't save her, he would die with her. Liang Binbin walked to the bridge and looked at the rolling water in the river, smiling strangely.

It didn't take long for Jin Yan to climb up from the water. In fact, he was pretending to be Meng Xueyao. From the game of Yin Yuan to Chen Feng jumping into the river, it was all planned by him and Liang Binbin. In order to get rid of his love rival, it didn't count as murder. After all, Chen Feng was Jumped down on his own.

Do you see me?

As night fell, Liang Binbin lay on the bed and glanced at Jin Yan, who was on the other side of the bed. A month ago, he killed Chen Feng because he stole his girlfriend. This time, knowing that he liked Meng Xueyao, would he kill her too?

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The screaming child_The dead boy does not scream_The dead boy does not scream Thunder’/>

Liang Binbin couldn't sleep, so he turned around and faced the wall, trying to think on the bright side. At this time, the door of the dormitory suddenly opened, a gust of wind blew in, and a cold voice sounded: "I'm back."

"Go to sleep!" Liang Binbin responded instinctively, and then suddenly opened his eyes wide. Wasn't that Chen Feng's voice just now? He turned around suddenly and saw that Chen Feng's bed was empty, but the door to the dormitory was indeed open, as if something was crawling toward the door. His heart sank, and he hurriedly picked up the flashlight beside his pillow and shined it on it, and suddenly he screamed in fright. That thing was just a ball of hair, connected to a bloody scalp. Under the scalp was a face with distorted features, but it was just a face, without muscles and bones, and looked like an empty skin.

Jin Yan was woken up and cursed angrily: "What are you yelling about when you're up so late at night?"

Liang Binbin stretched out his hand and pointed towards the door tremblingly. Jin Yan almost fell off the bed when he saw it and shouted: "Chen Feng, don't come over." After saying that, he covered his head with the quilt.

Liang Binbin was stunned. When Jin Yan said, "Chen Feng, don't come here," he saw only scalp and black hair, and no face, so he couldn't tell who it was. Just as he was thinking, the door closed and everything returned to the way it was before. Both of them were sleepy and turned on their computers to surf the Internet. However, they both chose to remain silent about what happened just now.

Liang Binbin logged into QQ, and netizen "Emperor" sent a message: We have known each other for a long time, but I still don't know what you look like. Can we make a video? He smiled bitterly, saying that the video was just a video, and it was just the right time to chat to soothe his nervous heart. After the video, he stared at the video frame intently. It was dark at first, and then slowly became brighter. It's a bit strange, why is it night in the same city on his side, but daytime on the "Emperor" side? He sent the question, but the video became brighter and brighter, and you could even see the sunshine outside the window. The video showed a dormitory with a familiar bed and a familiar table. Isn’t this exactly the scene in those two photos? Sure enough, not long after, a girl sat on the bed and looked sideways out of the window.

Liang Binbin felt uneasy, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead. At this time, the "Emperor" sent a message: Have you seen me?

Liang Binbin typed on the keyboard with trembling hands: Are you that girl?

"Emperor" typed two words: That's right.

Liang Binbin stood up in surprise and almost shouted. How is this possible? When "Emperor" sent the message, the girl in the video didn't move at all, so how did she type? There is no second person in this video.

The next words of the "Emperor" were even more horrifying: You are good-looking, I like you very much.

The "Emperor" in the video is still looking out the window and has never moved. How does he know what he looks like? Does she have eyes on her back? Liang Binbin did not dare to chat with the "Emperor" any more and hurriedly unplugged the computer.

Exchange to find the difference

Last night’s video was so weird.

The screaming child_The dead boy does not scream Thunder_The dead boy does not scream

Liang Binbin flipped through the magazine, but his mind was not on this. He had always thought that the "Emperor" was a boy, but he did not expect that he was a girl, and she was the girl in the photo. However, the photo was given by Meng Xueyao. What is the relationship between these two people?

Jin Yan opened the door and walked in, holding a poster in his hand and saying, "The activities of the club department have been announced. I have to find someone to participate, and that's you."

"What activity is it?" Liang Binbin asked casually.

"Exchange to find differences." Jin Yan said with a smile, "It's a game with a girl's dormitory exchange. The two selected dormitories have to exchange with each other. The girls stay in the boys' dormitory for one night, and the boys stay in the girls' dormitory for one night. And You have to hide something in the other party's dormitory, and when it comes back again, the one who finds the hidden thing first is the winner. This is a unified activity of the community department, and we must participate."

"Sounds interesting. Which dormitory should we exchange with?" Liang Binbin asked.

Jin Yan laughed: "It's Room 301."

Liang Binbin frowned, no wonder he was so happy, 301 was Meng Xueyao's dormitory.

On the second day, the two parties immediately changed dormitories after getting ready. Jin Yan hurriedly pushed open room 301 and was greeted by a burst of fragrance. "Wow! The girls' dormitory is different. The beds are made so neatly."

Liang Binbin was not as ambitious as Jin Yan. The furnishings in this dormitory were very similar to those in the photos. He turned around and looked at the table, as if the "Emperor" had videotaped with him on this table last night, but he knew in his heart that this It's impossible.

Jin Yan packed up the bed and lay down: "We only have one day tonight, where do you think we should hide things so that they can't find them?" He shook the clock in his hand, preparing to hide it.

Liang Binbin waved his hand: "You can hide it as you like!"

At night, Jin Yan hid the alarm clock under the bed and lay on the bed comfortably. But when he was about to fall asleep, he suddenly saw the person on the opposite bed sitting up. But since there was no light in the room, he could only Saw a dark shadow.

"Liang Binbin? Where are you going so late?" Jin Yan asked the shadow. Just look at the shadow swaying in circles on the ground, with its head lowered and as light as a ghost.

Jin Yan repeated what he just said, but he heard Liang Binbin's words coming from the bed opposite: "Are you sick if you don't go to bed so late?"

The screaming child_The dead boy does not scream Thunder_The dead boy does not scream

"You didn't get up just now?" Jin Yan was surprised.

"No, you just woke me up." Liang Binbin said and covered himself with the quilt tightly.

Jin Yan was so frightened that he screamed. He didn't know when the black figure who got up first came to him, revealing a pale face with bloodshot pupils. He was staring at him with a curved corner of his mouth. He smiled eerily and said, "Jin Yan, I'm here to find you."

Jin Yan instinctively dodged back, but hit his head against the wall. His vision went dark and he fainted. When he opened his eyes, it was already noon the next day. The first thing he saw was Meng Xueyao's face, which was filled with evil intentions. Smiling quietly: "How long do you want to lie on my bed?"

Only then did Jin Yan realize that the game was over, and hurriedly sat up, smiling awkwardly.

What is Meng Xueyao hiding?

When Liang Binbin returned to the dormitory and logged into his QQ account, Meng Xueyao sent a video.

"Is this what you hid in my dormitory?" In the video, Meng Xueyao held an alarm clock in her hand, shaking it proudly, and said mysteriously, "Guess what I hid in your dormitory?"

Liang Binbin turned around and looked around. In fact, he and Jin Yan had been looking for the girls' hidden things since they came back at noon, but the entire dormitory had been rummaged through and they couldn't find them. Now it seems that everything in the dormitory looks weird. In desperation, he shook his head at the video.

Meng Xueyao laughed: "Don't worry! Whatever you can't find will always find you." After saying that, she turned off the video.

Liang Binbin kept repeating this sentence in his mind. He didn't understand what it meant. Could it be that that thing couldn't survive? At this moment, there were several muffled sounds suddenly coming from behind. He turned around and saw Jin Yan hitting the wall, more and more violently. What's going on? He hurriedly shouted: "Jin Yan, what are you doing?"

Jin Yan stopped moving when he heard the sound and was stunned.

Liang Binbin roared: "What kind of evil have you possessed?"

Jin Yan said in confusion: "What's wrong with me? I don't know anything. Why does my head hurt so much?" As he said that, he lay on the bed and rubbed his head.

The dead boy doesn't scream_The screaming boy_The dead boy doesn't scream Thunder

Liang Binbin frowned, and an ominous premonition arose in his heart.

Jin Yan slept soundly at night. After snoring, Liang Binbin lay on the bed. He kept looking at Jin Yan, fearing that he would do something crazy again. As sleepiness came over him, Liang Binbin couldn't open his eyes and fell asleep without even taking off his clothes. He had a dream in which he felt it was difficult to breathe. It seemed that something was suppressing his body and he could not break free. It was not until he opened his eyes with all his strength that he realized that this was not a dream. Jin Yan was strangled by his neck like a ferocious spirit. And it's very powerful.

Liang Binbin's body was shaking violently, and he was unable to speak through gritted teeth. His eyes rolled upward due to pain, and his hands were completely held down by Jin Yan. Only his legs could still exert force. He used all his strength to kick up, and Jin Yan was knocked to the ground by him, but then Jin Yan picked up the mop again. Hit him.

Liang Binbin took a deep breath, but before he could rest, Jin Yan knocked him out with a mop and stopped him from screaming . In his daze, he felt someone put him in a bag and dragged him away.

When Liang Binbin woke up, he found that he was on the stone bridge. In addition to the sound of wind and the sound of water under the bridge, this place had been a restricted area for him and Jin Yan since Chen Feng's accident. No one would come if nothing happened. The surroundings were dark, and only the lights of the dormitory could be seen in the distance. Jin Yan must have dragged him here, but why did he do this? He shouted Jin Yan's name, but he heard bursts of crying coming from under the bridge. When he looked carefully, it was Jin Yan who was kneeling on the shore and crying with his head in his arms. Liang Binbin ran over in a hurry.

Jin Yan heard footsteps behind him and turned around. Liang Binbin was startled. He had never seen such a look. At this time, Jin Yan's eyes were covered with red threads, as if they were filled with blood.

"What's wrong with you?" Liang Binbin retreated subconsciously, "Why did you bring me here?"

"You really don't know?" Jin Yan smiled, then sat on the shore and picked up a stone and threw it at his face. In an instant, he made a big gash on his face and blood flowed out.

Liang Binbin's nervousness was on the verge of collapse, and he roared: "What's wrong with you? Can you just say no?"

Jin Yan grinned, revealing his blood-red teeth, and the voice he made was that of Chen Feng, which was sinister and strange: "I'm here to take revenge on you!"

Liang Binbin was so frightened that he was stunned. Could it be that he was possessed by a ghost? If this is the case, Jin Yan will be beaten to death sooner or later. He remembered the Yin Yuan forum. The following was about the method of kicking an imp, which is to drive out the possessed ghost. He saw that Jin Yan was just torturing himself and had no intention of rushing over. He hurriedly picked up his mobile phone and went online to enter the forum. There was only one method: as long as the ghost died according to the cause of his death again, it would be forced out of other people's bodies.

Liang Binbin looked at the stone bridge not far away, where Chen Feng jumped. He turned around and said, "You should still remember where you died. If you want revenge, shouldn't you be on the stone bridge?" After that, he ran towards the stone bridge. "Jin Yan" was startled and hurriedly followed.

When they arrived at the stone bridge, "Jin Yan" took out a knife from his pocket and said proudly: "Actually, you never knew that the 'Emperor' on the Internet is me. I have lied to you for so long and you don't even know. That's ridiculous." As he said that, he took the knife and slashed his own neck.

At the critical moment, Liang Binbin rushed over quickly and knocked "Jin Yan" into the river under the bridge. The water splashed and he let out a long sigh: "I hope this method will work. The real Jin Yan has very good water properties. If it succeeds, He'll be fine."

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the difference

Liang Binbin ran off the bridge and kept chanting Jin Yan's name on the bank. It took a long time before a man swam across the river. By the time he climbed ashore, Jin Yan was exhausted. He only had half his life left from the self-abuse just now.

"Who are you?" Liang Binbin asked tentatively.

Jin Yan stretched out his hand: "Of course it's me, why don't you help me quickly."

Liang Binbin smiled, pulled Jin Yan up, and then told him what happened to Chen Feng.

Jin Yan was very angry after hearing this: "No wonder I'm covered in blood. Chen Feng's ghost must be Meng Xueyao who was hiding in our dormitory. Then he got on top of me when we went back. Those two are the same."

Liang Binbin smiled and said nothing, supporting Jin Yan and walking towards the bridge hole. Jin Yan asked strangely: "Where are you taking me?"

"I'm going to tell you the difference between those two pictures."

The two people came to the bridge cave. Liang Binbin took out a big bag from behind a pile of stones, which turned out to be a rotting corpse.

"What is this?" Jin Yan was so frightened that he backed away.

Liang Binbin took out two photos from his pocket and held them up in front of Jin Yan. The girl in the photo was still looking out the window. He smiled strangely: "Look carefully, this is the difference between the two photos." After saying that, the two girls in the two photos turned their heads at the same time. The one on the right is Meng Xueyao's smiling face, and the one on the left is Meng Xueyao's smiling face. Zhang's face was that of a rotting corpse, exactly the same as the one in the bag.

Jin Yan was so frightened that he wanted to run away, but couldn't move his legs. He leaned against the wall and asked tremblingly: "What is this?"

Liang Binbin spoke, but in Meng Xueyao's voice: "Actually, you are wrong. The thing I hid in your dormitory is not Chen Feng's ghost, but my own ghost. You don't know, right? In fact, I have been in bed for a long time Liang Binbin, the person who has been living under the same roof with you for the past half month is a ghost. You pretended to be me and killed Chen Feng, but do you know? I also died at that time. The reason was after you fell into the water. Liang Binbin saw me on the bridge.

"He confessed to me at that time, but I didn't agree because I liked you. Liang Binbin knew that I liked you, so he told the conspiracy, saying that everything was your fault and that you killed Chen Feng to get me. This love rival. He thought I would agree to him if he said this, but he didn’t expect that I would run to you to verify his words. He killed me in a fit of anger and secretly hid the body here. "

Jin Yan never dreamed that the person Meng Xueyao liked was him, nor did he expect that Liang Binbin would betray him at that time and kill Meng Xueyao frantically.

At this time, Liang Binbin's face was very calm, and he said calmly: "I told you everything, and now I can finally avenge myself." After saying that, he picked up a knife and wiped it on his neck. …

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