Orthodox Taoist Tibetan Yin-Yang Huangpizi Tomb

My ancestors have a broken book, which is “Sixteen-character Yin-Yang Fengshui Secret Art” written by the senior “Mojin Xiaowei”. This book has a total of sixteen characters to find the dragon, and “Fengshui Secret Art” belongs to a branch of the art. , but what is the arithmetic? The rise of the number of techniques was mostly after the Qin and Han dynasties, and the “Yi” was the general outline. Things are born with images, images are born with numbers, multiplication and division, deduction, and the source of poor creation are mathematics. The stars, the earth, the clouds, the zodiac, and the mysteries are found in the classics, and the ghosts spread in the later generations, gradually losing their truth. Other than that, it is very obscene, and cannot be named. The “History” and “Zhi” generally refer to it as “Five Elements”.

Relying on this wonderful book, I started to fight Jin Jin, during which a lot of things happened, and I met many people. For me, the experience of the past few years can be said to be: “Nine dead Nanhuangwu. I don’t hate it, I’m here for you.” Looking back on the way I came, it was a bloody storm. Fortunately, I was not old when I walked all over the green mountains. Now I’m about to say goodbye to the career of “Mojin Colonel”. Before going to the United States, I When I was packing my luggage, I found an old photo album. I flipped through the orthodox Taoist Yin and Yang , and saw a group photo of me and a few friends mixed in many old photos. The background of the photo was the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Among the people there are me and Fatty, some memories will not be killed by time, I still clearly remember that this photo was taken before I joined the army. At that time, we were still wearing hats and carrying military bags. It’s a bit ridiculous to look at, but I didn’t feel that way at the time, and I thought the image was quite fashionable. After taking a photo, the orthodox way hides the yin and yang . The companions in the photo and I entered the depths of the prairie. I still clearly remember that we That is to go to Mobei to find a black demon dragon…

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