Ghost Qi Ri Burning "Waiting" Touching Ghost Story Online Reading

He is an orphan, wandering in the streets, begging for a living. Accepting other people's eyes and spittle every day, there is also a kind of hatred and disgust. Nowadays, many people who touch porcelain and beggars earn more than 10,000 yuan a month… Many people classify him as a liar. But no matter what, he always smiled, smiling and grateful to the kind-hearted people, smiling and not caring about those who disliked him.

The clothes on his body were tattered, stained with various stains, and the smell was unbearable. People who passed by him covered their mouths and noses, and even stayed away in disgust. He was carrying a big bag under the scorching sun, his mouth was parched, and the corners of his mouth were cracked. Occasionally, he would look up and watch the children of other families being led by their parents, bouncing up and down, occasionally acting like a baby, and their parents would buy them ice cream and beautiful clothes. There was envy and jealousy in his eyes.

Just when he was in a daze, a pair of immature white hands handed him a bottle of purified water. He looked up, she was like an angel, with a clean and lovely face, a pure smile, she was chubby and wanted to take a bite, he had such a desire, but he couldn't help feeling inferior. She is so pretty, but she is dirty, how dare she pick up that bottle of water, I am afraid it will dirty her, or the bottle of water.

"Brother." Her voice was heavenly, as sweet as candy when it melted.

He blushed a little, lowered his head, and couldn't help being embarrassed, his hands tightly tangled up his sleeves like rags.

Her mother, with a gentle smile, squatted down and put water in his arms, "Don't be afraid." She took out another hundred-yuan bill and stuffed it into his palm, saying, "Buy something delicious." She walked away.

"Mom, why doesn't my brother look at me? Is it because I'm not pretty." She was slightly disappointed.

"My baby is the most beautiful, and my brother is shy."

This is just an episode. She will be his best memory.

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One night, there was lightning and thunder, and it was pouring rain, and he was still picking up bottles in the rain. He had no fixed place to stay, and he hadn't found out where his place was this time. The thin figure braved the raindrops and was looking for waste products on the road. Cars sped past him quickly, and the accumulated water on the road kept hitting him, some of which splashed into his mouth. , he swallowed it. The rain hit his face mercilessly, maybe he would take this opportunity to cry.

He was a little uncomfortable, and curled up with wet body under the eaves of a family to hide from the rain. It was raining non-stop, and he didn't know how long it would last. He felt dizzy, felt uncomfortable all over, and retched. He knew that he had a high fever, his body was cold, there was no fire, and he wanted to keep warm. After such a long time, he has already passed out. He tried hard to open his eyes, but his body didn't allow him, and his eyes were blurred. Suddenly a white figure appeared in front of his eyes, he couldn't see clearly, and then fell into the darkness.

When he woke up, he was in a room with food on the table, and he missed his parents. The lights were flickering, and it was still raining outside the window, only then did he realize that he had changed into clean and fresh clothes, which were too big for him. The white shadow that flashed past the window slipped in through the door at a very fast speed. He was a little scared, and hid under the table, motionless.

"Son, don't be afraid, ma'am, let's see if your fever has subsided?" A pale woman squatted under the table, looking at him lovingly.

"You… who are you?" He was overly frightened and stuttered.

"This is my home, you will live here from now on." The woman stretched out her hand with a smile.

He felt that the woman was not malicious, so he slowly crawled out, "I have a fever, you saved me! Thank you." He bowed deeply to the woman. The etiquette of bowing is something he learned from seeing the big bosses doing it occasionally, and sometimes hiding outside other people's shops watching TV. This is his first time to burn a ghost contract , and he doesn't know if he is doing it right.

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The woman was a little flattered, and reached out to help him up.

His body was shivering, and the woman's hands were too cold. It felt like he was shivering in a corner without warm clothes in winter. He quickly pulled out his hand, "I'm sorry, I… I'm a little cold."

The woman was a little dazed, touched her hand, and sighed, "It's okay, child. What's your name?"

"My name is Jiaxing, can you call me baby?" There was hope and anticipation in his eyes.

"Okay, baby, you will be my child from now on, my surname is Chen." The woman moved the table in front of Jiaxing, "Have dinner, baby."

"Let's have dinner." Jiaxing was very happy, finally he had someone who treated him well.

Mrs. Chen's house is not big. It is a side-by-side house. The toilet is next to the kitchen, and the kitchen is next to the bedroom, which is also the living room. Aunt Chen told Jiaxing, "Don't go out at night, there are many snakes and insects outside, it's not safe."

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Jiaxing nodded, he had already planned to go out to pick up waste during the day, and Mrs. Chen would come to pick him up at night. He felt a sense of warmth, the warmth of home, and a sense of belonging.

Jiaxing worked harder than ever, and he slowly saved money.

Over the years, my aunt told him stories every night, washed and cooked for him, without complaining, and laughed a lot. He is no longer a scruffy kid and smiles more and more.

Day after day, year after year, Jiaxing has grown up a few years, but Aunt Chen has not changed, her body temperature is still so cold. The padded jackets that Jiaxing had saved for her over the years were useless, because Mrs. Chen was not afraid of the cold, and she had never seen Mrs. Chen go out during the day. She only went out to buy vegetables after the sun went down. What was even more surprising was that Mrs. Chen never went out in front of him. Have a meal. Although Jiaxing has great doubts, as long as the aunt is good, the two depend on each other for life.

The sky near Da Niang's house is always gray, and he never went out at night. "Auntie, why is the sky at home always gray, and I can't see the stars and the moon."

Aunt Chen hesitated to speak, Jiaxing had grown up, it was time to tell him the truth. "Baby, when you grow up, it's time for the aunt to tell you something. You were still young at that time, because you were afraid that you wouldn't be able to accept it. You must have many questions in your heart. After getting along for so long, the aunt really regards you as her own." Just like a child, if you can't accept it, you can go, and the aunt won't force you." Aunt Chen felt very uncomfortable, thinking of what to do if he couldn't accept it and left, what should I do? Can I accept it?

Jiaxing was also very moved. He swore that no matter what happened, he would never leave his aunt. "Please tell me, auntie."

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"You come with me first." Aunt Chen took Jiaxing's hand and turned left and right, and came outside. With a big wave of the aunt's hand, the scene in front of her changed. The original lights disappeared, the original yard disappeared, the original gate disappeared, and the original road disappeared. It became a deep mountain, a forest, a pile of loess and tombstones. The mouth is wide open, and the grave is lit with green will-o'-the-wisps.

Jiaxing was frightened. Could it be that the shelter and home I always thought were a tomb, and I lived in it for three years, and the aunt I kept calling was… No wonder, no wonder, no wonder there are no stars and no wonder in the sky at home. Moon, it's no wonder that my mother's body temperature is so cold, she is not afraid of the cold, and she doesn't need to eat. "Ah~~~" Jiaxing roared, unbelievable, unbelievable, even more unbelievable.

Jiaxing suddenly ran into the darkness and kept running without looking back.

"Son~ you run slowly, the aunt knows you can't accept it, but the aunt has never harmed you." Aunt Chen chased after her, her voice was shrill, echoing in the woods, so eerie.

"You go, I don't want to see you, don't follow me." There was a gust of wind behind Jiaxing, and he knew who it was.

Aunt Chen's heart was broken, she didn't speak, but followed silently not far away.

Suddenly Jiaxing fell and fell on a grave. When he raised his head, a skull laughed at him and bit his clothes. The will-o'-the-wisp was burning in the skull's eye holes, and it kept sniffing the smell of Jiaxing's body. It was angry, and puffs of white mist entered its skull, nourishing the will-o'-the-wisp.

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Jiaxing was still young, how could he have experienced such a weird thing, screamed and got up and ran, but the skeleton behind him was unwilling to let go of the prey, and quickly crawled out of the soil, "Get out, you dare to hurt my child." Aunt Chen Stopping the skeleton, grabbed the skeleton and fell to the distance, ignoring the skeleton, she can't do anything to that ghost, and the skeleton can't do anything to her. Aunt Chen followed Jiaxing quietly, and saw Jiaxing running, and suddenly fell down. Aunt Chen hurriedly floated over to see a colorful snake wrapped around Jiaxing's leg, and bit it tightly. .

This is a poisonous snake, Jiaxing has already fainted, the aunt's Yin energy quickly gathered, and Jiaxing was carried to the city.

"Wake up, child, there must be nothing wrong with you." The aunt was anxious, but there was nothing she could do at this time. Fortunately, it was already late at night, and there were not many people on the city streets. The aunt walked in those dark alleys, and at the same time she was looking for a small clinic.

Fortunately, I found one, and it was about to close, so I sent it in immediately and told the situation, regardless of the strange expressions the doctors showed her, the aunt told the doctor to treat Jiaxing first, and she went back to get the money. The doctors followed her speaking speed and movements, nodded blankly, and immediately carried out effective rescue, but the anti-venom serum was not available in the clinic, so it had to be sent to a large hospital. The aunt nodded her head, and disappeared immediately.

The doctor was left stunned on the ground, but his condition was very urgent, so they couldn't let them delay…

In the dead of night, in the ward, Jiaxing's face was pale, but he had passed the critical period. Aunt Chen put the money in Jiaxing's hands, "Son, my aunt is leaving, so I won't force you to stay by my side. You will always marry a wife and have children. My aunt has figured it out, so I will keep you by my side for you." It's no good. Madam didn't spend any of the money you've saved over the years. I put it in your hands, and you will have to go alone in the future. Live well, and Madam Chen will keep that padded jacket as a souvenir." Madam Chen touched it Jiaxing's head disappeared. Jiaxing's tears flowed down.

Since then, Jiaxing has visited the grave every year and burned some paper money for the aunt.

After several years like this, one night, a tomb robber came to Aunt Chen's tomb, dug up the grave, opened the coffin, but found nothing of value, and muttered, "Poor ghost." Turned on the lighter , turned around, saw a cotton-padded jacket, and went to get it, but the skeleton in the coffin got up immediately, "Ah! Oh my god." The skeleton came up and slapped the tomb robber twice, "Ah~" The tomb robber dropped the lighter and ran forward. The lighter ignited the cotton-padded jacket and even the coffin. In the midst of the fire, Aunt Chen finally put on the padded jacket.

As the sun rose, Aunt Chen's bones were exposed to the sun, and she could vaguely see that Aunt Chen's soul was burning…

At noon, Jiaxing came to pay homage, but saw this messy scene, and felt regretful. Later, Jiaxing waited all the time, waiting here until the old lady appeared.

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