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Bai Tongjie, fifty-one years old, a southerner. In the late 1990s, a small movie theater was opened in the county called "Tongjie Cinema".

The location is next to a tea house, with a total of five cinema halls.

In those days, films were all made of film, and it was quite unusual for a small place to have a cinema. Therefore, in the first few years, the theater business was quite good.

Bai Tongjie also became a man of the county for a time, known as Boss Bai.

It's a pity that the good times didn't last long. Within a few years, two large-scale theaters opened successively, with advanced equipment and technology. The once brilliant Tongjie Cinemas soon became unpopular.

When the business was sluggish, Boss Bai even visited the ticket office in person, and was responsible for cleaning and lighting maintenance by the way, doing several jobs by himself.

Later, seeing that the business was really bad, he had to change his thinking, and simply gave up the prime time, specializing in midnight shows, and the theater was open from midnight to early morning. What movies to play? Basically, they are horror movies, or some small movies that are not shown in large theaters, and play various side effects.

In this way, the theater saves costs and attracts a group of audiences, barely making ends meet.

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These days continued until one day, Boss Bai met a strange woman.

It rained heavily that night, and the business was extremely deserted. Boss Bai sat bored in the ticket office. Just as he was dozing off, he suddenly saw a woman in a raincoat outside the window, handing over money, saying she wanted to buy a ticket.

Because he was wearing a rain hat, Boss Bai couldn't see the other person's face clearly, so he only asked which show to watch, and the other party could answer.

So, Boss Bai randomly picked an old movie and asked the projectionist in the computer room to turn it on.

In the end , Welcome to the Yin Yang House TV series . There were no other viewers in this episode, and the woman became a private audience.

The movie was relatively short, and when it was about to end, Boss Bai ran to the movie theater to turn on the lights and clean up as usual.

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He is a fastidious person, even if he is only an audience member, he will treat him the same.

When he arrived at the entrance of the theater, the movie happened to have an ending, so he stood and waited as usual.

He glanced casually, but did not see the woman. Generally speaking, the audience basically likes the middle seat, especially if it is reserved for one person, it is even less likely to choose the corner seat.

Boss Bai scratched his head, guessing that the woman might have left early, but he felt that something was wrong. Just as he was wondering, he saw a shadow on the last row of seats, it was that woman!

It wasn't surprising that some people liked the last row of seats, but Boss Bai was still very surprised because the woman was sitting cross-legged with her back to the screen, facing the back wall of the theater.

Her body, still wearing a raincoat, was wet.

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Boss Bai felt strange for a moment, he didn't understand, how could someone watch a movie upside down, did they have eyes behind their backs?

Until the end of the film, the woman got up and left Welcome to the Yin Yang House TV series , Boss Bai was still in place.

After that, the woman came every three to five times, every time at midnight, wearing a raincoat, sitting in the last row, with her back to the screen. As time passed, Boss Bai also got used to it, thinking that the woman had mental problems.

However, during this period, Boss Bai never really observed the woman's face, but only noticed her expression. In the dark environment, she was smiling at times, serious at times, and her body movements were always stiff.

Finally one day, Boss Bai couldn't resist his curiosity, so he decided to take a closer look at what the woman was looking at at the back wall.

That night, including the woman, there were five audience members in the theater. Boss Bai deliberately arrived fifteen minutes early and sat in the back row.

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The woman still maintains her usual sitting posture, with her back to the screen.

As for the other four audience members, they were all sitting in the middle of the theater, and no one paid attention to Boss Bai and the woman.

After deliberating for about five minutes, Boss Bai slowly walked behind the woman, and he had already decided on his words.

"What's wrong sister?"

While asking questions, he looked at the back wall, which was pitch black and contained nothing.

The woman didn't look back.

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It wasn't until Boss Bai put his hand on her shoulder that she turned around slowly and took off the rain hat.

Boss Bai backed away in fright, because what he saw was a face with no vitality!

But the woman's eyeballs were protruding, her head was severely distorted, and her entire face seemed to be pieced together from fragments.

Boss Bai just remembered that not long ago, there was a car accident on the road near the theater. A woman's head was crushed by a truck tire and died on the spot.

Afterwards, Boss Bai specifically asked him a distant relative who was well-versed in wind and water, and the relative told him that the movie theater looked lively, but in fact it was quite dark, especially the back wall, where no one paid attention to it, and there was no positive energy. When ghosts go to the theater, they usually sit upside down, because the screen they watch is the back wall, which is the opposite of the living person. From the back wall, ghosts can see their experiences in life.

After listening to the call, Boss Bai was terrified, and soon he fell seriously ill and died soon after.

As for Tongjie Cinemas, it was taken over by a later boss, but it still uses this name and continues to show midnight movies.

On the other hand, although the movie theater was rumored to be haunted, the business was not affected. Instead, it became a hot topic and increased its popularity in disguise. It's just that when people go in and out of the theater, they pay more attention to audiences who behave strangely, especially those who sit upside down and watch movies.

However, there are always exceptions to everything, but that's another story.

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