Midnight Cinema

Everyone knows that the 15th day of the seventh lunar month is a traditional Chinese ghost festival. On that day, the ghost gates are open and the ghosts roam the streets. Especially after dark, if you walk alone in a relatively remote alley, there may be many ghosts from you. bumped into it…

Zhao Ping sells tickets in an old-fashioned movie theater. Although it is not very hard work, he has to work the night shift to manage the midnight ticket sales. However, she is a courageous person and is not afraid of working night shifts, but she doesn’t like staying up late or she will have a headache the next day.

Just in time for the night shift on July 15th, because there were no new films released that day, there was no one after ten o’clock in the evening. Zhao Ping felt bored and was about to fall asleep, so he took out his mobile phone and browsed Weibo. Suddenly, a catchy headline made her sleepless. Someone nicknamed “I’ve seen ghosts” posted the following lines:

When you’re walking alone on a street in the middle of the night, never look back. If you hear or feel a icy wind blowing in your ears, please don’t look sideways , because it’s very likely that the ghost has hit you. Today is Ghost Festival, everyone on the night shift should be extra careful!

Zhao Ping frowned, feeling that this kind of scare thing was boring and unlucky, and secretly scolded the person who posted on Weibo for being really full, so he turned off his mobile phone and simply fell asleep on the table.

She didn’t know how long she had slept, when a sudden thumping sound woke her up from her sleep. When I opened my eyes and looked up, I saw an old man pulling a little girl standing outside the ticket window, and was reaching out to hand Zhao Ping money to buy a ticket.


Ahh…is it the midnight show loop movie?

Zhao Ping yawned lazily and asked. Then he raised his eyelids and looked at the little girl beside the old man, adding:

The fare for children and adults is the same, 90 for two.

The old man didn’t say anything but nodded slightly and gave Zhao Ping a one hundred yuan.

For some reason, she always thought that the old man who bought the tickets was dressed very strangely. Although it was summer, he was wearing a long black jacket and a button-brimmed hat on his head. He didn’t look like a modern person, but more like a person from the Republic of China. The little girl with him was wearing a red flower jacket, and the two sky braids on the top of her head were very conspicuous.

Zhao Ping handed over the two movie tickets and the ten yuan he found for him, and accidentally touched the old man’s hand. The moment he touched it, there was a bit of coldness that made Zhao Ping not only shivered.


After the two walked in, Zhao Ping wondered if he felt cold when he caught a cold while sleeping, and then looked at himself wearing only a short-sleeved shirt, then got up, took his coat, turned off the air conditioner, and sat back again. on the chair.

Looking at his watch, it was almost twelve o’clock. Zhao Ping stretched his waist and hung a temporarily closed sign on the window and walked straight to the bathroom in the theater. Because the movie theater is very old, it has never been renovated in order to reduce costs and save resources, and the bathroom is also located on the second floor.

Zhao Ping walked up the narrow stairs, and just as she was about to enter the door of the women’s bathroom, a slow and hurried sound made her stop. I listened carefully, and there was indeed a sound like something hitting the ground from the compartments on both sides.

Zhao Ping was a little scared. After all, not to mention that few people went to the toilet at this time, not many people even bought tickets to watch movies. Suddenly there is such a movement, anyone may be afraid, and it can be heard very clearly in this quiet and narrow space. But people were in three hurry, so Zhao Ping took a deep breath and walked in boldly.

This toilet has a total of three compartments, and the one with the noise is the innermost one. The outer one has been blocked for a long time and no one can repair it, so only the middle one is left.

Zhao Ping mechanically opened the door and began to pee. This series of actions might only take a few minutes in normal times, but at this moment, she felt as if a century had passed. The sound still continued regularly, but the rhythm was much faster than before.


It was finally over, she took another deep breath and opened the door, thinking that she would go downstairs without delaying for a second, without even washing her hands. But when she opened the door and just took a leg, the sound of the crash stopped abruptly, which undoubtedly made her tense nerves not only unable to relax, but even more tense.

She stopped in place to continue listening, and there was no sound, so she quickly moved the other leg to stick her whole body out of the compartment. Then he glanced sideways at the compartment inside, and the door turned out to be open.

Zhao Ping rubbed her eyes vigorously. She remembered that the door was closed when she first came in. If the people inside had already left, why didn’t she hear footsteps? Besides, the sound of snapping never stopped. What’s the sound then?

Sometimes people’s curiosity really hurts oneself, but the things that were originally feared in their hearts have to be explored because of curiosity. That’s how Zhao Ping was. She moved her feet to the side and looked forward to see it. It was empty! The compartment that made her heart almost jump out of fright turned out to be nothing.

Zhao Ping breathed a sigh of relief, and scolded himself for being timid out of nothing, so he was about to turn around and walk out of the bathroom. But just as she turned around, the voice that terrified her appeared again. The difference is that it stopped after a few beeps, and then felt something bumped against his feet. Although Zhao Ping didn’t have time to look down, he clearly knew that the thing was rolling over. She moved her body forward subconsciously, and the thing seemed to move as well.

Auntie…you stepped on my hair…


Just when Zhao Ping stiffened and wanted to walk out of the bathroom pretending to be nothing, suddenly there was a young but slow voice behind him. A simple sentence was enough to scare Zhao Ping’s slow down , she didn’t dare to move any more and stood there in a daze .

Auntie…you stepped on my hair…

There was the voice behind him again, this time Zhao Ping moved his foot that was about to settle. Sheng swallowed, and slowly lowered his head to see what he had stepped on.


The moment he saw clearly what he was stepping on, Zhao Ping could no longer control his emotions and ran out of the bathroom screaming and screaming. He pulled his legs and ran down the stairs. Went down the stairs directly…



Zhao Ping struggled desperately to wake up and shouted, and found himself lying on a chair in the box office, the sky was already bright. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with her hands and moved her body, only to find that her ankle was swollen and painful when touched.

Hey, wake up, Sister Zhao, don’t move around and let the person from your family pick you up.

The colleague of Liu Qing and Zhao Ping was talking. When she came to take over in the morning, she found her lying beside the stairs and asked the security to help her back to the ticket office.

How could I do this? Zhao Ping recalled her experience last night, she clearly remembered that she went to the toilet, and then heard a strange sound, and then…

Ah! This… how can this be…

Zhao Ping’s thoughts were interrupted by Liu Qing’s sudden scream, and she was so frightened that the cup in her hand dropped to the ground.

It turned out that in the stack of one hundred yuan, a striking coin was exposed, and Zhao Ping remembered that the last two tickets she sold were bought by the old man and the little girl…

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