Movie Theater Midnight Ghost Stories Read Online

In the late 1990s, a small movie theater was opened in the county called "Tongjie Cinema". Afterwards, Boss Bai specifically asked him a distant relative who was well-versed in wind and water, and the relative told him that the movie theater looked lively, but in fact it was quite dark, especially the back wall, where no one paid attention to it, and there was no positive energy. When ghosts go to the theater, they usually sit upside down, because the screen they watch is the back wall, which is the opposite of the living person. As for Tongjie Cinemas, it was taken over by a later boss, but it still uses this name and continues to show midnight movies. It's just that when people go in and out of the theater, they pay more attention to audiences who behave strangely, especially those who sit upside down and watch movies. … Continue readingMovie Theater Midnight Ghost Stories Read Online

Midnight Cinema

Everyone knows that the 15th day of the seventh lunar month is a traditional Chinese ghost festival. On that day, the ghost gates are open and the ghosts roam the streets. Especially after dark, if you walk alone in a relatively remote alley, there may be many ghosts from you. I bumped into it… Zhao Ping sells tickets in an old-fashioned movie theater. Although it is not very hard work, he is also on the night shift to manage the midnight ticket sales. Just in time for the night shift on July 15th, because there were no new films released that day, there was no one after ten o’clock in the evening. Ahh…is it the midnight show loop movie? … Continue readingMidnight Cinema