Military Camp Ghost Story Ancient Bottle

ancient bottle

One spring, when Uncle Qin, an old man in the village, was plowing in his field, he plowed out an ancient bottle from the field. He saw that the ancient bottle was deformed, it looked like a urchin dancing, its color was as smooth as water, very delicate and beautiful, but there was no mark on the bottle which dynasty or generation it was, anyway he thought it must be very valuable, so he regarded it as He took it home like a treasure.

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When he got home, he put the vase by his bedside, guarding it day and night for fear of being stolen by others, and strange things happened gradually…

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One night in the middle of the night, he was woken up by urination and wanted to urinate in the yard. At that time, there was no moon in the sky, the night was dark, and he couldn't see his fingers. He didn't bother to light the lamp, so he went to the yard in the dark. When he came back from urinating, he heard a woman crying faintly. He thought someone came to the house to steal the vase while he was going to pee outside, so he quickly asked, "Who?" Then he lit the firewood and lit the kerosene lamp. There are people, and the surrounding is very quiet, except that he can hear his own breathing, he can't hear other sounds, where can he hear a woman's cry, he thinks, it must be because he is too tired. Hallucinations, there is not much to think about.

In the middle of the next night, when he was sleeping soundly, he was awakened suddenly by a woman's weeping, and vaguely heard the voice as if saying: "Please…you, don't cut…my… feet, I… still use… it to dance, please…" In the silent night, this kind of voice was particularly sad and gruff, listening to it, the hairs all over his body stood on end, thinking it was coming He didn't dare to speak out, nor did he light the lamp. He thought that this time, he couldn't let her escape, and he must catch her. He listened carefully to the source of the sound, and suddenly found that the cry was coming from the bottle beside the bed. Only then did he realize that the bottle was not a treasure at all, but an evil thing, and he didn't dare to listen any more. , ran out of the house. After dawn, he dared to go back home, and saw the ancient bottle still intact by the bedside, so he picked it up with a cloth and carried it to the ground, and buried it in the soil again.

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Later, he told this matter to a person who understands yin and yang, and the person who understands yin and yang told him that there must be a dancer's resentment in that ancient bottle. When she was alive, her feet were cut off, and she refused If she loses her feet, her ghost will haunt the ancient bottle. If people in the world get this ancient bottle and don't send it back in time, she will use it to haunt the ancient bottle, and even ask for it. To get the life of the ancient bottle, this kind of thing is called an evil thing.

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Hearing what the yin and yang person said, he couldn't help but thank himself for putting the ancient bottle back in time, otherwise he would be harmed by it.

Since then, he never took the things unearthed from the ground again, because those things were probably infused with the resentment of the ancients, and those who got them might be harmed by them.

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