Long Ghost Story

2. Hell Hotline

After leaving the company, Liu Weiye has enough rest time. He only needs to go to work half an hour early every day, and he also has a lot of time to play computer and read books after get off work. But only three days after the happy days, Liu Weiye felt something was wrong.

The night Albert Liu moved in, he felt something moving in the room. The sound was not loud and unclear, but Albert Liu felt that it was the sound of a girl mumbling to herself. He searched around but found nothing, but he felt that the voice seemed to be nagging in his ears and he couldn't hear what it was saying. Albert Liu shook his head and ignored it. Nothing happened in the next three days.

On the third night, Albert Liu was sleeping soundly when suddenly a miserable sound woke him up. He suddenly sat up in excitement and reached out tremblingly to turn on the light. The sound in the darkness almost stopped his heart. After finally turning on the light, he put on his glasses and looked around for the source of the sound. Finally, he discovered that the sound was coming from the gap between the closet and the wall. He put his head in and looked inside. It was a blind spot of light and he could not see anything. He found a flashlight, looked inside, and saw a telephone covered in dust.

When renting the house, Chen Yiming did not tell Albert Liu that there was a phone in the room. He had not yet thoroughly cleaned the room, so he had never seen the phone. It’s not surprising that someone is calling, but why would the incoming call sound be set to be so scary? Albert Liu deliberately ignored him, but the phone kept ringing. He reluctantly pushed the closet a little further, got into the corner, and answered the phone.

The phone signal was very poor, mixed with crackling static sounds. Albert Liu called twice. No one spoke. He was about to hang up when suddenly a faint cry came from the phone! The sound was like the sound of a strangled person struggling. It was as thin as a gossamer but stung his ears. The hair on Liu Weiye's body suddenly exploded and he almost threw away the phone. He dared to shout: "Who is it? Who are you looking for?" This time someone finally spoke, a woman's voice, low and vague, as if she was trembling: "It's so cold, so cold, don't be so harsh." ." Liu Weiye was confused and didn't understand what it meant: "Hey, who are you looking for? What do you mean don't be so shy?" The voice on the other side was even lower, murmuring and repeating the same words, and then suddenly came There was a busy signal and the phone was disconnected.

But Albert Liu couldn't sleep. He wanted to call and ask Chen Yiming about the phone call. He looked at the clock and saw that it was two o'clock in the morning, but he held back. I wanted to see the caller's number, but found that the phone's LCD screen was damaged and I couldn't see anything. He thought for a while, then pressed the chase button on the phone to call back. After a burst of dialing sound, the phone prompted: "The number you dialed is unavailable. Please check before dialing."

Albert Liu wanted to take out the phone and study it, but he pulled it and it didn't work. It seemed that the phone cord was not long enough. He pushed the wardrobe aside and felt along the cord to see which wall interface it was plugged into. He found the interface. He can put the phone somewhere. He traced the telephone wire along the wall. When he reached one meter, he stopped. The cable is not connected to the wall socket, but is buried deep under the floor.

Albert Liu shuddered, gritted his teeth, found a screwdriver, and pried open two pieces of the floor. There was cement underneath the floor, and the telephone wires were drilled into the cement.

Underneath the cement should be the foundation stones, and under the stones should be soil. Where did the phone line come from? Where did the call come from? Albert Liu stretched out his trembling hand and unplugged the phone cord from the phone.

3. Ghost wall

The next day, Albert Liu called Chen Yiming. After listening to what he said on the phone, Chen Yiming was silent for a while and said, "I'm on a business trip now and will go back in two days. If you don't like the phone call, just throw it away. The further away, the better." Liu Weiye asked: "How did the phone line come out of the ground? Where did it go?" Chen Yiming said: "Don't be so curious about this matter. It has nothing to do with you anyway." Liu Weiye said angrily: "It's so scary in the middle of the night. How come it has nothing to do with me? Do you know about this phone call?" Chen Yiming said: "What did you say on the phone?" Liu Weiye said: "You can't hear clearly, it seems to be cold." Chen Yiming thought for a while. : "Let's talk about it when I get back."

That night, Albert Liu woke up from his dream again, and the phone rang again. However, the phone was placed on the table, and the phone line was not plugged in at all! He looked at the phone in horror, and finally picked it up tremblingly. There was still a woman's voice on the other end of the phone, dark and vague: "It's cold, it's so cold, don't be so harsh." Albert Liu almost collapsed and shouted into the phone: "What on earth do you want to say?" The phone was disconnected again.

Albert Liu was lying on the bed with the light on, feeling more and more terrifying. His eyes were staring blankly at the window, unable to see anything through the curtains. He stretched out his hand to lift the curtains and looked outside. Suddenly, a flash of thought flashed through his mind: "It's not that you don't have to be rude, it's that you don't open the curtains!" In the past few days since he moved in, he didn't even open the curtains when he went to work during the day. Because the windows of this house were so large that when the curtains were opened, the entire house could be seen at a glance. He was worried that someone would find out that no one was recruiting a thief at home. Could it be that this was why the woman called him?

The next day was the weekend, and Albert Liu did not go out. He stayed at home, opened the curtains, and read in bed. Although it was just spring, the sunlight was already very strong. It filtered through the glass window and shone directly on the opposite wall. The whole room was bright and warm. Because Liu Weiye didn't sleep well for two consecutive nights, the book he read was a boring professional book, so he fell asleep while reading it.

By the time Albert Liu woke up, the sun was already setting, the remaining light reflected in the room, and the sky was getting dark. Albert Liu stretched out comfortably, but his whole body suddenly froze, and he stared at the wall.

On the darkened wall, there was a figure. Although the facial features were not clear, it could be seen that she had long hair hanging loose, and she looked like a woman. Albert Liu jumped out of bed and came closer to take a closer look. Suddenly he screamed and backed away. The figure turned out to be a skeleton! Baring his teeth in the afterglow of the setting sun, staring at Albert Liu with dark eyes!

Albert Liu grabbed his cell phone, called Chen Yiming, and yelled: "What the hell is going on in your house? Come here quickly!" Chen Yiming sighed: "Okay, I will go directly to you as soon as my train arrives at midnight tomorrow. That."

The next day was still the weekend, and Albert Liu did not dare to stay at home anymore. He was walking around the community and found someone staring at him. He turned around and recognized that they were from the same building. He usually met them in the corridor. Pass. When the man saw Albert Liu looking at him, he quickly turned his eyes elsewhere. Albert Liu thought about it for a moment, then he thought and moved up to meet him: "Brother, which floor are you on?" When the man saw Liu Weiye greeting him, he also turned around and smiled: "You are on the fourth floor, you just moved here. Soon." Liu Weiye nodded: "Brother, I rent a room on the first floor." The man chuckled: "That's good, that's good." Liu Weiye had an idea: "Brother, it's fate that we meet. We've been here for several days. No, I haven’t gotten to know my neighbors yet, so let’s go and have some drinks at the shop at the door.”

The man didn't drink much, but he was very generous. After a while, his face turned red after drinking. Seeing that the time was ripe, Liu Weiye asked in a low voice: "Brother, I see you have been watching it just now. Is there anything you want to tell me?" The man was stunned: "No, no." Liu Weiye said sincerely: "Brother "It's not easy for me. I have no friends here. If you want to know anything, tell me. I won't tell others that you have great merits." The man was moved: "They are all old neighbors, so I shouldn't." So, but you said this, well, I also heard that someone died in that house, and I heard that it was built into the wall. It was later dug out, during the Great Revolution. Since then, people living in that house have The previous owners all died violently one after another." Liu Weiye's wine suddenly turned into cold sweat and flowed out.

4. The lingering ghost

At one o'clock in the morning, Chen Yiming knocked on Liu Weiye's door. He stared at the figure on the wall for a long time, and finally sighed: "I didn't expect that she wouldn't give up." Liu Weiye asked in horror, "What the hell is going on?" Chen Yiming said, "I won't hide it from you. My father bought this house from someone else. At the time, he thought it was very cheap, but later he discovered that there were many strange things happening in the house. My father died in this house not long after. Later, I rented it to a university teacher. I thought he was dead too. I didn't dare to rent anymore. I found a Taoist priest in Jiangxi. He went to the house and performed a ritual. He said that the woman's resentment was gone and everything was fine. Even if there was something abnormal, it didn't matter. I Only then can I dare to continue renting out.”

Albert Liu said angrily: "What do you mean it's okay? Do you know what I met? Look at this figure and this weird phone call! I've had enough, give me your money back, I won't rent it anymore!" Chen Yiming shook his head: "We have a contract, and I can't refund the money. In this way, I will take the phone away, and I will repaint the figure on the wall. Also, this is the Buddha statue that I asked for back from a business trip, and it was opened. Put it in your house. I know I have something to say to you, but I also have difficulties. I have already used your rent elsewhere. If you come to litigate me on the grounds of being haunted, the court will not You win."

Liu Weiye was furious, but he also knew that what Chen Yiming said was the truth. No matter what the court did, the court would not accept the reason for being haunted, and according to the contract, he really had no reason to check out. He had no choice but to agree to do it first.

The wall was repainted, the figure disappeared, and there were no strange noises in the house for a few days after the phone was taken away. Albert Liu breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that everything was over.

One night, Albert Liu was lying in bed watching TV. When he felt sleepy, he turned off the TV and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, he was awakened again by that familiar voice. He looked up and was shocked. The TV was turned on again at some point, but it was obviously not a cable TV channel, but a picture with poor effect of snowflakes. On the screen was a woman with long hair, her head lowered and mumbling to herself. Liu Weiye instinctively felt that the woman's voice and appearance were very familiar. At this moment, the woman raised her head, her face covered with blood and dirt, and she was actually smiling at him. Liu Weiye fainted. This was a big surprise to him. Maybe it's happiness.

When Albert Liu woke up again, it was already broad daylight and the TV was turned off. He couldn't tell whether he was dreaming or waking up about what happened to him at night. If it was a dream, it would be terrifyingly real. But if he was awake, he had obviously turned off the TV and turned it off by pressing the switch. Moreover, how could he How could a channel show such horrific scenes? And that voice, although he couldn't hear it clearly, he clearly knew that it was the voice he had heard on the phone before!

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Liu Weiye called Chen Yiming again, and Chen Yiming was helpless. He could only persuade Liu Weiye that the Taoist priest said it was okay, not to mention that there was a consecrated Buddha statue guarding him, so it must be okay. Liu Weiye roared angrily: "Come and stay with me for two nights and give it a try. If you feel okay, I won't make trouble with you!" Chen Yiming agreed.

That night, Chen Yiming moved into Liu Weiye's house with his bag and two changes of clothes. Liu Weiye slept on the bed and Chen Yiming slept on the sofa. There were more people in the room, and Liu Weiye became more courageous. Before going to bed, Chen Yiming also placed incense sticks on the Buddha statue. The two chatted for a while and then fell asleep.

Strange to say, nothing happened that night. When Chen Yiming got up the next morning, he said that you must have had a nightmare that day. Liu Weiye also felt strange, but he insisted on letting Chen Yiming stay for two more days. But Chen Yiming had to go on a business trip, so he bought the ticket and went directly to the station, promising to talk about it when he came back.

5. Chongsha

As soon as Chen Yiming went out, Albert Liu immediately went to Chen Yiming's house. He asked Chen Yiming to live here, firstly to observe him, and secondly, to secretly copy his door key with plasticine. He knew that his move was inappropriate, but since Chen Yiming could deceive him to this extent, he didn't have to be polite.

Chen Yiming’s room was well organized, and Albert Liu quickly found his bookshelf. He found the red diary. The first day he saw this diary, he already felt something was wrong. The diary was too old. How could people use such a diary nowadays? But he didn't think too much about it at the time. So many things happened during this period, which reminded him of this strange diary again.

The diary was opened, and Albert Liu saw a story that shocked him. The diary was left to him by Chen Yiming's father, but Chen Yiming's father only wrote a few pages, and the rest was written by Chen Yiming.

From the pages written by Chen Yiming's father, it can be seen that he has actually seen the female ghost. There was no television at that time, but there was a radio with a red five-star in every house. He had heard the miserable voice on the radio countless times, and had also seen the figures that often appeared on the wall. The most terrifying thing is that he really saw the female ghost , with mud and blood all over her body. But he was reluctant to sell that house because he was a Feng Shui student and he knew that it was a Feng Shui treasure, but it was occupied by evil spirits. He has a pure Yang destiny, so he wants to use himself to fight evil spirits and leave a Feng Shui treasure house for his son.

Next is Chen Yiming's diary. His father finally died. It seemed that he died of a heart attack. In fact, he knew that his father died at the hands of a female ghost. He did ask a Taoist priest, but it was of no use. But his father left him a way. Three pure Yang lives can wash away the resentment of the female ghost. After his father, he rented the house to another pure Yang life person. Three months later, that person died. heart disease. Now, only the last one is needed.

On the title page of the diary, there were several strings of numbers recorded. Liu Weiye found that one of the strings was his birthday, and the one that matched those birthdays was a pure Yang destiny. He is the tool used by Chen Yiming to fight evil spirits!

Albert Liu wanted to take the diary secretly, but he finally gave up. If he took it away, Chen Yiming must know that he did it. This thing cannot be used as evidence because neither the police nor the court will believe it. The only thing he could do was to leave quietly. He couldn't die in such an unclear way. He left the house, carefully erasing all traces. In the next two days, he asked around a few elderly people, and several people said that it was true that a previous tenant of that house died of a heart attack, and that there seemed to be two tenants after that, both not long after. Just left. Albert Liu returned to the house, packed his things, left a letter, scolded Chen Yiming angrily, and left quietly.

When Chen Yiming came back from a business trip, as soon as he entered the house, he felt that something was wrong. He rushed to his bookshelf and opened the diary. Sure enough, a hair he had in the diary was missing, which meant that someone had touched it. This diary. He left the house and rushed to the house rented to Albert Liu.

The house was empty, except for a letter left on the table. After Chen Yiming read the letter, he seemed to have no feeling for the vicious curses. He stared at it blankly for a while and then suddenly started laughing. The more he laughed, the happier he became and the louder he laughed. Then he picked up the phone: "Come down and pack up."

6. Conspiracy

A man and a woman walked downstairs with a smile. If Albert Liu was still here, he would be surprised, because he knew that man and had drinks with him. Even if it was that woman, if he was sure to pay attention to identify her carefully, he would find that she looked familiar, but there was no blood or mud on her body or face, and of course she had to wear a wig.

Chen Yiming raised the letter in his hand and said with a smile: "Another one! This time I haven't lasted more than two months, hahaha. The person who rented the house died of a heart attack, and you still said it was a haunted house and would be difficult to rent in the future. What kind of house can be used as a cash cow like ours?"

"Female Ghost" pursed her lips and smiled: "You are still smart. Your father left you such a room, and you have almost earned a new house. It is not like my family. I have been married to him for several years and still live here." In the broken building." The man chuckled and said nothing. Chen Yiming quickly said: "You can't say that. Without Lao Ding and your help, my brain would be useless. This time I collected a lot. Take the five thousand yuan and let's clean up the house . Audiobook Rental Ghost Company , you still have to rent it out.”

The man asked: "Are you still painting the figures on the wall?" Chen Yiming said: "Don't paint it now, wait until someone rents it, then paint it. The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and it won't take too long for the white vinegar to turn yellow, so you can't paint it too early. ." "Female Ghost" said: "Have you got that phone back? It's time to charge it." Chen Yiming took out the old phone from his bag and said: "This thing is really new. Most people can't think of it. Look at it. It's a landline, actually a mobile phone. Old Ding is very handy and made the phone line socket just like a real one. To be honest, if I saw that the phone could still ring after being disconnected, I would have been scared to death. And the TV, too. Ding changed the main switch and indicator light to the normally connected state. As long as the wires are not unplugged, the remote control can be controlled outside the house. He is worthy of being a top student majoring in electronics."

"Female Ghost" curled her lips: "I didn't see it. The video signal you made was so poor, it was all snowflakes." Chen Yiming said with a smile: "You have wronged me. If he wants to do it, he can do it like a closed circuit." He can use one finger to play with the effect of the TV and the few cables on the cable TV. I asked him to deliberately make the effect less effective. If it is too clear, it won’t look like a ghost. "

While the three people were talking, they quickly tidied up the room and connected the phone. "Female Ghost" said: "When you were laying the floor, you asked the decorator to dig holes on the cement floor. Why didn't they ask you?" Chen Yiming smiled and said: "I dug the holes myself and filled them with cement poured after the lines. "Seeing that it was done, the three of them went out to eat to celebrate. They didn't notice that there was a pinhole-sized hole in the ceiling, shining with a faint dark light.

Haunted House

Ghost House November 16, 2022 [Long Ghost Story] Font:

Introduction 1. Good Luck After graduating from university, Albert Liu devoted himself to staying in the city where he studied. However, the rent in the city is ridiculously high, and the salary of Liu Weiye, who has just started working, is sadly low. As a result, basic survival issues have become the main contradiction that Liu Weiye has to face. Food is easy to say, no matter how low the salary is, three meals a day is still not a problem, but the housing problem is not easy to solve. Even a decent house is extremely expensive. If you want to find someone to share the apartment with, Liu Weiye is born with mysophobia. The thought of sharing a bathroom with others makes me uncomfortable.He can only find a house to live in the outer suburbs first.

7. Ending

Albert Liu sat in front of the computer, looked at the backs of the three people with a sneer, clicked Save, and saved the video to the hard drive. Then he stretched his body for a long time. Before he left, he installed this camera on the ceiling, and it really worked. He originally just wanted to see if anything strange would happen in the room while he was away, to end his fear, but he unexpectedly discovered the truth that he had been deceived. Now he understood that this scam had been going on for a long time and would continue unless he made it public.

However, is there any better way to punish them? Albert Liu glanced at the empty room in the camera, then lay down on the bed with a mysterious smile on his lips.

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