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I have a good buddy, his name is Lin Ye. Everyone around him thinks he is weird, except me, because I am the only one who knows the ins and outs, so I have never given up on this buddy.

Three years ago, he and Cheng Keren finally got married, ending their seven-year long-distance relationship. They were both talented and beautiful, but at the beginning, they were not favored by others. Such a perfect and dreamy class pairing only appeared in TV series! Everyone was naturally jealous and hoped to see them separate.

Later, when the college entrance examination was over, they were selected into different universities with a difference of one point. They were sorry, but not angry, because their hearts were firm enough! Although they could only see each other a few times a year, most of the time they I'm tired of being online, but my sweetness keeps getting better and better. I'm a single person. Not only was I in the same class as them in high school, but I was also assigned to the same dormitory with Lin Ye in college. I had to endure their sweet attacks silently every day. I am so angry! Is this my fate?!

Single people are not bullied like this! They are excellent in appearance and talent in their respective schools, and those who pursue them have to queue up at the school gate! But as far as I know, they don’t talk about this when they meet or chat. Maybe it's because I believe that the other person will handle it well, or maybe because I don't want other things to waste the hard-earned time together.

Also, when they are together, they always ride a tandem bicycle together, but people say that this way they can work hard together. In short, they are the most special couple I have ever seen. They are so beautiful, so sweet, and so trusting…

However, God was unfavorable. One year after they started their sweet marriage, when I was struggling to choose a name for their baby, the bad news came that Keren had died in a car accident.

I remember that day very clearly. When I was trying my best to get out of the traffic jam and rush to the hospital, I saw Lin Ye slumped beside the hospital bed. He would not allow anyone to cover the car accident ghost probe with the piece of white cloth . He wanted to take a closer look. My lover.

He wet his sleeves with water and wiped the blood off Keren's face, because Keren was most concerned about dirt on his face.

I looked at Lin Ye. He had no expression, but there was endless sadness in his eyebrows. At that time, Keren had been pregnant for two months. No one could accept one death and two lives, but I couldn't accept it. Can't help with anything.

Three days later, his company found me and said that he had not been in the company for several days and had not asked for leave, and he had not been able to contact me. I came to their house and opened the door with the spare key they gave me. My nose was very sensitive and I smelled a hint of rotting corpses.

It turned out that he got Keren's body back from the morgue, but never sent it to the funeral parlor, nor did he perform funeral services for her. Because of the lack of a hostess, and the smell of decay, the sweet and cozy hut had lost all its beautiful atmosphere. There was nothing left, and he drank endlessly every day looking at the photos they took together.

He seems to be awake but not awake, he seems human but not human. He can't accept that Keren is gone, but I also can't accept that my good buddy has become like this!

"Would you please wake up? Keren is gone! She is dead!" I grabbed his collar and asked him to look at me. I wanted him to listen to my words!

He raised his hand and weakly pushed me away.

"How can you, Keren, walk with peace of mind when you look like this?"

&ldquoShe didn't…she stayed with me all the time. &rdquo His hand pointed to the body lying on the bed.

"Can you let Keren go away? Can you let her go back to where she belongs?" I begged him. If he couldn't see Keren's body to wake him up, I could tolerate him being immersed in it. Sad for a while, but I will never allow him to torture himself like this.

"No…" He shook his head. Gradually, the speed became faster and faster. Suddenly, he pushed me hard and rushed out the door. He was telling me with his actions that he would not allow Keren to leave him.

I looked at Keren's body, Keren, what should I do? What should I do with him?

Ten days later, he sent Keren's body away. I don't know where he sent it, but what I care about is that he finally faced the reality that the person he loved most left him. However, I thought wrong.

I received a call from him in the evening. He said that he and Keren were going to take me out for dinner and discuss naming their child.

I was stunned at the time. I could tell from the phone that he was very happy. It took me more than ten seconds to say yes. I had to see it with my own eyes before I could draw a conclusion.

I arrived at the agreed place at the appointed time. I noticed his tandem bicycle parked next to the door. I also saw Lin Ye sitting at a square table in the corner waiting for me. I didn't dare to let my guard down at all, so I whispered hi to him, and he smiled and simply said hi back, then kept looking at me and signaling me with his eyes.

After so many years of being my friend’s car accident spy , it makes no sense that I didn’t even understand what he meant. He wanted to tell me that there was someone next to me and wanted me to say hello to Keren! I didn’t disobey him and said hi to an empty seat. , I ordered three set meals but only two were being eaten. During this period, I didn’t ask why or what happened. They and I happily chatted about naming the baby while eating.

Afterwards, I went to investigate. It turned out that he found a mage after he went out that day. The mage had very powerful magic power and could make the ghosts of people after death accompany him. The mage didn’t need a lot of money. The only requirement was that A lovely corpse.

I don’t know if Lin Ye can really see lovely ghosts, but I’m a scientific person and I never believe in this!

In the next few months, I stayed with him as much as possible and kept observing him. Whenever he talked to Keren, I listened nearby. Those conversations were as normal as when Keren was still alive.

Later they moved away, to a place where no one knew them. However, he always rides a tandem bicycle out, always buys women's clothes and items, and women's dresses are hung on the balcony. The neighbors are very strange, because he only lives alone and there are no women at all. He also He doesn't talk to others much, so others think he has quirks.

I can't watch Lin Ye go on like this. I don't care how clever the mage is. He took Keren's body and let Lin Ye keep seeing Keren's ghost, letting him keep immersed in the fact that Keren still exists. In the fantasy, this just doesn't work! I asked the mage to get Keren's body back. His behavior that went against the common sense of the world made me worried that he would do something disrespectful to Keren.

But he is not allowed to do so. Only relatives have the right. Get lost! Now tell me about the rights and laws. I haven’t held you accountable for what you did to Lin Ye and Keren! Bear with this tone first, and you must let Lin Ye wake up first!

I specially waited for Qixi Festival, a festival celebrated by Chinese lovers, which they have no reason to miss. I ordered a large bouquet of flowers for them.

"Lin Ye, seeing how beautiful this bouquet of flowers is, I ordered it for you first. It's a limited edition. Now I can't even buy it! Give it to Keren." &rdquo

“Okay, thank you. He happily took the flowers and put them aside. "She went to buy groceries. I will give them to her secretly later." &rdquo gave me a naughty look.

Well, let's see how long you can put it off.

Our city has a very special rule. On Chinese Valentine's Day, at 7:07 p.m., the big pendulum clock in the shopping mall will ring, and all the couples will hug and kiss in the square under the big pendulum clock. . I made it a point to prepare them to go there.

At the moment when the big pendulum clock struck, I saw his hand hanging in the air and then stood there, which was in great contrast with the pairs around him. I quickly pulled him to a more remote corner. I didn't want our communication to disturb so many couples.

"Lin Ye, you should wake up! Think about how long it has been since you hugged or kissed Keren? Stop lying to yourself!" Seeing that he was still looking at his hand hanging in the air without any reaction. I shook him hard and said, "Don't be so selfish. You and her are no longer in the same world, but people also have to live a good life. Please let her go!"

Finally, a tear fell from his eyes. He said hello softly. I think the most excited and happy person at this time should be me. After two years, he is finally willing to face reality. My good buddy is coming back!

I went with him to get Keren's body back from the mage. The mage saw a trace of surprise in his eyes when he saw Lin Ye's arrival. He probably didn't expect Lin Ye to wake up, and seemed a little reluctant to hand over Keren's body. , but I had no choice but to use what he said before as proof, so he had to give up.

Lin Ye and I cremated Keren's body and erected a monument for Keren in the suburbs. The photo above is when Keren was smiling brightest. I think Keren really smiled at this time.

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