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The company eventually hired a new planning manager from outside. Officially went to work on the seventh day after the death of the eagle. In this way, there are seven more people in our office.

Why "seven" again?

Lao Wang, Gu Jianming, Brother Zhang and Luo Chengdu immediately expressed a warm welcome to the new boss. They all brought small gifts or flowers to the company and placed them on the manager's desk. Of course, each gift or flower was Comes with a business card.

But I didn't expect this and came to work empty-handed.

Yingzi didn't expect this either, but she thought of another point.

She asked for my business card, and secretly put it together with her own business card on the largest bouquet of flowers that Luo Chengdu bought, and put Luo Chengdu's business card on Lao Wang's color box. Judging from the size of the box, it is estimated that Lao Wang gave it a water cup, but now it has become a gift from Wang and Luo together. Haha, these two stingy guys.

It took half an hour for the new boss to show up in the office, led by the boss. What was surprising was that the new boss was still a woman. Although she was not as charming as the previous one, it seemed that she would be easier to get along with from the first glance. The reason is that she has a round face, curved eyebrows, thick lips, and speaks slowly. She introduced herself as Qi and Xianwan. Look, what a gentle and pleasant name.

However, Yingzi didn't think so: "Qi Xianwan, Qi Xianwan, could he be King Qi Xuan? He is so ridiculous!"

"You mean she might be a lecherous female boss?" Lao Wang said, looking at the glass of the manager's office and said, "Hehe, I like Japanese cartoon stories!"

"So you are a perverted pervert," Luo Chengdu glanced at Lao Wang.

"Still an old pervert," Yingzi said disdainfully.

"But that's not bad," Luo Chengdu added.


Happy office hours!

"I thought one of you would be promoted, but it turns out that a woman is in charge of me," Yingzi suddenly said.

Everyone suddenly became quiet, looked at each other's faces, and then immediately turned around and went about their business.

It was really hard not to lift the pot. I got up and walked to the toilet. I wanted to have a good laugh there, but it was too uncomfortable to hold it in.

On my seventh day at this insurance company, something happened to the company .

This morning, I arrived at the company on time, and the time shown on my time card on the time card machine was 8:59. After putting down my work badge, I came to the elevator entrance.

There are not many people at the elevator entrance, because there are not many people like me who always arrive at the company at the last minute. The economy is not good right now, and no one wants to risk having their bonus deducted for a three- or two-minute dispute.

And am I willing to have my bonus deducted? Haha, of course not, it’s just because I live next to the company, and I can even see the people in the company’s office from the window of my house, so I only need to walk to work and the time is under control.

The office building where the company is located is seven stories high and has a large parking lot outside. In fact, all seven floors plus the parking lot belong to our company. I have always wondered, why is it the seventh floor? If you don’t have enough money, you can build six floors. Otherwise, you can build eight floors. Why seven floors?

In my opinion, the number "seven" has always been a bit ghostly. What about the seventh day of July, the fourteenth day of July, seven dynasties of resurrection, seven, seven, forty-nine reincarnations, etc.

Fortunately, my office is on the fifth floor, and the seventh floor is occupied by decision-makers who are full of scheming people.

When I entered the elevator, I was the only one, but when I got out of the elevator, I saw a sea of ​​people.

The door of the planning department was crowded with colleagues from various departments. Besides whispering to each other, some were looking around. I tried hard to squeeze through, but someone deliberately refused to let me pass, and said in a sarcastic tone, why should I squeeze in, do you really want to see dead people?

dead? My scalp was numb.

Who died? Who died? I asked quickly.

No one paid attention to me, but I still wanted to ask because I work in this department and everyone I know in the building is also in this department.

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At this time, my arm was grabbed and pulled by a hand, and my whole body was dragged aside.

I took a closer look and saw that it was assistant Eiko.

"Stop squeezing, you can't get in, the police are inside." Yingzi always likes to blink her big eyes hard when she speaks. The frequency is about every two words she says. The best thing is that after she finishes speaking, her eyes will also blink. No more blinking.

"Who died?" I still said the same thing.

"The eagle is dead, it's so scary!" Yingzi's tone was a bit exaggerated and she blinked four times.

Eagle is our department manager, a forty-year-old unmarried woman. It was she who interviewed me personally when I joined this company. Yingzi said she was forty years old. At first, I thought she was thirty years old. Since she had not given birth yet, she was in excellent shape. As for Eagle being a nickname, it is the most common nickname besides "Manager Wang". This is what Yingzi told me. She said that Wang Guoying was forty years old and she, Wu Yingying, was only twenty years old. Therefore, since she was Xiaoying, Manager Wang was naturally Laoying. I was surprised and said that it was you who gave you the nickname "Gangqing"? Yingzi apologized and said that she had this nickname before she joined the company. The explanation she gave was just a new version she made up. It was a coincidence.

In fact, 90% of my understanding of this company comes from Yingzi. Except for Eagle, because I have another understanding of this immediate boss that neither Yingzi nor anyone else knows.

Although I have only been in this company for seven days.

I looked at Yingzi for a while, trying to find some sadness on her face, but it didn't happen! All I found was horror, and a little bit of excitement. This makes me sad, they have been colleagues for more than a year!

"How did you die? Did you see it?" I asked lightly. Originally, I liked Yingzi very much, she was simple, curious, enthusiastic and cute.

"I was the first to discover it. I had to go to Eagle's office to clean it as soon as I came in the morning. As soon as I entered, guess what I saw?" Yingzi actually started to play suspense with me at this time, which really made people laugh and cry.

"You saw the eagle's body," I replied.


Yingzi continued with a bit of pride: "I didn't see anything when I first entered, so I picked up the vacuum cleaner and sucked up the floor, sucking and sucking until I got behind the executive chair. Only then did I see the eagle's body."

I breathed a sigh of relief. I was really afraid that she would create some suspense again.

"At that time, the eagle's face was so scary. Her whole face collapsed, her eyes were wide open, her face was as white as paper, and her mouth was open. Her expression was as if she had seen something that surprised her and she wanted to shout. I can't shout." Yingzi's eyes blinked rapidly, and her hands gestured in the air at the same time to increase the descriptive atmosphere.

"When I saw this situation, my legs went weak and I couldn't scream. I collapsed on the ground. I felt sick in my stomach. The milk I just drank in the morning kept pouring up. Guess what happened next? What's wrong?"

"Puke all over the floor?" I answered quickly.


Yingzi blinked her eyelids and said, "I struggled bravely and called the police."

"Well done," I couldn't help but clapped my hands gently, not knowing whether it was for her bravery or for her wonderful description.

"Later some colleagues came, and I braved myself to take another look. Guess what I found?"

"I don't know," I learned.

"Cause of death!" Yingzi said in one word.

"Ah!" I laughed dumbly, admiring him greatly.

"You solved the case with just one glance? Amazing, amazing!"

"Don't believe it, I'm 99% sure." Yingzi was dissatisfied with my attitude.

"Then what did you say was the cause of death?" I put away my smile and asked seriously.

"The eagle was killed by a vampire! I saw two red spots on her neck and a little bloodshot!" Yingzi said with a wink.

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At this time, our colleague Lao Wang squeezed over and said to us: "Still standing here? You don't have to go to work this morning. The police want to investigate the scene. Yingzi, they just asked you to record a statement. You go and take a look, Xiao Li. Come on, let’s go have tea.”

"There's no need to take a confession, Yingzi has found the murderer," I said with a smile.

Lao Wang looked at me and then at Yingzi with a puzzled expression.

"She said the killer was a vampire," I added.

"Ha, that's nonsense," Lao Wang Yile said, "Let's go quickly. My colleagues have all gone to the teahouse first. It's rare to have a half-day vacation in vain."

Lao Wang's last sentence made me stunned. So the death of the eagle is still worth something?


I had no appetite at all all morning. The snacks were beautifully cooked, but I felt bloated in my stomach. The colleagues were in high spirits for some reason, talking about everything from stocks to car prices, from Little Sheep to meteor showers.

Yingzi, who came late, finally said something human: "Actually, it's a pity for the eagle, such a capable woman."

The whole table fell silent in an instant, and all the colorful expressions just now were suddenly reduced to one expression, as if a plate of lively shrimps had just been poured into the boiling soup.

"Although," Yingzi whispered, "Although she is a bit mean and sarcastic, it is thanks to the Eagle that our department ranks first in every quarterly assessment! If the next manager is promoted from my department, we will Who among the six will take the Eagle’s seat?”

I looked at Yingzi with satisfaction. Her question was very timely. The deceased has passed away. Now everyone is concerned about this issue, but Yingzi and I can stay out of it. Yingzi is just an office assistant, and I am a newcomer, so we are absolutely not qualified to talk about competing for the position of Eagle.

Another meaning of being unqualified is to have no burden.

Eiko and I were not burdened. We both started eating snacks, while the other five older colleagues stopped using their chopsticks.

"Old Wang is the oldest and has the most senior qualifications. It should be Lao Wang," the short and fat Gu Jianming said first.

"What the hell, now is not the time to talk about qualifications. Ronaldinho has the best culture and the greatest opportunities!" Lao Wang said.

Luo Chengdu's hometown is Chengdu, Sichuan, and his Mandarin also has a bit of Chengdu flavor. Yingzi said it tastes like burnt salt. When he heard about him, he couldn't sit still anymore and said quickly: "No, no, it's not my turn. The company is about business, and Brother Zhang is the business model, so he is the ideal candidate." "

Brother Zhang, who speaks the loudest, is from the Northeast. The strange thing is that he does not have the tall and strong figure of the Northeast people. Instead, he looks more like he grew up in the southern water town. He is white and thin, with 800-degree myopia, and the beard on his upper lip belongs to a certain type. After looking at the shapes, they are not connected in the middle, but depending on the situation, they will never be connected in this life. Another strange thing is that Brother Zhang’s voice is definitely that of a Northeastern person, loud and thick. It is said that most of the people who sing ethnic songs in the Chinese music scene are from the Northeast. It seems that it has something to do with the soil and water. It may also be related to the pronunciation of the local language. People with that kind of accent are particularly energetic. It's similar to the tenors that abound in the Latin area.

Brother Zhang didn't mince words so much: "Gu Jianming is in the audio novel rental ghost company . He has the best relationship with him. Didn't he get involved with the chairman? I'm a good fellow!"

"You – what did you say?" Gu Jianming's face suddenly turned red, as if he had really been exposed as a thief.

"Hey – everyone is joking, come on, have some snacks," Lao Wang hurriedly smoothed things over.

"Hehe, you all have the chance to be my boss now, just don't fire me then," Yingzi said with a shrimp dumpling in her mouth.

"Of course not!" four people said at the same time.

Immediately, the four people were stunned, and Yingzi looked at them in shock, and then at me, with an embarrassed look on his face.


The police only came once in the past two days. After knocking on the door, window and floor of the Eagle Room for a while, they never showed their faces again.

Other than that, everything is as usual. If there is any special impact, it is the biggest impact on Yingzi, because all our documents that require the leader's signature are sent to the seventh floor for the vice president's signature. Well, since Yingzi is an assistant, the errands will naturally fall on her.

On the third day, when Yingzi came down from the seventh floor with a stack of signed documents, she also brought down a piece of high-road news and a piece of gossip.

The news from the avenue is that the Eagle's office is officially unsealed. Construction workers will come tomorrow to remove all the items inside, and the next new owner will move in soon.

The gossip is: "Guess what the eagle's anatomy results are?" Yingzi said loudly with a whispering expression.

She immediately became the focus of ten eyes.

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"You must keep it a secret. This is what the boss's secretary, Sister Ma, told me. She originally asked me to keep it a secret." Yingzi said with a wink.

"Keep it secret, of course," Lao Wang said.

Gu Jianming deliberately lowered his voice and said, "If we really need to keep it secret, we have no choice but to prevent Brother Zhang from hearing it."

"What are you talking about?" Brother Zhang pushed Gu Jianming from the side, and everyone laughed.

So, the six heads got together again.

"The autopsy report stated that the eagle died of sudden heart failure due to sudden massive blood loss."

After Yingzi finished speaking, she stopped and looked at everyone. Everyone also looked at Yingzi, waiting for her to continue.

"It's over," Eiko said.

Lao Wang: "Is it over?"

Eiko: "Yes, that's it!"

Luo Chengdu: "That's it? It's unclear. Why did you suddenly lose a lot of blood?"

Yingzi: "You didn't say this, so I didn't hear it. How about I go up and ask for you again?"

Luo Chengdu rolled his eyes at Yingzi and went to work.

Lao Wang joked to Yingzi: "So, is he really a vampire?"

"As I see it, I really saw the tooth marks on the eagle's neck, which are exactly the same as those in the movie."

Everyone dispersed, I patted Eiko on the back, smiled at her to express my understanding, and then returned to my desk.


On the fourth day, five or six workers came. Yingzi took the lead and moved the Eagle's office cleanly. Yingzi was responsible for organizing Eagle's documents and information, etc. Because she had always been Eagle's assistant, she was naturally familiar with it.

On the morning of the fifth day, a complete set of brand-new office furniture was moved into the manager's office. Wang, Zhang, Luo and Gu all expressed their opinions on the new furniture. No matter how new or good the furniture was, people would always find it unsatisfactory. The place. And I think this furniture is good, but the position of the display should be by the window, so that when you are tired from reading documents, you can look at the scenery outside the window. Since my opinion was relatively novel and beneficial to health, the result was unanimously adopted!

In the afternoon, Yingzi came over and asked me if I wanted to have dinner together. I said yes, but did it count as a date? She said it doesn't matter, if it's not a date, then it's AA, if it's a date, then I have to pay for it.

I said it’s okay to pay the bill, but if it’s not a date, then we’ll eat and say bye. If it’s a date, then we’ll go clubbing and dancing after dinner and then go back to my house together.

Yingzi laughed a few times and said, "You want to rape me?"

I say it seriously, it's not rape, it's seduction.

She thought for a moment and said, okay, if you can seduce me, that's fine!

At the beginning of the night, Yingzi and I were sitting at a street food stall cooking mutton.

"Do you drink beer?" I asked.

"No, I only drink white wine."

"Ha, so cool! I thought girls only drink red wine or something like that."

"Wrong! I never drink red wine because I get drunk as soon as I drink red wine."

"Oh? Is there anything else?" This little guy always amazes me and teaches me how to not like her!

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We talked about other things while drinking, but soon we started talking about her vampires, and she seemed convinced that they existed in the world.

"Do you really think there will be vampires?" I asked her with a smile.

"Of course there is, and I also feel that it may be around us," Eiko said solemnly.

"So scary? Haha," I always like to use this kind of laughter recently, maybe because I use the Internet too much.

"What's so scary? Have you seen "Vampire"? The vampire in it is really handsome, and he can never die," Eiko said with a yearning look on her face.

"That's a movie. Vampires can be handsome."

"Have you seen them? How do you know they're not handsome?"

Yingzi was not happy and I threw cold water on her.

But I poured cold water on him: "Which male protagonist in the movie is not handsome? Is it possible in reality? You are so naive."

"I'm not naive. Of course I know what you said, but I don't want to know. Why do you have to think clearly about everything? Isn't it good to leave some dreams for yourself? Sometimes I really want to Be silly!" Yingzi said and became sad.

I was also dejected because I was stumped by her question. There is generally no correct answer to this kind of question. As long as it has something to do with philosophy, the vaguer and hazier the better.

"Haha," I suddenly discovered that this kind of laughter is simply the most bland expression in the world, but it has the most versatile uses.

"Haha," Yingzi laughed dryly back at me. It was another surprise that she was good at this.


I decided to say something to show off my elder advantage: "How old are you? Why do you sound like you have experienced many years of life?"

"I have gone through many years. A person's suffering cannot be measured by age, right?"

"That's what I said, but at your age, you were born just after the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, what kind of hardships can you go through?" I was curious again. In fact, Yingzi made me curious every moment.

"Is spiritual suffering considered suffering?" Yingzi said very seriously, this time her eyes didn't seem to blink.

"Plop," I almost spit out the wine and quickly found a tissue to wipe the corners of my mouth.

"What are you doing?" Yingzi stared at me.

"I'm talking about Yingzi, you little girls always want to shake things up when you fall in love. When you fall out of love, you think you have been in the past. After two or three times, you say that you have seen through the world of mortals and have insight into the world. Haha, do you know that life is in this world? How many things are there to do? I saw through all your bad things eight hundred years ago, am I not still alive and well?" I said seriously.

"You're not much older than me, you're only eight hundred years old. My aunt heard these great principles of yours a thousand years ago!" Yingzi was very unconvinced by what I said.

"Forget it, forget it, you will understand it yourself in a few years. It is useless to say it now. You have to experience this kind of thing yourself before you understand." I raised the cup and reached over to touch her cup gently. Then drink it all in one gulp.

Yingzi also picked up the cup and drank it all.


This meal took a long time, so we didn’t go to the bar anymore and went directly back to my house.

Yingzi is a little drunk, but she can still walk on her own. Of course, I prefer to hold her up.

After entering the door, I reached out and turned on the light by the door.

Yingzi immediately reached out and turned off the light. Then he put his index finger to his mouth and whispered, "What a beautiful moonlight!"

I followed her gaze.

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We couldn't see the moon from the door, but the moon tonight was really clear and bright because my window was big enough and the curtains were half open. The moonlight coming in from the outside illuminated almost everything in this room. The objects are all plated with silver. This is a very soft light, so soft that there seems to be a layer of hair on the edge of light and dark.

There are actually not many objects in my house, not even chairs, cabinets, or even a decent bed.

But there is a bright yellow Persian carpet on the floor, a real Persian carpet. I have forgotten how long it has been with me. Anyway, I will take it with me wherever I move. There are very regular patterns embroidered in the middle of the carpet, which are black lines rotating one after another. Maybe they mean something, but only the person who created it knows this. I once wanted to know what these swirling lines meant, but then I gave up. Because I have different feelings when I see them in every period and even in every mood. This is very strange. They are like knots, but also like the keys to untie the knots. Perhaps, this is their original nature. mean. The rug is my chair and my bed. There are many books next to the bed, and next to the books is a small and exquisite CD combo. Next to it is a dark laptop.

Most of these things are black, but I have never thought that I like black. I don’t know why most of the things I buy are black. Can this be explained as a coincidence?

"With such a beautiful moonlight, is today the fifteenth day?" Yingzi asked.

"No, it's been five days since the fifteenth," I answered her firmly.

"Oh," Yingzi said in a low tone.

"What's wrong?"

"The movie says vampires will come out on full moon nights," Eiko said quietly, walking to the carpet and sitting down.

"Do you really want to see a vampire?" I asked her with a smile.

"Your carpet is so soft," Yingzi said appreciatively while gently rubbing the carpet with her hands. After a while, she raised her head and asked me, "What did you just say?"

"Nothing, do you want to listen to music?" I turned on the CD player before she could answer. A burst of exciting tango music suddenly sounded, and Yingzi seemed startled. I smiled at her, took her little hand, and pulled hard, Yingzi's body floated up. At the same time, I put my other hand on her waist. With a sudden move, his right foot also took a step forward, and then he twisted his waist and shook his head. A series of movements were completed in one go, completing the standard opening movement of tango.

"Hahaha…" Yingzi was amused by my sudden move, and laughed in my arms.

"No, no, I can't dance," she said while breaking away from my hand: "Let's change to a more lyrical song."

"Okay" I had to change to another Chinese guzheng song.

"This sounds good, I've never heard of it before," Yingzi hugged her feet and sat on the window sill.

"This is ancient music, hard to find."

"Come and take a look, those clouds are so strange," Yingzi raised her head and looked at the night sky outside the window.

I walked behind Yingzi and sat down, stretched out my hands and gently hugged her waist, rested my chin on her shoulder, and breathed right into Yingzi's ear.

Eiko seemed to feel the tickling in her ears, and raised her head slightly to the other side, while holding my hand tightly in her palm.

"Am I in love again?" Yingzi asked as if talking to herself.

"Maybe," I said flatly.

"Why maybe?" Yingzi was still looking at the night sky outside the window.

"Then do you have love in your heart?" I looked at the dark image of Yingzi and I reflected on the glass of the window.

"I don't know!" Yingzi said quietly, her body motionless.

"Then do you know that love costs life!" I said coldly, my eyes moving to the bottom of Yingzi's ears, which is a piece of white and tender skin.

"If I love, I will devote my whole life to love!" Yingzi's body shook slightly.

"Don't you regret it?" I felt that the two tiger teeth had already stuck out of my lips, but I wanted to hear Yingzi's answer to this last question.

Yingzi didn't make any more noise, but her body trembled very slightly. I slowly moved my eyes towards the glass of the window sill, and I saw Yingzi's eyes fixed on the glass and looking at me, her eyes wide open…

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