Halloween Horror Nights

I'm a little excited today, just because tonight is Halloween. I have no interest in past Halloweens, but I am full of expectations for tonight's Halloween. .

"Isn't it just Halloween? I really can't understand why you are so excited?" My friend Qingqing looked at me helplessly and said. Looking at her helpless expression, I felt helpless myself.

Those carnival parties, costume parties, and even the classic Halloween saying: "Trick or treat!" have nothing to do with me, a nerd. However, I am looking forward to the “people” I will see tonight!

After finally sending away Qingqing who had been chirping in my ears, I gathered my energy and looked at the hut where I had lived for 3 years. I still remember that this hut was built by my brother and I with our respective first buckets of gold. purchased.

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The scarier the Halloween ghost stories, the better_Short Halloween ghost stories for children_The short Halloween ghost stories are super scary’/>

I still vaguely remember that time when he said, "Sister, this is the home that belongs to both of us. The people in the house are there, and the people in the house are dead!" Time has passed, the house is still there, and I am still there, but the person who said this at that time is not there. .

I don’t think I miss my brother that much. In front of others, I pretend to love him very much and like him very much, and he also thinks that I am very good to him. However, behind the scenes, I pray every day that he is no longer in this world. You know, he steals How much love originally belonged to me, why?

Why should his parents give him whatever he wants? Why have I been beaten when I did something wrong growing up, but he didn't? . This world is so ridiculous. Fortunately, now that he is dead, I feel a lot more at ease.

The short Halloween ghost stories are super scary_The scarier the Halloween ghost stories, the better_Short Halloween ghost stories for children

Night came soon, and there was a sumptuous dinner on the dining table, all cooked by myself, and some of them were my brother's favorite dishes. When I saw the curtains on the window rising without the wind, I knew he was coming!

Looking at his appearance, I couldn't help but be afraid. He still maintained the same appearance as when he died. One side of his face had collapsed, his lips were cracked due to the repeated crushing of the wheels, and some large intestines were scattered outside in his stomach. "Plop." "With a sound, I heard the sound of his entrails being dropped. I saw him stand up expressionlessly, move forward slowly, bend down to pick up the internal organs that had long since lost their function, put them in his stomach, groped for them, and slowly stuffed them back into his stomach. Where it should have been.

Looking at my brother's actions, I couldn't help but vomit. Yes, I am looking forward to this Halloween, just because this Halloween he informed me in his dream that he is coming back. I can't wait to see my masterpiece, no People know that I bribed the driver to intentionally run over my brother to death. I was the one who made him look like this.

Short Halloween ghost stories for children_Halloween ghosts Short stories are super scary_The scarier the Halloween ghost stories, the better

But when I saw his look, I was scared again. I didn't want to kill him. Who told him to steal the love my parents gave me? He forced me!

After thinking about it, he said to him: "You forced me to do all this. I have told you not to get too close to your parents because they love you, but you followed them closely. You forced me to kill you." Yes, you can’t blame me, and you can’t kill me.”

When I said this last sentence, I felt a little weak. He is no longer a human being. I can only rely on my feelings to feel that he is coming, but I cannot see him. He killed me secretly and made me wonder how I died. I don’t know if it’s entirely possible!

Short Halloween ghost stories for kids_The scarier the Halloween ghost stories are, the better_Short Halloween ghost stories are super scary

"Sister, I'm here to take you away. How could I kill you? You are my most beloved sister! I don't blame you, brother. It's just that I'm so cold down there. Please come and stay with me, please!"

I watched in horror as he floated toward me. I was unable to escape. The warm liquid under my feet made me react immediately, but it was useless. He was only two steps away from me. I didn’t want to die. I didn’t want to die. I still I haven’t finished enjoying my parents’ love. . Can't die, can't die, rely on this thought as a support point.

When his hand was only 1 meter away from me, I ran away quickly without even thinking about it. I never thought that I should be looking forward to seeing my brother look happy when he died, so how could I be afraid. . Could it be that that little excitement was just because I was going to die tonight at the hands of my own brother who I had killed?

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The scarier the Halloween ghost stories, the better_Short Halloween ghost stories for children_The short Halloween ghost stories are super scary’/>

I don’t know how long I’ve been running, but Halloween has completely turned into a fright night, or in other words, this is a fright night that only belongs to me!

He ran to a door in a daze, hurriedly opened it, turned around and locked the door. Facing the door, he put his hand on the door to calm down his nervousness, and the heartbeat of "plop, plop" filled the room. In my ears, just as I slowly breathed a sigh of relief, a faint voice came from behind me…

"Sister, have you forgotten that when you were a child, you loved to hide in this room and cry. You wouldn't come out for a long time. When your parents blamed you or scolded you, you liked to cry in this room. Come with me. , stay away from this ridiculous world, stay away from this world that makes you suffer!"

Yes, I am far away from this world of pain. I no longer have to cry, I no longer have to be scolded, and I no longer have to endure the endless nightmares after killing my brother… "Let's go to a world without pain." The words "Let's go to a world without pain" echoed in Looking at him by my ear, I slowly stretched out my hand…

"There is an evening news broadcast now. A female corpse was found in Room 704 of Building B in a certain community. According to the investigation, the female corpse was severely frightened before her death, but she was smiling after her death. The time of death was on Halloween last night. Around 9 o'clock, according to the research report, the deceased's brother and the deceased died at the same time, both on Halloween. The cause of death is still under investigation…"

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