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At around 10:30 p.m. on July 8, 2008, Mei Nan, the president of Dongqing Jimin Hospital, and his girlfriend He Lina drove to the city. The dean was going to eat some supper with his assistant He Lina after the operation and relax in the entertainment hall, but there was a car accident in the middle of the car, and the city criminal traffic police team rushed to the scene of the crime immediately. The car crashed and people were killed, a tragic scene, too horrible to look at.

At the scene of the car crash, the investigators collected a few minutes long DV video recording the bizarre car accident: this film is 5 minutes and 34 seconds long, and it is similar to the previous car accident moments captured by cameras installed on the side of the road. The video is different, its angle of view is inside the car driving at night, and it is taken by the passengers themselves. Apparently, He Lina, who was sitting in the front seat, picked up the digital video camera and took a short video with infrared night vision mode. Judging from the screen, the person sitting in the co-pilot seat before the incident was a woman, of course Miss He Lina, and the driver was a man, that is Mei Nan.

In the DV, when the car drove to a remote section of the road, I suddenly found a person sitting in the middle of the road more than 20 meters in front of the car. They decided to stop and take a look. Apparently the camera in He Lina's hand was still filming. When I got closer, I found a girl in a white dress sitting on the ground, moaning in pain.

Dean Mei took out his mobile phone and dialed 120 for the ambulance, but he couldn't get through. In desperation, the two had no choice but to help the girl in white clothes into their car, and prepared to send her to the city hospital for emergency treatment. Obviously, He Lina sat in the back seat of the car with her in order to take care of the injured girl, and the video recorder continued to work. The strange thing is that whenever the camera lens is aimed at the girl in white, there will be quite obvious interference signals in the picture and sound. Apart from this, everything in the car is as usual, but when the picture is played for about 3 minutes, something happens. Suddenly, the girl in white who just got into the car burst into tears, saying that she had actually died in a car accident a year ago. Obviously, the people in the car thought she was just talking nonsense out of fright, so they didn't I ignored her, but the girl who faced the camera became more and more sad. Just after 5 minutes and 58 seconds, an unexpected scene appeared: in just a few seconds, the girl in white, who was originally delicate and pretty, suddenly appeared. Filled with broken glass, it turned into a ferocious devil. The two young men in the car uttered horrible screams almost at the same time, the video of the camera tumbling, and the surroundings calmed down in an instant…

What surprised Captain Gao Ao the most was that only two corpses were found at the scene of the crime. Inspections proved that only Dean Mei Nan and head nurse He Lina could not find any trace of the girl in white at all. Can she survive the car accident? And leave the scene alone? Absolutely impossible, because the damaged car door was damaged, and the door could not be opened at all. The investigators used oxygen welding to cut the door to get the body out.


According to the investigation, in this hospital, a year ago, a young and beautiful female nurse named Lao Chunyan was killed in a car accident while driving home. Now the female ghost blocking the car in the DV film at the scene is exactly Lao Chunyan, after this strange case happened, there was an uproar in the society, "Are there really ghosts in the world?"

Captain Gao's right-hand man, Liu Chunli, is a camera expert. Ever since she saw the video of this supernatural event, she paid special attention to every detail of the case record every day. Later, she discovered that during the supernatural event, the speedometer on the car had question;

One: The car involved in the accident was a luxurious Crown car. Since the person holding the camera was sitting in the back row in the short film, the dashboard in front of the driver could be seen from the lens. In this car accident, that When the girl in white clothes turns into a ghost in the first 5 seconds of the screen. At this time, the tachometer of the car showed that the engine revolutions were only 1000 rpm. At that time, the speed of the car would not exceed 30 kilometers. Why was the speed of the car so slow? There seems to be only one explanation, that is, if the speed of the car is too fast, it will be difficult for the people with DV in the rear to control the stability of the picture, so they must slow down the speed of the car in order to create a short film of supernatural events with a clear and stable picture. . Taking a step back, even if the car accidentally rolls over and hits a tree trunk by the side of the road, since the speed of the car is so low, the probability of the occupant being completely killed is very small. But from the scene, the car was hit very violently when it was hit, and the body was completely deformed. It was definitely not a car driven at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. In other words, this ghost crash DV is fabricated.

Second: If it is impossible for ordinary people to complete the makeup from a beautiful girl to a ghost in just a few seconds, will it be tampered with by post-production technology software?

Chun Li continued to explain herself, "The moment when a beautiful woman turns into a ghost is the key to the whole short film. The reason why many people believe in the car crash by the ghost is that this scene is very real, very coherent, and has a strong sense of presence. There is no possibility of post-editing, but from the perspective of TV program editing, a 1-second shot can be divided into 25 frames. If the accuracy can reach 1/25 second, it is not easy for ordinary viewers to find the cutting point. When I When I put this scene into a professional video editing software and analyzed it frame-by-frame, I found a lot of editing points, especially the part where the girl turns into a ghost. Previously people thought it was a coherent scene. Yes, it is normal. Under the circumstances, it is impossible to complete the makeup from human to ghost in an instant, but I found an obvious trace of screen connection at this place. When the video was placed at 3 minutes 59 seconds 01 frames, the The street light suddenly disappeared at frame 02 at 3 minutes 59 seconds, that is to say, the continuity of the shooting did not exist. This editing point, which is only 1/25 seconds long, is generally not easy to be found when it is played on the Internet , that is, because of the connection on the screen, the producers of the show have enough time to make the young girl in any shape make up as a ghost, and then go through some special photography methods, using infrared rays and increasing the contrast, to make her The details on the face are more exaggerated, which can achieve a terrifying effect.

Since the film was a forgery, then of course this bizarre car accident was included in the homicide ranks of the Serious Crime Squad.


After some investigations, Captain Gao Ao found the following facts.

The day before the incident, when they got off work in the afternoon, the nurses always liked to talk while walking out of the gate.

"I heard that the dean dismissed Dr. Pu Chunjiang?" asked a young nurse.

"The superiors took this matter too far. However, I don't think it's fair…" Before the other nurse could finish speaking, she suddenly stopped, and saw a beautiful and expressionless face at the door , she is He Lina, the head nurse of this hospital. The nurses immediately left without a word.

At the entrance of the hospital, He Lina, the head nurse, was leaning on the tree trunk, looking at her watch from time to time. Finally, the tall figure of the director of the hospital, Mei Nan, appeared behind the glass door of the hospital building. The two walked towards the white Crown car together. Mei Nan started the car and drove towards the main road. He Lina said worriedly: "When I was waiting for you just now, it seemed that someone saw me."

Mei Nan glanced at her uneasily and said, "Did we make another mistake?"

He Lina squeezed a sneer from between her teeth, "Hmph! Regret it? Is it because I damaged your image as an advanced Communist Party member and gentleman? Don't forget, it was you who got tired of that stupid yellow-faced woman and took the initiative to come Spoil me." She sobbed softly. Mei Nan had to change her tone, begging for her forgiveness.

He Lina said word by word, "Forgive you? I absolutely can't do it!"

Mei Nan returned home upset, and his wife An Huaiying told him a lot of boring things. After Mei Nan listened patiently, she said in a casual tone, "I resign Pu Chunjiang."

When An Huaiying heard this, she was stunned. Pausing for a few seconds, she asked eagerly, "What's going on here?"

Mei Nan: "Pu Chunjiang did something disproportionate to a doctor. He ruined the reputation of our hospital. He accepted red envelopes from patients." An Huaiying's face changed completely, and he remained silent for a long time.

The next morning, two nurses walked into the consulting room of Pu Chunjiang, a gynecologist on the second floor of the hospital. This young doctor is of medium build, well-dressed, and always has a mocking smile on his lips. When he learned that they came to help him pack his things according to the order of the dean, he said sarcastically: "Thank you so much, I still have something to talk to your dean, and I still have a debt with him." I will settle it with him." After speaking, he closed the door firmly.


At 10 o'clock, Dr. Rui Keli, the director of internal medicine, started his ward rounds. In a ward on the ground floor, lay an elderly patient named Liu Shengcai. At this time, he was looking out of the window with melancholy eyes. Rui Keli – feeling his pulse, asked with a smile: "How do you feel, Mr. Liu?"

The patient said sadly, "Doctor, I'm so scared."

Rui Keli comforted him and said that the surgeon for him was the best surgeon in the hospital—Dean Mei Nan. Only then did Liu Shengcai show a smile on his face.

On this day, Mei Nan finished the last operation and walked out of the operating room exhausted. It was already past eight o'clock in the evening. It was raining outside. It's not until 11 o'clock. The security captain Luo Jia who was guarding the gate heard footsteps in the hall and hurried out to check. When he saw that it was Dean Mei Nan, he immediately greeted him respectfully. Mei Nan smiled and said, "Tonight, I'll be the last one to leave the hospital…" Suddenly he stopped talking and stared outside.

Roca looked out following his gaze, and saw only the dean's white Crown car parked there. At this moment, he seemed to see a figure in a light-colored short coat beside the car. Luo Jia was shocked, but for a moment, when he looked closely, there was nothing. The person in the light-colored short coat seemed to be Dr. Pu Chunjiang, because he was the only one in the hospital who had such a coat.

He watched the dean get into the car and disappeared into the night, thinking, did he secretly drink a few sips of wine just now, and his eyes were dazzled?

After an unknown amount of time, a piercing phone rang on the desk in the reception room. He grabbed the microphone and heard a middle-aged man's voice: "There has been a traffic accident! Dean Mei died in a car accident on the road leading to the city not far from here. Send an ambulance!"

The horn of the ambulance cut through the heavy rainy night. At this time, the clock in the hall pointed to 2:30 in the morning…


Mei Nan is one of the brokers of this hospital, and his partner is Dr. Jia Kaiyun, the vice president.

The first person Captain Gao Ao visited was Vice President Jia Kaiyun. This thin middle-aged man looks very kind. He said that everyone in the hospital respected Mei Nan, and he was a close friend of Mei Nan, so he couldn't imagine that Mei Nan would have enemies.

"Does that also include the dismissed Doctor Pu Chunjiang?" Captain Gao Ao interjected.

Jia Kaiyun hesitated for a moment, and reluctantly talked about dismissing Pu Chunjiang. After repeated questioning by Captain Gao Ao, he finally revealed the whole story. One day, a young woman with a worried look came to see Dean Mei. She said that a few months ago, when she was unwell, a male doctor treated her and received a big red envelope of 3,000 yuan. She later learned that she did not need such treatment. Mei Nan was worried that the hospital's reputation would be affected by the incident, so she returned the three thousand yuan in the red envelope to her. Pu Chunjiang was the only male doctor in the neurology department on duty, and only he had a light-colored short coat. The woman recognized him immediately. No matter how much he denied it, Pu Chunjiang couldn't excuse himself. So Dean Mei fired Pu Chunjiang in a rage.

"Did he defend himself?" Gao Ao asked.

"No." Jia Kaiyun shook his head, "In this case, what else can he say?"

Coming out of the dean's room, Liu Chunli, who was in charge of investigating Pu Chunjiang, met Inspector Gao Ao and said, "Captain Gao, Pu Chunjiang is seriously suspected. This person is the ex-husband of the deceased He Lina. And irritable. Before the accident, he was dismissed for accepting red envelopes from patients. That morning, the two nurses heard him threaten to ask the director to settle the debt. Isn’t this a threat of revenge?” Then, Inspector Gao Ao lowered his voice and said: "Investigate a mysterious person. He was wearing a light-colored short coat. On the night of the incident, someone saw him next to Dean Mei Nan's car at the entrance of the hospital. Is it him?"


In the evening, Captain Gao Ao came to a restaurant. It happened that Dr. Rui Keli of the hospital and female physician Wang Lin also had dinner there. Gao Ao was wearing casual clothes. Obviously neither Rui Keli nor Wang Lin knew him. From the conversation between the two of them, Gao Ao knew that they were classmates in college. At first, Wang Lin didn't speak much. When the topic turned to the Meinan incident, she immediately showed unusual concern. She quietly told Rui Keli that she could guess who the "phantom" who sneaked into Dean Mei's car was, but she didn't believe that person was the murderer. At this moment, a thought flashed through Captain Gao's mind like lightning. He compared Wang Lin with Mei Nan's wife An Huaiying. An Huaiying was far inferior in terms of beauty, age, knowledge and temperament An Huaiying couldn't hold a candle to him. Wang Lin knew everything about Dean Mei so well. Could it be that she also had a special relationship with Dean Mei? Wang Lin fell into Gao Ao's sight.

Gao Ao knew that the "phantom" she was talking about was referring to Mei Nan's wife An Huaiying, a neurotic woman who often monitored her husband's actions.

The next day, Inspector Gao Ao drove to Jimin Hospital. At the door, he found a familiar car, and then saw his assistant Liu Chunli in the parking lot. She was talking enthusiastically with a middle-aged guard. Liu Chunli seemed very happy to see Inspector Gao. She asks the guard to repeat to Detective Gao what she just said. Gao Ao asked the guard's name and knew his name was Luo Jia. The guard said that he happened to be on the night shift that night when the crime happened, and he clearly remembered that Pu Chunjiang drove the car out of the hospital at 10 o'clock in the evening and never came back.

"When Pu Chunjiang came to pick up the car, did you see his face clearly?" Gao Ao asked the gatekeeper.

"I can't remember." The doorman smiled apologetically, "But it's probably not wrong. Doctor Pu Chunjiang always wears that light-colored short coat."

Captain Gao asked again: "Captain Luo, what time did you see Pu Chunjiang driving out of the hospital?"

"It was about ten o'clock! I didn't look at the clock."

"How many people are in the car? Is the driver Pu Chunjiang?"

"That's right, he was the one driving the car. He was the only one in the cab. This kid had a pale face all day long. He was criticized by the dean for accepting red envelopes from patients. Did Chen Hai die in a car accident? He seemed to have eaten gunpowder. Same, can't wait for me to open the door."

"Can't wait? Have you seen his face clearly?"

"The light in the cab is dim, I can't look carefully, but I'm sure he died in a car accident, Chen Hai , wearing a light-colored short coat, wearing a peaked cap, and driving after drinking, the door was closed at that time, he was anxious The old man kept honking the horn and urging me to open the gate."

"You said he was driving after drinking, but you couldn't see his face clearly, how do you know?"

"It's not wrong. At that time, he couldn't even raise his head, and he was lying on the steering wheel and kept honking the horn. What if he was drunk?" The middle-aged security captain obviously didn't like Pu Chunjiang.

As a result, Sergeant Gao Ao detained Pu Chunjiang as a suspect. When interrogating him, he still couldn't explain where he was that night? What did you do?

Then, Sergeant Gao Ao decided to contact Ms. Wang Lin directly based on the clues.

Wang Lin, 25 years old, college graduate, divorced, single now, living in the staff dormitory building of the hospital.Gao Ao arrives at her dormitory, her dormitory is a set of two bedrooms and one living room

A house with a bathroom, her house is decorated in a quiet and modern way.

When Gao Ao and Liu Chunli went there, it happened that Wang Lin was at home. She was wearing spring make-up, her eyebrows were lightly painted, her eyes were full of resentment, she was indeed very beautiful.

Gao Ao said straight to the point: "Miss Wang! I'm sorry to bother you. We are here today to find out about Dean Mei's situation. It is understood that you have had a close relationship with him, have more contact with him, and know him better. Please Can you talk a little bit about him?"

Wang Lin was taken aback, smiled and said impatiently: "Do you want me to talk about his situation?"

"Tell me the truth! What's your relationship with him?" Gao Ao asked politely.

"Oh! Mr. Police Officer, I am a professional woman. Of course, I have more contact with the dean. I handle interpersonal relationships according to my life principles. I don't want to talk about my private life. I have the right to privacy,"

Gao Ao raised his tone and said: "Miss Wang! You have to understand that we are here to investigate a murder case. Human life is at stake. It will be good for you to investigate clearly, don't you think so?"

"I know!" She responded softly with an aggrieved voice.

Gao Ao asked again: "You said, you know who the 'phantom' following Dean Mei is, but you don't believe that he is the murderer who killed Dean Mei. Who is he? Can you tell me?"

Wang Lin was startled: "Are you watching my tail?"

Gao Ao said calmly: "No, it's just a coincidence. I was eating there that day, and I overheard your conversation with Dr. Rui. You are very familiar with the victims of the car accident, right?"

"Yes, He Lina, Rui Keli, and Pu Chunjiang and I are classmates at the Medical University, and the four of us were hired together."

"Pu Chunjiang was divorced because of Mei Nan's penetration, and then he was fired. What do you think of this?"

"Although Pu Chunjiang gives up on himself, he will not do anything irrational."

"But on the night of the accident, someone found him next to Dean Mei's car."

"That's not him."

"You told Dr. Rui that you knew, now you tell me, who is he?"

"Then I'll tell you the truth, it's his wife An Huaiying"

come back to the office. Sergeant Gao Ao received a call from his assistant Liu Chunli, saying that she had found another suspect, and it was a woman. She was An Huaiying, Mei Nan's wife. They found a pair of women's gloves, a fashion magazine, and a bottle of mineral water in Pu Chunjiang's car. The women's gloves were the same as what An Huaiying usually wore, and this magazine happened to be issued on the day of the incident. Only Mei Nan's family in the hospital had this magazine, and An Huaiying's fingerprints were on the mineral water bottle. In addition, Luo Jia, the doorman of the hospital, saw a mysterious woman stepping out of the elevator that night. She was wearing sunglasses, and a wide scarf covered most of her face. It seemed to be An Huaiying, every time she came to look for Pu Chunjiang, she was always evasive like this.

In other words, An Huaiying had a close relationship with Pu Chunjiang, and it is possible for the two to conspire to kill Mei Nan. Detective Gao Ao is confident that as long as he finds this woman, the matter will be resolved.


The next day, Gao Ao received a call from Dr. Rui Keli, asking him to go to Jimin Hospital.

Ricoli told him a strange thing. Room 106 in the hospital has always been used to take care of patients who cannot afford medical bills for a while. It was created by Dean Mei Nan, who said it was to take care of those vulnerable groups who cannot afford hospitalization fees. A patient here named Liu Shengcai told Dr. Rui that he saw a strange ghost that night.

Gao Ao rushed to the hospital to visit Liu Shengcai. Liu Shengcai said: "That night I lay on the bed and looked out of the window. It was dark outside. Suddenly he saw Doctor Pu Chunjiang dancing a sword in the bushes. Suddenly, dancing and dancing, Surrounded by auspicious snow, and like falling petals covering his whole body…"

Gao Ao asked: "Did you see it clearly? Is it Doctor Pu Chunjiang?"

"Yes, I was not mistaken, he was wearing his light coat."

"What time was it then?"

"3 minutes past 11:00 am."

"How do you know it's this time?"

"My mobile phone has a timer alarm clock. I took my medicine at 11 o'clock, and I was always woken up by the alarm clock at 11 o'clock. It should be 3 minutes after 11 o'clock after I finished taking the medicine. I saw it at that time."

Gao Ao thought, this is strange, didn't the guard say that he drove out after 10 o'clock? When did he sneak back to the hospital again?

Gao Ao went to the window and looked at it, then nodded thoughtfully. At this moment, an intuition popped up subconsciously from the most secret corner of his brain. It is possible for Pu Chunjiang and Mei Nan's wife An Huaiying to conspire to kill her husband. She knew that her husband was having an affair, and the motive was valid. The truth of the matter was presented so clearly.

The next afternoon, his assistant Liu Chunli told him that, in fact, An Huaiying was not the real heir. Chunli smiled and said, "The successor is Vice President Jia Kaiyun." Then Liu Chunli explained. According to the investigation, Mei Nan and Jia Kaiyun once signed such an insurance policy, if one of them dies, the other party can get the whole hospital, as long as they pay the deceased's heir a sum of about one million. The second heir is his wife An Huaiying. "

After Gao Ao heard about it, he said, "Now I understand what role this Pu Chunjiang played."

"Then you think Jia Kaiyun took advantage of Pu Chunjiang?" Liu Chunli seemed to understand.

The next day, Gao Ao came to the dean's room. He said straight to the point to Vice President Jia Kaiyun: "A few days ago, I talked with Ma Juanjuan and found out that this was a complete hoax. Someone bought this girl and wronged Dr. Pu."

"What? How is this possible?" Jia Kaiyun's eyes widened in astonishment.

"Her narration is full of loopholes. At that time, she may have memorized every word like a parrot. But after a long time, she forgot those important details." Gao Ao gushed.

"Then who is framing Pu Chunjiang?" Jia Kaiyun seemed very concerned.

"It's Dean Mei's heir!" Gao Ao replied firmly.

Jia Kaiyun's face turned pale, and he couldn't even speak.

Gao Ao didn't say anything anymore, and left the dean's room alone. Gao Ao told him that the police had arrested his accomplice, An Huaiying, Mei Nan's widow. She couldn't deny that she had looked for Pu Chunjiang that night.

In the afternoon, Captain Gao and his assistant Chun Li came to the prison.

Pu Chunjiang behind bars has completely lost his former arrogance. Gao Ao asked him: "You accepted Ma Juanjuan's red envelope and were dismissed by the dean, what do you think?"

Pu Chunjiang: "I never received any red envelopes from her, it's a frame-up."

Captain Gao stared into his eyes: "So you kill people for revenge?"

"I did not kill! I was wronged."

Gao Ao asked: "Then why don't you defend yourself?"

Pu Chunjiang finally admitted that the night the woman claimed that he came to the hospital for treatment, he left work to drink, so he could not defend himself, and being fired for leaving without authorization would be even more detrimental to him. On the night when Mei Nan was murdered, he drank a few extra drinks and slept until noon the next day. He also didn't understand how anyone could see him driving out of the hospital at night. An Huaiying did look for him, but every time she went to see a gynecologist. She behaved badly and suffered from sexually transmitted diseases.

"When you went to pick up the car the next day," Gao Ao asked intentionally, "did you notice anything unusual?"

He shook his head.


The Public Security Bureau immediately summoned Jia Kaiyun, but Jia Kaiyun suddenly disappeared.

His car is still in the hospital. No one had seen him since four o'clock in the afternoon.

In the middle of the night, Gao Ao was awakened by a sudden ringing of the phone. Liu Chunli's anxious voice informed him to go to the hospital immediately, saying that Jia Kaiyun had committed suicide at home.

Gao Ao immediately rushed to Jia Kaiyun's house. His family lived in the dormitory area of ​​the hospital. Her wife, Lu Fang, was the manager of the city's Longsheng Pharmaceutical Company. Now she was crying with snot and tears and said that their company reorganized and held a meeting until 12 o'clock in the evening. When he returned home, he returned home, but the door of the house was locked. He walked into the living room and did not see Jia Kaiyun. He thought he was still sleeping on the bed. When he went to the bedroom, he did not see her. He found The kitchen, looking in through the window of the kitchen, he didn’t look at it, but when he saw Jia Kaiyun, he was scared out of his wits, because he saw Jia Kaiyun lying on the floor, he hurriedly called someone to find a way to open the kitchen door and enter the kitchen , The kitchen doors and windows were tightly closed, and the air inside was overflowing with thick gas. He hurriedly covered his nose, rushed forward to turn off the valve of the gas tank, and touched Lao Jia again, and he had died. After some investigation, nothing suspicious was found. Jia Kaiyun committed suicide in his room at night. In the room, not only the windows were tightly closed, but the door was also sealed. These seals can only be affixed by the deceased himself, so it is preliminarily determined to be a suicide for fear of crime.

Careful Gao Ao checked the door of the deceased's room and found a small gap between the two doors. He asked the old nanny, Aunt Li: "Did you hear any noise on the night of the incident?" , I seem to hear a very low motor sound, like the sound of a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner." Gao Ao frowned, looked around the living room, and found a red vacuum cleaner in the corner, understood it in his heart, and carefully turned the vacuum cleaner Take it back to the Public Security Bureau for inspection. As a result, the fingerprints of the suspect were found.

Gao Ao said confidently, "I cast the net down, and it depends on what is pulled up."

The next morning, Gao Ao put the vacuum cleaner back to its original place. When the hospital was off duty, he pretended to look at the vacuum cleaner, then hurried away, and quickly entered Jia Kaiyun's house to watch outside. Wang Lin next door came out of the house in panic, walked to the vacuum cleaner, and quickly wiped the vacuum cleaner with a towel. Gao Ao came out from the door and said sarcastically: "Doctor Wang, don't wipe it, I have included your fingerprints in the case." bingo."

Wang Lin was shocked and was taken back to the Public Security Bureau by Gao Ao.

After interrogation, Wang Lin confessed all his crimes. It turned out that she and Dr. Pu Chunjiang were a couple of lovers, and it was He Lina who married Pu Chunjiang instead of her, so she threw herself into the arms of Dean Mei. , and seduced her classmate He Lina, so she planned to kill Mei Nan, and later discovered that Mei Nan had given Jia Kaiyun the inheritance right of the hospital. When Jia Kaiyun's wife was out for a meeting late at night, she sneaked into Jia Kaiyun's room. After a burst of cloud and rain, Jia Kaiyun was so tired that she fell asleep like a dead pig. Close the door, walk out of the room, close the door, and then use the suction port of the vacuum cleaner to aim at the crack of the door, and start the vacuum cleaner together, so that the remaining half of the seal is sucked by the vacuum cleaner, and it will stick tightly between the door and the door, causing Jia Kaiyun The illusion of suicide.

Putting the blame on Dr. Pu Chunjiang, she is familiar with Dr. Pu Chunjiang's personality and loves to drink. She stole the key to Dr. Pu Chunjiang's room, put on his distinctive light-colored short coat, and drove out in his car, pretending to be a doctor. Doctor Pu Chunjiang. Really, a wise man is always worried, and there is bound to be a mistake. She shouldn't have come back, wearing that light-colored short coat without changing clothes, and going to the grove outside the inpatient department of the hospital to monitor, but let the old patient Liu Shengcai who had just received an injection I saw that because I had just finished the injection, my sick eyes were dim, and I thought it was a sword dance. In the whole hospital, Pu Chunjiang was a fan of sword dance.

That night, before Dean Mei got into the car, she emptied the cigarettes in Dean Mei's cigarette case, leaving only one cigarette, and stuffed a detonator into this cigarette. Mei Nan had a habit of When driving, he had to smoke. When he lit a cigarette and took a few puffs, the cigarette suddenly exploded near his mouth. He was frightened and lost control, causing the car to crash into a big tree on the side of the road and died.

She knew that a year ago, Mei Nan's other lover, Lao Chunyan, also died in a car accident. She used her photography and computer technology to forge a video of Lao Chunyan's ghost claiming her life, which plunged the Public Security Bureau into a complicated and confusing situation.

It's really all the tricks, and it's killing Qingqing's life!

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