Li Kui Fights Against Injustice And Saves Woman

Although Li Kui in "Water Margin" is a rough guy, there is subtlety in his roughness. He is even more famous as a "nosy hero" who likes to meddle in other people's affairs and fight against injustice. In Wanggudian Village, the story of Li Kui mediating the relationship between father-in-law and daughter-in-law is still told.

On this day, Li Kui left the hotel and walked to Shijie Village. On the road, I met a bullock cart with a young woman sitting in it and an old man driving the cart. The woman was crying, and the old man was also in tears. Li Kui felt strange, which aroused his nosy temper. He asked: "Can I take a ride?" The old man saw that Li Kui was strange and scary, so he hurriedly said: "Please come on."

Li Kui sat in the car and said, "Don't be afraid. I am Li Kui from Liangshan Village. If you have any problem, just tell me and I can help you." The old man heard that it was Li Kui from Liangshan Village, and he knew that good men kill rich people. He helped the poor and eliminated harm for the people, so he said to his daughter: "Tell me something about this general!" The woman cried and said to Li Kui: "My family lives in Wanggudian in the south. My father-in-law is called Li Wannian. He dislikes my natal family." I'm poor, have no fame, and don't have many gifts. I'm either beaten or scolded. I've been married for two years, and I've been beaten dozens of times. When will I be able to get over it?" I cried again as I spoke. opened.

When Li Kui heard this, he became angry and said, "Go back to your parents' house! In three days, ask your husband's family to set up a car to pick you up." After the car came back, Li Kui walked to Wang Gu's store.

Li Kui arrived at Wanggudian and asked the village chief to bring Li Wannian and his wife to the village chief's home. Li Kui asked them: "What fame do you have among your elders?"

Li Wannian said: "The villain has no fame for generations!"

Li Kui asked again: "Why don't you take exams for scholars and promote people?"

Li Wannian said: "The villain has no money to study."

Li Kui then said: "Since your family has neither fame nor wealth, don't you feel ashamed? What are you still doing?"

Li Wannian said: "The villain thinks that being an honest farmer is a good thing, so there is nothing ugly about it."

Li Kui said: "Since you know that being an honest farmer is a good thing for your mother and son , why do you think your daughter-in-law's family has no fame and no background?"

Li Wannian was shocked, "There is no such thing!"

When Li Kui heard this, he became angry and said: "Asshole! I heard in Dongping County that you climbed high and became rich. You must know that I, the hero of Liangshan, killed the rich, helped the poor, the red flower ghost mother and son , and eliminated violence and peace."

Li Wannian was so outraged that he even said, "A villain doesn't dare! A villain doesn't dare!"

Li Kui asked again: "Where is your daughter-in-law now?"

Li Wannian said: "In her natal family."

Li Kui then asked: "When are you going to take me back?"

Li Wannian replied: "In five days, what do you think?"

Li Kui said angrily: "What?"

Li Wannian trembled with fear and said, "Young man, go right now."

Li Kui said again: "Do you dare to do this again in the future?"

Li Wannian said: "From now on, I will never dare to climb high and become rich.

From then on, not only did Li Wannian no longer dare to look down on his in-laws, but also no one among his neighbors chose their wives and sons-in-law based on family status or wealth. Li Kui's reputation for being the master of housework also spread in Wanggudian Village.

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