folk Ghost Stories

Qin is a carpenter who makes a living by going out to work for others. I thought, this wolf is really humane and knows how to worship the moon. There were already doubts in his mind, and Qin didn't dare to rush forward to see what happened. Walking to the place where Qin had seen last night, there were only deserted graves, messy grass, and nothing else. So someone went down the mountain and called everyone nearby to discuss whose house it belonged to and what to do about it. This long-term worker from Dongyang, a landowner from Jin, fell ill. He couldn't treat the disease well and died just like that.

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Marriage In The Grave

Mrs. Diao complained that Mint killed her son and even treated her as a human being. Hao boldly said to her: "You are in the grave!" Besides, if I don't come, who else will save your grave?" When Bo Mint heard that it made sense, she suddenly felt grateful and then asked: "To tell you the truth, my husband passed away and I had a mother-in-law who was not good to me. , if you don’t dislike me, I am willing to serve you for the rest of my life. In this way, the two were married in the tomb, and then they couldn't help but have an intimate relationship in the coffin. … Continue readingMarriage In The Grave

Kick Down Fairy

There is a legend in my hometown that there is a kind of god, commonly known as "Dengdaoxian". It is said that he can "kick down" money from the outside to the home. Whose family in our hometown has had a bad life before. The land has become rich, and people always say that there is a "Dengdaoxian" in his family! The bun is still getting thicker, the couple are very happy, and they don't tell outsiders, for fear of disturbing the god. For some reason, this story spread in the village and became a joke. When people saw his family members, they always joked, "Did Dao Xian" go away? … Continue readingKick Down Fairy