"Here Comes" Scary Ghost Stories

Chen Mei stayed at her home with her son. My husband is away on a business trip , and only their mother and son are at home tonight. Chen Mei was extremely terrified at this time, because just now, her six-year-old son suddenly said to her seriously: Tonight there will be a woman in a red dress, disheveled hair and embroidered shoes coming to their house!

Chen Mei was shocked immediately after hearing her son's words, because she had heard people say that children can always hear or see things that adults or ordinary people can't feel, the so-called "unclean" things, etc. thing.

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The more Chen Mei thought about it, the more frightened she became. Seeing her son's expression when he said those words just now, it didn't look like he was trying to scare her and play tricks on her. what should I do! Suddenly – she thought of someone. So she picks up the phone…

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Fang Juan is Chen Mei's good friend, also known as "best friend". She just received a call from Chen Mei. On the phone, Chen Mei told Fang Juan what her son said, and Fang Juan was also shocked when she heard it. She understood what Chen Mei meant, and hoped that she could go to accompany her tonight.

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In fact , Fang Juan and Chen Mei lived very close. They both lived in the same community, but only a few buildings away, and they could be there in five or six minutes. From the tone of the phone, it could be felt that Chen Mei was already very scared, and she asked Fang Juan to come over immediately. As a best friend, of course it is obligatory.

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So after putting down the phone, Fang Juan immediately stood up and rushed out of the house, rushing to Chen Mei's house as quickly as possible.

After jogging all the way, she finally came downstairs to Chen Mei's. Fang Juan ran upstairs quickly, ignoring her breath, and finally arrived at the fourth floor where Chen Mei lived. Just as she was about to knock on the door, she suddenly— —With the help of the dim lights in the corridor, Fang Juan suddenly discovered——

She who just put down the phone and came here in a hurry, didn't change any clothes, and didn't comb her hair, but at this moment, she suddenly found herself: wearing a bright red pajamas, her hair was disheveled, and when she lowered her head, she saw herself A pair of shoes on the feet, embroidered, are shining and shiny…

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