I Was Made Into A Sister By A Ghost Rainy Night Inn, Formerly Known As Night Rainy Night Inn

A group of people come in. This is how the story begins.

A graduate student in psychology, traveling.


Yu lives in a small inn. It was raining heavily. Crash clatter. Thunder and lightning. The silent hotel was illuminated by lightning. Squeak! The door opened. An old man holds an oil lamp. Come in. Rain was taken aback. The skinny old man held an oil lamp in his bony hand. "Sir. I've brought you an oil lamp. Close the door." "Thank you, sir," sweating coldly. I have long heard that Xiangxi is very good at expelling corpses. I thought it was a dead body. Rain is ready for bed.

Kala! There was a muffled thunder. "Damn, I can't sleep today." Sitting alone on the kang. It's still raining.

There is a rotten smell in the damp house. Plus, again, old fashioned furniture. Slowly sleepy. Fell asleep. In the middle of the night, I heard someone talking outside. "On the road. Rest and rest. Come in" It was the old man. hoarse voice. Yu saw a group of people coming in. At the beginning was a man who looked like a Taoist priest. Followed by four straight people. Saying like a person is actually a lot like a ghost.

The night passed. Yu wakes up and checks out and wants to leave. Just wanted to go out. Startled by something behind the door. Those people stood behind the door. Blindfolded. Stand upright. Rain is a little scared. really?

old man come here. "Sir, let's go today. Be careful on the road"

"Thank you." Yu put on his bag and walked out of the inn.

walked for a while. The sound of bells ringing from behind. look back. It was the team that came. and their own line. The headed Taoist priest. Ringing the bell. "Where are you going?" Yu asked the priest curiously. Taoist priests do not manage money for him. keep going. Rain followed them. The Taoist seems to have discovered something. stop. "Don't follow us, aren't you afraid?" "Don't be afraid. Isn't it just you and your disciples?" "Hahahaha" The Taoist flew away like flying. The rain is not catching up. Because it's cloudy and it's going to rain again. "My name is fucking unlucky, it always rains."

It was raining in the woods. Rain took out water and compressed biscuits to eat. Suddenly looked up. see. . . what. . That Taoist. What a fate. The Taoist priest is meditating. Those nearby stood still. "It's a coincidence that we met again."

I was made into a girl by ghost_I was made into a girl by ghost_I was made into a girl by ghost Chapter 1

The Taoist rested for a while and continued walking. The sound of the bell rang, very crisp.

Rain was eating and drinking in the woods. I fell asleep after a while.

wake up. It was already getting dark. The first thing is to stay in the hotel and eat a delicious meal.

In a small county town. Antique houses, shops. The rain entered a restaurant. "Boss, here is a bowl of noodles." Yu was stunned. "What's going on. It's these people again." Yu Wuxin ate noodles. Taoist priests drink and eat meat. The men still stood still. It's been an hour. The Taoist finished eating. gone. Rain asked the boss. "What are these people doing?" "Don't ask. Be careful."

Hit evil. forget it. I didn't like these evil things in the first place.

"Is there an inn nearby?" "Yes."

"Where is it?" "There is a Xianlai Inn on the street ahead, it's not bad."

"Okay. Thank you"

"Where are you from?" "Beijing." "Young man, be careful. It's very evil here," the boss told Yu.

"Thank you boss. The noodles are delicious" "I like to come back tomorrow"

Stone road, ancient buildings. Rain took some photos. It seems that there are many small towns like this in the south.

I was made into a girl by ghost_I was made into a girl by ghost_I was made into a girl by ghost Chapter 1

Water flows over the flagstone path. It becomes very slippery. Rain almost fell.

Ring ring ring. . . . . The sound of bells. . . . "I rely on"

The Taoist priest and those people walked ahead. Rain took a closer look at those people. are all suspended. No feet! Yu sat on the stone platform and lit a cigarette. Take a breath. Cold sweat and rain mixed together. Night fell. Cloudy, so no stars.

Check in is urgent. Come to Xianlai Inn. The rain goes in. Ah! The rain was startled. Almost sat on the ground. He saw those who walked with the Taoist standing at the door. The Taoist priest sat in the hall.

"You Taoist priest. Grandson, scare people!" Hahahahaha. The Taoist laughed. "I'm sorry sir. You were startled."

"Scared me to death. This is… what are you doing,… an opera singer" "We are people on the road." The boss signaled Yu not to ask, took the key and took Yu upstairs.

"Who is this? He's scaring people, and he followed me." "The person who drove the corpse"

"This…" Yu wanted to ask those people who they were, but didn't say anything. into the room. Lie down on the bed and fell asleep. Get up in the middle of the night. Dark corridor.rain dare not leave the room

thump thump. Someone jumped on the stairs. Yu was curious again and wanted to take a look. It doesn't matter. terrified. His face turned pale. It's a dead person, going downstairs there. Holding a basin of water in his hand. He hurried back to the room and closed the door. The body did not find the whereabouts of the rain. down the stairs. After a while, he came up again. into the house. The rain looks through the keyhole. In the house is a Taoist priest. Washing his face, the corpse waited on him.

"My god. I met a ghost." Light a cigarette. Finish smoking. Because I was sleepy and tired. Fell asleep.

In the morning, the town is misty. There is a lot of steam. The taste is still decadent. The Taoist priest and those people disappeared. "Where is the person?" "He has already left." Yu just wanted to go upstairs. "Wait. There is a note for you, written by a Taoist priest. Tell me to give it to you" "Friend. If you want to see me, go to Nanshan Taoist temple. See you soon"

I was made into a girl by ghost_I was made into a girl by ghost_I was made into a girl by ghost Chapter 1

"Where is Nanshan Taoist Temple?" Yu asked the boss. "No one goes to that place. The Taoist told you to go?" "Yes." "You have to be careful. The mountain is high and the road is far away. There are wild beasts infesting. There are also leeches." Yu bid farewell to the inn and prepared to climb the mountain to the Taoist temple.

The mountain road is not easy to walk. Very slippery, the road on the mountain is a dirt road. It's all muddy. The woodcutter saw the rain. "Where are you going?" "Taoist Temple." "It's dangerous. Don't go." "I'm traveling." "Oh, be careful. The Leech Valley is ahead."

Leech Valley. Rain doesn't understand. while walking. The woods are lush. The rain continued. The rain was pouring down from the head. But Yu felt that the rain on his face was very fishy, ​​as if it was blood. Yu took out the mirror. There is a fleshy worm on the face. sucking his own blood. It's a leech. Because of the rain seen. look down. Leeches covered their arms and legs. I am about to be eaten by leeches. Rain doesn't care about fatigue. run fast. The leeches seem to like his blood very much. was on him all the time. Wait until you run out of the woods. As soon as the sun comes out. The leeches were sunburned to death. By luck, he escaped the Leech Valley.

"Damn, I was almost eaten." The leeches on his body were knocked off by the rain. But I feel very light all over. The bruises on the legs are gone. Leeches can be curative. A river appeared on the mountain. Rain looked around and no one was around. Get ready for a shower. One is finished. Very comfortable. Put on new clothes. The leeches were gone too. keep going.

It was noon at the top of the mountain, and I was hungry. Forget to buy something to eat. Smoke billows in the distance. A Taoist temple with blue bricks and green tiles. A big gossip is painted on the door. "That's right, this is the Taoist temple." "The Temple of the Eight Immortals."

Rain pushed the door gently. The door opened. There was a creak. Taoism is not big. Once in the yard. The main hall has been dilapidated and the idol has been moved out. Hahahaha "Hello. Really here, very punctual."

The Taoist priest stood in the yard. Those people are gone. It is a Taoist priest alone. The yard is very clean and the wind is very comfortable once. "What on earth do you do?" "Come in first and have something to eat." Yu dared not go in. Afraid of meeting bad people.

"Don't be nervous. Come in. I'm a Taoist who drives corpses." "Oh, then I don't dare to go in." "Don't be afraid. Come in and tell you a story."

The rain just went in. The Taoist priest prepared the meal. Sit in the room and "eat slowly, I will tell you a story. Aren't you curious about us? We are from Zhejiang. All the people you see are dead. I drove them from Zhejiang. And some of them are road ghosts." .and there are ghosts I subdued"

After speaking, a person floated in. Put down the dishes. gone. is flying away. Rain was surprised. "These are your corpses too" "Yeah. I'm a corpse breeder"

"Let me go." "Hehehe. Don't be afraid. I'm not a bad person. We have fate." After speaking, the Taoist took out a book and handed it to Yu. "Corpse Method" "This is a secret book. I gave it to you because you and I have fate. Take a good look. There are many ways to deal with ghosts. If you meet them, you can protect yourself. You will definitely need them in the future." Rain hasn't woken up yet. There was a strong wind. The Taoist temple is gone. There are no priests either.

Ghost made a girl_I was made a ghost by a girl Chapter 1

Yu passed out alone in the barren mountains. Holding the book "Corpse Law" in hand

Yu thought about what "I will need it in the future" meant.

Rain continued to turn the pages. There is a note inside. I opened it up and took a look. It's a treasure map.

"The land of corpses, the treasure is here." Below the small words are the road map and directions. A very old drawing.

It rained down the mountain. Back to Xianlai Inn. Because there is nowhere else to go.

The boss prepares the meals. "Boss, what is the land of corpses?"

"Oh, I was turned into a sister by a ghost . That's the cemetery in the back mountain. It's a big cemetery."

"Thank you." "Why are you asking this?"

"I don't remember anything, others introduced it." Yu was afraid that others would miss it, since it was a treasure map after all.

Had a good night's sleep. The rain rushed to the cemetery early in the morning.

The land of corpses. The barren cemetery is full of ancient inscriptions.

"This Taoist. What do you mean. I have to give him this back. I'm afraid of the cemetery"

"Taoist" Yu shouted at the cemetery. "Taoist, old man, old man" No one in the cemetery agreed to him. Fog filled the air. Rain walks around. Suddenly he looked down and saw a tombstone. "Tomb of Daoist Li"

Looking at the inscription. "The Family of Corpse Raising, the Tomb of Daoist Li"

Yu was so scared that he turned around and ran away.

"To break the ghost, I was transformed into a sister by a ghost, and the Taoist priest is a ghost." Someone called him after running. "Come back. Wait." The voice belonged to the Taoist priest. The rain never turns back. keep running. "The treasure is here" "I don't want it. I don't care about your treasure. Ghosts"

gust of wind. The Taoist priest stood in front of the rain. "Damn it" Yu ran back. The Taoist is behind. "Are you okay, old man. What are you doing with me?" "Don't you like these treasures. Gold, silver and jewelry" "I don't like it, I want to go home."

"A person who doesn't cherish treasure must be a good person." "Don't flatter me. You ghost" "Hahaha I'm a ghost. But I'm a good ghost." "A good ghost is also a ghost." After Yu finished speaking, he gave the treasure map to the old Taoist.

The Taoist is gone. Yu stood alone in the cemetery.

puff. There seems to be a sound. It was the sound of earth. Slowly, several corpses emerged from the soil. It's a zombie "Ah. Old bastard, take me to see the zombies, run away" and run away in the rain. Gradually the cemetery is full of zombies.

Surrounded by rain. Rain remembered the spell written in the corpse law. A rainy year. The zombies stopped moving.

I'm reading one. The zombies are all burned. on fire. Rain is very happy. "This is not bad. It belongs to others too." "Old Taoist, come out. Here is the book. Thank you. Ghost Taoist" The Taoist came out. Ha ha ha ha. "Send it to you. My child should learn how to fight ghosts." "No need." "There are other spells in it. I sent it to you. You are a good boy and have a karma with Taoism. How about I be your master?" "That's fine. You are a ghost." "Haha I'm not a ghost. I just want to test you. You are qualified. You will be my apprentice in the future. After returning to Beijing, learn spells and practice hard. Help others. Go." The Taoist disappeared . Met a fairy. Rain is very happy.

Many spells in the book are spells to save people from fire and water. Look at Feng Shui and so on. . . . Rain returns to Beijing. Practice with peace of mind. After finishing his studies, he opened a psychotherapy clinic. Look at mental illness and remove disasters for people.

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