Immortal Cthulhu 3 Chapter 226 Long Road To Rivers And Lakes

The night was getting darker, and the sky over Xifeng was filled with dark clouds, and there was a faint smell of blood in the gusts of gloomy wind.

Guo Pu's peerless "bardo sucking corpse **" continuously devours the pure energy of the purple demon pig demon. Youliang also sucked up Xue Daochan and Jia Daochang before. He couldn't bear it long ago and collapsed.

But the zhenqi cultivated by the pig demon is different from that of humans. As Youliang's lower abdomen gradually swells, the front chest and abdomen begin to itch unbearably. Since there is only one right hand left, otherwise it will be like Huang Laoyan scratching desperately some.

At this moment, the Yin soldiers in the mid-air seemed to be getting more and more irritable. The dark clouds were rolling up and down, and the fishy smell was getting stronger, making people startled and uneasy.

Han Sheng looked up at the sky with a dignified expression. He silently took out the small Fenghou skull from his arms, and said, "Talent, open Fenghou's 'ghost pot' immediately."

Hearing this, the ghost baby sat down on the ground with a "plop", put his index fingers into his nostrils and ear canals, and took out a pair of dry boogers and two pieces of wet earwax respectively. stuffed it into his mouth.

"Booger and earwax, I eat my excrement, what can I ask for fragrant excrement, a ghost pot of lard…" He recited the eighteenth form of "Sky Profound Earth Yellow" witch spell of "Lard Magic Art".

Zen Master Gukong and others looked at them in amazement, not knowing why.

"Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo " suddenly, from inside the cavity of the skull in Han Sheng's hand came out a trace of ancient and desolate rhyme, and then trembled violently, the "ghost pot" instantly emitted a very powerful magnetic field.

At this moment, the sky is blue and black, while the earth is yellowish yellow. It seems that I can hear the sound of countless gold and iron horses killing, the roaring and neighing of tigers, leopards, bears and ferocious beasts, and the agitated sound of "dong dong". Drum beats and "woo hoo" long horns. Everyone on the top of the West Peak suddenly had hallucinations, as if they had returned to the ancient prehistoric era.

With the military song of "Qiyue Wuyi, and the son in the same robe. Wang Yuxing teacher, repair my spear" sounded again, a vortex formed among the dark clouds in the midair, turning counterclockwise faster and faster, like a tornado Like a funnel, the tapered bottom rotates and gradually reaches the top of the mountain.

Han Sheng held the ghost pot over the top with both hands, the wind blew his clothes and rattled, and the funnel-shaped dark clouds hovered and were slowly sucked into the cavity of the skull behind the wind

The moon and stars are thin, and the space between heaven and earth has returned to its original state. Qin Shihuang's army of Yin soldiers disappeared two thousand years ago, and the souls of tens of thousands of soldiers were imprisoned in the ghost pot.

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded, and Zen Master Gukong couldn't help but sighed: "There are indeed some masters in the Blue Moon Valley."

"Brother Youliang, what's wrong with you?" At this moment, Erya suddenly exclaimed.

When everyone looked around, Youliang was holding the pig demon's wrist with a red face, white air was emitting from the pores all over his body, the muscles on his face were twisted and trembling , and his eyes were blurred as if he was enduring great pain.

"Quickly kill the pig demon with the 'bite needle'!" Lao Bai shouted hoarsely to remind him.

These words penetrated into You Liang's ears like enlightenment, which made him wake up immediately, so he quickly opened his mouth and spit out a series of gas-eating needles continuously.

"Bitting needles" to kill demons and nightmares must follow the order of "Ghost Gate Thirteen Needles" to be effective, but at this time he was already in a daze, and all the needles were shot into the huge head of the pig monster nearby. . Except for the ghost palace, ghost market, ghost cave and ghost hall points that hit the head, most of the rest got into the two big nostrils and the fat cheeks.

A bit of devilish energy began to escape from the pinholes on the pig demon's head, Youliang let go of his tightly clenched right hand, and "dengdengdeng" stepped back a few steps, being supported by Laobai and Erya behind him.

You Liang sucked part of the pig demon's zhenqi, and the rest escaped from the "eating needle" hole. Hundreds of years of practice were ruined, but its burly body gradually shrank and became smaller and smaller, and finally It turned into a little piggy with eight eyebrows weighing more than ten kilograms on the Loess Plateau, lying on the ground with "groaning and chirping" in its mouth, rubbing its belly vigorously.

"Amitabha Buddha, the immortal evil spirit between heaven and earth, the five paths are distinct, good and evil are repaid, misfortune and good fortune are inherited, and one's own body is responsible for it, and no one can replace it. Good, good." Zen Master Gukong said the Buddha's name and clasped his hands together.

Lao Bai finally breathed a sigh of relief at this moment, Huang Laoyan is dead, the pig demon is also finished, the restrictions imposed on him have been lifted, and he has regained his freedom.

"You Liang, are you still with History and Blood Ganoderma lucidum? Let me heal your broken arm and Er Ya's 'corpse slough'." Han Sheng said.

You Liang looked over and saw his worn-out rucksack thrown under the rock beside the mountain road, which was brought by Lao Bai when he went up the mountain. He hurried over to check, but there was nothing inside except for a few changes of clothes and some loose money, and his conscience immediately turned cold.

"What's wrong?" Han Sheng noticed that his expression was different.

"History and blood ganoderma are gone." Youliang was at a loss.

Huang Laoyan, Chung Yixian, Du Shiniang and others are all dead, so no one knows where Shi Qing and Xue Ganoderma are.

"No one has touched that rucksack." Lao Bai recalled

"Come back to the Blue Moon Valley with me first, and ask the Hakka mothers to make up the history again. It's nothing more than waiting for three to five years." Han Sheng comforted him helplessly.

Youliang was silent for a while, then raised his head and said resolutely: "Even if we have a history, where can we find the blood ganoderma? If Erya can't be cured, I would rather stay with you with my arms broken for the rest of my life."

Han Sheng sighed in his heart when he heard the words, Professor Guan and Liu Shisan were infatuated, but You Liang was more righteous, which was enough to be admired.

You Liangcong gave Wu Fengjiao all the money in his rucksack, and asked it to be used as travel expenses back to Xiangxi. Fengjiao bowed deeply to him with tears in his eyes, turned and went down the mountain.

Daoist Wei quietly lit a bonfire at the side, and cremated Master Chu's body, together with the ashes of Maoshan's second treasure and old nun, he wanted to take them back to Maoshan for burial.

Han Sheng and others dug several graves on the top of Xifeng Mountain, and buried Brother Bao, Xiao Linzi and Chung Yixian. Feeling the unswerving love of Professor Guan and Liu Shisan for Du Shiniang until death, they buried the three of them. People are buried together.

"Brother Youliang, what's wrong with your hand?" Momo woke up and saw that only half of Youliang's bloody left arm was left, so he couldn't help asking in astonishment.

Youliang looked miserable, and didn't want to say anything more. He walked down the mountain with his backpack and Erya supporting each other. What awaited them was a long river and lake road.

Inside the rucksack are the painting scrolls, Mei Niang's "corpse" and the little worker's strange baby hiding in it.

The night is dark, a crescent moon hangs obliquely in the western sky, Venus rises to the tip of the moon, and the earth is as cool as water.

Who, hold my hand, restrain my madness for half a lifetime.

Who, kiss my eyes, cover my wandering for half a lifetime.

Who caresses my face and comforts me for half a lifetime of sorrow.

Who, take my heart and melt the frost of my half life.

Who, hold my shoulders and drive me away from silence for a lifetime.

Who calls my heart and hides my whole life.

Whoever abandons me and leaves me alone for the rest of my life.

Who can understand me and make me have no regrets in this life.

Who can help me, I am unparalleled in all directions.

Who can pour my heart, an inch of land is just like empty space.

Who can bury my sorrow, laugh at the emptiness of the world, and make my heart crazy.

Yi, cover my lips, and get rid of my previous life.

Yi, take my arms and get rid of my frivolity in my previous life.

Holding my hand, I will accompany you crazy for thousands of lives.

Kiss your eyes deeply, and accompany you forever.

Hold your hand, and share your life together.

Kiss the eyes of the child, give you a lifetime of affection

(The Sixth Emperor Tsangyang Gyatso 1683~1706)

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