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The Secret of the Wolf Dog

Maybe everyone was teased when they were young and said they picked it up, so my first reaction was that it was funny.

But I knew this couldn't be a joke. The weirdest thing was that my uncle actually picked it up in an ancient tomb!

The man said: "Although your uncle was arrested that time, his goal was actually fully achieved. Because what he found was enough to arouse the interest of the entire world, there will definitely be people who are willing to take risks to murder him. In comparison, prison is just It seems very safe."

I said: "The 'thing' you are talking about doesn't mean me, right?"

"That's you."


"Because you are immortal."

The more I listened, the more confused I became. The man saw that I still didn't understand, so he smiled and said, " Let 's do an experiment. What do you think my name is on the road?"

I said, "How could I possibly know this?"

"I didn't say you knew, I let you guess!"

I was startled, and then the dog in the wilderness outside barked again. Suddenly a word jumped into my mind, and I blurted out: "Wolfdog!" The man nodded and said, "That's right. Everyone on the road calls me wolfdog." .What do you think your uncle called me?"

I said casually again: "Gouzi!" Looking at his expression, I knew that I had "guessed" correctly again. Thinking of those recordings of my sleep talking, I suddenly thought of a creepy possibility: I am turning into an uncle!

The wolfdog lit up a cigarette and said, "Now you understand!"

It turns out that there really is a way to live forever in this world. Of course, it is impossible to eat just one elixir and everything will be fine, as many ancient legends say. In essence, this kind of immortality technique is a means of "reviving the soul from the dead".

Any ancient tomb may accumulate a large amount of Yin energy. People who enter this kind of aura will naturally be affected by it. For example, they can't help but imagine some terrible things. When this influence is strong enough, people's consciousness will be easily distorted or even controlled. Theoretically, if a person is placed in such a base for a long time, his consciousness is extremely plastic and can be changed into another person according to a specific procedure.

Therefore, since ancient times, many warlocks with evil intentions have placed children in wine jars and raised them in ancient tombs. In this way, when the warlock is about to die, he can use the plasticity of the child's mind to copy him into a person almost exactly like himself. To a certain extent, it's like being resurrected.

When I heard this, I said: "This is actually a kind of psychological comfort. Because he himself is dead after all, and Changshengtong is just like him in character, but he is another person after all."

Wolf Dog said: "No. You tried it just now, and your uncle's memory has begun to take root in your mind. In other words, the plasticity of the immortal child's mind is active. It will make those influences take root and sprout, and eventually let The Changshengtong truly becomes another person. Of course, this is still theoretical. Whether it can be successful depends on whether the chosen ancient tomb has enough aura and the length of time the Changshengtong stays in the tomb."

I understand that this family has never treated me as a person. I am just a spare tire in my uncle's life.

I asked: "Then…how long have I been raised in the tomb?"

Dreaming about seeing ghosts_Dreaming about ghosts_Dreaming about ghosts

"I can't tell you that," Wolfdog said, pinching off the cigarette butt in his hand, "but at least two hundred years."

fire and fish

There has been bad luck all week, and yesterday's fire pushed the unlucky atmosphere to a climax.

Yesterday I was the only one staying in the dormitory to sleep. I slept so darkly that I dreamed that I was eating kebabs, and suddenly I smelled something burnt. When I opened my eyes, the dormitory was already in flames. I went to open the door in panic. Unexpectedly, the temperature of the door handle was already extremely high. I was burned as soon as I grabbed it. What's even worse is that the door of the dormitory has deformed under the high temperature. I kicked it for a long time without opening it.

Our dormitory was on the sixth floor, and escaping from the balcony would obviously only allow me to die in another way. I hurriedly poured half of the water in my basin over myself, thinking that I might be able to live a little longer. Then I followed what the book taught me and covered my mouth with a towel and lay on the ground to avoid being suffocated by the smoke. But the fire showed no sign of weakening, and the sultry heat and thick smoke had already made my consciousness increasingly blurry.

I'm really going to die this time…

The last sound I heard before losing consciousness was the sound of someone opening the door in the corridor. When I woke up again I was already lying in the hospital.

I felt it, and except for the pain on my skin, it seemed to be nothing serious, at least I wouldn't be disabled.

The doctor told me that several classmates had already come to visit me. However, considering that burns are most afraid of infection, we will not let them in again in the future. I looked at the bedside, and sure enough there were a few bouquets of flowers and some fruits, as well as the two goldfish I raised in the fish tank. Just now I was worried whether they had been cooked by the fire.

I lay in a daze in the ward for the next few days. At first I felt comfortable not going to class, but then as my consciousness became clearer, I slowly felt that something was wrong.

The hospital is very sunny, and the curtains have never been opened. There was almost no sound of people walking in the corridor, only my doctor came in occasionally. Moreover, there is only one doctor these days.

There are no nurses, no caregivers, not even a family member of a patient who went to the wrong room.

Although I have never been in an intensive care unit before, it feels like it shouldn’t be like this…

Finally, I couldn't help getting out of bed and opened the curtains. There are no windows behind the curtains, and the bright light I usually see comes from a small energy-saving lamp! Unprepared, I suddenly felt a numbness in my scalp: This ward is fake!

I hurriedly looked at the fish tank, and then I noticed that one of the fish seemed a little sluggish. I took it out and pressed it gently in my hand. Part of the fish's body fell off, revealing the circuit and button battery inside. .

Fake, all this is fake!

At this time, familiar footsteps came from outside, and the doctor was coming in. I grabbed the fish tank and tiptoed to the door.

my sleep talking

The door was opened gently from the outside.

Dreaming about ghosts_Dreaming about ghosts_Dreaming about seeing ghosts

As soon as the doctor came in, I aimed the fish tank at his head and hit him. The doctor screamed and fell to the ground. I took advantage of the situation and put my knee on his neck, and said sternly: "Be honest! What on earth is going on in this ghost place?"

The doctor was stunned and said with difficulty: "You, please don't kill me…"

"Cut the nonsense and answer my question!"

The doctor said: "This is all fake. You will know after you go out and take a look."

Now that my injury is almost healed, this doctor shouldn't be able to do anything to me, not to mention that he has been blinded by my fish tank. I let him go and walked out of the ward. I was dumbfounded.

I'm not in the city!

There is a wilderness outside the ward, and I thought it was morning, but it was actually late at night. There were a few wild dogs or other animals in the distance, their eyes flashing blue.

My "ward" is actually a prefabricated house, standing alone in the wilderness.

The doctor took advantage of my daze and tried to run away, but I caught him.

"Honestly where is this? What time is it?"

The doctor stammered: "I don't know either! They hired me to pretend to be a doctor here to stabilize you and then take care of your injuries. This is the suburbs of X city. Today is October 17th, and you are already here I've been in a coma here for half a month."

I was completely dumbfounded and almost thought it was an April Fool's Day prank or something out of a suspense novel. I was actually thousands of miles away in City X, and I had been in a coma for half a month!

"What do you want from me?"

The doctor said with a sad face: "I really don't know! I only work and get paid. You can't tell me anything else! I only know that the electronic fish seems to be very high-end and is used to eavesdrop on you talking in your sleep."

daydream? What's so good about the sleep talk of an unlucky college guy?

Suddenly I thought of what happened during the summer vacation, and my heart tightened.

I went to my uncle's house during the summer vacation. He was an antique dealer, but some of his business channels seemed not very legitimate. I heard from him that when he was young, he was imprisoned for tomb robbing. I thought I would encounter something exciting with him, but nothing happened until I returned to school.

Could it be related to this matter?

I opened up the lifelike electronic fish and found an SD memory card inside. I installed it on the doctor's phone and found that it actually contained a lot of recently recorded audio files.

Dreaming about seeing ghosts_Dreaming about ghosts_Dreaming about ghosts

I clicked on one at random and vaguely heard my snoring coming from inside. The doctor seemed to think that there was no place to escape the ghosts in this wilderness, so he came over to listen.

Suddenly, my snoring stopped in the audio, and then my voice came from inside.

It was definitely my voice, but the content it said was unimaginable, and the tone was extremely unfamiliar. It sounded extremely strange in this weird cold night:

"My name is Lin Yunsheng, male. I was born in City

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Counterattack begins

The doctor and I changed clothes and then asked him to lie down on the hospital bed. I was standing behind the door dressed as a doctor. Because I was wearing a mask, I guess I might not even be able to recognize him.

Everything is ready, I pray that the boss behind the scenes will send someone to replace the memory card tonight. But after waiting for two hours, there was no movement. The doctor pretending to be me on the hospital bed had already fallen asleep. I also felt confused for a while, thinking that I might not come back today.

Dreaming about seeing ghosts_Dreaming about ghosts_Dreaming about ghosts

At this moment, the wild dog outside barked in panic. As soon as I woke up, I heard footsteps approaching slowly.

With a creak, the door was opened.

In the moonlight I saw a man wearing a black trench coat walking in. He walked straight to the fish tank next to the hospital bed. I quietly followed him, trying to find a chance to control him. No matter what, I couldn't delay him until he walked to the fish tank. Now that there are no fish in the fish tank, the secret will be revealed immediately.

Just when he was about to reach out to the fish tank, he suddenly stopped. I was less than half a meter behind him, and my heart suddenly rose to my throat. But it seemed that what he found was not me, but the doctor on the bed.

I thought he was going to bend down to check his appearance, and I planned to take advantage of that moment to hold him down. What shocked me was that the man took out a dagger from his coat pocket and stabbed it directly into the doctor's chest!

My back was suddenly soaked with cold sweat. Although I have experienced so many incredible things today, I still didn’t expect to see murder so close! Before I could recover, the man had already turned around and put something on my head.

The cold feeling on my forehead told me it was a gun.

I said incoherently: "Misunderstanding, misunderstanding! I am not a doctor, I am…"

"I know who you are."

This voice is surprisingly familiar, but I can't remember where I heard it.

"Since you are aware of it, I'd better open the skylight and speak out. I have something to ask for your help."

I smiled bitterly: "Does this count as a 'please'?"

The man said: "I admit that the method is a bit unique."

When I thought about it, that was true. It meant that the ward could not be made so lifelike without hundreds of thousands of dollars. The burns I suffered these days were indeed cured by them. But then I thought about it and asked sternly: "Did you kill my uncle?"

"No, I went to save him, but I didn't expect it to be too late."

I said, "Why should I trust you?"

The man pointed his gun again and said, "I can kill you at any time."

Uncle's stolen goods

I said, "Okay, I believe you."

Dreaming about ghosts_Dreaming about ghosts_Dreaming about seeing ghosts

The man put away his gun with satisfaction and said, "Isn't this right? Master Lin!"

As soon as the words "Master Lin" came into my ears, I immediately understood why I thought his voice sounded familiar. I said, "Are you my uncle's son?"

The man was stunned: "How do you know?"

My parents' wedding was organized by my uncle, and the wedding banquet was also videotaped. This was an extremely luxurious thing at the time. One of my great pleasures as a child was watching videos of my parents’ wedding receptions. A young man in the middle shouted, "When will the two newlyweds give birth to a young master?" This sentence left a deep impression on me, and I immediately remembered it. That person must have said that sentence in the original video!

The man said: "That's right. I am your uncle's man. But he had a premonition that something was going to happen before he went to jail, so he kicked out a group of close brothers, and I was one of them. It's called cleaning up the family, but it's actually about preserving strength. .After his accident, his network was completely destroyed. But the group that was kicked out actually stayed."

I said, "Are you saying that my uncle has not completely withdrawn from the world since he was imprisoned?"

The man smiled faintly and said, "Actually, you don't know your uncle very well. Once you reach a position like his, you can't just back down if you want to." I said, "I don't understand." The man was silent for a moment and said: "It's precisely because you don't understand that I wanted to use this fake ward to deceive you and let you end it all without knowing it. I will solve the rest. But I didn't expect it to work."

I said, "What exactly do you want to do?"

The man said: "Help your uncle fulfill his wish."

I was so angry that I stamped my feet: "Aren't you talking nonsense! I'm asking you what his wish is?"

The man pointed at me and said, "That's you."

I was confused and said, "Me?! What's wrong with me?"

The man said, "Do you know why your uncle was arrested in the first place?"

I heard my parents talk about this.

My uncle seemed to have organized a tomb robbing activity back then. The scale is not big, only about five or six people. But in today’s terms, those are the elites among the elites. Any one of them is a well-known big shot in the industry. The tomb they stole was not eye-catching, it was just an ancient landowner's tomb on a hill in the northeast. But for some reason, that incident caused quite a stir. Almost all of my uncle and others were arrested, and it is said that two others were shot. Some of the stolen bottles and cans were also confiscated.

I was born that year. I heard from my father that the whole family tried everything they could to save my uncle, but they had no money to buy me any milk powder.

I told you everything I knew about the situation. The man said: "Well, it's mostly true. There's only one thing wrong. Not all the things stolen from the tomb were confiscated. On the contrary, the most important things were well protected."

I was surprised and thought it was impossible. Not one of the stolen antiques was left behind. I had heard my parents say this many times. Unless, he doesn't mean antiques.

Suddenly, I thought that my birthday happened to be the day my uncle robbed the tomb. Not only did I take a deep breath, but my hair stood up instantly!

"You mean, I was stolen from the tomb?"

The man nodded: "Under where we are now, there is the ancient tomb."

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