Chapter 70 Tai Chi Yin Hao

Pushing aside the bushes, Yuan Yuan Yue Zhang revealed Fang Yuan's Tai Chi Yin Hao in front of him.

For six hundred years, all the mysteries of Feng Shui have been created for this small piece of soil. How many generations of Qingtian children have spent their youth here, and how many heroes in the world have bowed their waists for it. But now, it is about to come true. Old sow… Hahaha, Wu Chushan people were so sad and angry that they couldn't help but look up to the sky and laugh. The laughter echoed in the valley for a long time…

Hey, what is that thing? A group of small bulges bulging out from the five-color earth ring.

Surprised, Wu Chushan came closer and took a closer look, and found that the small bumps were still moving. It was a big bag of earth that suddenly bulged out while he was in a coma. The soil cracked, and a huge penis stretched out, with two eyes staring straight at it. He glared at Wu Chushanren.

What is it that actually occupies the Tai Chi Yin halo? The mountain man stretched out his arms in confusion and tried to pinch the woman from the back of the neck. Unexpectedly, the woman turned around freely, turned her head and opened her mouth to shush. The mountain man did not take precautions in time, and due to his negligence, his fingers felt hot. Immediately, a burst of hot air came up from the Shaochong point on the Shaoyin heart meridian of the right hand, rushed into the Shaofu, crossed the Shenmen and went straight to Shaohai. The entire right lower arm was instantly paralyzed, and the mountain man was shocked…

There are six meridians on the human hand, namely the heart meridian, pericardium meridian, large intestine meridian, small intestine meridian, lung meridian and triple burner meridian. Only the heart meridian is the most important.

The Qi of this body is extremely Yin, which is said to be hot when it is extremely cold. When this Qi enters the arm, it will feel like burning hot, but it is actually the Qi of extremely Yin.

Wu Chushan hurriedly stretched out his left finger, closed the Qingling and Jiquan acupoints with his heavy hand to prevent the upward flow of Yin Qi, and jumped back ten feet.

Han Sheng also pushed aside the bushes and walked in. When he saw the golden-headed turtle's mother emerging from Tai Chi's coma, a smile appeared on his face.

"Be careful! That turtle is extremely poisonous!" Wu Chushan said as he drank Zhihansheng as he approached.

Unexpectedly, Han Sheng walked into the Tai Chi Yin Hao and squatted next to the giant turtle. The golden-headed turtle's mother stretched out her long tongue and licked the back of Han Sheng's hand. She recognized Han Sheng as the savior of their family. Benefactor, because Hansheng removed the yin and yang cone that sealed the bloodline for it and the baby turtles last time.

"I know them." Han Sheng said.

The mountain man smiled dejectedly, this child always makes people unexpected.

At this time, the golden-headed turtle babies hiding in the soil also showed their heads, surrounded Han Sheng, stretched out their breasts and rubbed Han Sheng's hand, so as to be affectionate.

The mountain man calmed down and said, "Hansheng, we have to find a way to get these poisonous turtles away from Tai Chi Yin Hao Taoist Tai Chi Yin Yang Quan , otherwise there will be no way to bury the old sow."

Han Sheng looked at the happy expressions of the little turtles. They seemed to have regarded Tai Chi Yinhuang as their home.

"Uncle Shanren, must Tai Chi Yin Hao be destroyed?" Han Sheng couldn't bear it.

"Tai Chi Yin Hao must be destroyed!" Wu Chushan said sadly and sternly.

"No one is allowed to destroy Tai Chi Yin Hao…" someone behind him said coldly.

Wu Chushan and Han Sheng were both extremely shocked and hurriedly turned around to take a closer look.

Two men and women in ragged clothes, covered in sweat and disheveled clothes, were standing in front of them holding hands. It was Lingnan Wu Daoming and Wuming Shitai…

"What are you doing?" Wu Chushan was dumbfounded in surprise.

The master glanced at Wu Daoming shyly, and Wu Daoming gently told her not to be afraid, then cleared his throat and said loudly: "The master and I have become friends with each other, and we will definitely invite you to a wedding banquet in the future. However, Tai Chi Yin halo is the essence of creation and the treasure of our Chinese nation. I, Wu Daoming, will never agree to destroy the rare Feng Shui cultural heritage in this life, and please Wu Chushan people think twice."

"Are you married?" Han Sheng asked in surprise.

"Children of Jianghu, there is no need for those red tapes, just a promise and they can grow old together." Wu Daoming said.

Han Sheng looked at Master Tai's head of white hair, and then at Wu Daoming's head that had been plucked out by the Yin Bat, and couldn't help but want to laugh in his heart.

Wu Chushan said with a sneer: "The difference between what Mr. Wu said is that when Liu Bowen arranged the Tai Chi Yin halo Feng Shui mystery, he originally wanted to take revenge on Zhu Yuanzhang, but later he realized that the world has been decided, and the recurrence of war will only cause the world to be devastated and the people to be displaced. , so the button has not been moved. Nowadays, the Chinese world has been settled for many years. Although the people are suffering a little, they are no longer in chaos and displaced. If weapons are revived, what will it do to the people of the world? Mr. Wu and his master are together in their senior years. Don’t you think about it? A peaceful and stable life?"

The mountain man thought that his right arm was injured and he couldn't move his true energy. Originally, his martial arts were similar to that of Wu Daoming from Lingnan, so he was no match now. What's more, there was an unknown old nun whose martial arts were unfathomable. Look at their affectionate spirit. It is certain that the husband will sing and the wife will follow, and he and Han Sheng are simply vulnerable, so he can only be reasonable and hope that Wu Daoming will retreat.

Wu Daoming and Shitai were trapped deep in an underground cave. They were both hit by Liu Jinmo's unique hidden weapon, which damaged their meridians and were temporarily unable to heal each other. It was in this helpless situation that the Taoist Tai Chi Yin Yang Boxing of human nature that they had suppressed for many years was inspired. One was a true boy for sixty years, the other had been a jade for decades, and they were both children of the world. So, in this Beside the steaming spring water, decades of suppressed humanity finally erupted like a volcano… For a long, long time, Wu Daoming could be heard murmuring in the darkness: Don't worry, Master Tai, I, Wu Daoming, am not a person who lives up to my responsibilities. Responsible person…

Because of love, the two of them suddenly developed endless courage. They supported each other, groped in the dark and slowly turned back the way they came from their memories. I don’t know how long it took, but they finally saw the light. They were so excited. Hug each other tightly.

At this time, they heard the desolate and indignant laughter of Wu Chushan people outside Linggu Cave. They hurried forward and never thought that what appeared in front of them was the coveted Tai Chi Yin Yun.

Wu Daoming thought in his mind and weighed the strengths of both sides. Han Sheng did not know martial arts, and Wu Chushan's martial arts was not as good as his own, but Zhong Bo's. He was originally a sure winner, but both his master and himself had injured their meridians, and their true energy was restricted. , it seems that once you take action, you will definitely not get any advantage.

"Mr. Shanren, what you said actually makes sense. Wu has been wandering around the world for decades, how can he not understand? The Tai Chi halo must not be taken over by those careerists with evil intentions. It will be the ruin of the Chinese nation. It's a catastrophe, and we in the world should work together to protect it. I think Shanren will agree with this, right?" Wu Daoming talked eloquently.

Wu Chushanren nodded.

Wu Daoming continued: "Although Wu is not a master in terms of geography, he is one of the few figures in the Central Plains. From what Wu has seen, Shanren does not need to destroy Tai Chi Yin Hao, and we have feasible methods." Isn’t it a good thing to protect it in a way?”

"How do you say this?" Wu Chushan asked warily.

"Does Shanren know how many days it takes for Tai Chi halo to appear at the earliest?" Wu Daoming asked Shanren.

Wu Chushan shook his head, expressing his ignorance.

Wu Daoming smiled slightly and said: "The living burial is quick, it takes five days, the corpse burial takes fifty days after death, and the bone burial takes five hundred days."

"Why?" Han Sheng listened with interest.

Wu Daoming explained: "The dragon-vein earth energy of the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth is connected with the biomagnetic field of the five elements of the small celestial body of the person buried alive. It maintains the person's immortality for five days. Each of the five elements takes 12 hours to fuse. The body's celestial body has been closed. Therefore, fusion takes ten times as long, and bone grafting is even more difficult, taking 500 days."

Han Sheng interrupted and asked, "What about the ashes?"

Wu Daoming said seriously: "The ashes are of no use at all."

Wu Chushan said: "Mr. Wu, please speak clearly."

Wu Daoming was well-informed, quick to adapt, and the city was very deep. He glanced at the master, his eyes were as tender as water, and murmured: "I can invest in building a temple at the entrance of Linggu Cave, Tai Chi Yin There is a Buddha statue erected on the halo, and there are several east and west wing rooms in the courtyard. The master and I live in the west wing, and Shanren and his wife live in the east wing. On weekdays, we jointly guard the Tai Chi yin halo. Anyone who wants to use the acupuncture points, the fastest is There will be no news for five days. During this period, we will definitely not be able to hide it from us. In our free time, wouldn’t it be nice for you and me to talk about poetry, painting, and compete in martial arts? By then, if Shanren still thinks it is necessary to destroy Tai Chi Yin Hao, Wu will never stop him ,how?"

Wu Chushan was silent. First of all, he was no match for the two of them. If there was a conflict, he and Han Sheng would be silenced, and the secret of Tai Chi Yin Hao would be kept exclusively by Wu Daoming and Shi Tai. In addition, Wu Daoming's proposal is also quite attractive. He and Hexiang cannot live in Dr. Zhu's house for a long time. They have no money to buy a house. If they can live here, it will not be far from Lan'er and Hansheng, but it is not bad.

Thinking of this, Wu Chushan asked: "Mr. Wu, are you serious about what you said?"

Wu Daoming promised firmly: "Wu swears."

"Okay, it's settled." Wu Chushan said.

"I have a condition." Han Sheng suddenly said.

"What conditions?" Wu Daoming looked at Han Sheng strangely.

"The flesh corpse, what is the flesh corpse, tell me everything you know." Han Sheng said.

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