Green Capsule Shroud Part 1

First, he went to Baiyunguan to inquire about Taoist Jin, but he went to the Lama Temple, where he found Taoist Jin, the one-armed professor, and Xiao Yanfang, who was both male and female. Lama Danba was already dead at that time… …" Granny Yin once said that the main entrance of the Black Witch Sect is in the Liao Tower of Huanglong Mansion, so Granny Wang and Master Mingyue went straight over the wall into the Liao Tower and discovered the secret on the tenth floor. In the cave, Mingyue failed to learn skills and accidentally fell into the pool.

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Chapter 66 Flesh Corpse

"Are you a flesh corpse? Alas, the flesh corpse is greedy. It's true that it killed himself… Han Changsheng sighed. The flesh corpse accidentally ate Han Sheng's "Three Shit Soul-Destroying Intestines" and should have died immediately. , but the three feces were impure, and they were not from the body of the person involved, so the medicine was not as powerful as it was, and finally there was a glimmer of hope. Now, according to the method of "Qing Sang Sutra", the yin and yang ruler gathered together to resolve the three feces' poison, and the moon shines brightly. The flesh corpse was restored again, a healthy flesh corpse. … Continue readingChapter 66 Flesh Corpse

Chapter Three Hundred And Fifteen

"I have never heard of this kind of head-down. I saw Meng Rachaon at that time." Yes, the eunuch promised my aunt that no matter how difficult the situation was, he would kill that wicked man Huang Jianguo. Bing has been taken away, if the ancestor is conscious, he doesn't know how anxious he will be. "Zumo, that's my daughter. Where is she now? Han Sheng had to tell the truth: "Old Zu, the wrinkled-skinned baby girl was taken by Mon Rachaon." Han Sheng pointed at Mon Rachaon. … Continue readingChapter Three Hundred And Fifteen