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I am a person who is very afraid of bugs, especially caterpillars. As long as I see it slowly crawling past my eyes with its body with countless fine hairs, my scalp will feel numb and goose bumps will pop up all over my body instantly.

The story I want to tell is about this caterpillar.

From my home to school, you have to pass a road with weeds and rows of small trees growing on both sides of the road. Every time I pass that road, I am very careful. I don't know why I always feel that something is going to happen here.

This period of time is about to take the exam, I will study until late every day, and I have to get up early the next day to go to class, and I have to walk on the way to school before dawn.

Maybe I went to bed so late last night that I was in a trance all day. When I passed that road on my way home, I didn't pay attention to the weird rustling sound in the weeds around me.

At this moment, suddenly a huge caterpillar crawled past my feet. It is about as thick as the mouth of a bowl, black all over, and more than two meters long. It crawls very fast, and the hairs on its body are like countless poisonous thorns. If it is accidentally pierced, it is likely to be poisoned and die.

When it crawled past my feet quickly, it looked back at me. My scalp exploded all of a sudden, numbness spread all over my body, my legs were limp and weak, and my ears were buzzing. I was immersed in that fear for a long time, and I watched the caterpillar disappear with dull eyes. place.

I don't know when, I felt someone patting my shoulder, I turned my head to look at that person blankly, it was a boy with a handsome appearance.

He's calling me Rizzo.

Rizzo, is that my name? I can't remember.

Who is he, do I know him?

The boy said he was Shuichi Makita, my fiancé. But I don't remember that I have a fiancé, I don't even remember who I am or where I live. For everything before that, my mind went blank.

When Makita sent me home, he said a lot to me along the way, but I didn't listen to a single word, and all I could think about was that terrifying giant caterpillar.

"Rizzo, this is your home, do you know?" Makita's words brought me back from my thoughts. I looked at the two-story building in front of me, and felt that this place was very strange.

Makita rang the doorbell, and a middle-aged woman came out to answer the door. She asked me reproachfully: "Why did you come back now? It's so late." I didn't answer her, and I was a little at a loss for her accusation.

"Oh, you sent her back, Makita. Come and sit in the house." The woman is very enthusiastic about Makita, and it seems that they are very familiar with each other. I can't help thinking, is he really my fiance?

While taking off his shoes, Makita said to the woman, "It's like this, auntie. I wanted to come over to find Lizuo just now, but I saw Lizuo sitting on the road with dull eyes on the road. I thought she was a bit strange."

"What, she's sitting on the road? What's going on? What do you mean by strange?" The woman asked Makita anxiously.

Makita said hastily: "Just now I invited Lizuo to my house after school, but when I was pouring tea, she left without saying goodbye."

Makita glanced at me and continued: "After I chased her out, I found Li Zuo sitting on the road in a daze. When I helped her up, she didn't seem to remember who I was, and she didn't even know where her home was."

"What, how did this happen? Rizzo, I'm a mother, do you know? Rizzo, don't scare me." The woman who claimed to be my mother kept shaking my body, and I still looked at it blankly. Ahead, my mind was blank.

The next day, my mother took me to see a doctor. After various examinations, the doctor said that there was nothing special about my brain and all organs in my body were normal.

"Then what's the matter with this child, doctor." After hearing the doctor's conclusion, the mother became more anxious.

The doctor adjusted his glasses and said, "I think it's a psychological problem. For example, she has been stimulated in some way. Do you have any clues about this, ma'am?"

"Not at all." Mom sighed helplessly. I had no intention of telling her about the gigantic caterpillar I had seen, lest she would believe me, nor would I believe it to be true.

"I'll prescribe some medicine for you first. In short, let's treat it patiently." After speaking, the doctor prescribed some mental medicine for me.


In the afternoon, Makita came to my house, and when my mother took him outside my room, I heard my mother asking Makita if something big happened to me at school that made me what I am now. How could Makita know?

I dare not think about that caterpillar anymore. I think there should not be such a big caterpillar in this world. It must be that I have been under too much mental pressure recently and have hallucinations.

"Makita, will I just become a lunatic like this? I will have that kind of hallucination." I told Makita what I saw a huge caterpillar on the way home that day.

"Well, giant caterpillar, why did you have that kind of phantom?" Makita also felt a little strange.

"I don't know, but it's really scary, and the thought of it might appear again, I just…" I didn't dare to think about it anymore.

"Rizzo, let's go out and relax, okay? You've been locked in this dark room for too long before you see that kind of weird thing."

"Well, that's true." I think Makita's proposal is very good, and I should go out to relax.

We came to the dam by the river, sat on the grass, looked at the river in front of us, and the soft wind was blowing, and our mood really improved a lot.

Makita looked at me, hesitant to speak.

"Rizzo… First of all, there is something I must explain to you first."

"What words?"

"I like you…I said the same thing to you in this place last time, don't you remember?"

I nodded, I really have no impression of this matter.

"I see, I don't know what it's like to lose my memory." Makita lay on the grass in disappointment.

Makita continued, "If I lose my memory, I feel terrible just thinking about it. So many precious memories will disappear without a trace, and I will not be able to bear it."

Hearing Makita say this, I lowered my head. I think the memory I'd rather lose is that of the caterpillar.

"Ah, but you don't have to worry about it, because you can create memories now. Or, do you want to go to my house? Let's go…" Makita happily invited me to his house, but I was embarrassed to refuse, so I followed up.


When I came outside Makita's house, I looked up and saw a somewhat old house. The outer wall has experienced many winds and rains, and it is already a little dilapidated. It was dark inside, as if no one had lived in it for a long time.

Makita took my hand and entered the house, a pungent smell made me unable to breathe. Makita asked me to sit in the living room while he prepared tea.

From the moment I entered the door, I felt a cold air surrounding me, like the cellar of my home.

I looked around and saw that the interior was more dilapidated than the exterior. This house has been built for at least a few decades, and there is an indescribable weirdness everywhere in the house.

I have always had an inexplicable sense of dread about this house.

Makita brought tea and sat across from me, "What's wrong with you, you seem uneasy."

"No, no." I tried my best to hide my uneasiness, and lowered my head to drink the tea prepared by Makita.

"By the way, for you now, this is the first time you have come to my house. But you have been here several times before." Makita said jokingly.

I lowered my head speechlessly, I still have no memory of what Makita said.

We were all silent, not knowing what to say to each other.

Just then, I heard a rustling sound, as if something was crawling towards us.

This sound reminded me of the huge caterpillar I saw last time, and I don't know why I thought of it.

"What's that sound?" I couldn't help but ask with some fear.

"Ah, it's my dad. He's awake. This is the second time you've met my dad . Uncle , Rizzo."

I turned my head to look at the source of the sound, and suddenly two feet appeared outside the door. Next comes the legs, then the body and the head.

A haggard old man was lying on the ground. He used his feet to drive his whole body, and in a strange posture, he approached his dead uncle , and crawled strangely from the dark place.

The top of his head was hidden outside the darkened door, and his hair was scattered on the ground. He was already as thin as a mummy wrapped in skin.

Makita's father opened his mouth and said in a hoarse voice: "Hello, Rizzo, welcome. I always thought you wouldn't come." His voice was very strange in this dark room, which made me feel Creepy.

"Dad, you don't have to force yourself out, you have to pay attention to rest." Makita said with concern.

Makita's father did not go back to rest, but said in his strange hoarse voice: "How can this work, Xiuyi. Maybe Li Zuo will become our family's daughter-in-law in the future." After finishing speaking, he coughed violently for a few moments Voice.

I sat there silently, not knowing how to respond to what Makita's father said.

Makita saw my silence, his face was flushed. He strongly opposed his father not to talk nonsense, because I have lost my memory, and they are all strange to me now, Makita didn't want to scare me.

"My body is aging day by day with the passage of time. I'm afraid I don't have much time to live. Hehehe…" Makita's father laughed eeriely. He took a few breaths and continued: "If I die Now, our family, Xiuyi, please take care of me, Rizzo."

I really don't know what to say, so I can only be silent.

Makita hurriedly said: "Dad, don't say such unlucky words. Besides, Li Zuo has lost his memory now, and he doesn't even remember the marriage he promised me."

"Really, please go back and rest quickly, don't talk too much." After speaking, Makita's face became even redder.

Makita's father sighed softly and said: "It seems that I, who is in the way, should leave. I'm so tired, and it's time to go back to bed and rest."

Immediately afterwards, he said: "Really, please take care of our Xiuyi matter, cute little girl. Hehehe…" There was another sinister laugh.

After speaking, he was the same as when he came, kicking his feet hard on the floor, and using that strange posture, he moved his body back step by step.

Makita's father's words made me very uneasy, and I felt a sense of fear. I didn't want to stay in this house for a minute, so I hurriedly got up and said goodbye.

I ran back home as if fleeing for my life. This kind of anxiety, this kind of anxiety that cannot be expressed in words, has been strengthened after going to Makita's house.

I must have been to that house and seen something horrific in that house, so horrifying that I would have hallucinations of that giant caterpillar.

Maybe the cause of my memory loss is in his house, and I don't know.


At night, when I turn off the light and go to sleep, I can't sleep at all. The creepy hoarse voice of Makita's father was still vaguely lingering in his ears: "I'll trouble you to take care of our family's Xiuyi, cute little girl. Hehehe…"

I was so scared that I put the quilt over my head, not wanting to have such auditory hallucinations again. I was afraid to see Makita's father again, and even afraid to see Makita again.

At this moment, there was a rustling sound outside the door, as if something was crawling on the floor.

I held my breath and listened carefully, and the rustling sound kept ringing outside the door.

I hid under the blanket and dared not make a sound. Suddenly, the rustling sound disappeared. But after only a pause of two seconds, the sound sounded again, and at this time the door creaked and opened.

It's so late, could it be that mom is cleaning the floor outside? I carefully lifted the quilt and looked towards the door. With the light outside the door, I saw a huge caterpillar crawling towards me from outside the door.

Its body is as thick as the mouth of a bowl, covered with hairy thorns. Every time it crawled, there was a rustling sound.

It was the huge caterpillar I met on the road, and it was getting closer and closer to me as it crawled towards me…

"Ah!" I yelled and sat up. Looking at the door in horror, the door was closed tightly, there were no caterpillars there, nothing.

Only then did I realize that the room was brightly illuminated by the sun, and I finally breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out to be just a dream, and at this time I was drenched in cold sweat.

"Rizzo, Makita is here." My mother called me outside the door, and my heart skipped a beat.

Mom opened the door and saw that I didn't intend to get up, and hurriedly said: "Rizo, what are you doing? Come out, Makita is already waiting for you outside the gate, I think he seems to be in a hurry."

What is Makita looking for me urgently? As soon as I walked out of the room, I saw Makita panicked.

"Rizzo, I'm sorry to come to you suddenly, I have something very important to tell you."

"Very important?" Seeing Makita's flustered look, I couldn't help being a little puzzled.

"My dad's condition has suddenly deteriorated. He has been muttering to himself now, saying that he wants to see you." After he finished speaking, he took my hand, "Please, come with me." He didn't give me any With no room for reaction, he was dragged by Makita and rushed to his house along the way.

As soon as he entered the door, Makita shouted: "Dad, Dad, I brought Rizuo."

I was terrified to enter this house again, but Makita held my hand so tightly that I couldn't break free.

"This is the room, hurry up." Makita pulled me to the door of a room on the second floor.

"Dad, I brought Rizo." Makita opened the door while talking.

"Dad, did you know that it's Rizo." Makita's father closed his eyes tightly, his anger was like a thread. He was much thinner than yesterday, and his eye sockets were sunken deeper.


When I first entered the door, I only noticed that Makita's father was sweating profusely, but when I looked at his head again, I was stunned. I couldn't believe my eyes, and for a moment my scalp started to explode, and I was shaking all over.

On Makita's father's head was the huge caterpillar I saw, and this one was much bigger than that one, at least twenty meters long, curling up on the ground.

I opened my mouth wide in fright but couldn't make a sound, as if my throat was choked and unable to breathe.

I wanted to go home right away, but my legs were so weak that I couldn't control them. How I wish this was still just a nightmare, if I woke up in my own bed at home and none of this really happened.

However, this is not a dream, this is real. What appeared in front of my eyes were not caterpillars, but skin-wrapped skulls strung together, their thin silver hair scattered on the ground, and these skulls were parasitic on Makita's father's skull.

"Rizzo, it's no wonder you are frightened. You must have been frightened when you saw my dad by chance at my house before, and that's why you lost your memory." Makita's voice sounded inexplicably at this moment. weird.

"And your subconscious mind regards this image as a giant caterpillar, so after you lose your memory, you will still see its phantom. Only, this is not a caterpillar…

"This is a collection of skulls from my ancestors, each of which was covered with scalp and, of course, contained a brain."

Makita continued: "My father's head is connected to my aunt's head; on top is my grandma's head; on top is my uncle's head; on top is my great aunt's; on top is my great-grandfather and His brothers'; above that, my great-great-grandfather's…"

"Stop talking." I covered my ears in fright, not daring to listen any more.

"I remembered, I remembered everything." That's right, the last time I came to Makita's house, when Makita went to prepare tea for me, I accidentally saw his father and those skulls strung together.

I ran away in terror and had hallucinations of giant caterpillars on my way home. Then Makita came, but I couldn't remember anything. I must have lost my memory from being overly frightened.

"Rizzo, do you remember? Then, you also remembered my proposal, right? You agreed to my proposal, do you remember? You said you would marry me." Makita grabbed me eagerly arm, he was excited.

I did promise him, but that was before I saw his dad.

"Rizzo, you don't have to worry about anything, as long as you give birth to a child with my blood on it, that's enough." I was so frightened that I broke free from him and stepped back step by step.

Makita walked towards me eagerly, "Now I am the only descendant of the Makita family. If I don't carry on the family line, my relatives will die. The memories of their relatives they have kept for many years will also die. Followed by nothing."

Makita approached me while talking, his face became more and more ugly, "They won't allow me to do that."

"No, I can't marry you. Me, I'm going back." After finishing speaking, I ran downstairs. I must get out soon, Makita and his ancestors are just too scary.

"Wait a minute, Rizzo, it's useless for you to run away. Every door here is locked." Makita's voice sounded behind me, and I was so frightened that I wanted to run away desperately.

I just ran to the door, but didn't pay attention to my feet, and suddenly I was tripped by something. Looking back, it turned out to be skulls strung together.

It squirmed back and forth across the floor like a gigantic caterpillar, making a rustling sound as it scraped.

This monster more than 20 meters long is strung together by an unknown number of skulls.

I couldn't help screaming in fright, trying to stand up, but my legs were so weak that my whole body was already shaking from fright.

"Rizzo." Makita's voice appeared behind me like a ghost, "The place where you fell now grew from my father's head, my ancestor's head." Makita was approaching me step by step.

"Rizzo, I don't have time. I will never let you leave me again." After speaking, he stretched out his hand to me.

I was so frightened that I knocked off his hand and shouted, "Don't come here."

At this moment, Makita's face became distorted. He covered his head with a look of extreme pain. He kept saying, "Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomy

I saw that Makita's head was dripping blood, and he was covering his head as he walked towards the room where his father was.

I heard him say in the room, "My dad, he's dead."

Before I had time to react, the long string of skulls pulled back towards the room in an instant. I was so frightened that I immediately stood up, leaning against the wall, not daring to move.

The speed of the skull was very fast, and it disappeared from my side in an instant. Only some scattered silver hairs on the ground could prove that they had appeared here before.

I didn't know what was going on inside, but I heard Makita whimpering inside the house, and my curiosity drove me closer to the door of the room.

Through the crack of the door, I saw Makita's father lying on the floor with a terrified face, his eyes were wide open and his mouth was open, as if he had endured great pain before he died.

Looking at his head again, the skull on it… was gone. Blood was pouring out of Makita's father's head as if someone had chopped it off with an axe.

I looked at Makita in fear, he was kneeling there with his hands covering his head, the light in the room was very dark, and a strong smell of blood filled the whole room.

Makita raised his head to look at me and took a closer look. I opened my mouth in fright and wanted to scream, but I found that I couldn't make any sound when I was extremely frightened. I was short of breath and wanted to escape, but my feet were extremely sore.

Makita's head was strung together with those skulls. He was staring at me with strange eyes, and the blood flowing from his head stained his white shirt red.

"What are you doing, Xiu Yi, hurry up and grab that young lady."

"Yes, catch her soon. If you let her escape, you will never find the bride again."

"Hurry up, go and grab her."

Creepy voices emanated from those skulls. The voices revealed an irresistible majesty in the old age, and they looked particularly eerie in this dark room.

"I know, I know! Aunt, Uncle, please don't keep arguing." Makita yelled at the skulls, and turned to look at me, his eyes were bloodshot at the moment.

"If I knew that Dad would die so early, I would have taken action. Don't worry, I will definitely let Lizuo marry me." Hearing Makita's words, I turned around and ran out in fright.

"Rizzo, Rizzo…" I turned my head and glanced at Makita, just like his father, he was driving his whole body with his feet, crawling towards me strangely with that strange posture. His appearance is extremely terrifying, and his crawling speed is also very fast.

Soon, Makita crawled beside me, he opened his mouth wide and shouted my name, the skulls attached to his head were urging him to hurry up.

My feet were grabbed by Makita all of a sudden, "Yeah!" I let out a helpless scream and my whole body went limp.

My spirit couldn't bear the fear, and I sat on the floor stupidly as if my soul had been emptied.

The headache came back again, my mind went blank and my memory faded again.

"It seems that Rizo has lost his memory again." An extremely old and gloomy voice sounded in his ear, it was the voice of Makita's father.

"Isn't this great. Well, let's help the two of them get married." Another voice sounded.

"Great, really great. In this way, the Makita family can live another good life."

Countless cheers rang in my ears…

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