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Have you ever made an irreparable mistake?

Maybe you don't believe that no matter how small a mistake is, there will be retribution.

I know you are not afraid, so please close your eyes…

Recall what you have done. Open your eyes…my story begins————————

September 14

The weather today is surprisingly good. The sun is shining warmly on you, and the breeze is refreshing and pleasant. I didn’t expect such good weather in early autumn, which makes people feel better. School is about to start, and this will It was my first year in college, full of excitement and curiosity. After the military training ended in the afternoon, my new roommates and I were chatting and throwing the things in the suitcase on the bed. A group of young people gathered together and the atmosphere was very relaxed and happy. Until Huo Qing's father's visit – Huo Qing disappeared. When he heard this sentence, everything around him seemed to become gloomy. Huo Qing is my roommate. His family is very wealthy. His father is a government official. He is arrogant and has a bad temper, but he has no scheming ideas. Huo Qing asked for personal leave at the beginning of the military training and went home. Now that school is about to start, he still hasn't come back. But according to his father, Huo Qing has not been at home these days. Last week, he came home in the middle of the night without saying a word. It was scary. When his parents woke up the next morning, they found that Huo Qing had driven away. They thought he had gone to a party with friends, but he still hadn't come home, and they didn't see his car. Although Huo Qing always looks bad-tempered, he is actually a very timid person. He pays great attention to his health and never does any dangerous sports. It was impossible for him to go too far away without informing anyone, unless… My mind began to slowly replay what happened before Huo Qing came home last week. The setting sun was slowly submerged by the horizon, and the light in the dormitory began to become dim. Everyone was silent. I couldn't see their expressions clearly. Several figures were reflected straight on the pale wall, and their shapes were stretched thin and long. It seems a little weird. I seemed to see that face again through the window, pale and swollen, standing quietly downstairs looking at me. I could feel that something big was about to happen.

After Huo Qing's father left, everyone didn't discuss the matter anymore. They packed their things and went to bed one after another. I lay in bed tossing and turning for several hours without falling asleep. I looked at my phone and it was already two o'clock in the middle of the night. The room was a little stuffy and I had a thin layer of sweat on my body. It was very uncomfortable. The harder it was to fall asleep, the stuffier I felt. , the hotter it gets, the harder it is to sleep, a vicious cycle. Staring at the grotesquely extending tree shadows reflected in the moonlight on the ceiling, Huo Qing's figure began to emerge in front of me. The military training had just started for three days a week ago. We, who were spoiled by our parents at home, couldn't stand a lot of sports. When we returned to the dormitory every day, we would sleep with our heads covered and didn't even have the energy to eat. I had a nightmare in the middle of the night. I dreamed that a baby with a strange face crawled on me and cried loudly at me with its mouth wide open. I opened my eyes suddenly and was covered in sweat. The sheets were soaked. , I sat up in a panic and held my chest and gasped. Suddenly I felt a voice behind me. I started to get scared. I really wanted to know what was behind me, but I didn’t dare to turn around. My sense of self-protection controlled me and refused to let go. I put myself in danger, I began to think wildly, and the sweat on my forehead began to become cold and flow down my cheeks. Calm down, it must be that kind of dream within a dream. I haven’t woken up from the nightmare just now. I comforted myself like this. After calming down a little, I was ready and suddenly looked back at the window. There was a figure and stars there. I took a closer look at the firelight, and it turned out that Huo Qing was smoking by the window in his pajamas, "Aren't you sleeping either?" I put on my slippers and walked over to get one, but I couldn't sleep anyway.

Who knew that before I could walk over, Huo Qing suddenly stood up and looked out the window. Just as I was about to ask him what he was doing, he started to back away and trembled violently. He dropped his cigarette butt to the ground without even noticing and stepped on it. I walked up to him, and when I was about to grab him, he suddenly turned around and rushed out of the dormitory very quickly. I started shouting, where was he going in the middle of the night, and he was still wearing pajamas and slippers. The other people in the dormitory woke up when they heard my shouting and asked me what happened. I told them that Huo Qing was frightened by something and ran out without saying anything. We chased him upstairs together. But I couldn't find Huo Qing anywhere. "The door is locked, where can he go?" I asked doubtfully. "Maybe he went to another dormitory. He's not always with a few people from other classes. Maybe he's thinking of doing useless things together. Don't worry about it. He's such an adult. What can happen to him?" Chen Guang yawned and walked back while talking. Several other people also said don't worry about it and walked back. I was the only one left and couldn't do anything. Besides, when I just entered a group, no one wanted to appear unsociable, so Then he went back to the house to sleep with everyone. But after I finally fell asleep, I vaguely started to hear the sound of banging on the door. I thought to myself that Huo Qing had come back without the key, so I got up and prepared to open the door, but when I got up, I found that it was not the sound of banging on the door. The regular banging sounds seemed to come from downstairs. It was already about three or four in the morning, and the sky was already a little bright. I lay by the window and looked out and found a white BMW M6. The whole car was slowly coming. I reversed slowly and then suddenly pushed forward and crashed into a small rockery in front of me. Then I reversed again, making a dull crashing sound every time. I saw that the bumper had come loose and smoke started coming out of the hood. This was What to do? People inside will die if this continues! I immediately opened the window and started shouting downstairs: "Hey! Stop!" I shouted and suddenly noticed why this car looked so familiar. Our school is a new campus and there are not even residential buildings near the sports car. ? Isn't this the same car that Huo Qing drove on the day of registration? "Hey! Huo Qing!" My shout once again woke up the other roommates. Zhang Wen, who was sleeping next to me, saw me shouting out the window, so he rubbed his eyes and walked towards me and tried his best to look down: " Why are you calling Huo Qing again? Are you two in love or something? You can see him in this dark sky?" After he finished speaking, he patted me and prepared to go back to sleep. "But look, his car," I said and pointed out the window, but why, outside the window was quiet and only the chirping of crickets could be heard, and there was no ripple on the river opposite. Where did his car go?

September 16

The military training is finally over today. Quan Bing decided to find an Internet cafe with a better environment to play DOTA in a private room all night. The Internet speed in the school is usually too slow. "There are exactly five of us without Huo Qing holding us back. We can finally have a good fight today." Chen Guang's relationship with Huo Qing has never been good. His twin sister was admitted to this university like us. But because the son of a certain director took up the quota, his application was in vain. However, his family's financial conditions did not allow her to retake the exam next year. His sister was obviously a top student with both good character and academic performance, but she had no choice but to give up her studies and go to work. I committed suicide a while ago because I couldn't think about it. And this director is Huo Qing's father. As luck would have it, I didn't expect that two people like this would be assigned to the same dormitory, and Huo Qing was indeed not a likable person on the surface, so Chen Guang often found trouble and quarreled with him, and recently even over trivial matters. Taking action, now even after Huo Qing disappeared, 343 took the opportunity to ridicule him. But having said that, Huo Qing is indeed a bit annoying. He usually likes to show off. He often shows off in front of us when his family has a little money. Other people in the dormitory also had a bad impression of him. "Forget it, tell me what he is doing." "Hey, yes, let's go." "Yes, let's go." Everyone left the school together talking. There is a clear river outside the school wall that extends all the way to the outside of the school. There used to be a lot of fish to be seen, but recently there are no more fish. To the west of the school, there is an Internet cafe adjacent to the river. There is a private room with exactly six seats near the river. We discovered this place when we first came to register. Six of us have been here together once. This room can see the clear river water directly from the window, and the air is fresh and the scenery is good. But strangely enough, it is said that since mid-August, the pond has suddenly become very dirty, the weeds have grown rapidly, and there are also unseen large fish swimming around in the water. They often breathe when they come to the surface of the water. Shock people. By about 11 o'clock, Zhang Wen and I were so sleepy that we couldn't open our eyes, so we took a nap together. At this time, a muffled sound of "dong" and "dong" suddenly came from outside. It was not clear, but it disturbed people's sleep. I waved my hand and patted Chen Guang next to me: "Brother! Close the window, it's so cold. Who is so wicked? Why are you knocking in the middle of the night!" So Chen Guang stood up and walked to the window, but he didn't hear anything for a long time. There was a sound of closing the window, and I had to stand up by myself: "Hey? What are you doing? Why aren't you closing it yet?" I found Chen Guang looking down with a serious expression. Hearing my voice, he came back to his senses and hurriedly closed the window. After closing it, he still looked out the window with a strange expression. I was so sleepy that I fell asleep on the sofa in the private room without thinking much.

About two o'clock in the morning, I suddenly wanted to go to the toilet. When I opened my eyes, everyone was basically asleep, except…Chen Guang. He hugged his legs like a girl and curled up at the door, his face was ashen and he kept staring in the direction of the corner. I saw his pupils were dilated, his body was shaking violently, and he was mumbling. It was really scary to see him suddenly. I jumped, and I hurried over to pull him up, but he couldn't use any strength at all. After pulling him several times, he still fell to the ground. At this time, he suddenly raised his arm and pointed at the corner. I followed his gaze and looked In the past——that was the spot where Huo Qing sat when we all came here together last time. The reason why I almost fell down at this moment is that there was a person sitting there, it was Huo Qing! His face was covered with mud, his skin was slightly blue from the cold, his eyes were rolled up, and yellow and green filth was spitting out of his mouth… I opened my mouth but couldn't scream! "Dong"… "Dong"… "Dong"… the sound came again. Why did the window open again? Wasn't it already closed by Chen Guang. Yes, what is this sound? There is a river outside the window, and there is no house at all! How could someone knock something in the middle of the night! What on earth is that… When I came back to my senses, I discovered that Huo Qing was already standing outside the window. He banged his head against the tightly closed window, with a strange smile on his dirty face that moved closer and closer. , accompanied by a dull impact, I fainted.

When I woke up, it was already dawn, and I subconsciously looked at that seat! But it was empty. There was nothing, nothing outside the window. The window was open, and the crisp chirping of birds in the early morning and the melodious music from the school radio came. I felt relieved and looked around. No one else was awake yet, but Chen Guang was missing. I was just about to wake everyone up at this time! The door opened, and standing outside was Chen Guang with a face full of fear. His face was filled with tears and his eyes were bloodshot. He looked straight at the seat in the corner and suddenly shouted: "Ah!" Then he turned around and ran away! He kept shouting: "Huo Qing is dead! Huo Qing is dead!" His voice echoed in the corridor. I looked back at the seat again, and there was a pool of yellow-green dirty water underneath. How could this happen? In this way, my whole body suddenly felt very cold, and my head became dizzy. I leaned against the wall and sat on the ground with my legs limp.

September 18

Chen Guang is crazy. We heard his voice coming from outside the ward. He kept shouting: "Sister! Don't kill him! Sister!… He's coming… Don't come near me… Don't come over! Ah!" He finally became quiet. , the caregiver and the nurse gave him a sedative. No one knows what happened, and I didn’t say anything, otherwise I would have been locked up here. Back at school, two people have decided to go home or stay at a friend's house. One of the people in the dormitory is missing and another is crazy. After all, such things do make people feel a little uncomfortable. Back in the dormitory, Zhang Wen and I were the only two people left in this empty room, and everyone else had left. We stood in front of the window and looked at the empty beds with emotion. The university life we ​​longed for was not like this. A gust of wind blew from nowhere outside the window, and we shivered at the same time.

It was midnight, and Zhang Wen was already fast asleep, but I tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep. So I put on my coat and decided to go outside to get some air. Maybe staying away from this dormitory would make me feel better. The lights had long gone out, and the shoes made an eerie echo on the floor of the corridor. The old man at the door was sleeping soundly. I gently picked up the key and opened the door. Walking on the empty playground, the cold wind blowing on my body relaxed the nerves that had been tense for the past few days a little. "Giggle…giggle…" In a daze, I heard the intermittent laughter of a child, and my body walked uncontrollably in the direction of the sound. Suddenly, a little boy appeared in my sight. He was jumping and running towards me, laughing like a silver bell…

He slowly raised his hands and waved at me… only… three fingers on each hand. Like a bird's talons, if you look carefully, this child's skull is also slender than that of a normal person. "Is it scary? I am a deformed monster… No one wants me…" The child's voice echoed hollowly in the playground, and the scene in front of me began to become more and more blurry…

When I woke up, I was in the school infirmary. Standing beside the bed were the school doctor, Zhang Wen, and the old man guarding the door. The old man saw me awake and scolded me angrily: "What's wrong with you, a student! You didn't sleep and ran around in the middle of the night, and you even snatched my keys. You ignored me when I called you, and you walked very fast. , you fainted when I chased you! It’s outrageous to be a student now!” If someone else heard an old man lecturing him like this, he would be very angry, but at this time, there was only infinite fear in my heart… I clearly remember that the old man was sleeping when I went out, but why…and, that laughter, and that child…which one is an illusion…did I really touch something that others can't see…

September 21

There has been no news from Huo Qing for half a month. I don't know if he is dead as Chen Guang said, and I don't want to know. I am just becoming more and more certain that everything that has happened to me recently is not a dream. I have been staying with Chen Guang in the psychiatric hospital since yesterday afternoon, because I understand that only he knows the truth of the matter now. But his illness never improved, and he spent most of the time chanting the same words crazily. Fortunately this afternoon when I was getting ready to leave he was quiet and started to listen to me, even though he didn't respond to me.

September 22

Huo Qing's father came, and his words confirmed my premonition, but even if I heard the facts from his father's own words, I still couldn't believe that such a young life disappeared so quietly. But what makes me even more confused is whether Huo Qing's death is really related to the strange hallucinations I saw. After leaving school, I went to the psychiatric hospital. To my surprise, Chen Guang sat quietly by the bed and was not surprised at all when he saw me coming, as if he was waiting for me. I guessed correctly, he was indeed waiting for me. He didn't look like a crazy person at all. He looked at me and asked me to sit down calmly, but I could tell from his tone that he was very scared, and that fear did not subside at all in his heart. "Do you feel better today?" I asked him tentatively. However, his answer left me at a loss. "I know what you want to ask me. I thank you for coming here to accompany me these days. I will tell you what exactly happened that day. Whether you believe it or not." His body was shaking slightly, and he lowered his head and slowly began to tell. , "That night at the Internet cafe, you fell asleep, and suddenly there was a sound in the middle of the night, so you asked me to close the window. I walked to the window and was about to close it, when suddenly I saw someone below! A red figure was pushing a huge Something! So I looked down hard, and I recognized it! The red dress was the dress my sister wore when she committed suicide! The woman with loose hair is my sister! But my sister is obviously dead! My true love's sister She was dead! But I clearly saw her pushing a car at that time! When I looked carefully, I realized that there was someone in that car! It was Huo Qing! My sister pushed him and the car into the river! Huo Qing Qing's hand was caught outside the car window, and he kept knocking on the door! 'Boom!' 'Boom!' 'Boom!' The window kept rolling up, and his arm was cut off bit by bit! There was blood everywhere. Wow, the sky is so dark, but I can actually see clearly!" After saying that, he hugged his head hard, whimpering in pain. My heart suddenly thumped, then the Huo Qing that Chen Guang and I saw early that morning… was… the Huo Qing who had been drowned alive! However, if Huo Qing was killed on the 16th, then I saw him driving and hitting the rockery before. Could it be that he was crazy at that time? Could it be that he wanted to die? Then, after he What did he see outside the window that night when he ran out? According to what Chen Guang told me, it turned out that Chen Guang’s sister committed suicide by jumping into the river at the deepest point of the river. When she committed suicide, she only left a suicide note but her body was never found. This is why weeds grew so deep in the river and the water was so filthy. The reason is because there is a female corpse hidden under the water. She's back for revenge…

September 23

The roads on both sides of the river were so dirty that the feeling of stepping on the mud was nauseating. We were almost at the deepest point. I pushed aside the weeds up to my waist and seemed to be able to see something in the water. A huge metal shell with many unknown strange fish swimming around it. The sky was darkening and everything looked extremely gloomy. I jumped into the dirty water. The water was not deep, only about three meters. When I stepped on the bottom of the water, I felt a slippery feeling. There were various microorganisms and oil-like things in the water, as if the river water was a basin of dirty and deteriorated thick water. The soup was disgusting. The water was already dark green with all kinds of disgusting filth floating on it. The water is very cold, so cold that it's bone-chilling and makes people feel wind on their backs, just like…the underworld. I held my breath and dived underwater. This was a car, already covered in rust. Dark red blood stains could also be seen on the car door and windows. At this time, something was moving in the car, and then there was a dull knocking sound: "咚"…"咚"…"咚"…"Ah!" I sat up suddenly and found that I was in the dormitory. , the sweat on my head fell on my body and I felt chilly. Zhang Wen looked at me with a pale face in horror on the bed next to me. "It's okay, I had a nightmare." I wiped the sweat from my head with my hand. "I know, but… I've been hesitant to ask you. Don't think I'm crazy, okay? I'm just asking casually, recently… have you seen… I mean dreamed… of a long A little boy with chicken-like claws?" Zhang Wen's voice was trembling, and my body was trembling even more. I didn't expect that Zhang Wen also met that boy. I told Zhang Wen everything I had experienced these days. We just stared at each other quietly, at a loss.

Yesterday Chen Guang committed suicide by jumping off the building after I left. I stood in the hospital not only sad but also scared. I tried hard to calm down my mood. I walked back to the ward where Chen Guang lived to see if he had any notes or anything that could shed some light on my current situation. Help, but…I saw…the evening light shone on Chen Guang's face. He was so helpless. He pulled hard on the edge of the window sill with his hands, but his body was still downward. He stretched out a hand towards me. Help! I subconsciously ran over and just about to grab his hand… "Plop!" A heavy landing sound came from downstairs, and a pale and bloated face flashed past the window. I lay down on the window sill and looked down. Chen Guang's body was broken into pieces and twisted in a pool of blood… Next to the body, a boy raised his head and smiled at me. His head was slightly deformed and he had chicken-like fingers… …When I calmed down and looked carefully again, there was nothing downstairs. I held my head with both hands and squatted on the ground. My nerves could no longer withstand such stimulation. It was Huo Qing who came to take revenge on Chen Guang…Chen Guang did not commit suicide. It was he who dragged Chen Guang off the windowsill alive! At this time, a mental patient's cry suddenly came from next door! It was not surprising to hear hysterical shouting here, but what he shouted was "You damn monster! Stay away from me! Oh my God, why are you punishing me like this!" Monster? I suddenly remembered what the boy said. I seem to have a feeling that this patient must be directly related to this matter. So I ran to the ward where the shouting came from – Oh my God! professor Zhang! I ran out of the hospital gasping for air. I really can't accept that Professor Zhang, who is erudite and respected by everyone, is also crazy. Professor Zhang is an old professor in our school. The first class I took was from him. I have been in a daze these days. He often comforted me and told me that I would stay, which showed a kind of courage that ordinary people do not have. He and his wife are both teachers at the school and live in the teachers' dormitory west of the school. The couple is very happy, but they have never had children. He once gave birth to a child in old age, but legend has it that the child was stillborn and died right after birth.

September 24

I told Zhang Wen about Professor Zhang. Now we can only save ourselves together. Zhang Wen was surprised after hearing this, and then patted my shoulder thoughtfully: "I think I probably know the reason for all this. My mother is an obstetrician and gynecologist at the only hospital in this suburb. She once I mentioned before that there was an old professor in our college who broadcast a ghost story in the middle of the night , but the child was born with a deformed head and limbs! My mother said that the child was healthy in all aspects except for the deformity in appearance. , but the child was never seen again after being discharged from the hospital, and the couple had always claimed that it was a stillbirth and died before birth. That was about four years ago." Yes! That's right! The boy we met was probably four or five years old! Then he is…the freak born to Professor Zhang! But what does all this, the death of sister Chen Guang, and the death of Huo Qing have to do with this deformed child… By the way! It's that river! They all died in that river! Everything is almost revealed! Zhang Wen and I decided to take a risk and go to the river tomorrow night.

September 25

This psychiatric hospital is still the same as before. Zhang Wen and I were walking on the grass downstairs. We raised our heads and vaguely saw Chen Guang's body hanging there under the window of his ward. We decided to go see Professor Zhang, maybe we could know something from him. When I walked to the door downstairs, a drop of liquid fell on my head. I wiped it with my hand. The thick liquid turned green, and a fishy smell spread to my nose. I sneezed and started to tremble. . When I raised my head, the figure was still hanging by the window upstairs, swaying in the wind… I started to hallucinate again. There were very few people in the hospital today. In the cold corridor, we could clearly hear the "whoosh…whoosh…" sound of the draft intertwined with our footsteps, which seemed to be the melody of Black Sunday. Finally, we arrived at the door of the ward where the screams came from that day. The ward was surprisingly quiet today. Maybe Professor Zhang had just been coaxed to sleep by the nurse. Zhang Wen slowly opened the door. The door shaft, which had not been lubricated for a long time, made a terrifying "squeaking" sound. As the light in the room came out… a figure hung by the window and swayed in the wind. , drawing a uniform arc like a pendulum. "Ahhh!" Zhang Wen stumbled and fell to the ground. Professor Zhang had a rope tied around his neck, his face was turning blue, his eyes were protruding outwards and his tongue was hanging from his mouth. His whole body seemed to have been soaked in water, with turbid and smelly green water constantly dripping from him. The drooping body looks extremely long, and the limbs are the same. What are they! his hand! He only has three fingers left! The gap was already festering, and I couldn't bear it anymore and started vomiting at the door…

The roads on both sides of the river were so dirty that the feeling of stepping on the mud was nauseating. We were almost at the deepest point. I pushed aside the weeds up to my waist and seemed to be able to see something in the water. A huge metal shell with many unknown strange fish swimming around it. The sky was darkening and everything looked extremely gloomy. It all seemed like a dream… I jumped into the filthy water. The water was not deep, only about three meters. When I stepped on the bottom of the water, I felt a slippery feeling. There were various microorganisms and oil-like things in the water. It's as if this pond is a pot of filthy thick soup that makes people sick. Yes, it's disgusting. Haven't I been here before? Why did I come here again? It feels so familiar. I can't even tell the difference. Whether it was real or not, the only thing that made me feel reassured was Zhang Wen who was following me, but the scene at this time was obviously exactly the same as my dream! Everything here has made Zhang Wen tremble, but I feel as if I have experienced it before. What makes me uneasy is… In my dream, what is about to happen is… "Stop!" I walked towards Zhang Wen, who was in front, shouted at the top of his lungs, "Quick! Stop!" "What did you see?" Zhang Wen immediately stopped and leaned next to me. He was frightened by my shouting, and his body began to become more violent. trembling. "I…I…" I couldn't say any more, because the sound had already come: "dong"…"dong"…"dong"…" "What is that sound! Zhang Wen looked at me with wide eyes in horror, "What is it!" He roared and turned his head. "Don't look back!" "When I shouted at the top of my lungs, Zhang Wen had fainted from fright. I watched dumbly and blankly as the boy swam towards us from the water. His body was softened by the water, and a strip of stone was scraped off by the stones in the river. Strips of meat, and there was no longer even a trace of blood on the exposed bones. His purple face had been soaked and deformed. He was grinning like before… "Get out of here!" "The desire to survive finally defeated my fear. When he came close to me, I kicked him away with all my strength, climbed ashore with difficulty, turned around and crawled back hard! "Monster? You are the monsters… Those who abandon others are monsters hahahahahaha…" At this time, the sharp and strange voice became smaller and farther away… I crawled hard and finally got the coat I threw on the shore. I took out my mobile phone and called the police with the little strength I had left…

The police arrived twenty minutes later. Zhang Wen drowned and was sent to the hospital. The police used a crane to pull out the metal object from the water. It was Huo Qing's BMW M6. Now it was so rusted that the color could no longer be seen. The body of the car was also severely deformed. Seaweed was hanging on the car window. A man's hand was stuck on the car window. After being squeezed and broken, the color of the blood is no longer bright. The police opened the car door, and a fishy stench hit their faces. Thick water poured out of the car. There was a heavy muffled sound, and Huo Qing's disfigured body fell to the ground. The police also discovered the bodies of a woman and a baby from the bottom of the pond. Only three fingers on the baby's hands were severely deformed.

September 30

The police found a suicide note in the car. After recovering the handwriting, they found that the suicide note written by Chen Guang's sister was a forgery. The forged suicide note said that Chen Qing committed suicide because she was not admitted to the university. Even if she died, He also wanted to die in school, so he committed suicide in this river, and from the real suicide note discovered now, we discovered the truth of the matter. It turned out that Chen Guang's sister Chen Qing had met Huo Qing before the college entrance examination. Although Huo Qing was superficial and irritable, he was very good at pursuing girls, so they fell in love soon, and Chen Qing became pregnant a month later. . When Chen Qing's child was about to take the college entrance examination, she was already four months old. Huo Qing told Chen Qing to let her apply for the same school as him and then give her place to him so that he could go to a good university and become a good father in the future. She could also make money to support their mother and son, so Chen Qing happily agreed. The result is just like every love story. On the first day of college, Huo Qing met a beautiful sophomore girl who was relatively famous in the school. On the same day, he told Chen Qing that he wanted to break up with her. How could Chen Qing accept it? , so she went to the river behind the school to argue with Huo Qing, threatening her to commit suicide if they broke up, not only for her but also for her children. As a result, Huo Qing left without looking back, so Chen Qing took four The one-month-old child drowned himself in the river. At this point, I finally understood the real connection between the two things, and understood what the deformed child said – monsters are those who abandon others.

Professor Zhang's wife was arrested the next day for first-degree murder, and a month later Huo Qing's father was imprisoned for abuse of power, bribery and corruption.

it's all over.

September 31

Tomorrow is the National Day holiday, and the school promised to change our dormitories when we start next semester. It's hard to buy a bus ticket in Zhang Wen's hometown, and he can leave one day later than me. He asked me to stay with him for one more day, but now I really want to leave school. Whenever I think about being in that house again, I couldn't bear to stay there for one night, and Zhang Wen understood how I felt. After saying goodbye to him, I dragged my trolley case onto the train, found a seat by the window, put my luggage, and sat down. At this moment, my phone suddenly rang, and the screen displayed Zhang Wen. I leaned on my chair and picked up the call. Phone: "Hello?" "Hello?" I looked at the screen and was still on the phone, but there was no Zhang Wen's voice on the other side of the phone, only the sizzling sound of electricity. Suddenly, a familiar voice came over: "You are also a monster if you abandon others, hahahahahahaha."


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