Ghost Story Network Tells About The Massacre


When looking back on the perverted murder cases I encountered in those years, the first person that popped into my mind was the “executor” who claimed to punish the world for God. The incident happened in a villa in Yuanyang District, Anhua, and later this case was also known as the “Yuanyang Villa Extermination Case”.

In 2001, I joined the cleanup work of the Criminal Police Rehabilitation Team of the Yuanyang Public Security Department as a graduate of a Columbia Finance major in business. At that time, there were four people in the aftermath team including me. Hui, “Bai Tiao in the Waves” Brother Liu and “Mother Two Bugs” Sister Ling.

As for why they got the nickname “Water Margin”, I haven’t figured it out for a long time. Among them, the longest working time is of course my father, who has worked for more than 30 years and is known as the father. As mentioned earlier, because of the special nature of our work, our aftercare team is often seconded to various places to handle cases. However, no matter where we are seconded, the division of labor among the four of us is basically the same: me, my father and “Langli” “Bai Tiao” Brother Liu is mainly responsible for the specific clean-up work, and “Mother Two Bugs” Ling sister is responsible for various desk work and coordination work.

The specific process of the work is as follows: the superior informs the father of the details of the crime scene. For the convenience of description, I also call my father the father according to other people’s habits. The father conveyed the case to Sister Ling, asked her to do the writing work such as records and reports, and applied for the necessary equipment for the clean-up work. Then we went to the equipment room to get the equipment and went to the scene of the murder to clean up. The cleaning time depends on the situation, simple, it can be done in two or three hours, complicated, seven or eight hours is normal, even if it is busy for several days. After the cleanup, come back to hand over the work, and write a simple cleanup work report for archiving. If there is a need to coordinate with the criminal police, such as when suspicious or potentially useful evidence is found, the person in charge of the case needs to be informed, usually the criminal investigation team leader.

Before joining the aftermath work group to carry out formal work, my father took me to the mortuary and funeral home to receive the “corpse culture” in order to tell me the psychological construction ghost story network . In fact, before returning from abroad, I had “premeditated” to be a “cleaner”. Therefore, as soon as I received the internal news that Lao Li was about to retire and there was a job vacancy, I immediately conducted pre-job self-training.

First, I found free membership cards for movie sites from a bunch of advertising emails, and then I downloaded a lot of preview movies from the Internet, mostly horror movies. Because unlike oriental horror films, most of the so-called horror films in western countries are mainly based on rendering the dismemberment of the human body and the display of bloody human internal organs.


Then, I used a search engine to download a lot of medical anatomy pictures. In this way, I have a more intuitive understanding of the various forms of corpses. So, when my father took me to visit the mortuary, I looked sanctimonious and had no adverse reactions at all. Although the smell of corpse did make my stomach a little uncomfortable. Dad glanced at me, and when he saw my face full of righteousness, he showed a look of distrust.

After a few days, I quickly felt that the corpse was not as scary as I imagined. I thought that my steely heart had been exercised. How could I know that when I actually went to the murder scene of Jinxing Villa, I vomited on the spot.

I remember downloading a movie called Waxwork Horror and it had an impressive movie poster.

The poster depicts a man whose features and limbs are distorted and melted like wax. The reason why I want to say this poster is because the situation in the villa is very similar to this poster, the difference is that one person is melting in the poster, and several people are melting together in the villa, no, it is not melting, it is corruption , the corpse is constantly decaying like a heated wax man, the muscle tissue on the deceased’s face is twisted and twisted, and it has long been impossible to distinguish where it is. Only the skeleton is still stubbornly supported on the ground in various forms, and we are walking in and out of it, reminding me of the deer fork in the siege game. The eyeballs are rolling around here and there, and the eyeballs with the eyelids are extraordinarily round, as if they are staring at you maliciously. A large amount of corpse water continuously seeps out of the corpse, criss-crosses the ground, and blends with each other. It looks as shocking as it is shocking.

Dad and Brother Liu are old birds after all, and they don’t care at all. They wore special gloves on their hands, but the masks were drooping on their chests, and they had no intention of using them. Although I had already vomited the food in my stomach completely, and after listening to Brother Liu, I took a few breaths of the corpse odor and put my visceral system into working condition, but I still couldn’t help but secretly put on two pairs. Face mask.


Even so, the bitter bile slid from the stomach down the esophagus and up the throat from time to time. I imitated my father and brother Liu, and I pretended to be calm and picked up a shovel. I was a shovel at the corpse close to me. The corpse was like tofu. The long-awaited maggots seem to have found an exit, and now they are scrambling to embrace them. They are tossing and performing, for fear that others will not know their existence… My nausea came up again, and I ran out and vomited a lot. In fact, there is nothing to vomit.

After going back and forth for several times, I finally got used to the environment and slowly kept up with the rhythm of Dad and Brother Liu.

Once the viscera stopped, my mind started spinning. I murmured in my heart, which madman’s “masterpiece” is such a bloody scene? So, once the scene was almost done, I couldn’t wait to ask my dad for answers.

But Dad doesn’t seem to know much, he just said that these dead people at the scene killed each other to death, and they are all relatives! This piqued my curiosity even more. Coincidentally, at this time, Wu Tianyou, the captain of the Changsha Criminal Investigation Team in charge of the case, returned to the scene for some unknown reason. I hurriedly seized the opportunity to approach it, hoping to find out some inside information. This is actually very taboo. If you can ask more, don’t ask more. It is better to have less than one thing. When I was young and feisty, I didn’t know these rules.

Not only then, but now I am still so fond of asking questions. If there is anything new, strange or unclear, I have to break the casserole and ask to the end, but the questioning method is more tactful, thanks to retaining this simple habit. Otherwise, these bizarre and terrifying stories will not be known.


Team Wu was not tall, with a standard police face. Looking at him always reminds me of You Yong, who played the head of the mainland police officer Shi in the movie “Underworld”. I handed over a “Great China” and lit it on fire. I didn’t smoke at first, but according to Brother Liu’s words, I always carry a pack with me at all times. One is to suppress the odor of the corpse, and the other is to be an incense stick when necessary. Unexpectedly, I used it once.

Team Wu took a sip, looked at the cigarette in his hand, then looked at me, and said two words: “Fake cigarette.” I smiled awkwardly, seeing that he seemed to be in a good mood today, I quickly continued my question.

I said, “Team Wu, have you found the murderer?” As soon as I said that, I immediately regretted it. It is too abrupt and too unprofessional to ask such a question. I am not afraid that Team Wu will laugh at me for being too tender, but I am afraid that such a problem will embarrass Team Wu. After all, as soon as the crime scene is discovered, the murderer is found immediately, and the probability is almost the same as winning the lottery.

Team Wu took another sip of fake Chinese, and didn’t mean to throw it away at all. Although he didn’t smile, his tone was obviously light. He said: “We have locked down major criminal suspects and are searching for them.”

When I heard it, I couldn’t help but be amazed that there is such a high efficiency in handling cases! Brother Liu, who was tying up the body bag over there, couldn’t help jumping up when he heard this, and hurriedly ran over to listen.


When asked again, Team Wu didn’t say a word. He patted me on the shoulder and asked, “You guys have just cleaned up the crime scene. I’m afraid you are more familiar with the details than I am. Tell me, who is the murderer?”

I didn’t graduate from police academy, but I watched almost every popular crime movie and TV episode I could find online. Haven’t eaten pork, haven’t seen a pig run yet? I still have the basic knowledge of case determination.

I rested my hands on the handle of the shovel, and said like a primary school student answering a teacher’s question: “Although the bodies of these victims are all decomposed, judging from their clothing and skeleton features, the deceased are four women and two men, two of whom are children. They are the children of Li Qing and Zhang Ting. The older woman should be Li Qing’s mother, and the one who wore an apron before her death should be his nanny, Auntie Sun.”

Before I could finish speaking, Brother Liu came up and slapped me on the back of the head, saying, “Stop talking nonsense, and go to work! Don’t be afraid to make Team Wu laugh out loud. What kind of mother is a nanny? It’s about evidence, it’s a very serious matter, and it’s not about talking about stories !”

Before I could defend myself, Team Wu slowly pushed Brother Liu aside, looked at me with bright eyes and asked, “Tell me, who is the murderer?”


I said, “I can’t say for sure. Judging from the current situation, we should find Li Qing’s father as soon as possible to ask him clearly. I wonder if he is one of the suspects?”

Team Wu patted me heavily on the shoulder and said that in the filing cabinet in his office there were case materials that he considered to be more important in various periods. After he finished speaking, he nodded to his father and turned away.

Team Wu’s action was like giving me a pennant, which excited me a lot. As soon as he stepped over the threshold with his forefoot, Brother Liu immediately jumped over and asked me about the wrong medicine, whether it was a ghost or not. How could I know such details.

I pointed to the commemorative photos of the Li family from various periods hanging on the table and on the wall and said, “Isn’t it all obvious. Comparing the body shapes and clothes of these people in the photos, it is not difficult to determine the identities of these corpses. There are also pictures drawn by the children pinned to the note board, ‘Thank you letter, Aunt Sun is my second mother’, etc. I picked up two more air tickets from the coffee table, which were obviously the air tickets for Li Qing’s parents to return to their hometown. Since Li Qing’s father didn’t go home, and now he can’t see anyone alive or dead, no matter whether there is any suspicion or not, it must be in order to find out what happened.”

After listening, Brother Liu also came over, followed the example of Team Wu, patted me on the shoulder heavily, and said solemnly, “Young man, I really didn’t see the wrong person. Those dirty clothes in my locker room, you can do whatever you want. Take it to wash, and if anyone asks, say it’s my approval.”

Back in the group, Sister Ling learned about my deeds from nowhere and complimented me. On the first day of work, I had such a performance, and my father felt very proud. Although he didn’t say anything, when he came home for dinner at night, he personally opened a bottle of beer and handed it to me, which made my mother very surprised. My father usually opposes my drinking.

With Team Wu’s clear instructions, the office of the Criminal Investigation Team Captain became a place where I could go in and out at will without approval. Although Team Wu was not allowed to disclose the case to me according to regulations, I could browse the materials he had researched at will, which gave me an opportunity to keep up with his case-handling ideas.

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