Ghost Story Ancient Cowherd And Weaver Girl

Cowherd and Weaver Girl

A long time ago, there lived a family in the mountains, all the old people died, and there were two brothers left in the family. The eldest married a daughter-in-law, and this daughter-in-law has a bad heart and always wants to dominate the family business left by the old man.

One day, Er Xiao led the dog to herd the cow, and when he arrived in the field, he patted the cow’s back and said, “Cow wow, cow wow, I want to sleep for a while, you must not run around.” The ox seemed to understand the words of the person, and lowered his head and mooed a few times, and flicked his tail to eat grass beside him. The second child lay on the grass and fell asleep.

Missing noon, my sister-in-law brought a jar to deliver food to my brother-in-law. Seeing that the second child was sleeping, he kicked him hard. When Er Xiao woke up and saw that it was his sister-in-law, he hurriedly got up and stood on the ground like a stunned chicken.

Sister-in-law put the rice jar on the ground, and said angrily, “You are at ease, sleep with the cow, and I will settle the account with you when the cow is lost!” After speaking, she twisted her butt and left.


The second child was hungry for a long time, and just about to eat the jar, the big ox beside him smashed the jar, and the jar fell to pieces. When the big black dog saw the food on the ground, he opened his mouth to eat it, and after a while, he licked the food on the ground clean.

The second child looked at the broken cans and was frightened, and felt that it was not a good idea to go home. He sighed: “Oh, why am I so miserable!”

As soon as Er Xiao’s voice fell, the big black dog fell to the ground with a thud, bleeding from his nose and mouth, and he died after a while. It was only then that he understood that his sister-in-law had put poison in the meal.

Second thought carefully: It seems that I can’t live with this evil spirit, or I will die in her hands sooner or later. When the sun was about to set in the west, he drove the cattle back home. As soon as he entered the yard, he turned his head to see his brother coming back from outside, and his heart felt sour, and tears could not stop in his eyes. Seeing that his brother was so sad, he didn’t know what happened at home, so he quickly asked, “Why are you so sad?” “I beat the rice jar given by my sister-in-law, and the dog died after eating the food on the ground.” I understand eight or nine, but I can’t fight against the women in my family, because it’s hard.


The second child cried and said, “Brother, let’s separate.” Seeing that the younger brother said that the family was going to be separated, the older brother was even more difficult. First, the younger brother was still young, and secondly, he went out to do business, and he would not be able to do it without helpers at home. If we make do with it together, I am afraid that my brother will have three strengths and two weaknesses.

Seeing that the elder brother was worried, the second child said, “Brother, I don’t want anything in the house, just the cow.” She put her hand on the door frame and said to her husband, “In the future, we will have our own way. I am the second brother!”

There were tears in my brother’s eyes, and he couldn’t say a word.

The next day, Er Xiaoba left in a bullock cart. Walk around, go farther and farther. Second, think carefully: if you keep walking like this, how long will you be? Just live here! He stopped the ox cart, chopped down a lot of branches, and built a shed on the hillside. After the shed was set up, he and the old scalper settled here.


That cow is the lower realm of the Taurus star in the sky. It has been with Er Xiaobing for more than a year, and it died that night. After the old ox died, he gave Er Xiao three dreams in a row. In the dream, he told Er novel: “I will go back to heaven at three quarters of noon tomorrow. After I leave, you will peel off my skin and wait until July. On the seventh day, put it on your body to ensure that you can go to the sky. The Queen Mother has seven daughters, and they went to take a bath in the Tianhe that day. Remember, the fairy in green clothes is your daughter-in-law. You must not let them see your ghost In ancient times , when they were all in the water, you hugged the green clothes and ran back, she would chase you. As long as you go home, she will not leave.”

The next day, when Er Xiao saw that the old yellow ox was dead, he didn’t eat or drink, he touched it and cried. After that, the cowhide was peeled off, and the cowhide was left behind to bury the cow. He knelt on the cow’s grave and cried.

On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, Er Xiao put on cowhide and immediately left the ground with his feet, fluttering to the bank of the Tianhe River. He quietly hid in the woods and waited. After a while, the seven fairies of the Queen Mother came. They took off their clothes one by one and jumped into the water.

Er Xiao took a look at the green clothes, jumped over to grab it, and ran. When the three fairies saw someone hugging her clothes, they came out of the water and chased after them. After chasing slowly, chased after the second little home. The third fairy asked the second primary school why she took her clothes, and the second novel wanted her to be her daughter-in-law. The third fairy repeatedly said that the rules of heaven are not acceptable, and the second child repeatedly said that the world is better than the sky. Seeing that the second little girl was good-looking, the three fairies were also moved, so she agreed to him. After this, the three fairies Luofan came to the world. She played flowers and weaving cloth at home every day, so people called her Weaver Girl. The second child goes out selling cloth every day to make money. The young couple lived happily ever after.


Three Fairies and Er Xiaobing have given birth to a boy and a girl for three or five years. One day, the second primary school went to work in the field, the sky drum sounded, and the Jade Emperor sent the heavenly soldiers to capture Zhinu. The second primary school went home and saw the two children crying, not knowing where the daughter-in-law was, and was anxious. As soon as I asked the child, the eldest child pointed to the sky, and the second child thought that Zhinv had left. He hurriedly picked up his two children and put on cowhide to chase the Weaver Girl.

The second child was in a hurry and chased fast. When she saw that she was about to catch up with Zhinv, she annoyed the Queen Mother: “Okay, second child, do you want to chase after Lingxiao Palace?” A stroke in the middle immediately formed a Tianhe. There was no way for the second child to cross the river, so she stomped her feet in a hurry, and the two children in the basket called her mother. Both Zhinv and Er Xiao cried, and it was useless to cry. The second child wanted to leave a memory for Zhinv, so she took out the ox buckle and threw it at Zhinv, and Zhinv took it in her hand. The Weaver Girl thought for a while, but there was nothing to give, so she took out the weaving shuttle and threw it at the second elementary school.

Until now, the Vega star on one side of the Tianhe has a buckle star in the arms, and there is a shuttle star next to the Altair star on the other side.

There is an ancient poem in the Han Dynasty: “Altair is in the distance, and the Han girl is bright in the river. The slender hands are slender and the hands are attached. Can’t speak.”


This is an eternal sing of love between men and women. It expresses the painful feelings of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl being tortured by love, both affectionately and poignantly. This is the story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, which is well known and loved by the Chinese. In the process of telling the story of the ups and downs of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, it exposes the despotism and brutality of the feudal forces, and also reflects the longing of the ancient working people and the desire to pursue a free and happy life.

Cowherd’s sister-in-law is cruel and cruel to Cowherd. They told the Cowherd to eat leftovers, wear tattered clothes, sleep in the cowshed at night, want to monopolize the property left by the old man, and even wanted to poison him to death, and finally drove him out of the house. From the plot of Cowherd being abused by his sister-in-law, we can see the ugly attitude of his sister-in-law and the inadequacy of human affection.

Lao Niu understands Cowherd’s mind. The close relationship between Lao Niu and Cowherd not only contrasts Cowherd’s loneliness and depression, highlights the unfortunate fate of Cowherd, but also shows Cowherd’s kind and hard-working qualities.

The Cowherd and Weaver Girl in the story is actually a typical example of ancient Chinese working people. Through the complete storyline and colloquial language, people have created two distinct characters, the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. The Queen Mother represented the brutal feudal ruler and the representative of the feudal forces. Tianhe is a tool and means used by feudal rulers to persecute and suppress working people.

Because the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl are the kind of people who rely on hard work and frugality to create and pursue a better life, it is because of this that there is such a long-standing legend among the people. People all hope that Cowherd and Zhinv, two kind, brave and hard-working people, live a good life, and pinned the good wishes of the people to live a happy life.

This story has a strong mythological color and shows the rich imagination of the working people.

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