Mother-in-law's Coat

Xiaoqing entered the Pei Mansion at the age of thirteen. When she was very young, a fortune teller from her family read her face and told her that she was destined to be wealthy. Unfortunately, this gentleman seemed not to be right, and soon his hometown was hit by a plague, and his parents died one after another. Xiaoqing was sold to a family named Pei as a maid.

Perhaps Xiaoqing was destined to be a prosperous master. Within a year, her master, Mr. Pei, became the Sima of Jizhou. Xiao Qing is waiting at Mrs. Pei's side. The Pei family has four daughters, the eldest has reached the age of marriage, and the youngest is one year younger than Xiaoqing.

This year, the Pei family master suddenly resigned from office. The family took a carriage from Jizhou back to Chang'an City. Not to mention Xiaoqing, even the four daughters of the Pei family were shocked by the prosperity of Chang'an City. The Pei family master bought a big house in Songxianli in the city, and the family settled down.

It was still early spring when they returned to Chang'an. Over the past few days, the weather had become increasingly hot, and it was already May. On this day, the streets in Chang'an City were very lively and crowded, and the streets were crowded with people who came out to watch. Because in the first month, a big event happened in the Tang Dynasty. The current Emperor of Tang Dynasty passed away.

On this day in May, the imperial court finally made arrangements for the funeral, and Emperor Xianzong was about to be buried. Emperor Xianzong has been in power for fifteen years, and including the time he was a prince, he has been neighbors with the people in Chang'an City for decades. Although everyone has never seen the face of the emperor, in the past ten years, everyone's life has been relatively smooth, and they have some feelings in their hearts. When they heard that someone was leaving, they all came to see him off.

Many old people had tears in their eyes.

Mrs. Pei brought her four daughters out to watch the fun, and Xiao Qing also came out to wait on them. Emperor Xianzong wanted to bury Jingling. When they arrived at Tonghua Gate, there was already a sea of ​​people and they could only watch from a distance.

When the emperor's funeral procession passed by, the crowd moved aside automatically. The spiritual flag is made of white silk, and everything is white. Although the procession was huge, it was very depressing. No one dared to make a sound. There was only the clattering sound of the horses' hooves on the street. Xiao Qing couldn't see the emperor's coffin, but she felt a little scared in her heart.

After the funeral procession had gone far and the crowd gradually dispersed, Mrs. Pei and her family got into the carriage and prepared to go back. After all this tossing, the sky has darkened.

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While the sky was still visible, the carriage headed home at a steady pace. When they were approaching Pingkangfang North Street, Mrs. Pei suddenly asked Xiao Qing if there was an old woman who had been following the carriage.

Xiaoqing sat next to the lady and could see what was happening behind the carriage. Although it was dark now, a figure could still be vaguely seen walking towards the direction of the carriage.

The man was a bit strange. He seemed to be stooped and couldn't walk very fast, but he could always keep up with the carriage.

The eldest daughter of the Pei family felt that the old woman was quite pitiful and said that there was still room in the car anyway, so it was better to give her a ride.

Mrs. Pei was a little hesitant. She seemed to have some taboos.

The second daughter agreed with the elder sister and asked the driver to stop. When the mother-in-law approached, the second daughter opened the curtain and called for her to come up and accompany her.

The old woman didn't say thank you, climbed into the carriage and sat next to Xiao Qing.

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For some reason, Xiaoqing felt a little chilly and shrank back subconsciously. The old woman had gray hair, was wearing black clothes, and was carrying a package in her hand. When I got in the car, I didn't say a word.

The eldest daughter asked enthusiastically, where is my mother-in-law going?

Xiaoqing saw the mother-in-law open her mouth and spit out three words: "Songxianli."

Xiaoqing thought to herself, it turns out that she is also from Songxianli.

The eldest daughter happily said that we also live in Songxianli, and the big house at the corner of the street is our home.

The old woman didn't speak any more.

The daughters felt bored and started talking about the emperor's funeral.

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Soon, when we arrived at Songxianli, the old woman got off the car. He didn't say thank you when he left. He walked to the corner in silence and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

The carriage was about to continue on the road, and the little daughter's sharp eyes saw a package thrown in the corner. It looks like the mother-in-law left it behind.

With a nervous look on her face, Mrs. Pei immediately asked the coachman to stop, and asked Xiaoqing to take the baggage and run after her immediately to return it to the mother-in-law. They were waiting here for her return. Mrs. Pei's tone was very urgent, and she repeatedly told Xiaoqing to return the baggage to the mother-in-law.

Xiaoqing agreed, picked up the baggage and chased out, quickly disappearing into the darkness.

After a while, Xiaoqing came back panting. The mother-in-law was not walking fast and had already caught up with her and returned the baggage to her.

Mrs. Pei breathed a sigh of relief and asked the coachman to go home quickly.

Nothing happened along the way. When they got home, the maids had prepared steaming meals. Master Pei also came back from outside and was waiting for them to eat.

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Three more days passed. Xiaoqing accompanied his wife to Luohan Temple to offer incense and came back. When he passed by his daughter's room, he heard strange noises coming from inside. I wanted to push the door open, but found that the door was locked, and the eldest daughter's voice came out from inside, saying that they were changing clothes.

Although Mrs. Pei felt a little weird, she felt relieved when she heard her daughter's voice and took Xiaoqing back to her room.

When it was ten o'clock, the food was ready, but the four daughters did not come to eat. Mrs. Deng asked Xiaoqing to ask her daughters to come for dinner.

After a while, Xiaoqing hurried back and said that the ladies' room door was closed and no one answered her no matter how she called.

When the lady heard that something was wrong, she and Master Pei quickly went straight to the lady's room with the servants and maids. The door was locked, and it was pitch dark inside, with no sound or light. Someone immediately took the key, and as soon as he opened the door and entered, a cold wind blew in his face, making people shiver involuntarily.

Xiaoqing lit the candle. Suddenly a group of people were scared to death. The four daughters of the Pei family were lying on the ground in a mess, with their faces wearing white robes for the dead. Mrs. Pei had already fainted from fright. After all, Mr. Pei was brave and immediately stepped forward to remove the veils from the faces of his four daughters.

But the strange thing is that the veil cannot be taken off. In the end, several servants worked together to tear off the coat, but the faces of the four daughters had become ashen and haggard, like an old woman in her eighties or nineties.

Overnight, the four daughters of the Pei family died mysteriously at the same time. Mrs. Pei fainted from crying several times. Mr. Pei was more calm than his wife and found an unwrapped package in his daughter's room. There are also several white tops inside.

Mrs. Pei's face was earth-colored. She recognized that this was the package that the weird old woman had dropped on the carriage.

Xiaoqing was frightened. She said that she had clearly returned the package to the mother-in-law that day, so why was she here? She has always had a very good relationship with the four daughters of the Pei family, and she cried with her wife until her eyes were red and swollen.

Since her daughter died mysteriously, Mrs. Pei has been crying every day. Mr. Pei also remained silent all day long. Xiaoqing endured her sadness and carefully took care of the two elderly people every day.

Later, the Pei family couple could no longer have children. Seeing that Xiaoqing was kind-hearted and clever, they simply adopted her as their daughter.

Xiao Qing still remembers what the fortune teller said back then, that she was destined to be wealthy. She always believed it and never doubted it. This time, she succeeded.


The face coat is the veil, also called the face hat and Ming Luo. It was very popular among people in the Tang Dynasty. Women used it to cover their faces or avoid dust when going out. The veil is divided into two types: the living wears green gauze, and the dead wears white gauze.

Speaking of which, Tang Xianzong was a capable emperor. During his reign, he worked hard to govern and appointed wise ministers. The Tang Dynasty had another renaissance period after the Anshi Rebellion. The Tang Dynasty at this time can be said to be quite powerful. Therefore, the people at that time also had deep feelings for the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, and many people came to see him off on the day of the funeral.

However, in the late Tang Dynasty, the threat from eunuchs was like a huge shadow of death, always hanging over the dynasty. Emperor Xianzong, who played a very important role in the history of the Tang Dynasty, married Bai Bingbing . At the age of forty-three, he was poisoned and murdered by the eunuch Chen Hongzhi.

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