little Girl In The Yard

I rented a farm in a suburb close to the city because I don't like the hustle and bustle of the city, but I can't completely escape the convenience of the city, so this manor close to the city is my best choice, but the only disadvantage is that The only thing is that this yard seems to have been abandoned for a long time. Fortunately, the house is still in good condition. Although it is a bit old, it can still be lived in after being tidied up. From the outside, it still looks a bit British.

Today is the first day that I moved here. According to the custom there, when I change the place of residence , I dreamed that the little girl died and came back to life . The first day is to invite relatives and friends to the new house to celebrate, so this is I came to this house early to clean up.

"Hey! What is this?" I saw a girl's hairpin in the weeds in the yard. It was very beautiful. It was a cute fabric hairpin. By some strange coincidence, I actually took this hairpin and put it in the bedroom. I don’t know what happened, but when I saw this hairpin, I felt like I had seen it before, a feeling of déjà vu.

When I finished removing the grass in the yard, I found an iron cage in the corner of the yard. It was very big. I didn’t know what it was for. It might be for dogs, but this dog was big enough. Meng When the little girl died and came back to life , the cage was big enough for an adult. I don’t know why such a terrible thought came into my mind, locking people up? No way?

"Oh, this yard is not bad. It's nice to grow vegetables and other things." Friends came one after another, and they were full of praise when they looked at the yard.

"Haha, okay, I just want to find a place with a big yard." This is my original intention.

Dream of a living dead girl peeing_Dream of a little girl dying and living again_Dream of a little girl dying and living again

At this time, a friend of mine seemed to notice the cage in the corner of the yard. Looking around the cage, there seemed to be something unusual.

"Did you bring this cage in your yard?" my friend asked me

"No, it was originally in this yard." It's indeed not my cage.

"Oh, I feel that this cage is not so normal. I feel that the things in it were not animals." I forgot to mention, this friend of mine used to be a detective.

"How did you tell?" I was curious.

Dreaming of a little girl dying and living again_Dream of a little girl dying and living again_Dream Peeing on a living dead girl

"I can't tell. In short, this yard is not that simple. My intuition is always very accurate." My friend said this.

When he said this, I felt very nervous. I didn’t know what was going on, but I always felt like there were other people in this yard.

In the evening, after entertaining my friends, I packed up and got ready to go to bed. At this time, I suddenly found that the hairpin on the table was missing. I put it here just now. Did my friend take it away? No, definitely not, my friend will not take my things without saying a word.

If it wasn't my friend who took it, then who was it?

That feeling became more and more intense. I felt like there were many people surrounding me, sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right.

Dreaming about a little girl dying and coming back to life_ Dreaming about a living dead girl peeing_ Dreaming about a little girl dying and coming back to life

"Hehe, hehe." Suddenly, a burst of children's laughter came from the yard. I looked outside through the window. I was suddenly shocked to find that there was a little girl in the yard. She was seven or eight years old. The little girl is dirty, is she a begging child?

So I went downstairs and walked up to the little girl, "Little girl, how did you get here? Is your home here?" I asked the little girl.

"No, I was brought here." The little girl's voice sounded a bit eerie.

"Then who brought you here?" I continued to ask.

When I asked this, I found that the surrounding air suddenly became cold. I turned around and looked at the little girl, and saw that the little girl lowered her head and seemed to be sobbing slowly and quietly.

Dreaming about a little girl dying and coming back to life_ Dreaming about a living dead girl peeing_ Dreaming about a little girl dying and coming back to life

Just when I was about to comfort the little girl, suddenly, the girl raised her head, and I looked at the livid-faced girl with unspeakable fear in my heart.

"They're bad people, and they all deserve to die! They're bad people, bad people!"

Suddenly the voices of many children came from all directions. When I was scared and wanted to pull the little girl upstairs, I found that the little girl behind me had disappeared without knowing it!

Could it be that what I just saw was not a human being? ? I suddenly felt as if I was in the mouth of a monster, as if I would be eaten by it at any time. The dark yard around me now looked like scary ghosts in my eyes, and I didn’t know which corner would suddenly appear from An unrecognizable ghost appeared.

"Ah! Ah!!" A sudden cry of pain woke me up from the terrifying atmosphere.

Dreaming of a little girl dying and living again_Dream of a living dead girl urinating_Dream of a little girl dying and living again

I searched around for the source of the sound, and gradually I discovered that there was a sound coming from the terrible iron cage in the corner of the yard. Is there someone in that cage? I slowly approached the cage, getting closer and closer. When I got closer to the cage, the sound stopped suddenly. I looked into the dark cage, eager to explore what was inside, but I was afraid that a scary ghost would suddenly come out. My face was almost touching the cage. Suddenly, a little girl with blood on her face suddenly jumped out of the cage in front of me!

"Ah!" I was frightened by the sudden and terrifying girl and stepped back. But when I opened my eyes again, the girl was gone, as if she had never appeared! Is it my imagination?

I spent a restless and difficult night. In my dream, I dreamed that this yard used to be lived by a pervert. There were many little girls in iron cages in the yard. They were locked in cages like dogs every day, and then every day He will be beaten and eventually tortured to death! ! ! The scene in the dream finally stopped at the face of a little girl. The little girl wore a beautiful fabric hairpin on her head.

The next day I couldn't wait to find my friend.

"There was a tragedy in this yard before. A pervert locked a little girl in an iron cage in this yard. When the police finally found this place, the little girl was already dead in that cage. Since then, this place has been deserted. "Every night, people nearby will hear the little girl's miserable screams coming from the yard. I don't know how you could rent such a house. Listen to me and move quickly. "

When my friend said this, I decided that I wanted to move, immediately! I just want to leave this scary yard quickly, but I don’t know if the little girl will disappear with my departure. Maybe in the following days, the little girl will still linger in that yard.

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