Read Online About The White Suit Of The Uncle Who Died After His Hair Was Cut Off

When An Ran woke up, he was lying in a bathtub filled with water. He touched his aching head, full of doubts in his heart. For a week, he woke up every time to find himself lying in the water wearing a suit. An Ran was a little scared. He turned the wet suit over and over, but he only saw a few threads on the cuffs. He pinched them and cut hard with the scissors. At the same time, he suddenly felt that the threads were from the suit. Nerves, if cut, will hurt.

Really, a strange idea, An Ran laughed to himself.

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Cut off your hair and die uncle_ Cut off your hair and die uncle_ Cut off your hair and die uncle_ Cut off your hair and die uncle_ Cut off your hair and die uncle_ Cut off your hair and die uncle_ Cut off your hair and die uncle


In the next few days, An Ran went to and from get off work as usual, and still slept in the bathtub. Finally one day, he really went crazy. He picked up the hammer, with red eyes, and hammered it down like a madman, one at a time, until the bathtub almost lost its shape, and he sat on the ground in despair. He raised his hand to wipe the sweat from the tip of his nose, but was stunned. I don't know when more threads appeared on the cuffs, and they seemed to be very sensitive to water. When exposed to water, they would grow happily.

The threads on the white suit were like silver needles, standing proudly on the cuffs, as if they were about to be inserted into An Ran's body in the next second.

An Ran shuddered and didn't dare to think about it. He stumbled up from the ground, put on headphones and listened to music, trying to relax in the singing. Unknowingly, he fell into a deep sleep. In his dream, he felt like an electric shock. Small electric currents surged throughout his body, causing a slight pain. An Ran frowned, even enjoying it a little.

He opened his eyes suddenly and found that this feeling really existed. He looked around and took a breath.

The shower head in the bathroom was running with water, and the threads on the suit were no longer on the cuffs, but all fell off. They were crawling everywhere on the wall like geckos. An Ran's body was also wrapped with white threads, and they became tighter and tighter, until An Ran could hardly breathe. He desperately grabbed the object next to him with his hands, scratching out scratches in vain.

A few days later, Lao Li, who lives next door, saw the bizarre incident reported on the news. The picture was mosaic, but he could vaguely make out that the body was covered with white threads. Lao Li shook his head and said, "The barber from Anjia next door cut off his hair and killed my uncle . It's really tragic."

But he didn't know that outside the security door, a white thread was slipping through the crack of the door.

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