Folk Rumors

1. Temple monster

Xu DaDa is the biggest butcher in Zhucheng. All day long, he has a layer of oil stains on his body and exudes a strange smell of pig blood and pig urine. People say that Xu DaDa is the number one pick in Zhucheng. It is also because he is too dirty. Xu Da Da is over 30 years old and has not found a wife yet.

At the end of winter this year, Xu boldly carried a robe on his back and began to go around asking for pork bills. In order to defend himself, before going out, he wrapped a sharp butcher's knife in white cloth and inserted it into his lower back.

Xu DaDaDou came to Kongjia Town that afternoon. After he settled the pork bill, in order to ward off the cold, he went to a small shop in the town and drank half a catty of Shao Daozi. But after he had had enough wine and food, the sky in the west was filled with lead clouds, and it looked like the sky was about to change.

Xu DaDang had to kill ten pigs to sell early tomorrow morning, so naturally he did not dare to delay. However, not long after he left Kongjia Town, the north wind picked up the snowflakes and swept towards him.

Xu boldly faced the roaring snowstorm and couldn't bear the cold. When he saw a dilapidated earth temple on the roadside, he pushed open the temple door and got in with a "swish" sound.

The tiled roof of the Earth Temple was in dilapidated condition and could not keep out the snow at all. Xu DaDa looked at a curtain under the altar table. He was about to put his head in, but was hit with a "dong" fist and was punched out. Xu DaDa was a pig-killer and had a bad temper. He was punched and his eyes were black and blue. He was so angry that he yelled "Wow!" Xu Da Da reached out and pulled out the butcher's knife from his waist, and then stepped forward With his feet, he kicked the altar table upside down, and saw a monster in black clothes with fierce eyes jumping out from under the altar table with a "ouch" sound.

Xu DaDa was also frightened by this monster that was neither human nor ghost. The monster opened its fingers, pointed at his throat, and pinched him. Xu boldly waved the butcher's knife and stabbed the monster in the left rib with a "click" sound. After the monster was in pain, he turned around and fled from the Tutu Temple. There was a "click" sound on the ground, and a dark book fell down.

Xu Dadan didn't know whether his sword had killed the monster. He touched his thumping chest, hesitated for a while, and then picked up the booklet on the ground.

Xu DaDa was illiterate. He looked at the densely packed names on the booklet and shook his head in confusion. After a while, the wind and snow outside the temple stopped. Xu boldly took the book and returned to his own slaughterhouse in Zhucheng with one step higher and one lower step.

Xu DaDaDao's mute servant opened the courtyard door. The mute servant looked at Xu DaDaDaAi's bruised left eye and screamed "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. ?”

The mute servant was scolded, with a look of submission on his face full of scars. He carefully closed the courtyard door and limped back to his small room to sleep.

Xu DaDa started killing pigs and selling meat from the early morning of the next day and was busy until the afternoon. He did not hear any news that anyone in the county was killed or injured. Xu DaBang felt relieved. He took the booklet and went straight to Sun Xiucai's house next door.

Sun Xiucai was the most knowledgeable person in Xu DaDaCai's mind, but he just picked up the book that Xu DaDaDao had picked up and took a look at it. His hand trembled, and the book fell to the ground with a "snap".

Xu boldly asked: "What's wrong?"

Sun Xiucai said in horror: "This is a book of seduction!"

2. Stacked to death one after another

The monster that Xu DaDaDa stabbed away last night was actually a ghost judge. The names of people who have died or are about to die in this county are densely written in this ghost book!

Xu DaDa only believed a third of Sun Xiucai's words. Sun Xiucai pointed to the names on the seduction book and said, "Look, the last red-ticked name is Niu Baiwan. Niu Baiwan is a rich man in this county. When I went to buy breakfast this morning, I learned that he died of illness last night!”

The name of the person next to Niuwanwan is Zhao Liang. Zhao Liang is a livestock dealer in this county. Xu boldly asked Sun Xiucai to borrow a writing brush. He pretended to put a black mark on Zhao Liang's name, and then said: "I will only believe that this book is really a ghost book if Zhao Liang dies too!"

Zhao Liang led several men to drive horses back from a neighboring county. However, when it was dark, as soon as he reached the gate of the county town, the horse he was riding was frightened. Zhao Liang fell off the horse and hit his head. When I got to the stone, my hair was straightened.

The news that Xu DaDa had obtained a soul seduction book immediately spread wildly in the county. Xu boldly opened the book of seduction and asked Sun Xiucai. Sun Xiucai told him that the person next to Zhao Liang's name was Li Zikun. Li Zikun was the shopkeeper of Yuelai Inn in this county.

When Li Zikun heard that his name was on the list of ghosts, he hurriedly took eight gifts and came to Xu DaDa in panic. As soon as the two met, he grabbed Xu Daring's arm and shouted: "Boss Xu, I beg you, please don't check my name!"

Xu DaDa took out the evil seduction book. When Li Zikun saw that his name was not checked by Xu Da Da, Li Zikun felt a little relieved. Xu DaDaDou saw Li Zikun swallowing his saliva nervously. He asked the mute servant to bring a bowl of tea and said, "Boss Li, if not, I will burn this booklet!"

Li Zikun had just taken two sips of tea. After hearing Xu's bold suggestion, his hands trembled, and the bowl fell to the ground with a "pop" and broke into pieces. He shouted: "Burn the soul seduction book and my name will be gone. This method of burning the soul seduction book is absolutely unacceptable."

Li Zikun told Xu Daring for a long time that he must keep this book of seduction. Then he rode home, locked himself in the bedroom, went to bed, and never came out again. But early the next morning, the servants of Li Mansion discovered that Li Zikun's body had become rigor mortis.

When Xu DaDang learned the news that Li Zikun's body had been erected, he was stunned for a moment. At this time, a huge commotion was heard outside the door of the slaughterhouse. It was Niu Baiwan's son who came to settle a score with him.

Xu DaDa once used a writing brush to put a check mark on Niu BaiWan's name in the seduction book. After Niu BaiWan died, his son said that his father was killed by Xu DaBao. Xu boldly rushed out of the house. He argued with Niu Wanwan's son: "Your father and I have no grievances. Why did I kill him? Your father's name is on the seduction book, which means your father's lifespan." It’s over!”

Niu Baiwan's son shouted: "Fart, you are the one who killed my father. You have to pay for my father's life!"

The two people talked for a while and then started to fight. Xu DaDa raised his fist and beat Niu Baibai's son violently. Niu Baibai's son covered his bleeding nose and shouted: "Xu DaDa, I'm going to the county." I tell you to go!"

3.Night Killer

After County Magistrate Tan of Zhucheng received the petition from Niu Wanwan's son, he also felt that the Soul Book case was indeed a bit strange. The policemen from Zhucheng came to the door. They locked up Xu Da DaDa with an iron chain, and then searched out the soul seduction book.

Xu boldly was taken to the county government office. After Magistrate Tan looked at the book of seduction, he waved his hand and said: "Unlock the lock for Boss Xu!"

Niu Wanwan's son shouted: "Master Tan, Xu DaDa has harmed my father!"

Magistrate Tan said: "Master Niu, this is your fault!"

It was true that Xu boldly drew an ink hook on Niu Wanwan's name, but Li Zikun, who did not draw an ink hook, also died. Therefore, it was wrong for Niu Baiwan's son to vent his resentment on Xu Dadan's body.

Niu Wanwan's son lost the case. He cried out that his father died unjustly as he walked down the court. When he passed by Xu DaDa, he gritted his teeth and said, "Xu DaDa, I will never let you go!"

Niu Wanwan's son walked out of the court, but Tie Shengtong hurried in from the entrance of the hall. With a "pop", he knelt down in the hall and shouted: "Master Tan, help me!"

Magistrate Tan said in shock: "Boss Tie, is there someone who wants to kill you?"

Tie Shengtong is the owner of the blacksmith furnace in this county. He pointed at the seduction book with a trembling hand and said, "Behind Li Zikun is my name!"

Magistrate Tan said: "Boss Tie, how do you want me to save you?"

Tie Sheng Tong means that in Zhucheng County, the best place to ward off evil spirits is the county government office. Tie Sheng Tong needs to rely on the "honest" authority of Magistrate Tan to avoid the death of Judge Yama.

Xu DaDaFang also proposed to Magistrate Tan that he would stay in the county government office for a few days. Youdao was a bachelor who refused to fight against power. If Niu Baibai's son hired a killer to come to his house in the dark, he would die without even knowing how. of.

Magistrate Tan thought about it and said, "There are quite a few vacant rooms in the backyard of the county government office. You two can move in!" Tie Shengtong and Xu DaDa led a few servants to clear out two rooms and then moved in. The backyard of the county government office. Magistrate Tan also specifically asked Liu Laoqi, the county government's chief catcher, to lead four smart detectives to keep vigil for Tie Shengtong and Xu Dadan in the backyard at night.

Tie Shengtong's servants sent him meals to the county government office early. After the mute servant delivered food to Xu DaDaDang, he led a few guys from the slaughterhouse to stay at the county government office.

Liu Laoqi led several detectives to sit on the stone bench in the backyard flower hall. While they were eating the food and wine given by Magistrate Tan, they paid attention to what was going on in the backyard. But in the middle of the night, a scream was suddenly heard from Tie Shengtong's room. Liu Laoqi led a few detectives and were about to find out what was going on. They were all dizzy and poisoned, and finally "crackling" fell to the ground.

When Xu DaDa heard the noise, he and the mute servant led several servants and rushed out. I saw a masked man in black breaking out of Tie Shengtong's room. Xu DaDa led the servants and raised their self-defense weapons. He was about to take down the man in black, but he didn't expect the man in black. As soon as he twisted it, he used Qinggong to reach the roof, when he saw the mute servant stretched out his hand and threw out a fishing net with a hook. This fishing net covered the body of the man in black. The man in black made a "gudong" sound and fell down. On the ground.

The mute servant snatched a wooden stick from the hands of the bold servant, rushed forward, and hit the man in black on the head with the stick. The man in black was beaten until he screamed, "I am the county magistrate, Mr. Tan!"

4.The final truth

Tie Shengtong had been killed in the room by the man in black. The mute servant leaned close to the man in black's ear and whispered: "You are Master Tan, then who is this Master Tan now?"

At this time, Magistrate Tan, who was resting in his bedroom, heard the noise and led several personal guards directly to the backyard.

Xu Daring was stunned when he heard that the mute servant could speak. But before he could figure out what was going on, Master Tan sneered and said: "Someone dares to impersonate me, Liu Laoqi, come here. , take off the full face scarf and see who he really is!"

The wine Liu Laoqi drank must have been poisoned by a man in black. In order to make up for his fault, Liu Laoqi struggled forward and took off the mask of the man in black. The man in black was beaten by the mute servant. His face was covered in blood and he couldn't see his true face clearly. But he still insisted that he was Master Tan.

Mr. Tan sneered and said, "Hit me hard to see if he still dares to pretend to be from this county!"

Liu Laoqi hated that the masked man in black had poisoned him. He and several of the poisoned detectives raised water and fire sticks and beat the masked man in black. After a while, the masked man in black The captured prisoners were beaten to death.

Master Tan turned to Xu Daring and said: "There is no such thing as a book of seduction. The book of seduction was forged by the masked man in black to release smoke and cover up his murderous crime. Now that the murderer has been brought to justice, you can go home." !”

Before Master Tan sent Xu DaDao, the dumb servant and others away, Nandou Xing died . In order to commend the dumb servant for his contribution, he also gave the dumb servant a glass of wine.

Xu DaDaDang led the mute servant and others home. When he closed the door of the slaughterhouse, Xu DaDaDang was about to ask the mute servant why he could speak when he saw the mute servant bleeding from his seven orifices and falling to the ground with a "pop". He had been poisoned and died. . Xu DaDaFang found a letter in the arms of his mute servant. The letter had no content and only had more than 20 pictures. After Xu DaDaDa read these pictures, he finally knew the secret of the Soul Book case.

The mute servant is the real Master Tan – Tan Youlu. A year ago, Tan Youlu donated a lot of money to become the magistrate of Zhucheng County. He originally wanted to make a lot of money after taking office.

After Tan Youlu came to stay at the Yuelai Inn in Zhucheng County, he was going to take up his post at the county government early the next morning. But he didn't expect that in the middle of the night, he would be killed by the groom he hired, that is, the fake Master Tan who was masked in black. The name of this fake Mr. Tan is Yang Yiping. He and Zhao Liang, Li Zikun and Tie Shengtong from this county are all brothers.

After these four people conspired to chop down Tan Youlu with a knife, Yang Yiping took Tan Youlu's official seal and came to Zhucheng County Yamen and became the parent official here.

Zhao Liang and Li Zikun sent Tan Youlu, who was covered with stab wounds, to Tie Shengtong's home. Tie Shengtong wanted to use his own iron furnace to burn Master Tan's body, but Tan Youlu struggled to escape after waking up from a coma.

Tan Youlu hid in Xu Dadan's family and became a servant. After Yang Yiping became the county magistrate, he was corrupt and perverting the law. Yang Yiping carried out rounds of extortion and extortion.

Unable to bear the harassment, Yang Yiping began to murder his three brothers.

When the mute servant saw that the time was right, he wrote a letter to contact Yang Yiping's twin brother Yang Erping, while he pretended to be a ghost in the earth temple, and then the book of seduction he forged fell into the hands of Xu DaDa.

The reason why Zhao Liang's horse was frightened was simple. Tan Youlu was hiding in the dark, and he hit Zhao Liang's horse in the leg with a slingshot. Li Zikun died because he drank Tan Youlu's poisonous tea. Tie Shengtong finally got scared and hid in the county government office, but how could Yang Yiping let him go…

Yang Yiping's twin brother Yang Erping is even more greedy. His desire to become an official and make a fortune is stronger than Yang Yiping's. After Tan Youlu found him, Nan Douxing died , and he agreed to the dumb servant, that is, Tan Youlu asked him to replace Yang Yiping as the county magistrate.

On the night when Tie Shengtong moved into the county government office, Yang Erping came to the county government office. When Yang Yiping was beaten until his face was covered in blood, he appeared as Master Tan.

Yang Yiping harmed Tan Youlu, and Tan Youlu also made Yang Yiping taste the taste of being harmed before he died. After Yang Erping became the county magistrate, he forced Tan Youlu to drink a glass of his own wine, which contained life-threatening poison! …

Xu boldly threw Tan Youlu's letter and the soul seduction book into the stove. A disgusting stench immediately emitted from the blazing stove.

Xu Daring spat into the stove hatefully, and then cursed loudly: "Dirty, so damn dirty! They say I am the number one buryer in Zhucheng. Now I know that there are many people who are dirtier than me. hehe……"

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