Chapter 910 Vehicle Overloading

() Yang Jian did not take action to kill one of them to seize the position. Of course he could do so, after all, he had the strength.

But the people on this bus seemed to have forgotten.

In addition to the thirty-five seats, there is another seat, which is the driver's seat. This seat is available because Yang Jian has learned from information before that Mr. Qin from the headquarters once worked on the supernatural bus. driver.

Since Mr. Qin has worked as a driver to pay for traffic accidents with ghost probes and driven a supernatural bus, he has naturally sat in this driving seat.

Someone has sat on it, nothing happened, and it is still alive today, which naturally means that sitting in this position is allowed, there is no danger, and there is no curse.

And this body in the driver's seat.

It was just an unlucky guy who tried to drive a supernatural bus in the past. Yang Jian had already seen this body last time, and Yang didn't find any clues.

Yang Jian guessed that the corpse might have been a ghost controller in the past, but when the ghost revived after death, the ghost in the body might have left.

So this body is most likely an empty shell.

Of course, it doesn't matter if he guesses wrong, the evil ghosts on the bus will be suppressed, and Yang Jian is not worried about what will happen.

"Can someone sit in the driver's seat? So the driver is fake, just a useless corpse, put there to show off and scare people?"

"No, there is such a thing. Does this Yang Jian know something? He wants to drive a supernatural bus?"

"Buses would be terrible if they could be driven."

In order to survive, many ghost drivers sitting on the bus were very shocked at this moment. They discovered at this time that it turned out that there was a possibility of human driving on the bus. They did not necessarily have to follow the crowd and follow the bus to the fullest. It's about wandering around in dangerous places and experiencing some unimaginable dangers.

"Yang Jian, can you drive this bus? If you can drive, I will work for you immediately and join your team. What do you think?"

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At this moment, a strange ghost master couldn't help but ask first.

Mastering the supernatural bus is equivalent to controlling the lives of countless ghost masters. After all, most of them need to use some characteristics of the supernatural bus to suppress the resurrected ghosts in their bodies.

Such a situation is enough to drive everyone crazy.

"Yang Jian, give me an answer. If you can do it, I can also work for you." Then, someone else said.

"Ghost Eye Yang Jian, I am one of the people in charge of the headquarters. I was forced to get into the car to save my life. My name is Fan Xing. I hope you can take care of me in the future."

In addition to those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for Yang Jian, there are also people who want to get closer through their status as the person in charge.

"Shut up," Yang Jian shouted coldly.

He has no interest in these people at all, and even if someone wants to work for him, he is not willing to accept it.

Team members who cannot be trusted are a scourge.

As soon as he drank, those chattering people immediately stopped talking and became silent obediently.

Now Yang Jian is sitting in the driver's seat and holding the steering wheel. Although he doesn't know if he can control the supernatural bus, if he can really control it, it will offend him or make him feel dissatisfied. It is simply selfish. Seeking death.


The supernatural bus was still driving forward, along a silent asphalt road. This road was very strange. At first glance, it seemed that there was no end in sight. If the scenery outside was not changing, everyone would not even be sure about this bus. Is the car actually moving and not spinning in circles?

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Yang Jian was sitting in the driver's seat. He did not control the vehicle. The vehicle was still operating according to a certain pattern.

However, Mr. Qin's experience as a driver made him feel a little interested.

Maybe I can learn to drive a supernatural bus like Mr. Qin…

"It's worth a try." Yang Jian took off his gloves, revealing his cold and black palm.

This is the palm of a fierce ghost, which was dismembered and spliced ​​to the body by ghost shadows.

According to his experience of driving a ghost taxi, if you want to control the supernatural vehicle, you must first suppress it. Only if the suppression is successful, can you regain part of the control.

And this control is the right to drive.

But if control fails, or suppression cannot be achieved, then it is naturally impossible to gain control.

Therefore, the driver needs to have quite powerful supernatural powers.

Yang Jian put his hands on the steering wheel and tried to turn it.

The old steering wheel seemed to be stuck due to rust. Although he tried his best, he could not shake the steering wheel even a little bit.

"The suppression power is not enough to gain control. The ghost hand can drive the ghost taxi, but cannot drive this supernatural bus. The gap between them is too big." Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly.

If the ghost hand could turn the steering wheel a little, he would be fine with it.

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This motionless look is really shocking.

"Try again."

Yang Jian did not give up. The black shadow under his feet shook and slowly covered the steering wheel, trying to increase the suppression force.

Although ghosts can be suppressed on the bus, they are not completely unable to move. You can still use the power of ghosts on the bus, but the restrictions are very large.

If the bus was like a nail in the coffin to suppress the evil ghosts in all aspects, then the ghosts on the bus would not even be able to get off the bus, and it would be full.

That’s why I said this supernatural bus is very weird.

Ghost shadows and ghost hands overlapped, and Yang Jian turned the steering wheel again.

As if he was turning something extremely heavy, he still felt huge resistance, but what was surprising was that.

The stuck steering wheel moved a little.

It turned slightly.

The amplitude is very small, so small that it cannot even cause the supernatural bus to change its position immediately. It can only move slightly by extending the traveling distance.

However, only Yang Jian let go.

The steering wheel on the supernatural bus immediately returned to its straight position, and control was taken away again.

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"Just a steering wheel is so difficult, let alone the accelerator, brake, and door control…" Yang Jian's face turned a little dark at this moment.

He has become an alien, the top ghost controller in the supernatural circle, but in the end, he can't even turn a steering wheel of this bus.

I really don’t know how Mr. Qin controlled this car in the first place.

Or is it not that I lack strength, but that I used the wrong method?

Yang Jian fell into some kind of self-doubt.

After all, it was something he couldn't control. If anyone else came over this car, the effect would be the same, or even worse than him.

"It seems that we can only give up driving this supernatural bus for the time being." Yang Jian failed to test and gave up the idea.

But it was not completely fruitless.

At least he can be sure that he can control it a little.

As time goes by.

The supernatural bus continued to move forward. At this time, the surrounding scenery changed in some way. The outline of a village was revealed outside the window, and along this road, the bus was driving towards the village.

"Has the site arrived?"

Yang Jian saw the village outside through the car window, his expression solemn.

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Because the villages outside are all wooden green-tiled houses, which are very old and have a sense of history. They are also mysterious and quiet, deserted, and covered with grass everywhere. In some places, the doors and windows are rotten, leaving only Empty windows.

But judging from the style, it is a typical domestic building.

But in this day and age, is there still such a rural area in China?

"A strange place that is incomprehensible." Yang Jian thought to himself.

Not only did he see the strange village outside, but other people in the car also saw it, and they all became inexplicably nervous.

Because every time a supernatural bus stops, there is a certain danger involved.

If it is parked in a real-life city, then the people in the car can take this opportunity to get off the car, but if it is parked in such an incomprehensible and strange place, then you absolutely cannot get off the car.

Once the supernatural bus leaves, you are likely to stay in this place forever. Whether you can get out alive depends on God's will.

A platform suddenly appeared on the road passing this village. The modern station and the appearance of the village seemed out of place and in great conflict.

But at the station, there was already a strange figure standing there, seemingly waiting to get on the train.

"Oops, there's a bad guy trying to get on the bus when it's full…"

Some people couldn't help but screamed in exclamation.

Anyone who has been on a bus for a while knows that the three most worrying things about a supernatural bus are stalling, overloading, and being blocked by ghosts.

Yang Jian has already occupied the driver's seat.

This overload situation is bound to happen and cannot be avoided.

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