Skeleton Dance

Xiao Zhang is a reporter for a certain newspaper. Recently, there were rumors that this place was haunted, so he was sent to this place where birds do not lay eggs to investigate. The editor-in-chief called it a business trip.

Xiao Zhang felt very angry in his heart, thinking that he was also a college student who graduated from a prestigious university, but he did enroll in a not-so-good major, a bullshit journalism major.

It is said that the future of money is bright, but after graduation, I found that firstly, no one has a handsome parent, secondly, no other family background, and thirdly, the parents are not as rich as other parents. Seeing that this classmate is getting a high position in a certain place, and that classmate is in a certain place. I am a host somewhere, but I am completely at a loss. I finally found a job at a newspaper that didn't make much money and I was starving. However, I found an editor-in-chief who was known as a vampire. I worked under him and was exploited by him.

No, before I could settle the accounts with the editor last time, the editor tricked me into a remote mountainous area again this time. Not to mention just coming here, he drove on a mountain road for five days, which made him almost throw up while driving. The key is that he has been here for a week and has no clue at all.

The rumor goes like this: There was a local hunter who went up the mountain to hunt, but he never came back. Later, someone went up the mountain to look for the hunter, and found the hunter in a corner of the mountain. When he found the hunter, the hunter was already unconscious. He woke up, so everyone sent him to the local medical center. After Orion woke up, he told everyone that he encountered a ghost on the mountain. He saw a group of dancing ghosts. The dancing ghosts discovered him, and then he fell into a coma. woke up.

Xiao Zhang initially suspected that this might be a hype by the local government for the sake of fame, because Xiao Zhang happened to know that the local government had plans to develop this place into a scenic spot. The vampire editor-in-chief probably took money from local government personnel to let him come here for a "business trip." For this reason, Xiao Zhang didn't know how many times he scolded the editor in his heart.

He had investigated the information here before coming here again. In ancient times, this place was a fortress that was easy to defend and difficult to attack. It can also be said that this place was a battlefield before, because this fortress has been invaded many times and there have been countless wars. Regardless of whether there are ghosts in this world, even if there are ghosts, the ghosts here will be the souls of those warriors on the battlefield. How can they be dancing ghosts?

He talked to that damned hunter and found that the hunter was an honest man, and the locals had simple folk customs, so in this way, the possibility of the hunter lying was very small.

However, Xiao Zhang stayed at the place mentioned by Orion for several nights and didn't notice anything strange. Small animals and birds.

He saw a few of them. The dancing ghosts didn't even have hair on them. Instead, they were stung by the mosquitoes there and were miserable. Xiao Zhang felt that he could not continue to waste money like this. People would not be able to support him if he continued like this. If the people were gone, bonuses and everything else would be in vain.

Xiao Zhang decided to stay for the last night, and if nothing happened again, he would pack up and leave! Because if he didn't waste his time without being scared to death by ghosts, he would be bitten to death by the swarms of mosquitoes. Xiao Zhang decided to take action tonight. This night is the 15th day of the seventh lunar month. According to folklore, the 15th day of July is the day when the gates of ghosts are wide open. At this time, hundreds of ghosts will come out and wander around. Xiao Zhang thought, if there is no movement tonight, the rumors are definitely false.

That night, as usual, Xiao Zhang took all the guys and lay down in the haunted place. What surprised Xiao Zhang was that there were surprisingly few mosquitoes tonight, which made Xiao Zhang feel quite refreshed. The moon was surprisingly round tonight, and the moonlight was very white and bright. However, after about an hour, the moon hid in the clouds and went to sleep. This makes the originally bright place become so dark that it makes people feel terrible.

Xiao Zhang suddenly felt that his eyelids were heavy. He had not had a good rest for several days, but he still suppressed his sleepiness. It didn't matter if he was sleepy for the bonus! When the moon finished sleeping, he came out to play again. At some point, something happened. At this moment, Xiao Zhang, who had half-closed eyes, suddenly opened his eyes wide. If anyone were around him at this time, he would definitely be scared by him.

The exposed ground was originally made of stones, but at this time it was slowly covered with very colored soil, as if the black soil could flow. No, Xiao Zhang took a closer look and saw that the black soil was really flowing, as if Like thousands of black ant legions covering the ground in an instant.

The soil gave off a strong rancid smell, and the rotten smell that hit his face made Xiao Zhang almost want to vomit.

Xiao Zhang hurriedly picked up the camera, thinking that his day of fame was coming soon. If he really caught the ghost in his photo, he might become a legend in the journalism world. Then, hehe. Xiao Zhang seemed to be able to see good times coming. Suddenly, pairs of skeleton arms stretched out from the black earth, shining with a strange green light in the moonlight.

Later, the owners of the arms were also unearthed one after another. At this time, Xiao Zhang's heart almost jumped into his throat. At this time, Xiao Zhang could really confirm that there were indeed ghosts in this world, but at this time Xiao Zhang was not afraid. His heart was completely occupied by the idea of ​​getting rich.

The owner of the arm was a pair of skeletons dressed as armored soldiers. The skeletons' eyes were empty. Under the moonlight, the skeletons took strange steps, which seemed to be an ancient and mysterious war dance.

Dozens of skeletons formed a circle. The skeletons circled the circle, taking strange and mysterious dance steps. The dance steps were very slow, but breathtaking. As the dance steps continued, the two ghostly dances continued, and the black soil continued. Expanding outward, more and more skeletons crawled out of the soil to join the feast.

After a while, there were originally only a few dozen skeletons, but as the black soil expanded, the number of skeletons actually increased to countless. At this time, what was in front of Xiao Zhang was a sea of ​​skeletons! As the dance progressed, the sea of ​​skeletons Constantly changing, the sea of ​​skeletons begins to take shape!

The originally bright moon gradually turned into a strange scarlet color, as if it could bleed.

The surrounding terrain also began to change. Xiao Zhang found that the original exposed mountain top was no longer there, and the place he was in had turned into a majestic castle. Oh my God, where did he go?

Before Xiao Zhang had time to think, the black soil had touched his feet. He was horrified to find that the water in his body was losing at an alarming rate, and his skin was wrinkled at a speed visible to the naked eye. In an instant, the man who was originally rich was Thoughts were replaced by utter panic.

Xiao Zhang ran away. He had to escape from this strange place. But the black soil moved faster! Xiao Zhang found that he had turned into a skeleton at this time, and he became aware of the skeleton.

Xiao Zhang, who turned into a skeleton, started to dance strangely without control of his body. At this moment, Xiao Zhang's heart was at a loss for words, and he completely lost the ability to think.

Because Xiao Zhang heard the skeletons talking. The skeletons wanted their great master to come to the world, and the master's coming required life as a sacrifice. He unintentionally became one of the sacrifices, and was robbed of his life by the dance steps. !

If this rate continues, soon those simple villagers will be robbed of their vitality by this weird dance and become sacrifices for some kind of existence.

Just when Xiao Zhang was lost in thought, Xiao Zhang heard a loud noise, and a huge purple lightning fell from the sky. The black sea of ​​skeletons and weird dance steps were frozen. The skeletons were gradually annihilated, and Xiao Zhang also lost consciousness.

When Xiao Zhang woke up, he found that he had returned to his original state, but he was still in shock. He died once and came back to life. Xiao Zhang still didn't understand what happened, but fortunately, Xiao Zhang did not die, so we can Saw this strange story.

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