short Ghost Story

"Don't come here, don't come here, I didn't mean to kill you…" A beautiful woman begged the air, and then the woman pinched her neck tightly with her hands, and her beautiful face was horribly distorted. , the feet kept shaking, and the throat kept making strange and hair-raising sounds-mdash-chuck, chuck, chuck…hellip&hellip

"Ajie, you are so lucky to have such a good husband," a beautifully dressed woman said with a smile.

"Yes, I'm so lucky…" The woman named Ajie opposite smiled stiffly.

"I'm rich and I love you. I'm much better than my sisters. Oh, it's good to get married, it's good to get married…" The woman who was dressed up in a gorgeous dress seemed to be drunk, and she was a little confused when she spoke.

After listening, the face of the woman named Ajie opposite didn't look very good, "Get married, hahahahaha…" Ajie seemed to have drunk too much, and the two women staggered down on the wine table . Asleep on the table.

The early morning sunlight shone on the wine table through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, which was particularly dazzling. The woman named Ajie woke up from the wine table, stretched out, and rubbed her eyes that were stung by the sun. Suddenly, she seemed to remember something, picked up the leather bag placed aside, and hurried out.

Dead, dead. She originally wanted to drink with her sisters, but ended up getting drunk and sleeping on the wine table all night. Ajie felt a little panicked. Ajie was sitting in the taxi, looking anxious. She saw dozens of missed calls on her phone, all from her husband. How should she explain to her husband? Ajie patted her head, which seemed to have not yet fully woken up.

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The taxi seemed to drive much faster than usual, and in less than half an hour, it arrived at the door of Ajie's house – a very beautiful-looking villa.

Ajie opened the door carefully and walked in quietly. Her husband probably hasn't gotten up yet, Ajie thought. At this time, her husband should be lying on the bed, fast asleep.

Suddenly Ajie stopped, her face turned a little pale, and she saw her husband on the white sofa in the hall, his back to her, smoking a cigarette. It was a good cigarette, and she usually liked to smoke it. Plant cigarettes.

"You're back, I've been waiting for you for a long time." Ajie's husband suddenly said something, which startled Ajie.

"I…hellip…hellip I…hellip…hellip me" Ajie stuttered a little: "I went drinking with my friends last night. I drank too much and accidentally fell asleep. I didn't wake up until dawn." &rdquoIt's better to tell the truth than to lie. Ajie doesn't want to lie.

"Accidentally fell asleep? Did you accidentally sleep with the pretty girl?" Ajie's husband suddenly stood up from the sofa and stared at Ajie with his bloodshot eyes. It looked like he should have been sleeping all night. He didn't sleep, and A Jie's back was chilled by his stare.

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"You've been like this more than once. Over and over again. I called you dozens of times but didn't answer. Every time you said you fell asleep while drinking. Do you think I'm a fool?" Ajie's husband was angry. He yelled: "Smelly bitch, if I hadn't redeemed you because of my pity, you would still be selling meat in the hotel like your sisters!"

The angry Ajie's husband laughed angrily, making Ajie's skin crawl. He stepped forward and gave Ajie a slap in the face, which stunned her.

All the past events flashed through Ajie’s mind like a movie:

"Marry me" "My body is not clean" "I don't mind" "Yeah… hellip…" This scene is framed by Ajie's happy smile.

"You stinky bitch, where have you been?" "You're going to have sex with a pretty boy" "I'll beat you to death, you stinky bitch". This scene is framed as Ajie smearing her scarred back in front of the mirror, with hanging eyes hanging from the corners of her eyes. With sad tears.


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A nameless grief and indignation surged into her heart, "Pa~" Ajie fought back. She fought back unexpectedly, and Ajie's husband had a red palm print on his face.

"How dare you fight back?" Ajie's husband's face turned purple, and a pair of strong arms pinched Ajie's neck tightly.

"Uh, uh, uh" Ajie felt out of breath. She struggled desperately and threw her husband to the ground. The two of them were tightly intertwined like two vicious snakes, but her husband's fangs never left. Ajie's neck.

"Bump~" Just heard a dull sound, a vase fell from the table that was not very high, and hit Ajie's husband on the head. Ajie felt that the force on her neck was gone, and she felt like a hair The crazy female cat bit her unconscious husband desperately until she could no longer feel her husband's breathing!

At this time, Ajie gradually calmed down, but at the same time she kept panicking. She killed her husband!

"Mom, what's wrong with dad?" Ajie's lovely five-year-old daughter stood at the top of the stairs and asked, rubbing her sleepy eyes. As soon as she got up, she saw her mother squatting next to her fainted father.

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"Dad is fine, he just fainted." Ajie calmed down and said, "Hurry up and brush your teeth, wash your face, and go to school. Go to the novel "Fucking with Ghosts ," I'm almost late. &rdquo

Ajie took her daughter to the kindergarten as usual, but when she came back, she had a sharp saw in her hand, a huge and sharp saw!

Ajie used all her strength to pull her dead husband to the bathroom and put him in the bathtub. After filling the bathtub with water, she started working on the saw and started her crazy work! Through the blurred glass in the bathroom, we could vaguely see Seeing this, Ajie smiled and sawed off her husband's head, and the blood instantly stained the glass red. Then she followed the same pattern, sawing off the arms, sawing off the thighs, and then sawed off the husband's body into four pieces, and cut the intestines. , liver, and tissue fluid flowed into the bathtub. Ajie wiped the sweat from her forehead with her bloody hands. She put her husband and internal organs, which were broken into nine large pieces, into the kitchen one by one. In the big pot, the aroma is constantly wafting from the kitchen, permeating the heart and mind…

"Mom, this soup is so delicious." Ajie's lovely five-year-old daughter was full of praise for the soup Ajie made: "Dad, I think you will like it when you come back."

After Ajie's daughter came home from school, she found that her father was not at home and pestered Ajie to ask for him. Ajie told her daughter: "Dad went on a business trip after he woke up and it will take a long time to come back." ” But Ajie’s five-year-old daughter refused, crying and asking for her father. She didn’t calm down until Ajie brought out the prepared broth from the kitchen for her to drink. Look, Ajie’s daughter is drinking happily.

Strangely enough, in the following time, Ajie's daughter never pestered Ajie to ask for a father. After school, she always hid in the room alone and played with toys, and laughed into the air from time to time, like It was like something was amusing her. Ajie was worried and took her daughter to see a psychiatrist. The results showed that everything was normal. Ajie didn't care. As long as her daughter could grow up healthily, it would be good.

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One day, Ajie went to ask her daughter to come downstairs for dinner. Ajie's daughter suddenly hugged Ajie, smiled and said to Ajie: "Mom, you are so naughty, daddy is always at home." &rdquo

"What nonsense is this kid talking about? Didn't mom tell you that dad is on a business trip? It will take a long time for him to come back." Ajie patted her daughter's little head.

"Mom, don't lie to me. During this time, when you were away, my father always played with me and told me stories. He never left us at all." Ajie's cute little girl paused and turned around. With sly eyes, he chuckled: "Dad, you are so naughty, why are you lying on mom's back? It's not fun on mom's back, come and play with me quickly…"

Ajie turned her head in horror and saw her husband leaning on her back with his mouth open, revealing his white teeth and smiling at her…

There was a female patient in the nearby lunatic asylum. The female patient was very ill. Now she became ill again:

"Don't come, don't come, I didn't mean to kill you…" The female patient begged the air, and then she pinched her neck tightly with her hands. The female patient's beautiful face was horribly distorted, and her feet It was shaking constantly, and the throat kept making strange and hair-raising sounds – cluck, cluck, cluck, the medical staff rushed up after hearing the sound…

"Dad, hurry up and tell me a story." The little girl in the next ward was giggling in the air: "Hurry up, hurry up, making faces is not fun at all"

(Inspired by the gruesome cookery case in Hong Kong)

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