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New Year's greetings with bad character

As the saying goes, good people bully others and evil people are afraid of others. This is true at all.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Deaf Wu in Yuzhou, who was both deaf and dumb. His wife was a walker. Fortunately, he had a pair of smart children. The family is honest and arrogant, and they are often bullied by the villagers.

This is the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year. When everyone meets, they all want to say "congratulations on getting rich" and say some auspicious words to each other. But there was a guy named Ba Gou in the village who rolled his eyes and had bad intentions when he saw Deaf Wu. He stepped forward with a wicked smile on his face, and while cupping his hands, he said seriously: "Uncle Deaf, I hope you become a pacer this year, your wife becomes a mute, your son learns to be a thief, and your daughter sells meat!"

Deaf Wu couldn't hear, so he didn't know what Bagou said. He thought Bagou was saying nice things to him. He also held his hands with a smile on his face and responded with instructions from his mouth. Ba Gou was secretly proud. He walked to a place where no one was around and couldn't help but hold his stomach and laugh.

Ba Gou is a cattle dealer. Not long after the New Year, he drove a group of cattle to Beihai for sale. Unexpectedly, I have walked this road for half my life without any trouble, but this time I met a robber just halfway there in the clear sky.

The group of robbers rushed up, leading the cows, beating others, and snatched away all the cattle in the blink of an eye. Badou couldn't resist, so he was beaten and kicked, and all his money was taken away. He lay on the ground and watched the cattle go away, beating his chest and lamenting his bad luck.

Suddenly, the leading robber quickly turned back, holding a gleaming sword in his hand. When Ba Gou saw it, he was shocked: "What else do you want to do?"

The robber said fiercely: "You have seen our faces. If we go to report to the official tomorrow, will our brothers still be alive? It is better to do nothing and send you to the Lord of Hell to complain!"

Ba Gou was so frightened that he knelt down in front of the robbers desperately, banging his head like garlic: "Hero, spare your life, spare your life! I will never report to the official, if I report to the official, my whole family will die!"

Seeing that he was so frightened, the robber couldn't help but laugh. Seeing him begging hard, he softened his heart and said, "Well, I'll leave you alive. If you dare to go back on your word, I'll chase you home and kill you." Leave no armor behind!"

Ba Gou kept saying: "Don't dare!"

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The robber shouted again: "However, you don't look like an honest person. I have to leave you a souvenir. Whether you live or die depends on your own fate!" After that, he turned the blade of the knife upside down and stabbed Baguou's calf with the back of the knife. A chop. There was only a click, and the leg was probably broken.

Ba Gou screamed in pain and passed out. When he opened his eyes, he saw that the robber had disappeared. He held his broken leg and screamed for help. Fortunately, I met a passing doctor later. He took back the leg bone for Badou and applied it to him with herbal medicine. Before leaving, he left a few more medicines behind.

Ba Gou lay on the spot for more than half a month, suffering from hunger, wind and rain, and managed to survive by relying on some food from kind-hearted passers-by. After his feet were able to walk a little, Ba Gou asked someone to make him a stick, limped and begged all the way home.

Bad words come true

Ba Gou walked for two months in a row before he saw his village. By this time the injury on his foot had healed, but in the end he was left with a lifelong disability and became a pacer. He walked into his yard and saw his wife sitting in the yard sewing clothes. Tears flowed out of his eyes and he shouted softly: "Wife, I'm back!"

His wife suddenly looked up and saw him, was startled, pointed at him and was speechless.

Ba Gou was startled for a moment, and then he realized that his wife might not be able to recognize him when he looked like this.

He cried and said, "Honey, I'm a bad dog! Do you think I'm dead? Oh, it's hard to explain. I'm so unlucky this year!"

His wife then recognized her husband and rushed towards him, crying and shouting. The couple hugged each other and cried. Badou suddenly felt strange: Why did my wife just cry but not speak? Badou hurriedly pushed her away and asked, "What's wrong with you? Why don't you speak?"

His wife pointed at her mouth, shook her hands wildly, and babbled, obviously speechless. Ba Gou was surprised and suspicious, and asked his wife what was going on? Why can't I speak suddenly?

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His wife was still gesticulating and couldn't say a word. Ba Gou looked at it for a long time, waved his hand and said, "Forget it! Cook me a delicious meal quickly, let me have a full stomach first." His wife nodded and turned to cook.

After a while there was a ghost story session , and my wife prepared the meal and brought wine. Ba Gou devoured a full meal. When he drank the last glass of wine comfortably, he felt something was wrong again. He raised his head and asked his wife: "Where are my precious son and good daughter? I have been back for so long, why haven't I seen them come out?" Call me daddy?"

When my wife heard this, she burst into tears. Badou's heart sank and he felt something was wrong. He grabbed his wife's hand and asked anxiously: "What's wrong with them? Tell me quickly!"

But how can my wife still speak? She couldn't write, which made Ba Gou anxious. By chance, Ba Gou had a nephew who heard that he was back and came over to see him. Upon hearing his question, the nephew sighed: "My brother… didn't learn well. He ran away with others to steal things in the middle of the night. He was caught and is still in jail. The eighth aunt saw that you didn't come back for a long time, and she didn't have any regrets. He Xin, I cried every day and every night until I became mute from crying!

Ba Gou was dumbfounded when he heard this. His son was usually good, so why did he become a thief?

He asked his nephew again: "What about your sister?"

The nephew lowered his head and said, "Don't mention it. Last month she went to town to buy things and disappeared when she reached the entrance of the village. She was probably robbed. There is no news about her yet."

The Eight Gou suddenly fell to the ground like a thunderbolt. He thought along the way that it would be nice to get home. Who knows, in just three months, so many things have happened to the family, and something has happened to everyone. As he was thinking about it, he burst into tears and beat his hands on the ground: "God, why did you let all the bad things happen to my house!"

The nephew hurriedly stepped forward to help him up and said: "Uncle Eighth's ghost story meeting , we should first find a way to redeem my brother and then make plans."

Ba Gou thought the same thing, so he hurriedly raised money everywhere, borrowed from relatives and friends, raised a large sum of money, and asked someone to take it to the county.

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Two days later, the man came back from the county and handed the money back to him.

Ba Gou was surprised: "Why, the money is not enough?"

The man sighed: "It's not that we don't have enough money, your son deserves to be imprisoned this year! The county has just changed an official. He is an upright official who doesn't like money. Your son has to be locked up in there for half a year."

Ba Gou was dumbfounded for a long time, and he had no choice but to think about it. It seemed that this was God's will! Unable to redeem his son, Ba Gou had to find a doctor to treat his wife while searching for his missing daughter.

But strangely enough, his wife's voice was just hoarse from crying and she couldn't speak. She should have been cured, but she had changed doctors and drank many decoctions, but nothing happened.

Besides, my daughter has not been seen alive for several months and has no news at all.

On this day, Ba Gou was sitting at home, sighing with bitter eyelids and thinking about things. He really couldn't figure out why so many bad things happened to his house one after another.

Suddenly, he was excited and remembered the immoral thing he did to Deaf Wu on the morning of New Year's Day: At that time, he wished Deaf Wu that he would become a pacesetter this year, but he did not expect that he would become a pacesetter instead; he wished Deaf Wu's wife this year. Being a mute, but unexpectedly his wife became mute…it's really weird!

Badou stared for a long time with a pale face, then suddenly jumped up and shouted: "Oh my God, my poor daughter!" Badou guessed his daughter's whereabouts. Because I told Deaf Wu that I wish his daughter could sell meat this year. My daughter disappeared inexplicably and must have been sold to a brothel now!

Ba Gou didn't dare to tell anyone, so he quietly went to the county town alone, searched all the brothels, and sure enough he found his daughter. He proposed to Lao Ya to redeem his daughter, but the result surprised him. His daughter, who had always been well-behaved and obedient in the past, refused to go home with him and voluntarily stayed in the brothel.

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Ba Gou begged for a long time, but her daughter seemed to be possessed and was not moved at all. Ba Gou had no choice but to shed tears and go home.

Two days later, the more Ba Gou thought about this matter, the more evil he became. How could he curse others and get retribution on his own family? He wondered if Deaf Wu had secretly cast some spell on him, so he decided to find a fortune teller to find out.

Ba Gou found Hu Banxian, the most famous person in the county, and secretly told his family's affairs. He asked Hu Banxian to see if he could find out the reason and solve it. Hu Banxian stretched out his five fingers and pinched and calculated for a long time. Suddenly he banged the table and shouted: "Looking at the horoscopes of your family, it is reasonable to say that your luck is very good and there is no disaster at all. Why are you so unlucky? ?"

Ba Gou thought that since it was not destined, the reason must be Deaf Wu. He hesitantly told the evil things he had done to Deaf Wu, and explained that he was just joking. Five was not angry.

After hearing this, Hu Banxian was very interested and said in a deep voice: "It's really weird! Where is your fifth uncle? I want to go and have a meeting in person to figure this out!"

When Ba Gou heard that he was going, he naturally wanted him, so he immediately took Hu Banxian to find Deaf Wu.

Entering Deaf Wu's house, Ba Gou saw Deaf Wu chopping firewood in the courtyard. He couldn't help but panicked and shouted softly: "Uncle Wu."

Deaf Wu was completely unaware. Hu Banxian asked in surprise: "Your fifth uncle can't hear?" Ba Gou nodded.

Hu Banxian thought for a while, then walked over, cupped his hands and said, "Fifth brother, hello!"

Only then did Deafwu realize that someone was coming. He quickly put down the ax in his hand, laughed, and responded to the visitor by yelping. Hu Banxian was slightly startled, slapped his leg suddenly, and said, "I understand!" He waved goodbye to Deafu Wu and walked straight out.

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Ba Gou hurriedly caught up with him and asked him how he was doing? Hu Banxian said, "I already know the reason. Let's talk about it when we get out." But after leaving the Deaf House, Hu Banxian said nothing and turned around to leave.

When Ba Gou saw it, he was panicked and stopped him quickly and asked: "Sir, why are you leaving in such a hurry?

Hu Banxian pushed his hand away, shook his head, lifted his legs and walked away again. When Ba Gou saw it, he chased after him until he reached the bridge at the entrance of the village. Only then did Hu Banxian stop.

Ba Gou raised his hands and begged: "Sir, please explain clearly!"

Hu Banxian frowned and said in disgust: "You shouldn't do such immoral things to an honest man who is deaf and mute!"

Ba Gou's face turned pale: "I already know that I was wrong. It's all my fault!" After that, he slapped himself several times in the mouth.

Hu Banxian sighed: "Have you ever heard of a saying? Kill one thousand enemies, but you will lose eight hundred!" Ba Gou shook his head blankly.

Hu Banxian continued: "You say those vicious words to others, but it is true that they are not angry because they can't hear you. You think you are satisfied, but you don't know that your words hurt others and can also hurt yourself."

Ba Gou murmured and asked, "How do you say this?"

"As the saying goes, good people are not deceived by nature, but evil people are not afraid of God!" Hu Banxian sighed with emotion, "He thought you were saying auspicious words of congratulations to him, and he also wanted to say auspicious words to you, but he was The mute can't speak, and you can't hear it. What he said is 'same joy, same joy'. Hehe, as the old saying goes, good things don't work, bad things work!" The story will be read online

The Eight Dogs were dumbfounded and asked if there was a solution.

Hu Banxian smiled: "Let's talk about it next year!" After saying that, no matter how hard Ba Gou stayed, he insisted on leaving.

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