Supernatural Stories From Underworld: The Ghost Who Opened The Door At The Teachers' Conference Online Reading

During my freshman year, we had a friendship in a dormitory of Tianjin Normal University. Because most of them are from Tianjin and I am not, I rarely participate in their activities. One time, probably during the National Day, the only out-of-town girl in their house came to play with us because everyone else had gone home and she was bored by herself. Boys and girls always like to tell ghost stories when they are together. We took turns telling them, intending to scare her.

Ghost Story Club, a complete collection of short stories of folk tales_Ghost Story Club, a moving stroller_Ghost Story Club

As a result, we had too little knowledge or something. She had heard all the stories in the ghost story meeting , and then it was her turn to tell them. She said, "Have you ever heard of a ghost that can open doors?" Of course we have never heard of it. (Even those who have really heard it will say they haven’t heard it), so she said:

Ghost Stories, a moving stroller_Ghost Story Club, a complete collection of folk tale short stories_Ghost Story Club

The second dormitory we live in is an old house, and there are often things that cannot be explained. One time the lights were out and everyone couldn't sleep. They were lying on the bed chatting when they suddenly heard a knock on the door. At that time, I thought someone was locked out, so I asked: Who is it? When the outside didn't answer, the inside said: No joking, whoever said it himself, otherwise they won't be allowed to laugh! There was no answer from the outside, and the people inside were angry and no one moved. There was another knock outside for a while, but it stopped. The people inside felt a little sorry, but after checking that everyone was there, they thought it was the people next door who were causing trouble and ignored her. Everyone was just about to fall asleep when suddenly there was the sound of the latch being pulled. Everyone was nervous for a moment, and one bold person shouted: "Don't make such a joke!" The one on the lower bunk near the door was a physical education student. At this moment, he grabbed a hammer and planned to give it to anyone who came in.

, Ghost Story Club, a moving stroller_Ghost Stories会_Ghost Story Club, a complete collection of folk tales and short stories

After dialing outside for a while, the door really opened! Everyone inside was so frightened that no one dared to move, but no one came in. After waiting for a long time, someone finally came over and locked the door again. The next day when I asked the people living next door, they refused to admit that they were the ones causing the trouble. In addition, someone saw will-o'-the-wisps flying in the corridor that night. They carefully checked their door, and sure enough, there was a burnt mark right on the latch. This matter was later reported to the school, and the dormitory office changed the secret locks of their building, and then everything was fine.

Ghost Story Club, a complete collection of short stories of folk tales_Ghost Story Club, a moving stroller_Ghost Story Club

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