Part 3: Strange Purgatory 15: Boat Of The Sun

The idea of ​​"going down the well" came out of the blue. Not only were outsiders surprised, but even I seemed to be shocked by the idea. In fact, Tengjia and I are strangers, and her life and death are none of my business, so there is no need to take risks for her.

It was pitch black in the ancient well, and it felt like there was some kind of gloomy cold air rolling up from the gloom. It's so quiet down there, and there may be endless murderous intentions hidden in the dead silence – "Su Lun, it would be great if I had 'shunfeng ears' and 'clairvoyance'. No matter what kind of ancient well, I can see clearly." I tried my best. Make yourself look relaxed.

Su Lun's long sigh came from the intercom: "Brother Feng, is this necessary?"

Tie Na also chimed in: "Teacher Feng, I have arranged for someone to go to the camp to fetch an infrared camera. That kind of machine is enough to explore the secrets underground. There is no need to take risks." Her concern was clear, and she did not hide it. He exposed his affection for me in front of his subordinates.

I squatted down and examined the patterns on the wellhead. I really didn’t know how the ancient Egyptians mined such huge stones and then carved them with delicate painted patterns. It must have been a kind of process day after day, year after year. Super projects year after year, right? When I think of Tengjia hiding at the bottom of an unfathomable well, at least seventy meters below the surface, I always feel that everything in front of me is unreal, just a weird plot in a horror movie.

The stone wall is smooth and cold. After carefully observing the colors displayed on the ground, I was surprised to find that even under the cover of the great gold ingot, the color of the ground near the well mouth did not change much from that of the ground in other parts of the tomb. This is indeed novel. According to common sense on earth, no matter what kind of light it is, it will cause varying degrees of radiation damage to the annotation of objects, leading to discoloration and deterioration. There should be some obvious difference in the position of the intersection line between the concealed part and the exposed part, right?

There were so many strange things in the tomb that I almost felt numb.

Oulu's spirit relaxed a little, and he kept moaning into the dark well, like a helpless moan.

Infrared cameras are indeed the best exploration tool in no-light conditions, but there is one thing that Tina did not consider – light can be deceived. In this mysterious and unpredictable environment, our proprioceptive vision and hearing are impaired. It is possible to be deceived, let alone a man-made tool without a mind?

I would rather trust the dog Oulu than the camera.

I shook my head at Tina expressionlessly: "The camera is just an auxiliary tool. I hope you can prepare the settlement tool immediately and equip it with two super capable commandos."

Tie Na was left in the cold, her face a little uneasy and displeased, but she still waved her hand and ordered people to get ready to go.

At this moment, what I hope most is that Oulu can speak and tell me what it has discovered.

I ordered the walkie-talkie: "Su Lun, I want the dog handler to come down. I need his help."

Immediately, I heard the dog handler protest loudly, the reason was of course his stupid dog training theory. I laughed, because I knew that Su Lun would definitely "persuade" him to come down the well, whether it was threats or inducements. From the first sight of the soldier named "Bawan", I could tell that he was a little man who could "move to advantage".

While waiting for Bawan to arrive, I walked around the central axis of the tomb with Oulu in my arms, hoping to change its initial judgment. As a result, it was only interested in the ancient well and had no reaction when standing in other tombs. Now it can be basically determined that Tengjia is in the ancient well, or that Tengjia "used to" be in the ancient well.

Thinking of the dragon who lost his soul inexplicably, I had a hunch: "Tengjia is bound to a certain place. Even if she prepares for the worst, her soul has already…"

When the word "restraint" is mentioned, I can't help but think of those photos that Tanino showed to the scalpel. Does the person who "may be" the eldest brother Yang Tian seem to be "restrained" by something? Wouldn’t Toka also fall into the hands of that kind of monster?

In fact, I should show my goodwill to Gu Ye. If I have the opportunity to read those ancient books "Blue Falling Yellow Spring Sutra", with my cleverness, I will definitely find something…

The human mind can always think wildly and rapidly, so in a certain tomb, I was pacing back and forth, while my mind was full of racing thoughts – until Oulu suddenly raised his head and raised his ears. This time, its performance seemed to be more like facing a powerful enemy than when it was at the ancient well.

The length of the long-eared dog's ears is almost more than thirty centimeters, but when it is staring ahead with all its concentration, these long ears stand up straight like the pointed ears of a wolfdog. Ahead, there are only five steps away from the stone wall. On the stone wall, there are pictographic ink and ink that are already commonplace, and they look nothing out of the ordinary.

Thanks to Yelan's carefulness, while connecting lighting to each tomb, he also ordered people to name each tomb, using the most standard coordinate axis method in geography. On this wall, two symbols "0 and 9" are written in white chalk, which naturally represents the horizontal axis as zero, the Soul-Eating Pirates , and the vertical axis as nine, which is the top room on the north-south axis of the tomb, that is The northernmost location of the Pyramid of Tuchikahan.

Imagine that if you open an infinitely high window on this stone wall, you will directly see the majestic Pyramid of Khufu from the window.

So what did Oru find out about the Soul-Eating Pirates ?

This serious situation lasted for a full three minutes. Oulu groaned, shrank his body, and got back into my arms.

I yelled into the intercom: "The dog trainer hasn't arrived yet? If you keep chirping, I'll kill him!"

I guess the reason the guy didn't want to enter the tomb was because he was afraid of the Pharaoh's spell, rather than fear of affecting Oulu's judgment. Oulu was panting heavily in my arms, his tongue hanging out, looking extremely tired.

Its movements just now reminded me of the masters in the old days who were fully on guard when fighting. Although they didn't attack, they had exhausted all their energy. It's a pity that I am neither Gong Yechang, a student of Confucius, who can understand animal language; nor am I a master of clairvoyance, who can see through the mystery of the opposite side through a six-meter-thick stone wall.

Suddenly, a certain topic flashed in the depths of my mind – I sensed that something was not quite right in the process from drilling to breaking through the rock wall? There must be a topic that has been overlooked. What is it? what is it then……

I put my hand on one of the "Ship of the Sun" annotations on the stone wall and stroked the seven gems.

In the Egyptian wall carvings, apart from the intricately carved face of the noble Pharaoh, the lines used for the rest of the people, objects, and animals are all very abstract and concise. I understand that the painter wanted to highlight his respect for the Pharaoh – so the level of detail in the depiction of these seven gems is far beyond that of the mountains, rivers, houses, and trees in the images next to them. The carving techniques are completely different. , from certain angles, you can actually feel a three-dimensional effect.

All the gems are standard circles, and the size cannot be seen. After all, the scale of ancient Egyptian paintings is very messy. Some things are exaggerated and others are reduced. Perhaps by inference, the diameter of the gem would be as big as an adult's thumb, like some silver buttons, more like——

"Huh? Wrong, yes… it's like a button!" I was almost excited for my magical idea.

If gems are inlaid on the exterior of the ship, it can only be a decoration. If you let your imagination run wild and speculate as much as you like, it should be seven silver buttons. Oh my god – since there are buttons, it must involve a series of complex issues such as kinetic energy, electrical energy, propulsion, etc. This is not the "Sun Boat", this is a high-tech vehicle, which can be a car on land, a speedboat on the water, or even an airplane, spaceship, or spacecraft in the sky…

In an instant, my mind was buzzing and buzzing, turning into a mess.

A long time ago, when the "Boat of the Sun" was first excavated, some archaeologists were puzzled by its shape, because previously unearthed canoes, three-masted pirate ships, and 120-man oars in the Nile River Basin Among all the shapes and structures of large ships and other ships, none is as fresh as the "Sun Boat".

Judging from its structure, there is no place for sailors to sit and paddle. In fact, the sides of the ship are extremely flat, and there is no protrusion to place the oars.

Therefore, the archaeologists at that time concluded: "The 'Sky Boat' was just a display for the Pharaoh to watch and had no practical use at all."

Now, I think I can overturn this argument. The "Sun Boat" does not need the propulsion force of a wooden oar at all. It already has the internal structure of contemporary power or even super-contemporary power. Just like the cars speeding all over the streets in the 21st century, the 10,000-ton giant ships crisscrossing the seven seas, the aircraft roaring in the blue sky, and the spacecraft orbiting synchronously with the earth in space, it is simply a product that does not belong to the ancient Egyptian era.

What I discovered is enough to astonish the elites in all history and archaeological museums around the world.

I was so shocked by my crazy thoughts that I stepped back repeatedly and my body was shaking.

Countless archaeologists and aerospace researchers have connected the ancient Egyptian pyramids with space aliens, and have put forward tens of thousands of "possible" evidences, such as the relationship between the architectural dimensions of the pyramids and the astronomical calendar, such as the Egyptians Mathematics, farmland irrigation methods, architectural art…

As far as I know, the most mysterious "Area 51" core database in the United States stores all the information on aliens landing on the earth in the past fifty years, and more than half of the "alien traces" incidents, It is related to Egypt or Africa.

I took a deep breath desperately, controlled my chaotic emotions, and returned to the central tomb.

This crazy idea, once it breaks out, can be traced back to infinite distances. No matter how smart the people of ancient Egypt were, they would not have been able to create and draw the appearance of modern transportation. Just like the seven wonders of the world, from any point of view, it does not look like it could have been accomplished by the people of ancient Earth alone.

When I stumbled back, the short Ba Wan had already run over to welcome me with mixed emotions.

Oulu groaned, jumped out of my arms, and ran back to his master's arms.

I fumbled around in my pocket because I needed cigarettes to calm my mood, but unfortunately I didn't have any.

"Are there any cigarettes? Cigarettes, cigarettes—" I yelled at him, my voice hoarse from the fervor.

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