Dog's Eyes Watch Yin Yang 3 Part 2 Horror Resurrection

Seeing the skinny patient in front of him, Yang Jian recalled the scene when he first met Zhou Zheng.

It also looks like this.

But Zhou Zheng had endured the pain for much longer than him. The pain had been integrated into his bones, and it was more of a numbness that had been tortured for too long.

"Compared to others, he is considered lucky." Yang Jian looked at the patient and said.

Although it was an experiment, this person was able to escape the torture of the ghost baby and return to normal.

At this time, Wang Xiaoming and other staff members quietly left the operating room and came to the observation room next door.

They could see what was going on here through the glass.

Of course, if there is any danger, we can retreat in time?

"Huh? What are you doing standing so far away?" Yang Jian said.

Wang Xiaoming said; "You don't need to pay attention to the necessary precautions. Be ready to activate the emergency plan at any time. If something happens, block the operating room immediately."

"There is an iron box under the operating table. It is made of gold. Once you find the location of Seventh Street, imprison the ghost baby immediately. If you cannot do that, retreat immediately."

"…" Yang Jian's face darkened.

This clearly shows that he doesn't really believe that he can solve this ghost thing by himself.

"Little brother, don't be nervous. It's just a painless abortion. It will be over within a minute. It will be quick." Yang Jian looked at the patient and said.

This is a young man in his twenties, but his haggard face looks a bit old.

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"Brother, are you reliable? I don't know how to burp, right?" the young man said with a sad face.

Yang Jian said: "If you really feel uneasy, can I give you anesthesia?"

"A small dose of anesthetic cannot anesthetize this type of patient. It may be because of the existence of ghost babies that some drug resistance has developed. A large dose of anesthetic may be useful, but it can easily cause irreparable damage to the human body, so I only give him He was injected with a sedative." Wang Xiaoming, who was watching from a distance, said seriously.

"Brother, I don't want to die, please save me." The young man said again.

"Try your best." Yang Jian said: "But you'd better close your eyes. If you can't see Yin and Yang 3 through dog eyes , then no matter what you see, hear, or see, don't yell. Yelling, it will affect my work, of course, it doesn’t matter to me if it is really affected, anyway, you are the one who might die, do you understand?"

"I understand." The young man looked like he was about to cry.


Yang Jian did not start using the ghost realm because his ghost realm could not be used if he wanted to take out the ghost baby.

The suppression of Ghost Eye allowed him to only choose one of the abilities to use.

Perhaps the situation of Li Gui's gradual recovery will be improved in the future.


Yang Jian's left hand suddenly reached through the patient's clothes and directly into his bulging belly.


dogs with yin and yang eyes_dog pictures with yin and yang _dogs see yin and yang 3 part 2

The sharp, weird and blood-curdling scream instantly spread throughout the operating room. Even Wang Xiaoming in the observation room couldn't help but frown, and the staff next to him covered his ears with fear.

But the voice seemed to come from the bottom of my heart, and it was useless to cover my ears.

"It's a very smart way to use the ghost realm to only affect your left hand. In this way, you can reach into the patient's abdomen without touching his skin." Wang Xiaoming observed Yang Jian's behavior and couldn't help but feel sorry for Yang Jian. I admire this approach.

A senior high school student can use the power of Li Gui to this extent in a short period of time, which is considered very smart.

"But he shouldn't be able to catch the ghost baby. What method should be used to solve this?" Wang Xiaoming had a second question, but when he saw a tall black ghost standing behind Yang Jian That's when everything became clear.

The headless ghost stood behind him, exuding a cold and strange aura. The distance between the two was less than one meter, but one of the ghost's arms merged with Yang Jian's arm.

"Is it the second ghost? This ghost seems to be very special. It can attach itself to people without a body. Is it similar to ghost possession? But this method should be quite dangerous. People who are possessed by ghosts can no longer It’s considered a human, it’s more appropriate to call it a ghost, Yang Jian didn’t dare to let this black shadow completely attach to his body, he only controlled one of his arms.”

Wang Xiaoming nodded secretly.

This bold but cautious attempt is in line with his scientific research spirit. This is what a ghost controller should do, to maximize the ability of ghosts within the scope of his control.

Unfortunately, many ghost masters only use it passively to save their lives, and few people try to control this ability.

"Caught it." Yang Jian's expression suddenly changed, and he felt that his palm had caught the ghost baby in his belly.

Cold, soft, with a rotten feeling, like a dead baby.

"Come out." His arm passed directly through the patient's body, even through the operating table. Finally, something suddenly appeared and fell to the ground with a bang, and he held it tightly.

dogs with yin and yang eyes_dog pictures with yin and yang _dogs see yin and yang 3 part 2

A baby with blue-black skin color and a ferocious and strange baby was struggling on the ground. This kind of power was much more powerful than that of a well-trained adult. The floor tiles on the ground were scratched by the dark nails of this ghost baby. , made a sharp and harsh sound.

But when this power fell on Yang Jian's left hand, it couldn't hurt him at all.

There is a part of the ghost shadow attached to his arm. No matter how fierce the ghost baby is, it is impossible to get rid of the ghost shadow.

Besides, this ghost baby is not the real source, it is just a derivative similar to the ghost slave.

"Successful." The people in the observation room looked frightened.

Although they have strong psychological qualities, they still felt chills all over when they saw Detective Yang grabbing such a baby alive from a person's belly.

This was the first time in their lives that they had seen a real ghost.

"Very good." Wang Xiaoming also showed a smile, but soon the smile disappeared.

Yang Jian's ability is indeed very powerful and outstanding, but his own brother died due to this ability.

"Next step I'm going to let go of this thing and lock it in the ghost realm. You'd better be careful. There's a little time delay. Maybe this ghost thing is enough to kill a person." Yang Jian pinched He grabbed Guiying's arm and lifted it up, then looked at Wang Xiaoming and said.

"Bring the patient out first and check all vital signs immediately." Wang Xiaoming immediately ordered.

Soon, two staff members walked into the operating room fearfully and hurriedly brought the young man out. They did not dare to look at Yang Jian, let alone the weird baby in his hands.

"It's okay now." Wang Xiaoming said.

dogs with yin and yang eyes_dog pictures with yin and yang _dogs see yin and yang 3 part 2

"Aren't you going to avoid it?" Yang Jian said.

Wang Xiaoming said: "No, I believe I can react at this distance, unless you want me to die."

"What you said is really a bit murderous. If something happens, it will be blamed on me. Liu Xiaoyu, you heard me. It's not that I didn't persuade him. It's Wang Xiaoming who wants to commit suicide." Yang Jian said with a smile. .

Liu Xiaoyu didn't know how to answer when he heard this on the satellite positioning mobile phone that maintained a round-the-clock call status.

"No need to ask for instructions from above, let's start now." Wang Xiaoming said.

"Of course." Yang Jian glanced at him and ignored him, just throwing the ghost baby forward.

The ghost baby fell to the ground and quickly climbed up. Its limbs were stretched strangely, and it crawled quickly along the wall in a strange shape, leaving black and blue palm prints along the way.

Without any hesitation, it immediately rushed towards Wang Xiaoming in the observation room.

Yang Jian, who was closest, seemed to be no longer within its attack range.

"So fast, Professor, be careful." The security guard next to him was so frightened that he immediately drew his gun.

"This thing is useless, put it away." Wang Xiaoming gestured and said: "It has no other meaning, it just wants to eat me. After the ghost baby is born, it will be in a state of hunger, and it will randomly eat anything it can see nearby. If you want to avoid being eaten by the first-stage ghost baby, the best way is to stay out of its sight."

"In the second stage, the ghost baby grows into a child and begins to make choices, so it will give priority to eating anyone who has come into contact with it. The ghost baby at this stage must avoid seeing and contacting it."

"That means not seeing or touching."

dogs with yin and yang eyes_dog pictures with yin and yang _dogs see yin and yang 3 part 2

"As for the third stage, the rules are not clear yet, so we can only make a rough guess." Wang Xiaoming said calmly.

At this moment, the ghost baby has climbed onto the tempered glass in front of him.

Only separated by a thin layer of glass, Guiying's dark, pupil-less eyes stared at Wang Xiaoming with strangeness and fierceness.

"Click, click, click~!"

The glass window in front of him began to crack rapidly.

The blue-black hand and footprints left on it seem to be able to erode any object.

Soon the glass shattered.

The ghost baby pounced on Wang Xiaoming.

However, at this time, a red light lit up from the operating room and instantly enveloped the ghost baby.

The ghost baby that rushed over disappeared instantly before it came into contact with Wang Xiaoming.

At this time, Yang Jian came out: "Are you really brave enough to not hide from this?"

"I said, as long as you don't want the ghost baby to eat me, I won't die."

Wang Xiaoming was still very calm and said: "It doesn't take half a second for the ghost realm to open this distance. Once the ghost baby is locked in the ghost realm, it will be at your mercy. I have done research on the first stage of the ghost baby. In the second part of Yin Yang 3 , it is absolutely impossible to get out of the ghost realm unless you take the initiative to let it out."

"You have studied ghost babies very thoroughly. What do you think are the rules for ghost babies in the third stage? You can avoid being killed by not looking at or touching them. So is it possible that there is another condition for the third stage?" Yang Jian said.

"You want to know?" Wang Xiaoming said.

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