Even If You Are Pregnant And Die, You Will Not Be Able To Escape.

Today is her death anniversary. Wu Hao bought her favorite pink roses early in the morning to see her. He said that most other girls like red roses. Why do you like pink ones? She smiled and said that when she saw red roses, she would Thinking of blood, he felt uncomfortable. He laughed and said, "Silly girl."

Wu Hao came home from the night shift, washed himself up, and returned to the bedroom. When he saw his beloved wife turning her back to him, he couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with emotion. Just as he was about to get into bed, his wife, who he thought was sleeping, suddenly stood up and faced him. He smiled and was about to hug her, but his movements suddenly froze when he saw that very familiar face! He saw that the girl was gentle and charming, wearing a The wife in her pajamas looked at Wu Hao with a very sweet smile and asked, "Am I beautiful?"

Wu Hao felt that the blood in his body was frozen, and the coldness in his bones radiated from the inside out. He looked at his former mistress, Xiner, and his eyes darkened. He had visited her grave in the morning, and asked tremblingly: "You , why are you here?" The girl who was as gentle as water one second, had a ferocious look on her face the next second, her hair was windless and she was pregnant, and she said in a sinister voice: "You deserve to die, you deserve to die! You got me killed. Me!" Wu Hao felt guilty, "No, she was not pregnant and she died . I didn't. It was obviously a fire caused by a gas leak! "Why did you kill me! Why! Was it because I forced you to divorce and marry me? I'm pregnant, you Don’t you know? “The beautiful girl turned into a burnt corpse all of a sudden, her beautiful long hair turned into ashes, the eyeball of her left eye was gone and only a hole with pus was left, and the eyeball of her right eye was stuck in place. Above the eye sockets, the blackened ribs were exposed one by one. The skin on the whole body was no longer as white as before, and all turned into rotten flesh. Only the belly was still intact. He must have tried his best to protect the child in his belly when he died. Only Seeing Xin'er gently caressing her belly, she then opened her belly with long nails, digging and digging inside. She took out a small, vaguely human-shaped piece of meat and threw it to Wu Hao. In front of me, "That's your flesh and blood. It's a pity that it won't grow up. You should take a good look at it." “He was so scared that he collapsed on the ground and vomited.

Xin'er sneered and looked at him contemptuously, "You were so scheming that before you killed me, you borrowed 200,000 from me and my insurance money. You knew that you were the beneficiary of my signature, right? You coaxed me into saying that you would divorce and marry me. I wanted to have a candlelight dinner with me at home to celebrate, put sleeping pills in my wine, carried me to the bedroom, closed all the windows tightly, and locked the bedroom door for fear that I would die. I threw away the key to turn on the gas. You are so cruel. Today I want you to pay for it with your life!" After saying that, he rushed towards Wu Hao with his teeth and claws. Wu Hao evaded in a panic and accidentally touched a fruit knife. He had no time to think about why the bedroom was like this. There was a problem with knives, so I brandished a fruit knife in an attempt to kill Xin'er again…

Morning News "received a report from residents late last night that a man suspected of suffering from mental illness stabbed his sleeping wife 17 times with a fruit knife with a fruit knife, and finally committed suicide. The police are further investigating…"

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