Yellow River Transparent Coffin

Let me tell you one thing. In the 1980s, the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River had to be dredged every year. The nearby residents (mainly farmers) want to work on the river. That is, each family contributes a middle-aged laborer. Of course, the elderly can also cook water and cook. If they don’t have it, they have to pay. This incident happened somewhere in Shandong. In winter, there is basically no water in the Yellow River. Everyone dug out silt at the bottom of the river to reinforce the embankment next to it. Suddenly, a person roared. The people in the room were very surprised. After a while, everyone stopped and continued to work. When I asked about them during the meal, no one knew that they had made such a sound. That is to say, the people at the bottom of the river lost their memories of those few minutes. However, the weirdness is not over yet.

When they returned to their residence at night, it was raining and sleet. Some young people suggested to sleep in a new yard next to them, and they could have a warm fire or something. The yard is very new, with more than 10 new tile-roofed houses. The courtyard walls are fenced with branches, and the head of the village said that they can live in whatever they want. So some people excitedly brought the bedding into the new house. It was so nice to have a fire in the middle of the house to keep it warm. An old man who was cooking also came in. He looked around and asked the boys to move out immediately. Do you know what the old man saw? There are 7 knife marks on the main beam of the house! There is a local custom that if someone hangs himself in the house, he will cut a mark on the beam of the house. This house is the best among haunted houses: a family of 7 hanged themselves in the house one after another. Among them was a newlywed couple. The family lives in harmony, and this kind of thing happened within a few days after moving here. No one knows why.

Later, after three or four days, everyone had lost their morale and strongly demanded to stop work. The old people always felt that things were too strange. Imagine where a whole family hanged themselves? What’s more, everyone is from a nearby village, and I have never heard of such a thing here. Newlyweds have a strong ability to block evil spirits, and it is rare for them to be haunted by ghosts right after they get married, otherwise there would be no such thing as a happy wedding. How could such a thing happen in a place like this hanged ghost (the wise see the wise and the benevolent) fear to avoid it?

The above (county) specially sent a folklore expert to check it out, and appease the hearts of the people by the way. The farmers spontaneously organized some sorceresses and old people to perform appeasement rituals similar to dojos. As a result, strange things still happened.

On the afternoon when the folklore expert arrived, news spread from the river: a transparent coffin was dug up!

Transparent coffin? When the old people rushed over, there were already many people watching. It was a very strange coffin. The top cover had just been dug out, and the mud on it had been wiped off. It was strange that many small fish could be clearly seen around the corpse. I am swimming around, but I can’t see the appearance of the corpse, only the general outline, wearing a double-layer shroud, it can be judged that there was no child (local custom). It is common sense that fish cannot survive in a closed coffin for a long time. Therefore, the airtightness of this coffin must not be good, but if this is the case, the shroud should have been gone long ago, and I am afraid that even the bones will be difficult to leave, because the old people have never heard of any circumstances where they will be buried in a transparent coffin, let alone, This is the bottom of the river, which was submerged after the Yellow River changed its course. It is strange that this coffin was not washed away, because of local customs, the depth of burial is only about 3 meters.

The funeral custom there is that if there is no child, all funeral goods will be doubled. Except for the coffin, of course. With gold in his mouth, silver in his left hand, and dog cake in his right hand. Dagoubing is a tortilla steamed with cornmeal and hair stubble. There are vicious dogs blocking the way on the road to hell to deal with it. The coffins are further divided into grades and grades. Thin coffins are 3-inch boards, which are estimated to rot in two or three years. The best ones are 9-inch boards, and they are made of hard wood such as camphor wood and sandalwood. Then put a poplar coffin outside, which is called poplar coffin. But see-through coffins are unheard of. No wonder everyone is so curious.

At the same time, I felt a faint chill in my heart. At this time, it has been divided into two groups, led by some old people who insisted on not digging anymore, and buried the exposed cover. Afraid of harming descendants. The young people insisted on seeing what happened, and if they didn’t believe in evil, they might dig up some gold and silver treasures, wouldn’t they just send it away?

Folklore experts are also curious and asked them to continue digging. So the old people burned incense and prayed next to them, saying that some children are ignorant, please forgive me and so on. The boys dug up the mud around the coffin and carried it away with one shovel at a time. The body of the coffin was exposed by 1 meter, but there was still no bottom underneath. Ordinarily, the coffin was only about 1 meter high at best, and the atmosphere gradually became dignified. What was even more strange was that the coffin lid and the coffin seemed to be connected together without any gaps. Everyone pins their hopes on the bottom of the coffin being opened, but which coffin is opened from the bottom? Inexplicable fear spread in the bottom of my heart, maybe it was right not to dig.

Everyone continued to dig, and while digging, they got rid of the muddy water. In the river, a pit with a depth of 2 meters and a diameter of 40 meters had appeared. The mud dug out is already clay, that is to say, it will be more difficult to dig further down. Everyone has been wondering, the small fish can see so clearly, why can’t others see clearly? How tall is this coffin, and what kind of coffin is it? No one spoke, and there was only the sound of shovels digging mud, accompanied by the occasional sound of touching a coffin. It doesn’t feel like glass. It may be because of winter. It feels very cold. Although it is daytime, the sun is very good and the temperature is more than 10 degrees. There was still a chill.

Can anyone shed some light on that texture? Not as slippery as glass, hard, transparent, jade? Don’t be kidding, how can there be such a transparent jade? Still so thick.

Someone lost his breath and called more than a dozen people to stand on one side of the coffin and push hard, trying to make the coffin move, but the coffin remained motionless, indicating that the part buried in the mud was far deeper than people imagined.

dig! Can you still see ghosts under the bright sun? What is there? Isn’t it just a coffin? dig! How deep can it be? Just continue digging. It’s no wonder that such a big coffin can be pushed when it’s filled with water. Don’t think about it, keep digging! Some people encouraged it, this is indeed a laborious job, and the diggers have already changed three times! The coffin, the coffin exposed to the ground is already taller than a person, reflecting light green light under the sun. What’s even more strange is that people saw the corpse inside floating in the middle, and it was always in the middle. When digging 1 meter, he digs out at 50cm, and when he digs 2 meters, he is 1 meter above the ground!

What’s in it? It’s not like water, but if it’s not water, how can fish swim in it? It seems that only by digging out completely can this question be answered. Someone proposed to use an iron rod to test how deep it was below. At this time, someone invited the most famous Fengshui master in the area. This Feng Shui master has a very high reputation, and his fortune-telling was passed down from his ancestors, from his eldest son to his eldest grandson. His uncle now learns fortune-telling from him, and his first fortune-telling was when he was 15 years old. There is a local who does not believe in setting up a street stall in the market. Who has seen such a young gentleman? I asked him to show it, but the gentleman didn’t look at it, and just said: “Your life is too hard, you were born by force. When you were born, you didn’t cry because your family was poor.” This man was pale at the time, because he was born Don’t cry, but at most 3 people knew about the matter of beating and crying with scallion white, Wen Po, his mother, and later his mother told him. Feng Shui is even more powerful. Including yin house and yang house. He would never do the kind of things that give people cracks to make huge profits, such as packing a bag of cinnabar for a hundred yuan (a fortune teller often does it) and so on. So it’s very respectable. It is said that his father was even more divine, and he could know the gender of the deceased, whether his age was a good death, etc. by pulling a blade of grass from the grave.

In the local area, another function of Mr. Feng Shui is to find ancestral graves for people. Before liberation, there were often people who went out to the Guandong at the age of 16. When they came back, their parents had passed away and their well-meaning neighbors were buried. As a result, when the Four Olds and feudal superstitions were broken, the graves were flattened; some were due to economic development, widening of roads, and changes in cultivated land, etc., and some original symbols (big trees, temples, etc.) disappeared. The old man only has the general orientation left in his memory. If the children and grandchildren want to have a new burial, they must ask Mr. Feng Shui to help them find the ancestral grave. Mr. Feng Shui holds an iron stick in his hand, which is about half as thick as a little finger. According to the direction, he can find the ancestral grave. And the position of the head and feet can be determined, but how to do it is not clear. In general, the burials are all buried in the north and south, with the head north and the feet south, and an earthen jar will be buried at the head of the grave. This is roughly the reason why everyone invites Mr. Feng Shui.

Let me explain to everyone, if they are all from that place, I am afraid there is no need to say this) Mr. Feng Shui came to the coffin, very surprised, but did not speak, and looked at the coffin carefully. There has never been a handmade iron rod. After looking at it for half an hour, I asked the folklore expert (he was the biggest leader at the scene, and he was from the county): “Do we have to dig?” in joy. Of course he didn’t forget to ask: “Will there be any harm?” He didn’t believe that the fortune teller would know this Lao Shizi at all. “No,” the fortune-teller said lightly, “but according to this digging method, I’m afraid I won’t be able to dig it out for a month!” Everyone stopped. The fortune teller walked aside, talking to the local village head and some old people in a low voice. After a while, the old man came over and said: “So those who belong to the dragon, and those who are not born in December but who are not born in December, leave the bottom of the river and go to the bank.”

There must be a white snake within five steps.” The fortune-teller said, walked to the southeast of the coffin, and stopped four or five steps away from the coffin, “find two people to dig down three feet with wooden shovels.” Several people ran back to the village in a hurry The wooden shovel has gone (Note: The wooden shovel is a kind of agricultural tool used by farmers to separate the wheat grains from the chaff by wind. It is similar to the shovel, but it is made of mulberry wood). The sun is getting weaker and weaker, the fortune teller Said “It may not be dug out today, cover it with something, and don’t let the rain drench it! “After a while, the farmer came with a wooden shovel, and dug down at the designated place according to the instructions? White snake? That is a fairy! The old people were muttering in their hearts. There is indeed a small white snake in the local area, but it is extremely rare. When the ladies see the little white snake (about as long as chopsticks), they will kowtow, find a plate covered with a red cloth, invite the white snake to the house, and burn incense to offer it. It is strange to say that the white snake is always very obedient. Climb into the plate, enjoy (guess it yourself) incense for a few days, and disappear without a sound.

The fortune teller drew a circle of about one foot, and the two began to dig. Indeed, the mud here was obviously easier to dig than other places. After a short time, one person shouted: There are a bunch of frogs! “Stop digging!” The fortune teller hurriedly stopped them. Everyone was surprised. It’s normal to dig frogs in winter, so there’s no fuss. Everyone saw more than ten frogs crowded together. How can there be snakes where there are frogs? The old people began to pray again, not for anything else, who has seen such a big coffin, let alone alarmed “others” after all? In the winter, the fortune teller was sweating all over his forehead, and later I heard from him that he almost ran back at that time. The fortune teller took out the frogs one by one, there was no white snake, nothing but frogs!

It shouldn’t be, the fortune teller doesn’t know what he did wrong, that’s what his father told him.

How could there be no white snake?

He stood up and asked loudly: “Are there any dragons and people born in December who have not left? Find out at your own peril!”

A few onlookers left in embarrassment, no wonder, who can’t take a closer look at this kind of thing? The old people vaguely understood: “It’s not that the white snake is afraid of them, but it’s not beneficial to these people.”

At this moment, someone shouted: “Snake! The snake is on the spade!”

is not that right? In the mud on the shovel, a small white snake exposed part of its body. The difference is that this white snake is not completely white, but has some spots (no one can tell what color the spots are). Another difference is that it exposed its head, spitting out letters frequently, and was very vigilant, which shouldn’t be the case for snakes in winter. The fortune teller carefully took the little snake and put it beside the coffin, to be precise, it was at the bottom of the coffin. The little snake went down quickly and disappeared after a while.

Seeing the little white snake go under the crystal coffin, the timid people started to scream, my God? Where did it go? how come? It’s true that snakes drill holes, but snakes don’t know how to make holes. Most of them use eels’ holes. What’s more, in such a cold day, the little snake can still be so active. The nerves that have been tense for a day can’t bear too much weird. Most of the people knelt in the mud and bowed in the most traditional but most respectful way of offering sacrifices—twenty-four salutes. This is an extremely complicated way of bowing, including gossip directions. The most solemn form of kowtowing during road sacrifices. Senior elders take the lead, step by step, take square steps, and kowtow! The 24 prayers are over, and everyone is kneeling on the ground at a loss! Yes, according to common sense, we should cry now. For example, if the deceased is the uncle of the worshiper, he should cry uncle! Crying Lord of the younger generation, and so on. But no one knows the name of the person kneeling down this time, so what’s the name? What if, what if this is not a human? Will heaven and earth be angry and resent others if they worship according to human principles without distinction? At this time, the fortune teller said: “Okay, just kowtow, it’s getting late, everyone, go back to the shore and rest, tomorrow morning will be all right.”

Everyone returned to the shore silently, who is in the mood to eat? Those who belong to the dragon and other people who can’t watch are anxiously asking this and that? what is going on? The incomprehensible attitude of the fortune teller is also confusing. Those who hadn’t seen the white snake yelled: “Tomorrow we’ll take a hammer to it—” before they could finish speaking, they were blocked by a dirty muddy hand. The old people gave the kid a hard look. I don’t know the importance, what else is there to listen to the old man? Whenever a coffin is dug during construction, don’t move it if you can. Once you want to move it, you need to invite someone who understands it to pay homage, take out the wedding materials, and place them properly. The fortune teller said lightly: “The ones that should come out should come out, or else it will be troublesome?” Everyone looked at the gentleman with inquiries, “Look at tomorrow, I have 108 black dog paper-cuts here, you can paste them Go to the wall of the yard, and remember that all the doors must be pasted twice, and the water tank must be pasted. This must be done by the dragon. Remember to paste it after the sun comes out. If it is cloudy tomorrow, you must not Post!”, the voice was not loud but very firm, a kind of firmness that could break everything. Everyone felt a little more at ease, after all, there were people who came up with ideas and made decisions.

“Also, you must check how much water is in the water tank, and how high is the wet mark on the outside of the water tank.” The fortune teller instructed. Everyone agreed and returned to their shacks (laborers have no good places to live, they are all temporary tents, otherwise they would not go to that scary yard). The black dog paper-cut in my hand is very ordinary, just a puppy cut out of black paper, it is used to ward off evil spirits, but is there any reason why use this? Most people cut it out of new paper. It seems that this one should have a history of several years, and the paper is a bit old.

The night was surprisingly quiet, even those who usually snore didn’t move. Of course, no one could sleep, especially the people assigned to the task were even more excited. The old people smoked their own cigarettes, and the flickering lights made everyone hope that the dawn would come sooner. “Do you think this has something to do with the bald-tailed old Li?” An old man asked softly, huh? People on the banks of the Yellow River should know this legend. The bald-tailed Lao Li is synonymous with the Dragon King. Once in 60 years, the Yellow River will flood once. The young daughter-in-law was guarding the old mother who was sick in bed. The old lady wanted to drink fish soup. It was raining heavily outside. Where can I buy fish? Besides, there was a place to buy fish, but there was no money. At this moment, there was a thunderstorm, and the sky fell A big carp with golden threads was caught, which weighed 5 or 6 catties! The daughter-in-law was overjoyed and took the fish back to the house. Seeing the pitiful appearance of the carp, she couldn’t bear to kill it, so she chopped off the tail and took the fish to the house. It was released. Strange to say, the mother recovered from her illness after drinking the fish soup. And this carp is the dragon king who was demoted to the earth. It is also said that he was defeated by fighting with other dragons. Fortunately, the dragon king was reasonable and did not punish his filial daughter-in-law. , but it has become a habit, that is, it comes every sixty years, and the Yellow River floods once. There is still this saying in Anyang, Henan. Words like sinking will end badly. Those who are light will not be allowed to board the boat. If you say it in the middle of the river, you may be kicked off the boat. There is also a taboo that you can’t say bald, otherwise the boat will not wait for safety. Those with the surname Li are very popular. , with him, it must be smooth sailing.) When they heard that it had something to do with this, everyone became dignified! “No way!” an old man said slowly, “It was wrong at the first time, and the other one has never heard that black dogs are going to be used, and the coffin is for people!” Everyone had no idea. It’s really hard to make a living on the edge!

The day finally dawned, fortunately it was a sunny day, the sun was lazily hanging in the sky, everyone split up, some people surrounded the fortune teller and came to the coffin, some people went to stick paper-cuts. The fortune teller took out 3 sticks of incense and lit them in the incense burner that came with him. He was muttering something, but it was definitely not something Taishang Laojun was in a hurry like a law. Then he took out a piece of wood (it seemed to be mulberry wood, which had been polished) and inserted it into the east of the coffin. At this time, the coffin in the coffin The fish swim more and more frequently. Everyone always feels uneasy. It turns out that the coffin has grown taller by itself. Yes, the dug out coffins have been wiped clean by the farmers, and there are obviously 20cm more muddy coffins. The fortune teller pointed to the northwest corner and said, “Dig! Dig until you can’t dig it!” At this time, the messenger who posted the black dog ran over, “Sir, the water in the tank is still full (20 cm), and the wet marks on the outside of the tank are still four fingers away from the top!”

“Understood.” The fortune teller agreed lightly, staring at the small fish in the coffin. The small fish is just a small fish, a very common grass carp. The corpse has risen to the height of a person’s waist. Look clearly, the little white snake is also inside! And it’s moving, always avoiding the small fish that keep rushing towards it. Fish dare to bully snakes! No wonder Mr. has been watching. A stick of incense had been burned, and suddenly, with a “click”, two wooden shovels for dredging broke at the same time! Two halves of a wooden spade stuck in the mud. The sudden sound made people tremble violently, and this was the time when they couldn’t dig. Both shovels were stuck in the mud, as if something hard had broken the shovels. The fortune-teller dug the mud with his hands, gradually revealing an iron pier, the size of an ordinary garden bench, with some patterns engraved on it. The fortune-teller groped around and slowly pulled out a length of rusty iron chain.

Everyone surrounded it excitedly, is this also connected to the coffin? Several young men stepped forward to help pull it, and when they tried hard, one end of the coffin shook. “Stop!” The fortune teller shouted angrily, “Didn’t I say that you are not allowed to come here?” The young man who delivered the letter quickly let go and ran to the river bank. It is true that there are stubbles on the iron chain. Perhaps because of the long time, one buckle has been split in half. Do you want to continue to pull, you can pull without force on the broken part, everyone waits for the fortune teller’s instructions. The fortune teller carefully looked at Duan stubble and thought about it. At this time, the sky was slowly getting overcast. Mr. Folklore has been looking at the pattern on the iron pier, and suddenly he said: “This should be in the well.” Yes, this is used to suppress the spring in the ancient well. Why did they come here? Looking at the elephant, it is even more unclear. The iron chain is connected to the coffin. Who will put the coffin in the well? Even if you want to release it, how can there be such a big well? The fortune teller was thoughtful: “There is really gold, master!” In that place, there are very few Fengshui masters, but I don’t know why this area developed extremely rapidly for a while, of course it was before liberation , there is a particularly famous Dawang Village, where more than 90 earthen buildings have been built in a row. Everyone said that Wang’s ancestor’s tomb has good geomantic omen. One night, a southerner came, and it is said that a golden toad was chiseled out from the stele pedestal. . That night, the whole village heard the sound of copper coins rolling away underground, and the old man said that the dragon had left. Since then, the 100th building in Dawang Village has never been built again, and it had to be abandoned once it was built and collapsed. So when everyone heard that a Feng Shui master was involved, they were extremely nervous. The fortune-teller said: “It doesn’t matter, this is made by a local gentleman to keep the dragon’s veins. I didn’t expect it to come out.” What about the coffin? Who made the coffin? What should we do now?

I don’t know, the fortune teller’s face is also very ugly. Ever since he saw the iron chain, he has become dignified, and now his face is even more serious. Suddenly, the fortune-teller hit the coffin with his head desperately, once, once, his face was covered with blood, and the sound spread far away. The old man said that after returning home, the villagers asked if the cannon had been fired (because there was a geological survey at that time) often drill holes and use detonators to blow them up), while the people around hear the sound is very soft, but very clear. Everyone was petrified, and no one thought of stopping Mr. Possessed? No, but anyone who possesses a body will report himself. Possession is only possible when the gods are invited during the Chinese New Year. For example, if someone suddenly shouted “I am the Seven Fairies” and saw an old man making a show, give him an embroidery needle and thread, and it will rust to a very high degree. Horizontal flowers come. Suddenly someone shouted: “The coffin is cracked!” Yes! The coffin was cracked and water flowed out. The fortune teller shouted with blood all over his face: “Go ashore quickly!” Everyone climbed out of the big hole and saw water spraying from the coffin. The water gradually disappeared from the coffin, and some careful people saw that there was no shortage of water in the coffin! Everyone stopped talking and went to work. The fortune teller was taken away by his uncle, and later it was heard that the fortune teller was blind. Early the next morning, people were surprised to find that there was no water at all in the pit that was still full of water yesterday, and there was no coffin, nothing, and the blood that Mr. In the courtyard, there was no water in the water tank. About half a month later, an earthquake started there, black dogs were posted in every household, and there was a strange jingle circulating.

It was finally dawn, and it was still a sunny day. Some people surrounded the fortune-teller and came to the coffin. At this time, the fish in the coffin were swimming more and more frequently. Everyone always felt uneasy. It turned out that the coffin had grown taller by itself. The dug out coffins had been wiped clean by the farmers, and there were obviously 20 centimeters more than the coffins covered with mud. The fortune-teller pointed to the northwest corner and said: “Dig! Dig until you can’t dig it!” When the river course still can’t be dug, I don’t know why, sir, is he confused?

People have been staring at the small fish in the coffin. A small fish is a small fish, a very common grass carp. The corpse has risen to the height of a person’s waist, but it is still blurred. break off. Two halves of a wooden spade stuck in the mud. The sudden sound made people tremble violently. At this time, when they could not dig, the faces of the two wooden shovels were sunk in the mud, as if something hard had broken the shovels. The fortune-teller dug the mud with his hands, and gradually revealed an iron pier, the size of an ordinary round stool, with some patterns engraved on it. The fortune-teller groped around and slowly pulled out a length of rusty iron chain.

Suddenly someone shouted: “The coffin is cracked!”

Yes, the coffin was cracked, and water flowed out. The fortune teller shouted: “Go ashore quickly!” Everyone climbed out of the big hole, and saw water spraying out of the coffin, just like that, under everyone’s gaze , the water gradually submerged the coffin, and some careful people saw that there was no shortage of water in the coffin! Everyone stopped talking and went to work.

Early the next morning, people were surprised to find that there was no water in the pit that was full of water yesterday, no coffin, nothing. Afterwards, people went to the fortune-teller to ask what happened, and the fortune-teller said, “I can’t tell the truth. If I tell the truth, it will shorten my life expectancy by 40 years, and it will bring disaster to the local area. You don’t need to ask any more questions. Tell me about this matter.” Forget about it!”

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