Experience The Supernatural Events In The Forbidden City

Everyone knows that only part of the Forbidden City is open to the public, and a large part is not open to the public. No one can tell the specific reason. But legend has it that just after liberation, the guards patrolling the Palace Museum at night often saw a strange animal, which they said looked like a mouse but was very big, and said it looked like a pig and ran extremely fast. People say that this is a palace beast kept by the royal family in the East and West Palaces. Later, many people wanted to catch one or two, but almost sixty years later, more and more people saw it, but no one actually caught one!

As a tourist attraction, the Forbidden City receives tens of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every day, but not everyone knows that this Forbidden City contains another kind of content…

There was a man who used to be a gatekeeper at the Forbidden City. According to that man, he could hear people playing music every night, and sometimes he could see palace maids and eunuchs lining up to pass by. The children of that family are all in poor health, and the elders say it is because of the yin energy of that person, which affects the next generation!

Not only that, have you noticed that many courtyards in the Forbidden City are sealed off! It is not open to tourists. In fact, phenomena that cannot be explained by science have occurred in every mansion. Before liberation, many people died in these places before they were closed! They either disappear for no reason or die in mysterious circumstances, but the reasons are always so bizarre that no one can find out the reason. However, they have one thing in common: if the corpse can still be seen after death, then the corpse will have no shame. What's even more scary is a well. If you look down during the day, you'll see rocks, weeds, and the like at the bottom of the well. But if you look down after 12 o'clock at night, as long as there's a moon in the sky, you'll see something appear at the bottom of the well. It's not stones or weeds, it's water, and what's reflected in the water is not your face…

Pictures of the Forbidden City Ghosts_Collection of Forbidden City Ghosts Pictures_HD Pictures of the Forbidden City Ghosts

Of course, some scientists have explained: There is a scientific basis for seeing palace ladies in the Forbidden City, because the palace walls are red and contain iron tetroxide, and lightning may conduct electrical energy down. If a palace lady happens to pass by, then the palace wall will It is equivalent to the function of a video tape. If there is another lightning coincidence in the future, it will be like a video projection, and the shadow of the palace lady who was recorded will appear.

In any case, think about the long and narrow corridors and the walls covered with weeds in the Forbidden City. If you are walking there alone at night and suddenly see the palace maid and eunuch from the previous court walking towards you, even if there is scientific evidence, you will Terrified.

5 o'clock is the time when the Forbidden City closes its doors to clear out visitors. It is said that that hour is the most dark time in the Forbidden City. Many tourists feel that even in the sultry summer, the Forbidden City at 5 o'clock will make people feel cold… That's because after 5 o'clock, the guests in the world will leave, and what is about to appear is Those ones……

Collection of Pictures of the Forbidden City Ghosts_HD Pictures of the Forbidden City Ghosts_Pictures of the Forbidden City Ghosts

There used to be night watchmen in the Forbidden City, but now there are no more. No matter how much money is paid, no one is willing to keep vigil. What does this mean?

I really want to go to the Forbidden City, hide during the clearance at 5 o'clock, wait for the gate to close, stay inside the Forbidden City, and see what happens…

My grandpa's family lived in Banner, just outside the east gate of the Forbidden City. It has been demolished now. So I have been hearing stories about the Forbidden City since I was a child. Stop talking nonsense and start telling a story: I heard from old people that late one night in 1983, a man walked through the wall near the Treasure Hall of the Forbidden City and suddenly noticed a pair of people holding palace lanterns in the distance. He thought this In those days, everyone used flashlights. Who still uses palace lanterns? Could it be… But then I thought that the party taught us that there are no ghosts and gods in the world. It must be dazzling or some natural phenomenon, so I wanted to step forward and take a look, but what happened? I couldn't catch up with the group of people holding palace lanterns, but looking from a distance, I saw that they were indeed palace maids wearing Qing Dynasty cheongsam, walking neatly with open veils and palace lanterns. This time he was so frightened that he collapsed on the ground and did not dare to chase her. He did not move home step by step from another road until the light was no longer visible.

Collection of Pictures of the Forbidden City Ghosts_HD Pictures of the Forbidden City Ghosts_Pictures of the Forbidden City Ghosts

I still remember that there was a treasure theft case in the Forbidden City when I was a child. The suspect hid in the gap between the bathrooms opposite the Treasure Hall before closing. When the staff got off work, he came out and entered the Treasure Hall first and then the Zhongbao Hall. He stole A lot of things were discovered by the inspectors before they had gone very far. The discovery process was also quite bizarre. Originally, the inspector didn't want to look up, but there was a voice in his heart telling him that someone was taking my things, and he was on the wall. This feeling kept lingering in his heart, so he used I shined my flashlight on the wall and found the suspect.

He was also frightened. A figure appeared on a wall of the Forbidden City in the middle of the night, so he screamed. Everyone shined their flashlights and saw the figure jumping off the wall, so they called the police. Later, I heard that the armed police and the police had blocked off the Forbidden City. The city walls were surrounded by police officers, who were stationed at three steps, one post, five steps and one sentry, and some were arrested. Later, the suspect jumped from a place on the city wall, but he did not fall to death. The pine tree took away a lot of gravity, injured his leg, and was captured.

Tell another story. (Ghost House: / Please keep reprinting!) There are special night watchmen in the Forbidden City, and there are also special fire brigade stationed there. When I was a child, I often went to play in the fire brigade, but of course I was kicked out.

Pictures of the Forbidden City Ghosts_Collection of Forbidden City Ghosts Pictures_HD Pictures of the Forbidden City Ghosts

It was a summer, and several firefighters slept in Chuxiu Palace after completing fire drills. It was hot in the summer, so they spread out mats and slept in the palace without using quilts. Late at night at around two o'clock in the morning, a team member was woken up by the cool breeze in the early morning. He opened his eyes in a daze and saw, wow – "Why am I sleeping in the corridor outside the palace door? I am obviously sleeping inside." But he was frightened, but he was a soldier after all. He carefully hugged the mat and went back to the hall to sleep. When he woke up in the morning, he found that he had been carried to the corridor again, so he said to the other team members: Stop making trouble. , haven’t you tormented me enough? You’re exhausted from training, and you still want to torment me. The other team members said, we didn’t carry you out. When I woke up in the morning, I saw you sleeping outside. Are you sleepwalking? But in the team You don't have this problem with sleeping in the palace. It's strange. They decided to find out about this matter and rested there every time after patrolling Chuxiu Palace. But every time, the soldier was always carried out in the middle of the night and slept on the corridor. Everyone was really scared and didn't dare to sleep in Chuxiu Palace, but why weren't the other soldiers carried out? I think it might be that the soldier who was carried out had weak yang energy and was tired after patrol training. When he is at his weakest, he is easily teased by that thing.

My mother worked in the Forbidden City for a period of time, and heard from the security guards there her personal experience: two security guards worked the night shift together at night, and one of them went to the toilet. The toilet was some distance away from where they slept. As soon as the man went in and closed the door, he heard someone knocking on the door. He asked: "Who is it?" Then he heard a deep voice reply: "Open the door." He opened the door and saw no one. , just wanted to continue going to the toilet, but unexpectedly there was another knock on the door, and it was the same low voice saying: "Open the door." He was frightened all of a sudden, and ran back to the place where he slept, still wondering if it was the other one. People were teasing him. When I went back, I found that the man was still asleep, and his sleeping posture had not changed. Sure enough, when I asked him the next day, he knew nothing. I never dare to go out alone at night again!

I used to hear that something strange happened to bus 333 from Old Summer Palace to Xiangshan, but now it seems that bus 333 is gone.

This is what a buddy said a few years ago, when there was still Route 333. He once waited for the bus at Xiangshan, because it was the departure station and there were many people, especially some adults who went up the mountain to exercise. However, there was a car parked there, with few people getting on and everyone seemed to be waiting. He went up. Before he went up, the man next to him pulled him. He went up and sat near the front door. At this time, he noticed that the person opposite had sweat on his forehead and seemed to be shaking a little. He just looked at the man, who pointed at the driver and whispered: "Driver, you have no legs!"

Does he think this is nonsense? How can the driver drive without legs? He looked from the side and did not see the driver's legs. He became a little nervous and got out before the car started.

After a while, the car drove away. There were about three or four people in the car.

The old man next to him said: "Young man, thank you for coming down!"

When the car he was riding in passed by a place, probably at Wanan Cemetery, he saw the car in front of him parked there with the picture of the ghosts of the Forbidden City , and there was no one there.

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