Folk Ghost Stories

During the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, there was a Jingshan Temple outside the north gate of Wanzhou in eastern Sichuan. In the temple lived an old monk named Ding'an. The old monk Ding'an raised a big black dog named Buddha Yuan, which means that if the dog can stay at the Buddha's gate with peace of mind, it is destined to the Buddha. This Buddha Yuan is tall and mighty, but also very docile and lovely in front of people. Therefore, the old monk Ding'an particularly likes it.

One time, Fo Yuan was playing alone in the open space in the backyard of the temple when he suddenly noticed a small snake snaking out from the grass on the side. The snake looked unusual, with its whole body white and transparent. What was even more surprising was that there was a red mole the size of a mung bean on the center of its head. Fo Yuan had seen many snakes in the temple backyard, but he had never seen such a surprisingly cute little snake. For a moment, it forgot to play with butterflies and looked at the little snake dreamily. Seeing Fo Yuan looking at him in a daze, the little snake raised its head curiously and stared at him.

For about an hour, Foyuan and the little white snake kept a distance of about ten feet, just looking at each other. Suddenly, there was a gust of wind from mid-air, and a black shadow swooped down toward the little white snake like lightning. Foyuan recognized it as an eagle. It jumped up like a sharp arrow and bit off the eagle's sharp claws that were reaching towards the little white snake. The eagle was completely unprepared for a nemesis that would appear on the way. It screamed strangely and left in pain.

Foyuan saved the little white snake. The little white snake was very grateful, nodded to it, and swam into the grass.

From then on, the little white snake and Foyuan played together from time to time. Sometimes, Foyuan even brought it to the temple to play, and they actually became a pair of very good friends. When the old monk Ding'an found out, he was greatly surprised. If he found something delicious, he divided it into two parts, giving half to Buddha Yuan and half to the little white snake.

The little white snake grows very fast. In more than a year, it is more than one foot long and its body is as thick as a small bucket. But it is very docile like Buddha Yuan, and never harms nearby mountain people and livestock except for catching mice to satisfy its hunger.

In the autumn of this year, the old monk Ding'an went to other places to beg for alms, leaving Buddha Yuan behind to guard the gate in the temple. One morning, a traveling monk came to the temple. This walking monk, whose name is Sanjie, has a very big belly. It is said that he can eat three buckets of rice in one meal, so others call him "Three Dou Monk". Sandou Monk was a monk who tasted both wine and meat, and had some friendship with the old monk of Ding'an. Foyuan knew Sandou Monk and naturally welcomed his arrival. Unexpectedly, the three fighting monks were overjoyed when they saw that Monk Ding'an was not there. He hadn't eaten dog meat for a long time. When he came to Jingshan Temple three years ago, when Fo Yuan was still young but very strong, he wanted to eat Fo Yuan. However, due to the presence of the old monk Ding'an, he didn't do anything. Opportunity, isn’t today a God-given opportunity?

Sandou Monk immediately found a rope and waved at Foyuan, hoping to lead it to him. Buddha knows people's faces but not their hearts. When he saw the three fighting monks calling him, he shook his head and tail to greet him. Unexpectedly, as soon as it got past it, the three fighting monks unexpectedly tied its neck with a rope. By the time it realized something was wrong, it was already too late. The three fighting monks exerted their strength with both hands, and soon strangled it to death…

After a while, San Dou Monk actually filled his stomach with all the Buddha Fate. He packed the remaining bones and fur in a rag, dug a hole in the backyard of the temple, and buried them.

At sunset, the old monk Ding'an rushed back from outside. As soon as he entered the temple, he found that the Buddha's fate was missing, so he started looking everywhere. Sandou Monk couldn't keep the matter secret, so he told the old monk Ding'an about killing Fo Yuan and cooking it. When the old monk Ding'an heard this, he felt as if someone had taken out his heart and liver. He was so distressed that he almost wanted to fight for his life with the three fighting monks. But when he thought about what happened, it would be useless to make trouble again, lest he hurt the harmony of his fellow students because of a dog. So, he suppressed the anger in his chest and asked Sandou Monk where to bury Buddha Yuan's skin and bones so that he could go and worship. The three monks took him to the backyard of the temple.

When the old monk Ding'an went there, he saw a white snake coiled where Buddha Yuan's skin and bones were buried. The white snake shed tears from time to time, looking very sad. When it saw someone coming over, it suddenly raised its head, its eyes flashed fiercely, and it stared at the Three Dou Monks fiercely. Under the setting sun, the red mole on the top of its head, as big as an egg, flickered like a burning flame. "Amitabha!" Upon seeing this, the old monk Ding'an knew that the situation was not good, so he hurriedly grabbed the sleeves of the three Dou monks and left.

Back in the temple, the old monk Ding'an asked the three fighting monks: "Have you seen that white snake?" The three fighting monks nodded in confusion: "Yes, so what?" The old monk Ding'an put the white snake with Foyuan's friend said: "Sanjie, you are in great danger. It's not that the old monk doesn't want to keep you. I'm afraid the white snake has figured out that you are the murderer of Foyuan, and it will definitely not let you go. Take advantage of the opportunity. It’s not dark yet, you should escape from here as soon as possible!”

How could San Dou Monk believe that there are such strange things in the world? He said disdainfully: "Old monk, you really know how to bluff people with lies. How could snakes and dogs become friends? And it didn't see me killing Buddha Yuan. How could it find it?" Me?" The old monk Ding'an said: "Sanjie, don't underestimate that white snake. It is very human. Even some of us are afraid of it and find it difficult to deal with it. The reason why it didn't pounce on you just now is, It's because the old monk is here , why are ghosts afraid of black dogs , and you can give me some face, so your life is not hurt. You'd better leave quickly, lest it's too late to regret it!"

The three Dou monks thought that the old monk Ding'an was resenting him for killing him and depriving him of his Buddhist relationship, so he deliberately made trouble to drive him away. He muttered with a black face: "Come on, let me go. This petty old monk is just a dog." Why don't you think I can give you a dog back later?"

After Sandou Monk left Jingshan Temple, he walked nearly three miles when it got dark. At this time, a bright moon was rising in the east. Under the bright moonlight, the three monks suddenly discovered a pair of green lights shining on the road not far ahead. When he took a closer look, he couldn't help but take a breath of cold air. Oh my god, wasn't that the big white snake he saw in the backyard of Jingshan Temple? Before he could think about it, the white snake raised its head, stuck out its tongue, straightened its body as thick as a small bucket, and pounced on him like an arrow from a string.

Sandou Monk is not an ordinary person. He has been practicing martial arts since he was a child and has developed extraordinary martial arts. He saw the white snake approaching fiercely, how could he dare to underestimate the enemy? He shrunk and retreated ten feet away. At the same time, he drew out the sword from his waist.

When the white snake saw that it was empty when it pounced, it became furious. It made a strange "chirping" sound from its mouth, rolled on the ground, and jumped back again like an angry dragon coming out of the sea. The three fighting monks did not dare to be negligent, so they ducked past and slashed with their swords. Unexpectedly, before his sword could get closer, the white snake shook its body and jumped to the other side. The three fighting monks fought against the white snake for countless rounds, using all their special skills without even touching the snake's skin. Gradually, the three fighting monks were so tired that they were out of breath. Seeing that they could only parry but had no strength to fight back, the white snake became more and more courageous as he fought, and showed that he would not withdraw his troops until he won a complete victory.

The three fighting monks never dreamed that the white snake could be so brave and good at fighting. They were frightened and thought that if they continued like this, their life would be lost in the hands of the white snake. At this moment, he believed the words of the old monk Ding'an, but it was a pity that he didn't have time, otherwise he would have to use one hand to slap himself twice on the cheek: just for the sake of a moment of luck, he caused such a big disaster! He no longer dared to fight, and he only thought about how to get rid of this life-threatening snake spirit in front of him and save his own life.

At this moment, the three fighting monks found a willow tree next to them, jumped over, hugged the trunk of the tree and jumped to the top of the tree like a monkey. Unexpectedly, the white snake jumped over, flicked its tail, and suddenly swept the tree trunk, which was as thick as a cow's thigh, into two pieces. The three fighting monks fell down, causing stars to appear in front of his eyes and a bloody head. Before he could get up from the ground, the white snake pounced on him again. The three fighting monks knew that they would not escape death. In panic, they used all their strength to throw the sword in their hands towards the white snake.

Sandou Monk's sword hit the white snake's vagina, and the white snake immediately curled up in pain. The three fighting monks were overjoyed when they saw this and quickly struggled to get up. Although the white snake could no longer jump, it was still blocking the road and slowly moving towards him. The Three Dou Monks had already experienced the power of the white snake and did not dare to take another step forward. They also knew that the white snake was seriously injured and could not catch up with him for a moment. Then he turned around and ran back, trying to find the old monk Ding'an to find a way to help him avoid this disaster.

It was already midnight. The old monk Ding'an heard the sound of the door like a drum and hurriedly went to open the door. As soon as the door opened, monk Sandou rushed in, looking like a ghost. He asked in horror: "Didn't the old monk tell you to leave this place? Why are you back again?" "Old monk… No, Master Ding'an," the three fighting monks begged with tears in their eyes, "that white snake has become a spirit, you… please find a way to help me avoid the disaster in front of me!" And he met the white snake on the way. After speaking out.

"Sin, sin!" The old monk Ding'an clasped his hands and shook his head and sighed, "You have brought this upon yourself!" He knew that the white snake would catch up here in a few moments, so he hurriedly led the three fighting monks into the courtyard and used a big Zhong covered him inside, gave him some food, asked him to hide inside for a few days, and told him to recite Buddhist scriptures to relieve his grievances.

The old monk Ding'an had just settled the three fighting monks when he saw the white snake crawling in with a long sword stuck in its body, dragging a trail of blood. The white snake raised its head and looked around, looking for the three fighting monks. Although the old monk Ding'an hid the three fighting monks in the big bell, thinking that the white snake would never think that there was anyone hiding there, the white snake still seemed to have found some clues, swam to the big bell, and actually wrapped the bell around got up.

The old monk Ding'an felt that this was not a big problem for the Three Dou Monks. The white snake wrapped its body around the big clock and did not leave until three days and three nights. After the white snake disappeared in the grass at the back of the mountain, the old monk Ding'an hurried over and opened the big clock to take a look. He couldn't help but be stunned. It turned out that there were no traces of the Three Dou Monks in the bell, and there was only a pool of blood and a pile of bones on the ground…

At this moment, the old monk Ding'an remembered that the problem must be the ventilation hole on the clock. But the question is, how did the white snake pass through those pea-sized vents and leave the Three Dou Monks with only a pile of bones left here?

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