Drawing Ghost Feet Chapter 647: The Naughty Child’s Participation

There are not many people involved, because there are still people needed to deal with the ghost paintings that appear one after another in the city. The source paintings only require a team of people. This is not a ghost mission, and there is no need to compare the number of ghost paintings. Just determine the location of the ghost painting and imprison it. "It turned out to be that naughty kid. He was just a newcomer. He didn't expect that he would be involved in this terrible action just after leaving the ghost painting incident, and he couldn't help but refuse. … Continue readingDrawing Ghost Feet Chapter 647: The Naughty Child’s Participation

Ah Hong’s Cause And Effect

Fast forward 20 years, this time Ah Hong came to this city, and suddenly wanted to go to that hospital again for a walk, after all, this place has so many good memories. After waking up, Ah Hong broke out in a cold sweat. She couldn’t help but think of an incident 20 years ago, and her heart became more and more disturbed. After Ah Hong got the money, she bought a lot of items that she was reluctant to buy on weekdays, and she felt very happy… Hearing about this, Ah Hong’s face became hot, and she never went to that canteen again. As soon as he entered the door, an old woman with white hair greeted her and asked Ah Hong what she wanted to buy? … Continue readingAh Hong’s Cause And Effect


Everyone has a hobby. Some people like to sing, some people like to read books, and I like to listen to stories, or it is more appropriate to say that I like to listen to supernatural stories, and I don’t hesitate to spend money on stories. My name is Ye Tian, ​​and I am an ordinary office worker, but I have a very different hobby, which is to collect supernatural stories. The number of living beings means that they can feed so many people, and they often die of starvation and disease. There is no end, I finally knew why he was fat in vain at that time, it turned out that he was a cannibal! … Continue readingCannibalism