Angry And Clear Xiangxi

The old cat's trembling cry came from behind an old tree. Blind man Chen leaned close to the tree and quietly stuck his head out to look around. He was born with a pair of night eyes, and he could roughly see in the dark night without stars and moon. He made an outline. At this time, the clouds and the moon were dark, but they could not block his sight. He looked for the screams of the old cat and walked through the forest. It turned out that there was a small open space in the forest behind the tree, surrounded by ancient cypresses. They are all grave mounds one after another. The mounds and ridges are filled with weeds and rocks. A clear spring flows through them, winding its way deep into the weeds. The backs of the tombs are obscured by the night mist that breeds weeds.

Between the two ancient trees outside the cemetery, there is half a broken stele. It is too far away to make out the writing on the stele, but the stele is about half a person tall, and it is covered with a layer of incomplete The tile surface looked like it was either the tomb door of an ancient tomb or the archway ruins of some dilapidated ancestral temple. The old cat was trembling all over, lying in front of the monument. The ear of the second aunt the mouse had been taken out of its mouth. Vomiting on the ground, the old cat screamed desperately, with blood in the sound, as if it was begging for mercy from the stone tablet.

Relying on his unique skills, Blind Chen boldly held his breath and hid his body in the shadow of the trees where the moonlight could not shine. Looking at the old cat that was constantly trembling and begging, he couldn't help but become more and more curious as he looked at it, thinking in his heart. : "Weird, what the hell is this damn cat doing? Why is it so afraid of the half-broken monument? Cats are unique animals with flexible bodies and few natural enemies. Moreover, it is said that cats have nine lives. Their survival Their ability and courage are as great as their curiosity. If the old cat hadn't broken off a leg, it wouldn't bite a person's ear to death. But cats become more cunning as they get older. How could they be so frightened by an ancient stone tablet? What does it look like? Could it be that there is something else behind the monument?"

The more Blind Chen thought about it, the more he felt something strange and abnormal, and he had countless questions. He once again carefully looked at the ruined monument opposite, wanting to see what was behind the monument, but the demonic mist flowed among the weeds in the forest, and the distance between the monument and the monument was already the limit of vision. He opened his eyes wide, but still couldn't see clearly what was happening behind the monument.

At this moment, the moonlight mixed with the ever-changing night fog in the forest, causing the small open space in front of the ruined monument to be shrouded in a hazy and weird halo. Suddenly, I saw a pair of spinning animals flashing out from behind the monument. It had small eyes, and then gradually revealed a furry face. At first glance, I thought it was a fox, and its body was about the same size as a lame cat. Its shape is like a mongoose, with a large head and wide mouth, and yellow fur. A closer look reveals that the owner of the pair of cunning eyes is actually a small raccoon dog.

The raccoon behaved strangely. He walked up to the old cat and looked at it. The lame cat's meows began to become strange, no longer as frightening and desperate as before. Instead, it gradually turned into an extremely uncoordinated low hum. This kind of cat meowing made Blind Chen panic, and his chest felt oppressive and unbearable. He wanted to jump out and yell three times, so he had to bite the tip of his tongue with his teeth and try his best to control his heart. Uneasy emotions. He calmed down his pounding heart.

With a weird smirk on his face, Li Zi stared at the lame cat for a while. Then he turned around and swung his tail towards the water. The three-legged lame cat meowed a few more times, followed behind the lizard, and crawled stiffly and slowly to the spring to drink water. Blind Chen thought to himself: "What a joke, it turns out this cat-breaking thing is…" I was hanging my voice in the forest late at night, and now I was tired of singing and wanted to drink water. I was almost frightened by its fascination, so I might as well take the opportunity to catch it and teach it a lesson, and then break one of its legs… "

Blind Chen was thinking about it and was about to take action, but then he realized that the way the old cat was drinking water was too unusual. The three-legged lame cat seemed to be reincarnated as a thirsty ghost, gurgling and guzzling at the edge of the spring, until it drank until it gushed out from its mouth and nose. He stopped drinking when he was full of water, but then he fell on his back as if he was possessed by a demon. He squeezed his swollen belly from drinking too much mountain spring water, and vomited out all the water he just drank. The raccoon, who looked like a ghost, stood by and watched the lame cat drink water.

Immediately afterwards, the three-legged lame cat numbly crawled back to the spring and drank heavily. It repeated over and over again. Blind Chen was extremely surprised. He had experienced many strange things in his life, but he had never encountered such a strange thing. The old cat seemed to be washing himself with water. My intestines and stomach, could it be that the meat from the corpse of Second Aunt Mouse has been soaked with zombie poison? And this lame cat only realized that it was poisonous after eating dead human flesh, so he used this method to save himself?

But this doubt only made Chen Xiazi think about it for a moment, and he quickly dismissed its possibility. First of all, the corpse poison in the corpse of the second aunt Mouse had not spread into the flesh of the blind man. Chen Xiazi was experienced and could not hide this from him. If the cat only bit the dead man's face a few times, it shouldn't be a serious problem. In addition, the lame old cat looked numb, as if possessed by a ghost, completely lifeless. The blood-curdling wailing just now was definitely not fake. The raccoon in the old forest must have frightened it. The raccoon must have some kind of magic. Thinking of this, blind man Chen's palms began to sweat, but he expected that he would be able to escape by his own ability. It's not difficult, I secretly calculated: "I'm afraid running away now will alarm the spirits in the forest, which will be self-defeating. Why not calm down and see clearly, see how the raccoon is having fun, if you can get rid of it easily, you can go back." You are bragging in front of Luo Laowai, and after this weird and bizarre experience, you must make them look at you with admiration in the future."

In the dim moonlight, Blind Man Chen was at a disadvantage, so the raccoon dog that emerged from the graveyard had no chance of noticing his presence. He concentrated and continued to secretly stare at the three-legged lame cat's unusual behavior. Speaking of which, It was strange. I saw the old cat vomiting and vomiting over and over again, vomiting out all the bile in the intestines and stomach. It had already begun to vomit dark red blood, but it remained silent, and finally vomited everything. When he couldn't come out, he fell to the ground, staring at the full moon in the sky with two despairing and lifeless cat eyes, twitching his cat's claws and tail, waiting for death to come.

At this time, he saw the raccoon walking in a circle around the lame cat that was lying on the ground and twitching. Blind Chen knew in his heart that he was about to see Zhen Zhang'er. He immediately became fully alert and carefully watched the movement in the forest while quietly moving The center of gravity of the body shifted downwards and the knees were slightly bent, planning to be able to escape at any time if the momentum was not right.

I saw that the raccoon looked like a mixed-haired dog strolling under the moonlight, with yellow fluff all over its body mixed with colorful patterns.It seemed very rare. Blind Chen had never seen a raccoon with this kind of fur. He murmured in his heart: "People often say that raccoons like to dig holes in graves and hide. It is the most deceptive. Could this raccoon be the real one?" Emerged from the grave? Hardly?

Dao said that breaking the cat was its way, and it was controlled by Lizi. The mountainous area in western Hunan called Lizi a yellow demon. I am afraid that I will encounter a yellow demon this time…"

Blind Chen was filled with doubts and doubts. Just like that, the raccoon man had slowly walked up to the lame cat, gently stroked the old cat's raised belly with his front paws, and let out a burst of laughter like a night owl. The three-legged lame cat had already He completely lost his mind and showed no response to the raccoon's manipulations, but his body was trembling slightly, as if he knew in his heart that his death was imminent. But the muscles all over his body had become stiff and out of control, and a trace of sorrow and misery suddenly appeared in the eyes of the already absent-minded cat. The eyes were full of unwillingness and helplessness, and he actually shed two lines of tears.

From time to time, Li Zi poked the soft parts of the lame cat's body with his paws, admiring the way it begged for mercy, quite enjoying himself. When the old cat has played with it enough, he lowers his head and sticks out his tongue to lick the lame cat's belly. I don’t know how the yellow demon’s tongue grew. The cat hair on the old cat was licked and fell off, and the hair fell off in an instant. The old cat was very cunning and not very good-looking. All the down on his body was gone, leaving him covered in cat skin. Only two cat eyes were left moving, and the situation looked even more bizarre in the moonlit night.

Li Zi stretched out another front paw and rubbed it repeatedly on the old cat's thin belly. It didn't take long for the poor lame cat to be eviscerated alive. The intestines coiled in the old cat's belly were like a plate of delicious food on the table, presented in front of Li Zi at a glance. He saw Li Zi pulling out the clean cat intestines section by section. At this time, the old cat had not yet expired, and its four paws and tail were still twitching due to unbearable pain. Li Zi showed no mercy. After extracting the cat's intestines, he bit open the cat's neck and drank the blood. It was only at this moment that the three-legged lame cat swallowed its last breath of life with its eyes wide open.

Blind Chen secretly marveled when he saw this: "Everything in this world has its own consequences. The old cat who broke his legs met his nemesis here. He didn't even have the slightest room to resist. He was so frightened that he washed his intestines and waited for the opponent to eat. But I don’t know what trick the raccoon used to confuse its mind, and tease it before eating its intestines and drinking its blood. The method is really vicious."

The three-legged lame cat was quite big. The raccoon boy was already full after just a few mouthfuls of the cat's blood. Without looking at the disemboweled dead cat, he turned around, dragged the cat's intestines out, and walked towards the back of the ancient monument in the forest. , Chen Xiazi estimated that it had returned to its nest after eating and drinking, and it was not suitable to stay here for a long time. He quickly picked up the ears of the female corpse so that he could have a certificate in front of Luo Laowai and others when he returned, so as not to boast in vain.

Thinking of this, he took advantage of the opportunity for the raccoon to get behind the tombstone and quietly jumped out from behind the tree. He had just been nauseated by the bloody scene of the raccoon eating the cat. He didn't know how powerful the raccoon was. He didn't dare to act rashly, he just wanted to pick up the dead man's ear that fell on the ground and run back.

There is this evil atmosphere everywhere in the forest. Even if the mountain wind blows by, the mist that grows among the grass never disperses, and it only stays two or three feet above the ground. As Blind Man Chen approaches the dead man's ear on the ground, He was getting closer and closer to the broken monument, and his vision gradually moved past, but it was still dark behind the monument and nothing could be seen.

Blind Chen took a breath, frowned and touched the old cat's body, picked up Aunt Mouse's ear from the grass, thinking that he finally got the ear back, and this would make Aunt Mouse whole and healthy. The body was buried. She had a difficult life today. If there was an afterlife, she would not be a disfigured person with missing facial features. This time, she had a whole body, and she would not be famous as a bandit in Xiling. Otherwise, she would be just a lame person. If the cat escapes in front of your eyes, it will be popular or not.

Blind Chen was secretly proud, and did not want to disturb the raccoon behind the broken monument. He took out the ears and left quietly. However, before turning around, he heard a sound of slurping and chewing meat coming from the other side of the broken monument. He only subconsciously looked up. He glanced at him, but just this glance made his whole body muscles immediately fall into a state of stiffness, and his eyes could no longer move. He saw a skinny old man, covered in fierce clothes, riding a snow-white little horse. The donkey, with a neutral expression on his face, stood still behind the broken monument and stared at Ma Xikai.

The skinny old woman's eyes were gleaming, but she was so skinny that she looked like a mummy crawling out of a tomb. She might just be bones except for the skin. There was no trace of flesh on her body. Her skin was like that of an old tree. It was as rough and shriveled as skin, with no trace of blood at all. He was also extremely short, standing less than three feet tall. He wore a white cap on his head, and his little feet in white shoes were still three-inch golden lotus. He was biting half of a cat belly and bulging his cheeks, "Crunching" The raccoon dog that had just killed the old cat was squatting next to the white donkey and looking at Blind Chen with the same evil intentions.

Blind Chen's scalp suddenly opened, and he cried out in pain: "Oh my God, my grandma, this is the appearance of the old lady Bai. She is definitely not a human being. The devil knows what kind of monster it is. It is in this deep mountain and old forest." If I fall in love with her, I'm afraid my life will end." Although I knew in my heart that something bad was going on and I should turn around and run away, I didn't know what was going on with that thin old woman's eyes. When she was looked at by that vicious look, my whole body would immediately feel numb. , began to tremble from the inside out, blind man Chen's legs softened and fell to the ground when she saw him, with only a pair of eyeballs left in his body that could still move. He saw old lady Bai chewing the cat's intestines, with a hanging smile on the corner of her mouth. With a few strands of bloodshot eyes, he tilted his head and looked at Blind Man Chen who was lying on the ground. He suddenly let out a gloomy and weird laugh and drove the white donkey towards him.

Blind Chen took a look at the old lady Bai in the grave, and suddenly his soul was flying, his hair was standing on end, and a shiver ran through his body. His knees went weak and he fell to the ground. Although he understood in his heart, his limbs were no longer there. He obeyed his orders and could not move at all except for his eyes and throat.

The blind man said to himself: "It's not good. I heard that during the Five Dynasties, there were many strange swordsmen, each with their own special skills. They came and went thousands of miles away. There were also those who rode black donkeys and white donkeys, who could travel thousands of miles in a day. There is no sign of the donkey at ordinary times. When you need to ride, cut paper into a donkey, blow on it, and it is a donkey. The white donkey that the old lady is riding is white and flawless, without a stray hair. It does not look like an ordinary creature in the world. , I am probably a member of my generation, and next I will fly my sword to take the head off my neck, Mr. Chen."

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