The Willow Spirit’s Story

I often remember when we were young, if a girl was too seductive, well-dressed, cheerful and lively, she would be called a “willow spirit” by the adults. Why do adults like to curse people with willow spirit? We thought it was very strange, so we pestered the third wife to tell us stories. The third wife is a very interesting and talkative woman who likes to tell us stories tirelessly. Now that I think about it, the third wife is really our second wife. What about the enlightenment teacher! Now I recall this story and let some friends who are destined to share it!

In a small village, there lived a young couple. They had been married for many years, but the wife had not given birth to a child. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, raising all the old and young, livestock and poultry in the whole village. There is a willow tree growing beside the well, standing there like a graceful beauty, looking into the distance! The male host often looks at the willow tree in a trance! The posture of willow branches swaying in the wind often makes him mistaken for a beautiful woman dancing in the wind!

As the days go by, the male owner seems to pay more attention to the willow tree than his wife. The female hostess often uses the willow tree as a hanger after washing clothes by the well, and uses her silk handkerchief to tie the thick willow branches vigorously. Cool all your clothes on the willows! It has been like this all year round, and it seems to be venting the grievances in his heart. Every time the host sees it, he feels very heartbroken. He often silently collects the clothes and takes them to dry in other places to reduce the weight of the willow tree.

The shepherd boy in the village likes to break long wicker every time he comes to drink water for the livestock. In front of the whip driving the cattle, if he meets the male master, he will be given a whole drink! Gradually, the village boy had no choice but to quietly break the willow sticks when the host didn’t see him! Because of the protection of the male master, the willow tree is becoming more and more luxuriant and growing vigorously! But because the hostess was often ignored by the hostess, she gradually lost weight and became ill!

One rainy evening, a Taoist priest who was looking for a place to live came to the host’s house. The couple warmly received the Taoist priest. The willow tree has become a spirit, and now it is entangled with your wife, which is why your wife has become yellow-skinned, thin, and sick! You have to save your wife quickly, if it is too late, it will be too late. Your wife will die soon.” The Taoist told the host a way to auspicious demons. He asked the host to wrap the willow branches with the black silk handkerchief wrapped around his wife’s head, so as to control the regrowth of the willow branches. The Taoist gave the host After telling his contact information, he left the village.

The male host usually likes the gesture of willow branches fluttering in the wind! Let him tie the branches, he is very unhappy! And he didn’t believe what the Taoist said at all. Fortunately, the conversation between the Taoist and the master was overheard by the mistress. The mistress had always harbored a resentment in her heart because of the master’s indifference to herself and the care she gave to the willow tree. , and she didn’t give birth to an offspring and was very wronged, so she often dared to be angry and dare not speak out, and she didn’t dare to ask the male master to relieve her demons! Just go and tie all the willow branches tightly with silk handkerchief, so that the willow trees will no longer have the soft dancing posture that flutters in the wind as usual.

The male host was very angry when he saw this situation, and accused his wife of superstitious rumors! A willow tree is just a tree, how can it become a spirit? It was the wife who was too suspicious and made herself sick. Instead of going to the doctor to prescribe medicine for treatment, she believed the priest’s nonsense! The male master tore off his wife’s silk handkerchief, perhaps because he was dying of illness, or perhaps because he was out of breath. Not long after, his wife really died! After the male owner Ann buried his wife, he was alone, and usually went to herd cattle with the village boys, and he planted the crops in the field carelessly, feeling that life was not very meaningful! Especially after working so hard for half of my life, I don’t even have a descendant, and my heart is getting more and more depressed!

One early morning, when the host went to fetch water from the well, he saw a young woman with willow brows and slender waist drinking water by the well. With her face and figure, the host stood there staring blankly and didn’t know what to say. The woman asked him first, her voice was beautiful and charming, and it sounded like it was magnetic. It’s just that the clothes on her body are a bit shabby, but even that doesn’t affect her charming and graceful figure! The woman told the host that she came here after fleeing from a place far away. She had no relatives and no one to rely on. She hadn’t had a bite of food for several days. The water in this well was crystal clear. , so I drank a full stomach, this is the first time the host has seen such a stunning young woman! So I couldn’t wait to ask her to sit down at her own home and cook a bowl of delicious noodles for her to eat.

So the two started chatting, and the more they talked, the more they hit it off. Seeing that this woman had no intention of leaving, they simply proposed to her, and she accepted it very willingly!

The male host married a stunning beauty as his wife. The news is famous in hundreds of miles, and people often come to visit them at home and admire the beauty! The life at home is also very nourishing, but the spirit of the male owner seems to be not as good as before, and he always feels very tired. Apart from doing housework, the woman likes to go to the mountains with the children to herd cattle. The male owner still cares about the well The willow tree, the children still quietly folded willow sticks to drive the cattle when the hostess and hostess were away. Every time they folded, a scar would appear on the hostess for no reason. The host felt very distressed when he saw it, and asked her what happened? She always perfunctorily said that she accidentally scratched her. The couple loved each other and were so discordant. In order to change the mental state of the male host, the hostess made life enjoyable! Every night, I cook a willow-leaf poached egg for the host. The host eats it and sleeps until dawn. He used to suffer from insomnia, and his sleep is not good at all. Now he can eat and sleep, and his life is sweet. The fly in the ointment is that there is still no child born!

Suddenly one day, there was one less child in the village who went to the mountains to herd cattle together! The villagers searched all the hillsides but couldn’t find them. Strange things that hadn’t happened for many years began to appear. When the village returned to calm and people almost forgot about the lost children, there would be one less child. Five children were lost, and the village was filled with a terrifying atmosphere. The adults did not dare to let the children go to herd cattle, but the children would still be lost even if they were kept at home, and the people in the village were in panic.

So someone went to the temple to find the Taoist priest who passed by the village. The Taoist priest came to the village to have a look, and then went directly to the house by the well. The hostess closed the house that day. The master was working in the field, and the Taoist priest told the master all the truth, but the master beat and scolded the Taoist priest to confuse the crowd, saying that he did not believe that his beautiful wife was a willow spirit, so the Taoist priest earnestly told the master After seeing a lot of phenomena, I asked him if he had seen such a stunning beauty! Ask him if he knows her family background? Ask him if he knows that the scars on her body are often when the wicker is broken by the child, and ask him if he never wakes up at night after drinking poached eggs with willow leaves every night!

The most important thing is to let the male owner recall that when he was sweeping the floor, did he find a lot of things piled up under the bed? He asked the host to go home and remove the thing to see what it was? The host went home and used a tongs to hook some bone residues, just like the fingers and toes of a child! But the host was still dubious, he thought it was a rat bone, there was no other way, the old Taoist had to make a desperate bet with the host. If his wife is really a willow spirit, ask the host to cooperate with him to get rid of the goblin. If not, he will jump into the well in front of the host and kill himself to return their innocence.

For the sake of what the old Taoist said, the male host reluctantly agreed to cooperate with him to try. The old Taoist warned the male host that just in the past few nights, his wife needs to eat a child to replenish her energy. I made a method, made a child out of flour and quietly went to replace the child hidden by the willow essence. The Taoist asked the host not to be afraid or surprised no matter what he saw, and don’t let his wife find out that he knew her secret!

All the preparations were perfect, and one night, the host picked up the willow-leaf poached eggs that his wife cooked for him, but this time he didn’t even taste a bite, so he quietly poured it on his own pig, touched his mouth and pretended to eat it. When resting at night, the host and his wife were tender and lingering as usual, pretending to be sleepy as usual, and fell asleep, but in fact, his heart was pounding all the time! Concerned about what the wife is going to do? I saw my wife quietly got up and crawled into my ear and whispered to myself: “Husband, husband, are you asleep?” After calling a few times like this, she confirmed that she was asleep, and she began to comb her hair. On the edge of the bed, holding the head with both hands and turning it lightly with a “beep”, the head was taken off. Then put it on your knees and comb it, that hair is like willow branches fluttering in the wind! The host was so frightened that he was sweating all over. Seeing that she had combed her hair, she went out quietly. In order to prove the situation clearly, the host ate a few grains of courage given to him by the Taoist priest. Waiting for my wife to come back.

About two hours later, the wife came back like the wind, holding a little boy in her arms, she was very careful, and whispered a few times in the ear of the host, “Husband. Husband, you are fast asleep!” ?” Seeing that her husband didn’t respond, she began to eat the child she brought back! Because this child was made by a Taoist priest, the food she ate was very unpleasant, but I don’t know why? After eating, lie down on the bed and sleep, because the rooster is about to crow, and everything becomes silent!

The male master pretended to be asleep, reached out to touch his wife in his dream, and found that her skin was not as smooth and tender as usual, but as rough as bark! He finally understood the truth. It turned out that she didn’t eat a real boy tonight, so she had no energy.

The next day, just after dawn, he hurried to the Taoist priest. The Taoist asked him to cut down the willow tree by the well, but he couldn’t say anything. The Taoist had no choice but to ask him to take some silk thread and quietly He did as the Taoist told him, but when he got home, he found that his wife hadn’t gotten up, so he lifted the quilt and saw that there was no shadow of his wife! But there was a withered wicker on the bed. It turned out that the Taoist had expected that the master would not have the heart to hurt the willow spirit, so he tampered with the face man, so the willow spirit disappeared like this!

The host cleaned up the house and cleaned up a lot of bone debris under his bed! He felt very guilty and felt sorry for the people in the village! So in a night that no one knew, he quietly fell to the willow tree by the well! After some days, the willow tree also died!

This is the story I heard from the third wife when I was young, why the elders like to scold us girls with willow spirits, I think it is probably because the willow branches are swaying in the wind, and they look soft and refined! Maybe girls still like to be called a willow spirit! At least it can prove that you are different, coquettish and beautiful!

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