Diving In The Raging Sea And Sand Chapter 23 Continue To Solve Puzzles

He got up and walked to the stone gate of the path of figurines, touched the door frame, and said: "This is indeed a mechanism, and it is very simple. It can only deceive children, so your third uncle couldn't see it twenty years ago. You'll find out in a few years."

The fat man saw that he seemed to know something, and said: "Little brother, if you know it, tell me quickly, don't be a fool, I'm so fucking anxious!"

Poker-Face said: "Let me give you an example, and you will understand it as soon as you hear it. If there is a two-story building, each floor has a room, and you walk out from the room on the second floor. The first floor, when you come back, the room on the second floor is already on the third floor, and the room on the first floor becomes the second floor."

This example is actually not a good one. Fatty listened inexplicably, stretched out two fingers, and pondered: "One two, two one, one two one, what the fuck is one two Three, the more I talk, the more confused I become!"

I understood right away, the elevator that Uncle San mentioned actually meant this. It seemed that this word was the first word that came to mind when he first discovered this secret. This is both unexpected and reasonable, and such a structure is not complicated, it can only be regarded as a trick to deceive children.

I saw that the fat man really couldn't understand, so I explained it to him again, and he finally understood, suddenly lost interest, and said: "So that's it, it's so fucking simple, I thought there was a bigger mystery in it, it turns out But that's all."

I felt ashamed in my heart, I was originally a student of architecture, and this organization was completely in the category of architecture, I didn't realize it at all, I really should review it. It seems that it is reasonable to think of everything in a simple way.

Poker-Face's expression did not relax. After carefully checking the door frame, he walked over to look at the water in the spring. Judging by his behavior, it seemed that there was still something he hadn't figured out. I asked him: "Why, there is still a problem. ?”

He nodded and said, "There is a big contradiction between what the third uncle said and our experience. I don't know if you have noticed it."

I looked at him suspiciously. In fact, I also felt that what he just said was a bit inappropriate, but I couldn't figure out where it was. Poker bottle said: "The third uncle is lying in this room and has not walked out of the figurines. , no matter how the room moves up and down, he still sees that it should be this room, how could it change~"

It dawned on me that this was indeed the case, and he said, "Besides, the ear chambers in the ancient tomb have always been symmetrical. , there should be another room."

We walked into the path of figurines, picked up the flashlight and took a look. There was only a sweaty white brick wall on the opposite side, and there was no door. Poker bottle's ears were stuck to the wall, and two fingers pressed the cracks of the bricks, touching them bit by bit. In the past, after touching it for more than ten minutes, I walked over and shook my head. It seemed that it was a real brick wall.

The fat man got impatient with the wait, yawned and said, "Don't worry about the ear chamber, the fucking way out hasn't been found yet, even if you know what's going on, why don't you still die?"

What the fat man said made a lot of sense. I sighed and thought about how my third uncle managed to escape twice. What method did he use? He didn’t have any diving equipment when he came out the second time. Could it be that he was hard? Did you swim out of the ancient tomb with your breath held?

Among the things he experienced, there must be something I don't know, but this old fritter just doesn't say, third uncle, third uncle, do you know that your few words of nonsense may kill your nephew He died on the seabed at a depth of more than ten meters.

Neither of them made a sound, as if they were thinking about the whole thing. I also thought about it in my heart. In fact, there are only a few roads to get out of the ancient tomb. One is to go back the same way, which is of course impossible. Unless our lung capacity can be the same as that of dolphins, the second is to find the secret passages left by the craftsmen. This is a half way of doing things in dry fighting, but it may not be realistic in sea fighting, because shipwrecks are buried at the bottom of the sea The whole tomb was repaired on the ship before sinking into the bottom of the sea. Even if a passage was used, it must lead to the sea. This water became the most convenient medium to isolate Yin and Yang.

The third is the most stupid trick – dig it out directly. I looked up at the top of the Baoding, only to see piles of bricks, and couldn't help but let out a long sigh. It seemed that even if it could be dug, it would be a huge project.

I tried to design this underwater tomb by myself to see what would be good on top of the treasure top if the simplest construction principles were followed.

What is certain now is that bricks alone cannot form an airtight structure. There must be some white plaster soil sealed in the cracks of the bricks, and there should be multiple layers of fire paint on the wooden boards as a water-proof seal layer, and then the top is sealed again. Put on the plaster.

Thinking of this, I suddenly had a flash of inspiration, and I already had a very bold plan, and I said excitedly to them: "Actually, we don't have to be afraid. I guess we are only ten meters away from the sea. This tomb is designed to accommodate the mechanism of this elevator." , it must be built very high, and the top of the tomb will not be too far from the bottom of the sea. If it is not possible, you can dig it directly. The water above the sea bucket is not very deep. If the sand doesn’t collapse, there is still a chance to get out.”

The fat man waved his hand and said lazily, "We didn't bring any tools with us when we came in. There are whole blocks of stone bricks on it. What do we use for digging? Do we use our hands?"

I said: "You don't understand this. Most of the bricks buried in seabed tombs by shipwrecks are hollow and can be crushed but not smashed. As long as we can find a few metal objects and knock them hard, we will definitely be able to get them out." a hole."

Hearing this, the fat man cheered up, and said, "Hey——this method sounds like it might work, let's not fight about it, just dig out some tools. This tomb is so big, so the main tomb room must be There are bronze vessels for funerals."

This person is like this, if he is dead, he doesn't want to do anything, but once he knows that there is still a glimmer of hope, all the wisdom in his body will be mobilized. My mind was spinning quickly, and I suddenly had a draft of this hole in my heart. I studied architecture in college, and I am very familiar with this thing. After careful consideration, all aspects meet the requirements. It can be completed within tens of minutes of low tide, and the possibility of escaping is very high!

At this time, Poker-Face said: "There is still a long time before the ebb tide. I don't know if the air here can last until then. Everything depends on God's will."

The fat man jumped up and said, "Damn it, let's not care if the tide ebbs or not. I'll find a guy to chisel it open first. It's so embarrassing to be so suffocated. I'd rather find a zongzi and get bitten by it." die!"

I originally wanted to tell him that if the tomb was dug through when there was no low tide, the water above the head would be at least 2 meters deep. The water rushed in all at once, let alone crawled out. few minutes. But I saw that he was in such high spirits that I didn't want to hurt him.

The three of us cheered up, tidied up our things, and walked towards the path of figurines. As soon as we got out of the stone gate of the corridor, the three of us were stunned at the same time, and the fat man scolded: "This place is too fucking evil."

In front of us, where the brick wall was originally, a door appeared. I took a light with the flashlight, and there was a huge golden nanmu coffin inside the door.

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