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Sun Xun and Xiao Tianming are Professor Bai's favorite students. They have been researching the traversal of "dimension space" and "different dimension space" in physics. When the research achieved unexpected results, Professor Bai suddenly disappeared! Some people say that Professor Bai discovered the gate to travel through time and space, and went to live in another dimension by himself.

Now only Sun Xun and Xiao Tianming are left to continue to study the mystery of "traversing" space. Sun Xun has a very beautiful and considerate girlfriend Zuo Peipei. She has a devil-like figure, a head of big wavy brown curly hair shining brightly, and slender thighs wearing a super short miniskirt, showing her perfect figure. Except for experiments, Sun Xun was with Zuo Peipei almost all the time, which made Xiao Tianming envious. Every time he saw them together, Xiao Tianming was jealous.

Now that Professor Bai is missing, Sun Xun and Xiao Tianming have to hurry up on the research of the subject, and Sun Xun can't care about dating Zuo Peipei now!

At night, Sun Xun and Xiao Tianming were still doing research in the laboratory…

Suddenly, Xiao Tianming's face became very ugly, Sun Xun seemed to have noticed something, he pushed Xiao Tianming, and asked with concern, "Xiao Tianming, what's wrong with you, why have you been out of your mind for more than a month?"

Xiao Tianming was suddenly pushed by Sun Xun, and he was so frightened that he didn't recover for a long time. After a long time, he said mysteriously, "Sun Xun, I don't think Professor Bai is dead or missing at all! Instead, as usual, he sleeps in the laboratory every night. I can always hear Professor Bai at this time every night." pace……"

Sun Xun couldn't help shivering when he heard this, "What nonsense are you talking about?"

"It's true, I can hear the sound of Professor Bai walking into the laboratory every night, and I even heard the footsteps of Professor Bai opening the door of the laboratory to go to the bathroom several times in the middle of the night. The footsteps echoed in the corridor… …" Xiao Tianming turned pale when he said this.

"You mean: Professor Bai is not dead, but continues to do experiments in the laboratory opposite us every night as usual?" Sun Xun's eyes widened, and his mouth opened into an O shape.

That night, both Sun Xun and Xiao Tianming couldn't sleep. In the end, Sun Xun broke the silence.

"Xiao Tianming, why don't we go to the opposite laboratory—Professor Bai's laboratory, where we have been doing research with Professor Bai, maybe it will bring us inspiration! In addition, I want to know whether Professor Bai is missing? Or What's the accident?" Sun Xun said firmly.

"I dare not go, I'm afraid…" Xiao Tianming said timidly.

"What are you afraid of? Unless you have ghosts in your heart!" Sun Xun yelled at Xiao Tianming.

Now, Xiao Tianming was so frightened that he had nothing to say. He had no choice but to agree to go to the opposite Professor Bai's laboratory with Sun Xun in the middle of the night to "do experiments".

It's already two o'clock in the middle of the night, and the whole laboratory is silent. Except for Sun Xun and Xiao Tianming's breathing, they could hardly hear anything.

The two came to Professor Bai's laboratory, and simply made all the instruments look like Professor Bai's before his death. Suddenly, they found a campus model of Professor Bai in the corner that had been shrunk down dozens of times. Know that this thing is a model of dimensional space! Then, Sun Xun and Xiao Tianming started the simulation experiment cabin of the dimensional space. Since the experimental cabin in front of me is simulated in three-dimensional space, there are many real spaces of schools and laboratories in it, which are only scaled down versions, but they look very realistic, which immediately attracted Sun Xun and Xiao Tianming. Professor Bai still did some things without telling them!

Time passed little by little, Sun Xun was hungry and wanted to get something to eat, so he opened the door of Professor Bai's laboratory by himself. Suddenly, he was dumbfounded by the scene in front of him!

A black shadow was dropped by Sun Xun Kilrogg's dead eye , and he was pouring medicine on Professor Bai! God! Sun Xun looked up at the clock above Professor Bai's head. The time showed that it was Wednesday a month ago, the day Professor Bai disappeared!

"Ah" shouted! Sun Xun slammed the door of the laboratory!

Xiao Tianming was startled by Sun Xun's scream, and he ran over quickly.

"What's wrong with you? Didn't you go get some food?" Xiao Tianming asked in a closed voice.

"There is a problem with the door of this laboratory. When it is opened, it does not lead to the corridor, but to a certain day a month ago! I just happened to see the moment when Professor Bai was drugged by someone! Professor Bai was murdered It's a pity that that person was facing me and was too far away from me, and I couldn't see his face clearly!" Sun Xun said out of breath.

When Xiao Tianming heard this, his face turned red and gradually turned blue…

After a long time, Xiao Tianming said to Sun Xun: "Professor Bai's laboratory is too weird, let's leave quickly!" After that, he pushed Sun Xun away, opened the door of the laboratory and ran out…

As a result, the feet fell down! Fortunately, Sun Xun had quick hands and eyes, and he grabbed Xiao Tianming's arm. It was pitch black outside the door, and no one knew where this was?

Xiao Tianming was scared to death by being suspended in mid-air, he shouted "Sun Xun pull me up! Hurry up!"

Sun Xun used all his strength to pull Xiao Tianming up from the black hole. Xiao Tianming's dilated pupils were filled with terror, and he said tremblingly, "What kind of door is this? It's going to take me to hell! It's pitch black outside the door." , where are we now?"

"I think we may have touched a certain button just now. Professor Bai's laboratory is separated from the previous space! I don't know where it is now? This is enough to prove that Professor Bai's previous research on time and space travel was successful!" Sun Xun analyzed.

"Success? Then what should we do? We can't control the direction of this door at all? I almost fell into a bottomless black hole just now! How do we leave?" Xiao Tianming said anxiously.

"Don't talk about this door yet! Xiao Tianming, when I opened the door for the first time, the time went back to a month ago. I saw with my own eyes that Professor Bai was drugged. Who do you think did it?" Sun Xun was serious. asked Xiao Tianming.

"How do I know? Professor Bai has disappeared! Let's leave him alone! Let's first think about how to get out of this ghostly place? How can we control the direction of this door?" Xiao Tianming's teeth clashed with each other, and his whole body trembled, as if the devil had caught him. Like holding one of his feet.

Sun Xun grabbed Xiao Tianming over, and he pressed Xiao Tianming on the chair, "How can we ignore Professor Bai? He is our tutor? Xiao Tianming, are you hiding something from me? A month ago, we were all in Bai The professor was conducting experiments there. I remember that I only went to see my girlfriend Zuo Peipei twice. Did you kill Professor Bai and then bury the body when I left Professor Bai? Because only you and I have Professor Bai The key to the laboratory! Say it quickly!" Sun Xun's eyes were bloodshot, his eyes were frantic, white saliva was hanging from his trembling lips, and his whole body was shaking with excitement.

Xiao Tianming was pushed on the chair by Sun Xun. He deliberately avoided Sun Xun's gaze, "What are you thinking about? Just now you were the only one who saw a black figure pouring medicine into Professor Bai. I didn't see anything, so you just I concluded that Professor Bai was killed by someone! I didn't do anything!" Xiao Tianming's face was scorched yellow, his pointed chin protruded forward, and there were two rolling eyeballs in his cunning little eyes.

"Xiao Tianming, you really didn't do anything! You looked at me and said! If I hadn't accidentally seen that black shadow murdering Professor Bai, I'm afraid that black shadow would have been at large for the rest of his life! The back of that person told me just now, The murderer is you——Xiao Tianming!" Sun Xun's neck was swollen as if it was going to explode, and beads of sweat covered his head.

"You are talking nonsense, you have no evidence!" Xiao Tianming was so frightened that his legs trembled like cotton.He looked at Sun Xun with a pair of exploring and fearful eyes, waiting for the thunderbolt to sound on his head

The impulsive Sun Xun just punched him! Xiao Tianming grunted from the chair to the ground, Sun Xun grabbed Xiao Tianming's collar, "No wonder you hear Professor Bai's footsteps every night, because you are a murderer, and Professor Bai is looking for your life!"

"Ah!" Xiao Tianming was frightened this time! He suddenly knelt down in front of Sun Xun, "Please! Don't tell me! I was confused for a while! I just want to know the secrets of the dimensional space, but I didn't expect Bai to teach him… As long as you don't tell me, how will I close the dimensional space , that is, I will tell you the secret of traveling back to the starting point! This is a secret that I only found out from Professor Bai’s folder! But how to open the door of time travel, I really don’t know!”

Seeing Xiao Tianming confessed, Sun Xun heaved a sigh of relief! I thought: I can be regarded as a sigh of relief for Professor Bai!

Xiao Tianming told Sun Xun the secret of how to restore the dimensional space, and Sun Xun agreed to keep the secret for the sake of Xiao Tianming and his long-time friends! Don't let outsiders know the real reason for Professor Bai's disappearance.

Xiao Tianming and Sun Xun restored the door of the laboratory together. In the end, the bold Sun Xun decided to open the door to find the way…

Suddenly, Sun Xun screamed, "Xiao Tianming, look quickly! Your dimensional space recovery spirit, outside is the stairs of the laboratory!"

Xiao Tianming was extremely excited, he ran over at once, the scene in front of him made him dizzy, this is not the stairs of the laboratory, it is clearly the balcony on the top floor of the laboratory, this building has ten floors! Pedestrians can be seen faintly below…

"Go to hell!" Sun Xun ruthlessly pushed Xiao Tianming down. When he closed the door, he saw Xiao Tianming's body hit a passerby from the corner of his eye. Sun Xun thought to himself, "Xiao Tianming would have to take a back seat when he was dying, but that passer-by is unlucky enough!"

When Sun Xun closed the door of the laboratory, a strange arc appeared on the corner of his mouth! Unexpectedly, that idiot Xiao Tianming told himself how to reset the dimensional space so easily! However, Xiao Tianming never dreamed that Professor Bai was actually killed by Sun Xun?

This is how it happened?

It turned out that Sun Xun secretly poured sweat medicine into the coffee that Professor Bai drank. Afterwards, he found an excuse to pick up his girlfriend Zuo Peipei home. Then, he deliberately called Xiao Tianming and said that the experiment was indeed called Q13. Quick solvent, let Xiao Tianming bring it quickly. Next, Xiao Tianming was fooled. Sun Xun knew that Xiao Tianming would definitely go through Professor Bai's information to get what he wanted, because this Professor Bai was too stingy, and he never told his students anything about dimensional space, even though Professor Bai had already successfully researched it.

When Xiao Tianming took the Q13 fast solvent to Professor Bai's laboratory, Professor Bai fell asleep. As Sun Xun expected, Xiao Tianming poured the Q13 fast solvent into Professor Bai, and mixed the Q13 fast solvent with the Mongolian perspiration medicine just now. Enough to give Professor Bai a heart attack…

Professor Bai died, and Xiao Tianming ran away after getting the information on the restoration of the dimensional space. What about the corpse? Of course, Sun Xun used the dimensional space travel technology he had already mastered and threw it to an unknown place!

Everything is in Sun Xun's plan, Xiao Tianming is just a pawn! As for the sound of Professor Bai's footsteps that Xiao Tianming heard every night, it was also Sun Xun's intentional trick! He just wanted Xiao Tianming to tell the truth after being threatened!

Now Sun Xun is enjoying the joy of success alone in the laboratory. Where will he go next? By the way, this guy Xiao Tianming had planned to hit his girlfriend Zuo Peipei very early on, he wanted to see if they had an adulterous affair!

The door of the laboratory opened, and Sun Xun came to Zuo Peipei's home one month later, it was strange! Why isn't Zuo Peipei here? Xiao Tianming, who was wrapped in gauze, was actually lying on the bed! He didn't die?

Sun Xun was wondering. At this time, Zuo Peipei came in with fruit. She didn't make up too much, and she didn't put on a lot of makeup. She just wore a simple home dress, but it made her skin as creamy and her eyes as beautiful Morning Star.

I saw Zuo Peipei peeling an apple for Xiao Tianming who was recuperating to comfort him, "Don't worry, the doctor said you are very lucky, it's just a broken calf, it's fine, it'll be fine in a few months!"

Tears welled up in the corners of Xiao Tianming's eyes, "Pepe, as long as you don't mind, I'm surprised by Sun Xun…"

"Don't mention him, we would break up without you, Sun Xun never cared about me except doing experiments!" Zuo Peipei muttered.

Sun Xun outside the door was dumbfounded when he saw this scene! What? Xiao Tianming stole my girlfriend! He didn't fall to his death!

Sun Xun was about to step forward to ask for clarification, but Zuo Peipei closed the door of his room and shut Sun Xun out of the door. Sun Xun returned to the laboratory separated by the dimensional space.

Sun Xun gritted his teeth fiercely, what is going on? It seems that Xiao Tianming has already started hooking up with his girlfriend Zuo Peipei! And this Zuo Peipei, she is actually a flirtatious woman?

Suddenly, Sun Xun thought of something, Xiao Tianming is not dead? Could it be that he has also mastered the technique of traveling through dimensional space, using the concept of time to resurrect himself?

one way or another? Sun Xun wants to find out when Xiao Tianming seduced his girlfriend Zuo Peipei?

Sun Xun opened the door of the laboratory, and the time went back to a month ago, which was Sun Xun's dormitory.

Zuo Peipei came to find Sun Xun late at night, but unfortunately, it was Xiao Tianming who opened the door! Zuo Peipei had just taken a shower. She was wearing a pure white off-the-shoulder long dress worn by the girl. Her beautiful collarbone was looming. exposed. Her hazy silhouette, from the hair, forehead, nose, mouth, neck, and chest, has no curves that are inappropriate, and there is an image of beauty. This made Xiao Tianming who opened the door dumbfounded, and he didn't recover for a long time.

"Where did Sun Xun go? I haven't seen him for two weeks? Could it be that you are doing experiments in a closed mode?" Zuo Peipei looked resentful.

"Recently, we've been a little busy! Don't worry, why don't you go to bed so late? Why don't you come in and sit down?" Xiao Tianming became incoherent when he saw his sweetheart.

"No need, I'm saying goodbye to Sun Xun, we're not suitable!" After that, Zuo Peipei turned around to leave, Xiao Tianming didn't know where the courage came from, he chased after him, "Pepe, Sun Xun is a job Crazy! Just ignore him, in fact, I have liked you for a long time, you can be my girlfriend!" Xiao Tianming's face turned red to the base of his neck, and he stared blankly, at a loss for what to do.

Zuo Peipei breathed evenly and hurriedly, "Don't let Sun Xun hear it, otherwise, he will beat you!"

Under the twilight starlight, Xiao Tianming's black eyes were burning with passion, and he hugged Zuo Peipei in his arms…

Sun Xun outside the door was gnashing his teeth angrily. He was stepping forward to slap that Xiao Tianming twice. He didn't want a gust of night wind to blow him back a few steps, and he suddenly returned to the laboratory.

Sun Xun was almost pissed off by the scene just now, he didn't have time to think why Xiao Tianming didn't fall to his death? Now he just wants to question Zuo Peipei! He adjusted the crossing door to the second day when Xiao Tianming and Zuo Peipei dated.

The door opened, and outside the door was Zuo Peipei walking towards the library alone with a book.

"Pepe, stop! Where did you say you were last night? Who were you with?" Sun Xun grabbed Zuo Peipei and questioned him frantically.

"Let go! You hurt me!" Zuo Peipei yelled.

"Pepe, what did you do behind my back? Who were you with last night?" The blood vessels in Sun Xun's brain seemed to burst.

"Sun Xun, since you came to question me, I'll tell you clearly, I can't stand you! You only know about your experiment, let's break up!" Zuo Peipei's face had no blood at all, only his eyes flickered move. After all, Zuo Peipei ran to the library without looking back.

"Stop!" Sun Xun chased after him. After running through the woods, Zuo Peipei suddenly disappeared! Sun Xun looked around, but Kilrog could not lose his eyes , so Sun Xun had to chase Zuo Peipei's dormitory.

When passing the No. 1 teaching building on the road, Sun Xun suddenly felt that the scene of romance was very familiar, and then, an ominous premonition enveloped him…

"Someone jumped off the building!" someone else yelled.

Sun Xun raised his head, only to see a person falling from the top of the tenth floor of teaching building No. 1, not someone else! It was Xiao Tianming! This giant black shadow landed quickly, impartially, and landed on Sun Xun's body! Sun Xun didn't have time to dodge, he was smashed into a meatloaf!

Sun Xun suddenly remembered that he was the one who pushed Xiao Tianming down the laboratory's crossing door. The moment he pushed Xiao Tianming down, he remembered that Xiao Tianming fell and hit some unlucky passerby! He finally understood now, that unlucky passer-by was not someone else! It was Sun Xun himself!

Before Sun Xun died, he finally figured out why the scene he saw when he opened the door of the laboratory for the fourth time, it turned out that he had already been crushed to death by Xiao Tianming who fell down, and Zuo Peipei finally chose Xiao Tianming to be his boyfriend!

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