The Supernatural Story Of Fish Dying After Eating Shelled Eggs – Agarwood Pavilion

I don’t know when it started, I don’t know which city or street it was in. At night when there were no stars, moon, or wind, people went out and walked forward along the dark steps. After the steps disappeared, , you will set foot on a bluestone path. Next to the path, the dark houses looked like monsters waiting to eat people. The path makes a bend, and suddenly a light will appear, illuminating a strange building that looks like a shop. The three powerful characters "Agarwood Pavilion" are written on the door.

It is said that if a person is determined, he will find Agarwood Pavilion. What I want to talk about below is the story of Agarwood Pavilion that happened to them.

1. Zhao Nana’s Gu Butterfly

Agarwood Pavilion is an old house. It looks like it has been around for a while. The three large gilded characters on the door plaque have been mottled and peeled off, leaving only the black grooves of the logs. The carved door was ajar.

A female student named Nana stood at the door, looking a little hesitant, should she go in? She learned about this mysterious shop from her senior sister. She heard that incredible things could be bought here. The senior sister came here to buy the charm medicine from Chen Xiangxie and got the man she wanted.

At this time, the door opened with a creak, and a handsome man in his thirties came out. He seemed not to have expected Nana to be standing at the door. He looked surprised at first, then smiled and greeted Nana. Nana said: "Aren't you tired of standing there? Why don't you come in and sit down?" He must be the shop owner, and his voice was very nice, which made Nana feel relaxed and followed him into the room.

"I… want to buy that… medicine, the kind that can attract men." Nana said hesitantly. Behind her, wisps of smoke were rising from the sandalwood incense burner, and the air was filled with a sweet smell.

There is always a smile in the shopkeeper's eyes: "Miss, you died from eating shelled eggs . Are you talking about 'Shark Tears'? I'm sorry, all the goods we have here are unique. Once sold, they will never be available again." Already."

Nana was very disappointed. Seeing this, the shop owner quickly suggested: "Miss, actually we have other products to choose from, or you can…"

The sweet fragrance in the air became stronger and stronger, and Nana seemed not to hear anything, and said bitterly: "It would be great if that woman died!"

The shop owner still has the most caring and charming smile on his face. "Miss, we have a product called Gu Butterfly, which evolved from the Gu domesticated by Miao women. It can make anyone you hate die quietly… and using Gu Butterfly is very simple, just use your Drop the blood on its egg and it will be awakened. Then, put it into the drinking water of the person you want to bewitch. When it enters the body, it will fully grow and let your enemy live. It’s better to die.”

Nana happily took the delicate little bottle from the owner's hand and walked out of Agarwood Pavilion.

That night, as usual, the girls in the dormitory went to the weekend dance again, and only Xiao Ai was left. Nana pushed open the bedroom door tiredly, turned over and climbed to the upper bunk alone. At this time, Xiao Ai from the lower bunk handed over two pills and a glass of water without knowing the current situation: "Your cold is not cured yet, you need to take medicine again." Nana became furious and waved her hand. The cup shattered and hot water splashed all over Xiao Ai's face.

"You shameless thing! Who are you acting for? I see that you are from the countryside and your family is poor. I pity you everywhere, take care of you, give you clothes, teach you makeup, and treat you as the best sister. But you You know that I have liked Ah Wei for 3 years, but you still fight against me! Okay, you are cruel enough, just wait, if I don't deal with you, I won't call you Zhao Nana!" Xiao Ai covered her face and cried, Na A cold look suddenly appeared on Na's face.

Late at night, everyone fell asleep, and Nana got up quietly. She gently turned the desk lamp to low brightness, took out the delicate vial, opened it, cut her finger, and dripped the blood on the black ball the size of a rendant in the vial. After the blood drops on the egg, it disappears without a trace in the blink of an eye. After doing all this, Nana put the black sphere into the cup of boiled water hanging on Xiao Ai's table. 【Haunted House Ghost Story】

The next morning, Xiao Ai drank all the water in the cup and went out to class. In class, Xiao Ai was in a daze. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her chest. Xiao Ai stood up holding her chest, then sat down again with a pale face.

At night, Xiao Ai was washing listlessly in the water room. Suddenly, she saw in the mirror that there was an obvious bulge under the skin of her exposed collarbone, like a squirming insect. Xiao Ai was so frightened that she felt all the skin on her body was squirming. She suddenly lifted up her clothes, and sure enough, there were worm-like things crawling under the skin all over her body. Xiao Ai screamed in fear and kept beating her body. After hearing the news, the head teacher was helpless and had to find two boys to send her to the school hospital.

During the first three days in the hospital, Xiao Ai could still feel bugs crawling under her skin. This feeling made her so scared that she tried to poke the bugs with a hairpin. This has made her a patient under close supervision, and all sharp objects have been removed from her. The school hospital is contacting the city's mental hospital and is preparing to transfer her there when her parents arrive.

On the morning of the fourth day, when Xiao Ai woke up, he found that there was no squirming feeling in his body. She rushed to the mirror excitedly, but what she saw in front of her shocked her. It turned out that the places where the "worms" were crawling all formed "cocoons" one by one, and they were still slowly expanding, as if they were about to crawl out of her body. Xiao Ai screamed miserably, punched and broke the mirror, causing blood to splash everywhere. She desperately grabbed the shards of glass and cut off the "cocoon" on her neck… Fortunately, a nurse on the ward round found Xiao Ai who had cut her carotid artery with broken glass and saved her life.

In those days, there was a lot of discussion in the school. Some people said that Xiao Ai was completely crazy, and some said that she was lucky and had saved her life.

Only Zhao Nana remained calm and hurriedly put away her books and returned to the dormitory. She was a little confused, wasn't she going to kill Xiao Ai? Could it be that the effect of Gu Butterfly has not been fully exerted? Suddenly, there was a rustling sound above her head, and she slowly raised her head to look up. The sight in front of her shocked her, and her face twisted in fear…

After a while, the roommates came back. The scene in the dormitory made them scream loudly: Nana's body was densely covered with butterflies , and these butterflies stretched out to be larger than an adult's hand. The girls' screams of terror sent the butterflies scattering. The police carefully inspected the scene and found that Nana had died of suffocation.

Zhao Nana’s story is over. At this moment, under the afterglow of the setting sun, in the agarwood pavilion, the young shopkeeper stuck his head out to look at the sky, and an old voice came from the back hall: "Xiang Wu, what did you sell out the past few days? Yes Gu butterfly? Have you taught people how to use it? That thing is very dangerous. After the eggs turn into butterflies, the person who was poisoned will not die, and the Gu butterfly will bite back the owner. Forget it, anyway, Anyone who uses this thing is not a good person…"

The young shopkeeper, who was called Xiangwu, remained silent, with a smile on his lips, and gently closed the door of Chenxiang Pavilion.

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